Q&A With Tri-Track Open Modified Series Managing Partner Ed Bennett

The Tri-Track Open Modified Series will close out its 2020 season with its first event at Stafford Speedway, the Call Before You Dig Modified Classic 81 on Oct. 24.

RaceDayCT spoke with Tri-Track Open Modified Series managing partner Ed Bennett Thursday about the positives and negatives of getting through a 2020 racing season ravaged by pandemic restrictions, and looking beyond to next year.

Question: Back in April it wasn’t quite clear if there would even be a 2020 racing season in New England. Because of restrictions put in place due to the COVID-19 global pandemic the start of your season was ultimately delayed two months and you had to make some major changes to your schedule, cutting from six races to four, losing both Seekonk races and adding Stafford to your schedule. Looking back now, how hard was the year from a management standpoint and how do you feel about how it all turned out? 

Bennett: [Tri-Track managing partner Wayne Darling] and I talk, if not every day, close to it. We talked a lot with the pandemic and what to do and we just decided to let it come to us and we were hopeful that we could follow our schedule. We turned down one of our scheduled races on a cut purse. We refused to do that. We were prepared to stay home if we couldn’t make things work. I guess we were willing to just take as many races as we could. It worked out that three of our six events happened. We did reschedule the Monadnock opener, but it was virtually the first day that you could race. From Wayne’s perspective – I mean nothing in COVID really changed in my life, I’m busy doing other things – but Wayne was kind of fighting two battles. He has an entertainment business and there was struggles to get that open. So he’s had a lot of concerns and a lot of worries about a lot of things. Really the toughest thing there was for us this year was Seekonk. That’s Wayne’s home track. He loves Seekonk. He told me in early August that he was losing sleep over what to do with the Haunted Hundred. He said his gut feeling was that Massachusetts was never going to allow anybody in the grandstands. Then we went ahead and I left it up to him. He cancelled that race because we needed some time to see what we could do. Bob Webber [Star Speedway in Epping, N.H. owner] had stepped up and said he was willing to do something, but it was really going to be tough for him because it was on his [Halloween] Howler date and that would have been kind of a tough deal. [Stafford Speedway Chief Operating Officer] Paul Arute had mentioned doing something earlier in the year and he called up and said ‘Would you consider us for doing the date?’ We went around and around a little bit with Wayne and I and we decided to do that. I think with the way that things are going with the date at Stafford I’m going to say everything has gone really well for us. It’s a shame that we didn’t get to go to Seekonk, but that was beyond our control. We just moved forward from there. I would say that our management just stayed quiet and didn’t run around looking for other dates and make life more confusing. I think Wayne has made a lot of good decisions and hopefully on October 24 we’ll have a really good day. 

Question: In three races this year you had two first-time series winners in Craig Lutz at Monadnock on July 5 and Sammy Rameau at Monadnock on Aug. 15. In between Matt Hirschman won at Star Speedway on July 25. New faces are always a good thing for any series operator and you guys saw a lot of new faces this year at your events. How much pride do you take that it seems like more and more of the top Modified teams are seeing Tri-Track as a place to gravitate toward?

Bennett: It’s really been very gratifying. Wayne and I have spent a lot of time talking to some of these competitors. It started in New Smyrna. Wayne is traditionally down there, just talking to different people and trading on some old relationships. There was holes in the schedule and these guys want to race. And Shawn Waddell [from Waddell Communications] has been unbelievable in campaigning for the Tri-Track. He knows so many people and he’s been telling them since the 2019 season: ‘You’ve got to come try this, it’s legitimate, there’s real tech, there’s good officiating and these guys are nice guys.’ It’s overwhelming the amount of new faces that came this year. How would you predict that Craig Lutz in his first race he wins? Sammy Rameau had run with us a little bit and he got a big win. We’re really working hard on that.

Question: You guys have never tried to portray any sort of mission that you’re looking to replace the Whelen Modified Tour, and for the most part the two divisions have co-existed peacefully over the years. There seemed to be some friction when the Whelen Modified Tour added an event to their schedule at White Mountain Motorsports Park on July 4 when you guys already had an event scheduled that day at Monadnock. Ultimately you moved your race to July 5.  Were you surprised that there really wasn’t any cooperation from NASCAR in respecting your schedule? 

Bennett: I’m not surprised. It goes back to something that happened at Riverhead [Raceway] in 2019. I was there to watch a [Whelen Modified] Tour race and I was informed by NASCAR that I was involved with a second rate series with [Whelen Modified] Tour wannabe drivers. I think that’s how they see us. There’s no respect. They feel like they can do whatever they want to do. On the other hand, from the start, before I even got to the Tri-Track, Wayne was always working to work around the Whelen Modified Tour schedule and respect it and the competitors. I don’t think anything will change with that. We’ll try our best [next] year to make it so it works. If you don’t work together it ultimately hurts the competitors and the fans and we don’t want that to happen. So we’ll be tuned in to what they do [for next year]. But there are no phone calls, no cooperation, no conversation from them. We’re open to it, but we don’t hear from them. 

Question: Because of COVID restrictions the Tri-Track Series was not able to compete this year at Seekonk Speedway. It was a huge story in Modified racing when it was announced that Tri-Track would make its first visit to Stafford Speedway on Oct. 24 to replace your traditional season ending Haunted Hundred at Seekonk Speedway. Obviously you’re not happy about not being able to have events at Seekonk this season, but how happy are you guys that the negative was turned into a positive in forging a new relationship with Stafford Speedway? 

Bennett: I’m really happy about it. It was kind of a no-brainer that Stafford does it right. I knew it would be a good event. They’ve picked up the ball and run with it and we’re working hard to make it a better event. It’s kind of an honor to go there. They just do things right there. 

Question: The Stafford Speedway event – the CBYD Modified Classic 81 – seems to have taken on a life of its own as one of the biggest Modified events around here in quite a while. It looks like there could be more than 50 cars entered for the event. Are you surprised there is so much excitement in the racing community for this event? 

Bennett: I knew that this was going to generate interest. I think right from the announcement you could see it. It’s taken on a life of its own. The only thing that I can remember in Open Modified racing in the last 20 years like this was the first North-South Shootout, which generated unbelievable interest. We have drivers and teams from every series. Burt Myers is coming to represent the South. We have Call Before You Dig 811 coming on as a sponsor. It’s pretty neat. It really has taken on a life of its own. And people like to go to Stafford. They have a great core of Open racers that do their Open 80 shows. We’re bringing our people and we have some [Whelen Modified] Tour teams. It should be great. It’s going to be a great fan show. 

