Positive Spin: Meghan Fuller Turns Dreadful Night To Promising Chance In SK Light Mod At Stafford

Meghan Fuller (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

For Meghan Fuller, Friday was a night at Stafford Speedway that will go down as one of the worst memories of her young racing career. 

Less than half a lap from winning her first Street Stock championship, Fuller was hit from behind in turn three and spun out of second place and watched her championship hopes disappear. 

But from the horrible that was the night came positive for the 18-year old daughter of former NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion Rick Fuller. 

Meghan Fuller, of Auburn, Mass., said Tuesday the attention brought by Friday’s awful turn of events set in motion the chance for her to get behind the wheel one more time this season at Stafford and make her debut in an SK Light Modified. 

As reported exclusively this afternoon on RaceDayCT, Meghan Fuller will compete in the 20-lap non-points SK Light Modified feature on Oct. 24 at Stafford. The event is part of the racing card featuring the $10,000 to win Tri-Track Open Modified Series CBYD Modified Classic 81.

Meghan Fuller will drive a Keith Rocco Racing prepared Troyer with her uncle Jimmy Fuller as her crew chief. She said her cousin, LFR, Troyer, and TFR Distribution owner Rob Fuller, orchestrated the plan to get her on track in the SK Light Modified. 

“I’m very excited about the opportunity and honestly I don’t think it would have been possible if what happened Friday had not happened,” Meghan Fuller said. “It’s very unfortunate what happened, but it did get a lot more people talking about my name, which brought us to this opportunity to be able to get in a Modified type car. … The whole opportunity wouldn’t have been possibly without the efforts of my cousin Rob Fuller. He’s the one that put all this together for us.” 

Meghan Fuller has competed full-time in the Street Stock division at Stafford since 2018. She finished second in the standings in 2018 and 2019 and has 10 victories in three seasons. She has never driven any type of Modified. 

“The biggest difference from this past year to hopping into a Modified is going to be the fenders compared to the open wheels and how you pass people, because you can’t really lean on people,” Meghan Fuller said. “That’s definitely going to be different. But I think racing Quarter Midgets for eight years, it’s not the same, but it definitely gives you the visual of how to be able to pass somebody in an open wheel car.” 

Meghan Fuller came into Friday night’s NAPA Championship Night Street Stock feature holding a six-point lead over second place Zack Robinson in the division standings. She was spun by Brandon Michael on the final lap and ended up credited with a 13th place finish, handing Robinson – who was running fifth at the time of the incident – a second consecutive Street Stock title. Meghan Fuller fell to third in the final standings for the season, with Chris Meyer passing her for second place. 

She finished the 2020 season with four victories and 10 top-fives in 14 starts at Stafford, which included a span of three consecutive victories going into the final night of action. 

“What happened [Friday] was really unfortunate,” Meghan Fuller said. “It takes a lot to get a championship and we’ve come so close every year. … We’ve finished second in points [the first two years]. And this year it just hurt even more because we were that much closer. It’s just getting to a point where we’re just kind of sick of the championships being not there.”

Meghan Fuller said racing on Oct. 24 shouldn’t be taken as an indicator of any set plans for 2021. 

“Our plan is to just go and do the race,” Meghan Fuller said. We’re not going to expect anything. We’re going to dip our toes into the water and see how everything goes.” 


  1. Fuller. That’s about as big of a name as you can get in Modified racing. Just never imagined a female Fuller in the mix. I think its a great thing for the modified division in general. Hats off to Rob for giving back to Meg. Not the first tine I’ve heard he has helped someone in racing. I get that this is family but seems like the guy likes paying it forward. Good situation all around.

  2. Best of luck , have enjoyed watching you in streets and look forward to watching in SK lites , hope it’s more than a one race deal you deserve to be out there, you’ve been noticed for all the right reasons

  3. Megan in a Keith Rocco prepared TROYER, with uncle Jimmy as her crew chief. That has the potential to be a very potent combination. Betting Rob has helped with setup options. Wish her the best of luck, and hope she has a good race, maybe turning into a potential ride next season. Hope she also has a little fun along the way. Like Elect said, she’s been noticed for all the right reasons, and shows maturity way beyond her age. It’s always nice to see good things happen for nice people. Who knows, might even see Megan in a WMT ride in the next few years, and we’ll all be saying ” I remember when she drove street stocks at Stafford” just as I remember when Rick and Jeff drove street stocks at Thompson.