Question: It’s obviously still very early to talk about 2021 – and clearly the ongoing pandemic issues make planning for next year that much more difficult – but what do you hope to see for the series in 2021? 

Bennett: Right now we have six dates that I would call them solid. Everything we do is on a handshake anyway so it’s not like anyone is signing a contract. We’re planning on two events at Seekonk, our traditional dates there. Two events at a Monadnock, which is also really the same thing, one early show and a mid-August show. And we’ve got two events planned for Star Speedway with the SBM race [in late July] and Bobby Webber wanted another race so Wayne plugged him into a Memorial Day weekend date that we would normally have reserved for Claremont. We’re looking for more. We have some holes in the schedule. Hopefully in the next 30 or 45 days things will become a little clearer. I would say two to three more races could be added. 


  1. Tour Mod/MRS rules, TTOMS regulars
    Hinckley 06, Mertz/ Pitkat 6, Izzo 13, Medeiros 50, Horn/Silk 50s, Hirschman 60, Kochenash 66, Savary 99, Robie 25NH, , Doucette 55, Zachem/Sechrist 23, Casella/Coby 25, Paige/Bonsignor 00, DiMatteo 176, McDermitt 8, McKennedy 21, Alexander 76, Barrett/Sontag 9, Bleau 44, Nocella 92,

    Stafford Home Boys
    Cipriano 1, Galko 3, Vasser 11, Moeller 35, Rufrano 48, Williams/Skowyra 50, Rocco 57,Gervais 33,

    NWMT cars/teams
    Swanson/ BRE 3, Carroll 25, Lutz 46, Goodale 58, Pasteryak 75, Sutcliffe 78.Christopher/Balwin 7ny, Dowling/Dodge 9, Sapienza 36,

    Wild Cards
    Anderson/Myers 11nc, Tommy Membrino 00, Barney 14, Horn/Korner 50h, Salva/Darling 8. , ???/Kluth 44, Jankowiak/Mendoza 59, Diaz 74, Gray 316

    46 Total so far. Dodge raised the bar from the previously stated 45 to 50 last Friday night.
    Good luck picking a favorite out of that group.

  2. I’m reading a bunch of energy and nice things about this Stafford event then we wrap it all up with track name dropping for next year with no mention of Stafford. A logical follow up question would be is this pandemic year one off or perhaps something with legs going forward.
    Gonna assume there was chat off the record about it but with so many moving parts tough to put it out there now. After all no one knows really how this deal will work out from a bottom line and competition standpoint as good as it looks on paper. Hopefully Stafford can be one of the holes that is filled.

  3. Obviously it is absolutely not too early to talk about 2021. Six TT races in the can (4 in NH!) and possibly a few more to be added. Glad to see Ed and Wayne full speed ahead on 2021. Not letting on going events deter them from moving upward and onward. The way life should be.

    Speaking of the Way Life Should Be, The WMT schedule is further along than most think too. 2021 will once again be a good year for Northern New England modified fans. Most everything will be ironed out for all tours by Veteran’s Day as usual. Absolutely no reason for current events to slow down 2021 planning. Just the opposite in fact. Optimism is at an all time high amongst the speedway operators and fans.

  4. Interest for sure Doug. One off? Hope not.
    For me, I have to wonder if a Tri Track event would have happened at Stafford ever, if there wasn’t a pandemic. We have heard, including on this site, the speculators for the last couple of years, thinking that a Tri Track event at Stafford would never happen! Yet here we are. love it! ( not the pandemic part, of course)
    Who knows what this holds for the future! As a Southeastern Mass guy, I certainly hope the Seekonk events return. But to have future regular Tri-Track events at Stafford, if this is successful, and all parties profit, well, that would be icing on the cake. And if so, how ironic. It may have taken a nasty, despicable pandemic to create conditions where this would even be possible, when it might have not otherwise been possible for whatever reason, at Stafford. (Listening Thompson?) i love the fact that an organized modified racing organization, can reach out, expand their base and treat their racers fairly, all for having what they deem as a quality product and entertainment for the modified racing fan. Maybe insiders know more than me, but from the outside, I love watching the Tri Track events. Great stuff. All around. I hope it’s wildly successful. Jmo.

  5. Doug, the Swanson/ BRE #3 is not the NWMT car, neither is the 7NY that Christopher pilots. For what it matters allot of the tour teams don’t use their tour cars for open races.

  6. A good interview indeed. I like that Ed was honest in his view of NASCAR. Whelen Tour Wannabe’s NOT. Having an “open” car affords you many more chances to race, and these cars are for the most part top notch equipment piloted by very talented drivers. It surprises me that more WMT teams don’t have an open car, or in the case of Tri Track, don’t show up. NASCAR shot itself in the foot with that spec motors deal. It’s also funny that a series of supposed Wannabe’s attracts some of the tours most talented drivers. As for 2021 scheduling, you kinda have to make your schedule now, and hope everything works out. Hopefully 2021 is a better year than 2020, allot of that is going to depend on how people approach this virus. It’s a wait and see deal at this point.

  7. Jimmy King says

    VERY excited for the Stafford Tri-Track race. The heat races alone might be worth the price of admission. Why does NASCAR have to insult Ed and his series? Tri-Track and The Racing Guys have always scheduled around the Tour; and never claimed to be a superior series. Bennett, Pennick, as well as Dick Williams and Mod Maniac should be commended for all they do for modified racing.

  8. Meant to list Wayne Darling in my above post. Also, I agree that the spec motor limits cross over with other modified races. The best thing about dirt racing is that most divisions have a pretty standard spec for the cars allowing teams to race in several different series. This also leads to huge “Crown Jewel” events. The World 100, Knoxville Nats, etc. Making an engine package different from every other modified series/track a necessity to compete on the Tour hurts modified racing as a whole. It’s not a surprise that there might be twice the entries for the 81 than the Tour race a month prior.

  9. I hope Tri Track goes back to its roots next year sticking to the smaller tracks. I am happy they found a replacement track for the Haunted Hundred when the State of MA would not allow fans but I kind of hope this is one off pandemic type of thing. Honestly I am little disappointed. This show at Seekonk had PASS pro stocks and ACT late models on the card and was one of my favorite races of the year. I think it will be a good race at Stafford, tri track regulars supplemented by the Stafford Open drivers should produce a heck of a field but the undercard is not as appealing as it was at Seekonk. I believe the tri track has built their success on the bullrings in which several engine combinations can run together competitively where handling is more important than big horse power. I think if Tri track starts running these bigger tracks regularly you might run into the more expensive engines becoming dominant and the competition may suffer. I just believe the tri track series is better suited on the smaller bull rings. Leave the larger tracks for the Whelen tour. I tend to prefer racing on the quarter miles more than the bigger tracks.

    I did enjoy this article and his candid comments on the Tri Tracks relationship with mother Nascar. It did seem as though Nascar was frequently scheduling over already established tour type mod events this year. Its understandable as Nascar was really struggling to get races booked and took them where and when they could. Nascar reduced their purses to get events in. Tri track didn’t and lost a show. I cant imagine Nascar is too happy with Stafford running this show when Stafford cancelled 2 of 3 scheduled shows. It seems Nascar is losing its stranglehold on Tour type modified racing in the region with these open mod events becoming more frequent and Stafford reaching out to Tri track to get the TT haunted hundred, Oops haunted 81. It will be an interesting offseason to see how things shake out. Schedules usually start coming out in November but we may have to wait a little longer this year.

  10. I’m really excited for the Stafford tri-track race, it’s going to be an awesome day. But I’m sad to hear that it sounds like Claremont has lost their tri-track race not only this year but going into the future. I guess Mike Parks really upset them this year by not having an available Sunday date they could come outside of his big Labor Day GSPSS race which would’ve required smaller purses because there was already quite a hefty one just for the GSPSS race. Hopefully Mike Parks can get The Racing Guys to come back for another open mod show next year or hopefully he patches things up with tri-track because that’ll be a big hit to the track if they can’t get a big mod show next year.

  11. Engines, that’s a Pandora’s box of conjecture and speculation at least for this race nerds.
    We know that an 18 degree, spec and 23 degree engine each won at least one race last year because Tri Track told us. We know the 7ny has a Stafford open legal engine they pop in for Stafford events because it was there and they told us.. I know there is a older Ole Blue, chassis and engine version running non NWMT races not owned by BRE because they told me.. We know the 50 team has all kinds of engine and chassis options to choose from. Lutz, Goodale and perhaps the Pasteryak clan if not Chris specifically have both version of engines for flexibility. Hirschman;s color choices and what they represent are well known. We know there is an 18 degree engine configuration specifically suited to small track events because Sapienza eluded to getting one at the point he decided he really liked TTOMS events.
    This isn’t a small track TTOMS race and we don’t know what the teams with engine flexibility will bring. The gas guzzling, light weight spec has no inherent advantage on a short track but they aren’t in Kansas anymore Dorothy. Dowling/Dodge, Sapienza, Carrol and Pasteryak will all most likely be packing specs. The 7ny, 50, Lutz, Hirshman, Goodale, Ole Blue have a decision to make. Maybe it’s obvious given the rule tweaks but to my knowledge it’s not common knowledge what any have decided.
    It’s one of the many little drama’s playing out for those of us that are racing nerds that set it apart from the usual successful TTOMS event model.
    There’s no competition with the TTOMS small track model and there is nothing remotely haunted about it. It’s it’s own category.. At best ( or worst depending on you perspective) they add one longer race at Stafford next year.. Or not. The race could be a competition disaster with one type of engine package dominating, boring and modified nation says never do that again. Won’t know until race day.
    “October 24 Stafford Tri-Track” on Matt Hirshmans web site. I don’t care what the reason is for it appearing there it’s just nice to see even if it’s a one off.

  12. just looking on..... says

    Stafford isn’t going to commit to a date for next year. They are using this as a test to either allow or not allow spec motors in their open shows. They are praying an old used up 18* can win this thing and then they can open up the rules to allow specs, which will raise car counts and then they can run their own flavor of this race and have half the purse! I have said this time and time again. A central track in New England needs to run tour type cars as a weekly division that runs the same purse structure that falls between what Stafford and Tri track pays . And the track owners / promoters need to do their job get off their asses and put people in the stands to by hot dogs and beer to pay for it! 50 lap races, 3 tire rule gum balls, and a plus minus qualifying process.

  13. In general, I’m firmly in the “Stafford knows best” camp. But, it seems like it would make sense for Stafford to bump up the Open 80 purses to $5,000 to win, etc. (and include the NASCAR Spec engine, as the TTOM series does). I believe the result would be bigger car counts (approaching those at TTOM series races?) and more “juice”.

  14. As crazy and ironic as it is to think this event was initiated by the virus (maybe it should be called the CBYD Covid 81! 🙂 ), this is going to be the greatest Modified event of the year! I think there is definitely enough racing intelligence behind this event to come up with the right rules for SPEC engines to compete fairly with the other engine combinations. I also think the success of this event will accomplish a few things:
    1) Give the TriTrack series a “non-bullring” event for future seasons. (WIN!)
    2) Give Stafford a recipe for SPEC engines in their own “Open” events. (WIN!)
    3) Give race teams with only SPEC engines an opportunity to race in events in addition to the WMT.(WIN!)
    4) Give Modified fans another great Modified event to look forward to. (WIN!)
    I don’t think the Stafford event will be a “one and done” race. I don’t see why Stafford can’t be successful with running 2-3 WMT, 1 TriTrack, and 3-4 Open events, giving them their usual 7-8 big yearly events in a season.

  15. pike mettit says

    not saying there wont be spec motors there or one cant win but you almost needed a boat to navigate the flood of tears at thompson from them crying the 23 degrees had 80 more hp then them.

  16. just looking on .... says

    Horsepower….horsepower….horsepower…..will everyone quit bitching about the power difference between all the motors. It isn’t an issue. The issue is the aluminum block that the spec motor brings to the table. It lowers the center of gravity of the car and saves the right rear tire thus giving the spec motor cars an advantage. On a longer track like Stafford that you carry more speed thru the corner = more tire wear = it will make a difference. If the 18* was competitive there would be more on the tour.