  4. Bright green polar beverage sponsor on back panel sure would look good

  5. Great article. You’ve handled last week’s incident with complete class. Good luck on the 24th. Enjoy the ride !

  6. SKLightFan says

    You have shown that you can handle the situation like a professional. Something USAC 1/4 midgets taught you. The KRR stable has produced some fast race cars for others besides Keith. A lot of QM drivers have moved up to the mods and have had success. Coby, Preece, Berndt, and Molleur have all won SK races and came from QM, Debis, Anderson, Chambrello, Bloxsom, Cole and the Korners all run SK Lites. You will fit in like you have been there all year. Don’t be afraid to ask those other QM drivers for help. I’m sure they will be glad to help. Just like the old days. Best of Luck

  7. I second that Mark. I’m thinking of when Hirschman dive bombed Silk last year in the TTOMS race and cost him a win. The emotion, expletives and hard words post race. From a normally buttoned up Ron Silk.
    “What happened [Friday] was really unfortunate,”
    Has any driver handled that level of adversity with such grace and emotional discipline? Dad Rick doing color commentary at the race Sunday with Buckler not a peep about the incident nor this revelation. Grace and discipline.
    Nice job as usual by the way Mr. Courchesne for yet another timely scoop.
    It’s going to be love at first practice lap for young Ms Fuller.. Those Streets are one wheel drive groove cars that fight cornering on every turn. Every driver that moves up marvels at the ability to move around even in the corners with a Light. She’ll have a ball and won’t want to go back to Streets.
    Obviously with a passel of Fullers and KRR involved with the car it won’t lack for potential. It’s disappointing it’s not the first step toward a full on effort for next year. It is however yet another sub plot in an already jam packed race event of unique one off race combinations.
    I’m going to assume she will not be doing double duty with the Street.

  8. Stuart Fearn says

    Drivers are allowed double duty at sTAFFORD annually at the fall final. I see no reason why this would be any different. As a matter of fact it’s a non points race as well so I would expect running two or all three divisions if they like.

  9. searching for a vaccine says

    Membership has its privileges. Best of luck.

  10. OK so now we know Fuller can pull double duty which was never in question but still do not know if they will be bringing the Street.
    I’d think this is such a big deal and learning experience they’d put the Street in the rear view mirror for this season. Still it would be nice to see Fuller wall Robinson or Michael..
    Just kidding. Well not really but clearly that would never happen.

  11. Since when did double duty become an issue? Tyler Leary did double duty all season as well as last season. Many drivers have doubled up in the past. I don’t think there’s any rule against it.

  12. Don’t think you can run Sk and SK Lite or late model and street stock , think SK and late models are considered the premier division’s so it’s allowed , I could be wrong , Stuart might know better

  13. Bessette ran the Street Stock and Light race last year at the fall final.

  14. Ryan Morgan ran a street stock and late model for two seasons now so no it’s not an issue.

  15. I cannot recall any time at Stafford when Driving in 2 divisions was an issue. Couldn’t find anything in the Stafford rulebooks on the subject. Maybe there are tracks that limit a drivers participation, Stafford isn’t one of them.

  16. I think there is or was a specific rule about SK Lights that you couldn’t race in an additional division. It may have been instituted to keep SK drivers from also running an SKL car. There was a little controversy about it a few years ago when Rufrano won the SKL championship in his last SKL race and then made his debut in an SK on the same day. Technically because the SKL feature happened before the SK feature, that rule was not broken.

  17. Rob, believe me its the policy. Here is the rule: (From stafford general rules)
    General Pit Area and Race Procedures
    Drivers may compete in the LM and SK division during any event. Drivers may cross compete in any two other divisions during the Fall Final event only. Cross competition rules apply to all SMS divisions. You must notify the SMS Handicapper of any intent for cross competition.
    I do read the rule book (sometimes up to interpretation)
    This has been a rule as long as I recall. 15-20+ years if I had to guess.

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