  17. Tri Track Rule Book
    “B. Tour Type Modified 355ci – 364ci = 2610 lbs. 365ci – 368ci = 2650 lbs. 369ci –
    372ci = 2700 lbs. SPEC engine = 2650 lbs. Maximum left side weight 56%.
    C. Built aluminum head engines other than 18 deg. Or Dart spec head engines = 2650”

    “Tri-Track Open Modified Series To Adjust Rules For Inaugural Stafford Event
    September 9, 2020 by Shawn Courchesne
    Bennett said the normal series weight rule for the NASCAR SPEC Motor was lowered by 10 pounds for the Stafford event and that the normal weight rule for the 21 (23) Degree Built motor was increased by 40 pounds. He also said a 4.86 maximum gear rule will be in effect for the event. ”

    They’ve made their adjustments and you can bet they were informed decisions that have a reasonable prospect of equalizing the field. New Smyrna does it on a half mile track every year to rave reviews. Tri-Track as usual was on record far in advance of sign ups with the modifications and judging from the entry they don’t seem to be a drag on enthusiasm to participate.
    I hope Stafford is not using this to try to find a way to incorporate specs in their rules for the Stafford opens. In three years Stafford has had 7 winners in 9 races with only Rocco and Williams repeating. In three years TTOMS has had 6 winners in 12 races with Hirschman half the races.
    Car counts for Stafford ranged from 20 for the first to 35 in the first open this season energized by it being an early pandemic year open. Normally they get 25 to 30 cars. If you’re starting 27 cars that’s all you really need for a quality open.
    Staffords opens are not Tri Track opens and shouldn’t try to be.. The events include the 5 regular divisions in points features which is usually a stronger undercard then Tri Track races.
    Stafford regulars have seen fit to field upward of 8 to 10 Stafford open rules tour modifieds in addition to their SK cars. It would not serve Stafford’s purpose to suddenly allow specs and rattle the cage of the teams that are Stafford staples.
    Spec’s are by their very nature a necessary evil for the NWMT at best. Tri Track includes them because their advantages are minimized on a short track. Otherwise they’re kind of a ugly duckling. short life span, cookie cutter NASCAR money maker and that’s all fine for NASCAR. A whole lot of cast iron block variants have been built in the last few years proving that the spec is irrelevant to the long term success or tour modifieds. Stafford is fine without them.
    What’s happening next weekend is something completely unique that many of us hope is the first in a yearly tradition. If all parties decide to continue it, it should be kept separate and special starting with keeping the Stafford opens, successful in their own right just as they are.

  18. The upcoming TriTrack event at Stafford will more than likely have the biggest car count of any modified event in many years. Their earlier events in 2020 also had large fields. Their qualifying procedure and the use of heat races provide more excitement for the fans. The future of this series is very bright while the Whelen tour continues to barely have a full field of cars. The TriTrack series is becoming the top modified tour due to their rules package , their purse structure, and their excellent management. Can’t wait to 2021 to continue to support them.

  19. Add Etheridge and Flannery for 48.
    Todd Owen???

  20. Tri Tracks Qualifying procedures put everyone on a more level playing field. Not everyone can turn a fast times lap, so the heat races are more beneficial.

  21. Being the man of vision that I am I have solved everyone’s 2021 issues. TT doesn’t have a September race. You guys all want Stafford on the TT schedule. So… You could do one of two things. Replace the WMT on Fall Final weekend. Then Nascar could use the date somewhere else. I have the WMT schedule capped at 18 events. Option two, run TT with the WMT on Fall Final weekend. TT goes off on Saturday. WMT on Sunday. Maybe add the (super)late models to the Saturday show. It would make for a hell of a weekend.

    You could apply the concept to Sizzler weekend too if you thought that worked better. TT needs a race or two between the August Monadnock event the Haunted Hundred at Seekonk. That’s the schedule hole Ed speaks of.

  22. Given the success Todd Owen has had at Stafford, I’d be very surprised if he was not at this event.

  23. 🌈JD🌈 bloviated, “Being the man of vision that I am I have solved everyone’s 2021 issues. ”

    I thought Trump cured the coronavirus COVID-10 pandemic?

  24. Waterford September Tri Track race would suit me just fine.

  25. Earl,
    I can tell you with almost 100 percent certainty that you will not see that in 2021.

  26. searching for a vaccine says

    Spec engines?….Yuck. Give me the days of Hutter and McBetts built motors.

  27. Tony’s as well. One of the top engine builders on the tour for many years. Stefanik won many races with his power.

  28. TT is probably only looking at a few tracks beyond what they already have. I’m assuming Stafford is getting a 2021 race. Also depends on TT’s relationship with the ACT/PASS guys who seem to be in bed with Nascar and are in controll of several tracks now. I do love me some WMMP. I think Lee and Oxford are real possibilities. A Friday night tilt at Lee on Cup weekend would be outstanding!! Beech Ridge would be awesome too but they haven’t been interested in the past. I don’t think Thompson is an option.

    Another wildcard on the tour side is the already scheduled April 17th ACT/PASS event. Adding a WMT event is not beyond the realm of possibility there. That might depend on whether or not Martinsville happens in April. It might also depend on the future of the Musket 200.

  29. I will add, under my Lee TT idea Stafford would schedule an off week(mid summer break) for themselves. They should do that anyway on Cup weekend so all these crew guys aren’t driving back and forth. Most other tracks have built in off weekends nowadays. It would be a home run weekend for all fans.

    Speaking of doubleheaders how about a Thursday/Saturday Thunder Road-WMMP for the WMT. Or even a Thur/Sat TT-WMT doubleheader? It would be nice to see some fresh new concepts in 2021.

  30. JD,
    I don’t think you’ll see Tri-Track schedule any Friday night events.


  32. JD, why should Stafford schedule an off weekend to cater to WMT? WMT does absolutely nothing for them. In the past Drivers and crew guys have made the extra travel work. It’s only about an hour and forty five minute ride, two at the most. Many of the fans who go up for the modified race don’t go to the Friday night Stafford race. The more chances Stafford has to race, the better for their competitors. It’s so funny how some people think the WMT is the only modified series that matters, and so cool that some series are proving that wrong.

  33. Lee and Oxford have both run TT races in the past. Unlikely either return, Seekonk is obviously going to be back and maybe taking over the Modified portion of the pass act weekend at Louden that was scheduled for April but cancelled this year. That and Stafford would break bull ring trend and draw some cars. Great they have such a passion for Modified racing and continue to grow. Look for them if they add tracks to take over events that already exist and sanction them that’s what they did with SBM 125, open wheel Wed., ECT. They don’t reinvent the wheel they keep it rolling and make it bit better.

  34. JD, I think odds are real slim to see Any kind of a tour Modified race at Lee unless the track is repaved; the track just eats Modified tires too quickly. The only way it would work would be to have a 1/2 break for a tire change. The MRS races were running at 1/2 speed until about 1/2 way, trying to save tires. The change to twin 50’s made for better racing.

  35. Beech Ridge has has some of the same tire issues. The last few MRS races there were shortened to 75 lap events to help with the tire issue.

  36. JD is under the belief that money grows on trees. He also believes the teams and sponsors have an abundance of these trees growing in their yards just to pick money off for his personal racing entertainment.

    It is easy to come up with these elaborate ideas when you sit in the stands and have no skin in the game.

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a few of these trees? I sure would like to plant some in my yard so I can afford to attend all these events!

  37. Approximate 2020 schedule announcement dates:
    NWMT 10/31
    Stafford 11/13
    TTOMS 12/3
    The pandemic fueled interruptions the threw the plans for 2020 asunder hopefully will be reduced or eliminated by next race season and order restored.
    NWMT then all others
    Hopefully the election will help reduce the chaos in government as well.

  38. Rob (I don’t go to races) P read my words. Stafford would be helping TT It’s just an added bonus to have TT and WMT running in close proximity. Old school, the way it use to be kind of thing. You know, if you are looking to sell tickets and make money. If SC says no Friday’s then so be it. Ed stated they will probably schedule 2-3 more races. You geniuses have found an issue with every other track. They will race somewhere. Tours do return to places unlike some of you.

    Earl, how are my ideas costing money? They already stated they are adding more races. The races are going somewhere. Presumably in New England. Stafford is a 10 tire per car race. Money is being spent buddy. You also said I was crazy for stating TT would go to Stafford this year. How did that work out for you? Things are happening.

  39. Shawn – why no TTOM events at the Bowl? Is it “no association with Bemer” or some other reason?

  40. Earl, well said.

    🌈JD🌈 gets those 💰 💵 trees at the jammin’ home center he spent his summer at. 🌈JD🌈 has some of these trees, and no matter how much he fertilizes them with his copious 🐂-💩, the trees have still not produced. Stick to radishes.

    As far as a schedule goes, don’t believe anything unless it’s about a couple weeks before the normal season opening time frame. The pandemic is in complete control and tightening its grip. People are going to travel and gather over the holiday season, spreading the cheer and virus, and the early weeks and months of the new year are going to be brutal with all those new cases. Already, the doctors and experts are predicting a very dire next three months. Dr. Fauci is recommending against holiday travel this year. A schedule can be released in a couple weeks, but it will take until the Spring to see what is possible.

    I read much of if not most of Connecticut is going back to Phase 2 pandemic regulations, with more restrictive measures, because of all the outbreaks going on. Schools tried to open, but in only a week or so had to switch to online learning because of infections.

    Wear a mask 😷, keep distanced, wash hands often. Live to see another day. Repeat.

  41. Rafter,
    I can’t speak directly for the reasons why Tri-Track is not there but I think you’re on the right path.

  42. This is where we need to be careful about vague generalities that create an impression that doesn’t exist.
    Go here to see the hot spots in Connecticut.


    Lamont will be giving his briefing today at 4 and if there is a big change that will be the place to hear it. As of last Thursday there was no mention of much of the state reverting to phase 2 nor was Lamont remotely suggesting it was a possibility. He did suggest the local authorities have the authority to roll back openings at their discretion in hot spots. He did mention schools have recently expanded from low thirties in school room settings to 40%. That to is all local and k-12 generally more open then Junior and Senior High Schools.
    The point was made that the cause of infections nation wide is more friends and family letting down their guard in larger gatherings then businesses.
    The tone that Lamont was setting is handling local hot spots that you can see on the map but otherwise supporting businesses in every way possible.
    There is nothing to suggest that there is anything that would affect the 50% capacity level for this Saturdays race nor would it be Lamont’s decision were it to be necessary. It would be a local decision and as the map shows at least on the Connecticut side of the border Stafford and the surrounding towns are doing just just fine. As is the majority of Connecticut so far.
    You can find reason to be pessimistic if you like. The status of the TTOMS would not appear to be a one at all.
    And long term weather looks ideal.
    Buckle up race fans it’s gonna be a dandy.

  43. “He did mention schools have recently expanded from low thirties in school room settings to 40%”

    Interesting… My wife’s second grade classroom has 20 students. This is within 2-4 of every year for the last 15. Typically, she’s around 22-23, max by contract is 25. Teachers we know in other districts who are offering 5 day a week in-person school are similar.

    The state left a lot of school population questions up to the local districts, so the 30% might be only those who are doing split virtual / in-person sessions.

    As far as the race goes, I also think it will go as planned with 50% capacity.

  44. JD, spent 25+ years not only at the races, but also in the shop. Forgive me if I don’t attend races in the middle of a pandemic. You come across as one of those who attended a few races, and is now an expert if everything racing.

  45. Dareal are you just a pathological Liar? I have watched you talk out your behind on here and have kept quiet. Where do you get your garbage info? Schools are not closed in CT and they have actually opened up even more over the last month. Younger kids now go all 5 days a week. No towns outside Windham have reverted back to phase 2 and nothing has ever been said about any towns outside of that going back to phase 2. So tired of listening to your stupid lies in every post you have made. Sit home and watch tv. Stafford will be at 50% capacity on Saturday for the biggest race in many years and you want us all closed down. You really have some serious mental issues. Like a couple other people have said on here over the last few months. I don’t even believe you are a real person. Maybe your here for entertainment purposes. All I know is a lot of people have left this site because of you. Why don’t you use social media? Oh yeah, someone may actually find out who you are. Keep hiding while some of us enjoy racing this weekend.

  46. By my count I have 51 mods entered for Stafford this weekend as posted on their web site. Anyone know what Seekonk got last year? I think Stafford has them beat by a good margin. Todd Owen is now on the list. It should be a heck of a show. I just wish Seekonk didnt have to lose out for this to materialize for Stafford. A shame what Ma did to the cement palace this year. What would Stafford do if they sold out at 50 percent then the state mandated they had to go back down to 25 percent capacity? First come first served? What a nightmare that would be. Lets hope it doesnt become an issue. I think if they were going to change capacity restrictions they would announce it and have a start date at the beginning of the week or sometime out. Last local shows of the year this weekend. Enjoy.

  47. Jessup,
    So the way I read this (“I don’t believe you are a real person”), you’re accusing me of posting comments on my own site with the name Darealgoodfella? That’s quite the accusation to throw out there. You’re 100 percent wrong on that, but thanks for taking the time to publicly state that you think I have zero journalistic ethics or standards. On another note, I always find it hilariously hypocritical when someone uses a fake name to lob angry comments about someone using a fake name to leave comments, just like you did here.

  48. CSG,
    There were 38 cars on the track for heat races at the Haunted Hundred last year.

  49. Jessup, you need to pay attention to the news. Not Fox News, a real source of news. Your post is so full of 💩.

    You are blathering like Colonel Jessep when he had his gluteus maximus handed to him by Lt. Kaffee. Or bloviating just like Trump does everyday.

    This should be a good test for TTOMS to see who shows up for a horsepower track.

    Anybody know if Hirschman will be there? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😝😝😝🤪🤪🤪

  50. I suppose if you’re into histrionics you can concoct scenario’s where angry fans with tickets are left screaming at the gate shut out by the last minute capacity reduction of an evil state government. It would be more talk radio conspiracy theory then reality.
    Seeing both Stafford and Tri Track tag teaming on press releases is fun to see.
    It is over 50. So many cars it’s not even worth updating my list because most everyone you’d expect to be there will be there. Is it possible to have too many cars? So crowded big name teams with great drivers could risk being shut out but circumstance. Normally 5 or so are no shows so one would think the number will be higher Saturday. Even so sending 20ish cars home these days seems bizarre. I’m not going to say there should be a B Main or some other kind of non qualifiers race because it’s not my money but really. If any event called for one this would.

  51. Where is the Queen on this entry list? The 01 is who I am speaking of.Where are the Catalano’s,Emerling…they must be too good to race with TT. Dare they cross the mighty NWMT line.Doug ,have you seen a list of results from a Big Dirt race or The Williams Grove Open.They always have big names not making the show. The weather is looking good,let there be heat races,consi’s and YES,a non-qualifiers race.There can never be too many cars!

  52. Thanks Shaun. I thought it might be around 40 at the konk last year. It looks like this tri track race at Stafford is going to be an overwhelming success from a car count point of view. From a fans stand point I havent seen as much excitement for a local race in quite sometime. Lets hope it lives up to expectations and it is a great show for everyone.

    I agree with a car count approaching double a starting field why not have a non qualifiers race for the non qualifiers. A 25-30 lap shoot out for 1200-1500 to win or get the last starting spot in the feature. I believe they called in the hooligans race at the oxford 250 back in the day. They dont have much of an undercard for a day show on a Saturday. I think they could pull it off if a sponsor can be found. I usually complain about the length of shows and I am suggesting adding to this one. I wish Waterford was running all the good stuff on Sunday as I havent seen the pro stocks this year. I havent seen much of anything in person but have seen more racing than ever online.

  53. Yes dareal because Fox News covers CT right? Bus picks up my kids to go to School and K-5 now goes Monday Through Friday. Keep posting lies and keep hiding.

  54. I was speaking figuratively reflecting the fact that the car count has exceeded most folks expectations.
    Comparisons to dirt are irrelevant.

  55. Jessup,
    Yesterday you came on here and accused me of writing the Darealgoodfella comments, you said you weren’t going to read this website any longer and you criticized someone and called someone cowardly for using a fake name to leave a comment while you used a fake name to leave a comment. Now today you’re back with more? I’m confused. So you declared that Darealgoodfella is not real but now you’re back here lobbing more comments at someone you think is not real? So now you’re arguing with an imaginary person?

  56. Jessup, if I’m not real, how and why are you challenging me? You hearing the voices again? Talk with yourself? What do you talk about? Have you met Insipid Cybil and all her personalities?

  57. I think the point he was trying to make Doug, is that in Dirt racing you see allot of times when some of the big guns don’t make the show due to car counts. It appears there might be some big names sitting in the stands or on their way home, come feature time this Saturday. For allot of the big high profile Dirt races 50 cars would be considered low, but keep in mind the money they’re racing for, sometimes 50 grand or more to win.

  58. The Atomic Punk says

    Man I wish i had the free time Dareal does….But with a job, Wife and a house I dont.

  59. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”



    darealgoodfella says
    October 19, 2020 at 9:18 am
    I read much of if not most of Connecticut is going back to Phase 2 pandemic regulations, with more restrictive measures, because of all the outbreaks going on. Schools tried to open, but in only a week or so had to switch to online learning because of infections.




  60. The Atomic Punk wrote, “Man I wish i had the free time Dareal does….But with a job, Wife and a house I don’t.”

    I wish I had the free time that Insipid Cybil et al has.

  61. What the heck are you talking about Shawn? Pretty defensive like normal. First, no where did I say I was leaving your precious site, No my name is not fake and no where did I say dareal was fake. Just a made up guy in his 70s that hasn’t been to a track in years with nothing better to do. Same old Shawn, sitting on his high horse while everyone else is beneath him.

  62. Jessup,
    Defensive? You came on this site and accused me of producing fake comments. Yeah, I’ll defend the fact that you’re 100 percent wrong with that accusation. And I love the “sitting on my high horse” comment too. It’s amazing how much of a spine someone like you suddenly has when your commenting with a fake name. Funny stuff.

  63. Jessup wrote, “I don’t even believe you are a real person. ”

    And then Jessup wrote, “No my name is not fake and no where did I say dareal was fake. ”

    Jessup, you say I’m not real, and then you say you did not say I was fake.

    You seem to be a hoax, a complete fake. You must be a Russian Trump bot that got lost.

  64. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”



    😷😷😷 darealgoodfella 😷😷😷 says
    October 21, 2020 at 9:08 am

    I wish I had the free time that Insipid Cybil et al has.


    darealgoodfella says
    March 9, 2020 at 12:39 pm

    So yes, I am normally preparing multi-million dollar plans and budgets for a variety of huge product development efforts. Knowing how to calculate what something will cost is a major part of what I do with my engineering expertise. Common practice for engineering professionals. It’s what we do.


    😷😷😷 darealgoodfella 😷😷😷 says
    July 27, 2020 at 5:17 pm
    Freddy posted, “Da whatever. Here we go. R and D stands for research and development. The 15 car was as you say a all important house car program that allows you to develop and fine tune designs to insure the product is sound and the best on the market. Not run 5’s and 2’s and hope you win. The House car worked as now there is no real competition for LFR. The 15 car ran for points 1 time. That means that the points mattered and every race equates to dollars so you take what you learn in R and D and apply it. The results were clear. Do I need to explain what see you next Tuesday stands for so you are clear on what we think of you? Let me know if you need a explanation. Until then keep your liberal ass on the couch where it belongs and let the big boys do what they do while you talk. Tell Biden hello for us at the next rally.”
    Still don’t care what you think of me. You don’t matter.
    Here’s the Fuller #71 & #15 car statistics for you, Freddy.
    Let me know if you spot any typos.
    All statistics are from racing-reference.info
    Freddy is full of 💩. Bigly.
    Unless otherwise noted, Fuller was the driver.
    Remember car #71? It was a sad 😢 car. Bigly sad.
    2009 Fuller Car #71
    Loudon, started 12, finished 33, 66/100 laps, crash. 😢 🤕 💥 🤢
    Loudon, started 19, finished 34, 75/100 laps, radiator 😝
    2010 Fuller Car #71
    Four races, Fuller drove Thompson, Martinsville, & Loudon, Rob Summers drove Bristol.
    Thompson, started 17, finished 17, on the lead lap 🥳
    Martinsville, started 18, finished 31, 91/204 laps, suspension failure 🙃 🤕
    Loudon, started 9, finished 35, 2/100 laps, crash 😭 💥 🤕 🤮
    Bristol, started 17, finished 19, 138/150 laps, rocker arm 😝 🤕
    4 races, 381/604 laps, so sad, bigly sad. 😭 🤕
    2011 Fuller Car #71
    Four races, Fuller drove in all four.
    Thompson, started 22, finished 32, 40/150 laps, engine 😢 🤕
    Loudon, started 29, finished 33, 0/100 laps, did not start 😱
    Loudon, started 15, finished 13, 100/100 laps 🥳
    Thompson, started 32, finished 20, 158/168 laps. Huge attrition in this race, like 12 top cars DNF’d. 😆
    2011 Fuller car #71 WSMT Results, Multiple drivers
    Caraway, started 9, finished 6, 158/158 laps, Corey LaJoie
    Winston-Salem, started 4, finished 16, 10/199 laps, mechanical, Dean Ward
    Bristol, started 3, finished 9, 42/150, crash, Corey LaJoie
    Thompson, started 17, finished 18, 107/125 laps, Rob Fuller
    Tri-County, started 9, finished 15, 150/152 laps, Dean Ward
    Not much competition on the Southern tour.
    2012 Fuller car #71
    Five races, Fuller drove all five.
    Thompson, Started 23, finished 25, 86/159 laps, crash 💥 🤕
    Loudon, started 35, finished 17, 99/100 laps, didn’t crash
    Thompson, started 5, finished 15, 149/150 laps, didn’t crash
    Loudon, started 25, finished 31, crash 💥 🤕
    Thompson, started 16, finished 26, crash 💥 🤕
    Never finished on the lead lap. Need directions to the demolition derby.
    2012 Fuller car #71 on the WSMT
    Fuller drove
    Thompson, started 1, finished 3, 75/75 laps. Not much competition in this SOUTHERN mod race other than Andy Seuss and MH, they finished 1-2. 😝 😆
    2013 Fuller Car #15
    Change the car number, that’ll help. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
    Eight races. Fuller drove all but the Riverhead races which Solomito drove.
    Thompson, started 16, finished 28, 61/150, crash 💥 🤕 🤮
    Riverhead, started 9, finished 23, 97/207, overheating, Solomito drove
    Loudon, started 18, finished 23, 79/100, oil leak 💥 🤕
    Thompson, started 6, finished 25, 22/158, crash 💥 🤕 🤮
    Bristol, started 16, finished 18, 104/135, crash 💥 🤕 🤮
    Riverhead, started 1, finished 3, 200/200, Solomito drove
    Loudon, started 21, finished 21, 99/100, didn’t crash 👏
    Thompson, started 9, finished 28, 37/150, crash 💥 🤕 🤮
    Anybody seeing a pattern? 🤯 Point him to the demolition derby.
    2014 Fuller car #15
    Five races, Fuller drove 1, Todd Szegedy drove the rest.
    Thompson, started 16, finished 13, 150/150 laps, RF drove
    Loudon, started 3, fin


    🏁🏁🏁 darealgoodfella 🏁🏁🏁 says
    November 26, 2019 at 11:51 am
    To be clear, this is what the column was all about:

    “It was about the double standard that exists on social media that people think its alright to use ugly and despicable behavior to bully and harass her on social media because she is a woman.”

    Shawn, I understand your position. I hope you realize I have been an equal opportunity source of feedback, regardless of gender. Several years ago, the 18 was a disaster for quite a while. I wrote about it, and boy-oh-boy did I get replies. Every reason, explanation and excuse possible, and just rage. There was no legit explanation possible for the mess that car was causing. As if the 18 was above reproach. Just because they were trying hard, criticism was not allowed. I’ve also commented on the 2, 26, 36, and others when they were detriments to the racing product. After all you have seen, you know the cars that are scary, that when the competitive cars are getting ready to pass, you cringe while hoping that all the passing goes well. Even some high powered cars that are high risk. When Preece was driving the 3, he was blowing down the backstretch at NHMS and one of these notorious cars drifted up into the racing lane as Preece was bearing down and Preece had to slam on the brakes to prevent being pushed into the wall at end-of-the-straightaway speeds. The 2 is infamous for its brainless disasters at Loudon. It caught quite a bit of flak too. And recently when Goodale tried to make like a tank and drive over Silk. Goodale was savaged. And the Hirschman debacles, and he was savaged by the paying fans. I could go on and on.

    And to address the gender issue. My wife and daughters are in professions have been male dominated and controlled. I am extremely sensitive to the application of the gender card. The worst thing that can happen to the gender equality movement is to abuse or misapply an accusation of gender bias when there isn’t one. Playing the victim when not a victim is damaging to the cause. Therefore, if there are holes in the argument, those holes need to be addressed. And needs to be addressed to provide credibility to the bias claim.

    But… there are aspects of the subject as you just expounded upon that were not covered in the column that need to be addressed for I do believe are part of the issue, and perhaps add more to explain the condition you proffer. Such as but not limited to:

    1. Why does Melissa receive this treatment when other females do not? This is crucial. If this was pure sexism, a narrow form of a double standard, then all females would be getting this treatment with similar vigor. This article would be about across-the-board sexism. Isolating this alleged double standard to the Whelen Modified Tour does not add or detract any value from the discussion. What is it about Melissa that draws those responses? Other female competitors presented on these forums get lauded and lovely posts. There is the likability factor. Mike Stefanik and Richie Evans were adored as a drivers and tremendously respected as people. There are many that are jerks and court jesters, and are not beloved no matter how good they are on the track, and these are men. Many didn’t last long on the Tour. And they get treated harshly on social media. This is crucial, and goes to your comment. Why does Melissa get the volume and intensity of SM comments while other females do not? Hence, I would be inclined to think that it is not a reason based on gender that could also apply to a male. She has been black flagged, so the “NASCAR should ban you” comment has been in play.

    2. The Most Popular Driver Award. This is the huge elephant in the room. The biggest and most beautiful elephant ever. How does a person that wins the MPDA in her first three seasons, an unknown entity at that, and an extremely uncompetitive entry, win three MPDAs in her first three seasons? She’s not known for her driving ability or a stellar statistical record. And that record is not going to attract fans. I’m sure she has a few legit fans, like her family and crew. She has been left off the pre-race introductions, and when she is announced, there is no response from the crowd. It would seem reasonable, that as a 3-time recipient of the MPDA, that the little girls and women in the stands would make some noise, but no, it just doesn’t happen. It appears that Missy is just not well liked. How could that be? She obtained the MPDA her first three years on the Tour. I have asked about the MPDA since the last one was given out, and that subject is treated as totally taboo, the proverbial hot potato. The MPDA was dropped, and I never saw an explanation. It was dropped, made like it never happened. And when Missy won the MPDA, there was rather heated and disgusted discussions about it on social media. There is no way Missy belongs on that list of drivers, no way. She’s just NOT POPULAR. And it appears could be quite the opposite.

    Shawn, #1 and #2 above crush, kill, destroy, eviscerate, annihilate any claim that Melissa is treated the way she is because she is a woman. You can not ignore away what I brought up in #1 and #2 above.

    Shawn wrote, “What the column points out is that many male drivers have for many years shown up to events and run at the back and never gotten any better and have been in the way, but none has ever been targeted by the ongoing hate similar to the way Fifield gets targeted. Not even close. And that’s the double standard.”

    Shawn, Melissa does not attract the love at all on RaceDayCT, that is true. But she appears to be the ONLY female that gets treated that way, at least what I see on your platform. Other women are lauded and encouraged. If this double standard that you proffer was indeed endemic or systemic, then all females featured on your platform would be treated the same as Mellissa. But that is not happening. Therefore your claim that Mellissa is bullied and harassed per the alleged double standard, “sexism” as you used in the title of this column, is null and void. Mellissa is a singularity, and if you want find out why she attracts the treatment she gets, you need to dig into her situation and reveal the cause. Mellissa gets raked through the coals and other women are lauded on your platform. Don’t you see that?

    How many of those back markers won the MPDA three times, their first 3 years on the tour? How many times did any other back marker win the MPDA? Back markers, nimrods and others get slammed on social media… and they are men. But Missy seems to have some circumstances, most likely brought on by herself, that others have not had. For some reason, she is just not liked. If this were indeed sexism, I’d expect the Neanderthals and troglodytes to troll all females rather equally, and that is not happening. Other females in other series are talked up rather nicely on these forums. For some reason, Missy is not attracting the love. Melissa did something to draw this response from the public. The other women aren’t getting treated like this.

    Shawn wrote, “Telling someone over and over and over again to “Just quit” or “Stop coming to the races” or saying “NASCAR should ban you” is straight up harassing and bullying.”

    Those quotes you provided are not very nice, but were they accompanied with something like, “…because you’re a girl…”? If those comments were directed towards a man, it would just be regular trash talk. Those comments alone directed towards a woman does not conclude sexism or a double standard.

    Sometimes I think if Missy just came on the scene and ran, and did not obtain the MPDAs, she would not be getting this much limelight. She’d just be another back marker out there. As long as she doesn’t cause trouble, things should be okay. BUT… she is the slowest out there, with what should be very competitive equipment. So this is no low budget story.

    Missy was born in 1992, so let me list the Modified drivers that won the MPDA, starting from 1992:

    1992-’94: Jeff Fuller
    1995-’96: Steve Park
    1997-’98: Mike Stefanik
    1999: Reggie Ruggiero
    2000: Rick Fuller
    2001: Mike Stefanik
    2002: Ed Flemke Jr.
    2003-’04: Tom Baldwin
    2005-’06: Tony Hirschman Jr.
    2007: Todd Szegedy
    2008-’10: Ted Christopher
    2011: Justin Bonsignore
    2012: Ryan Preece
    2013: Mike Stefanik
    2014-’16: Melissa Fifield

    The MPDA was no longer awarded in the NWMT after 2016. Other series still have the Most Popular Driver Award. The MPDA is a big deal.

    Until Melissa entered the picture, the MPD was a highly competitive, championship contender.

    Also note that Doug Coby is not on that list. Doug Coby has never won a MPDA.

    You would think that NASCAR would just LOVE that a female was getting attention. Perhaps it was attention for all the wrong reasons.

    I’m not seeing sexism, but a likability factor. Missy just does not bring out the love. For some reason(s), she is just not liked. This could be an Eddie the Eagle or Jamaican Bobsled deal, or she could just blend into the background and be a backmarker. But for some reason, the fans can’t let that happen with her. Nah, the fans aren’t having it.

    So we have Missy, the Red Lantern of the Tour obtaining the MPDA her first three years on the Tour, which is also the last three years the MPDA was available. Those same years, Doug Coby, who should never be allowed near a microphone, was winning the championships. Quite a dicho


  65. Rent free.

  66. Well,Well,Well…..here it is Tuesday before the TTOMS and there are 54 entries.The place would be like the old Sizzlers where people were sitting under the grandstands to watch the races if not for the Pandemic.Do ya think now Stafford may request a race next year? Isn’t nice that the JEALOUS NWMT can’t schedule a race against this race. The excitement about this race is Justified for TTOMS…All hail the new King of Touring Modified Racing.

  67. wmass01013 says

    GEE CRUDBUS, why so hateful to the WMT?
    WMT had 9 good races this year
    Tri Track has had 3 good races this yr
    Stafford Open had 4 good races this yr
    Racing Guys had 1 good race this year
    MRS HAS A COUPLE DECENT races this yr
    so why does 1 SERIES have to be KING???????

  68. Because the WMT pulls this crap of making scheduling conflicts because they feel as though they are the only tour in the land,remember NH this past year,scheduling against the TTOMS?You can beat their drum and root for the 01 all you want,but this week will be what real modified racing should be!

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