Short And Sweet: Justin Bonsignore Gets Second Whelen Mod Tour Title At Sunoco World Series 150

Justin Bonsignore celebrates winning his second NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour championship Sunday at the Sunoco World Series 150 at Thompson Speedway (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

THOMPSON – In 2018 Justin Bonsignore put together a dream season for the ages on the way to his first NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour championship. 

In 16 events in 2018 Bonsignore had eight victories, 12 top-five’s and 15 top-10’s with his worst finish of the season being a 12th place. 

Sunday at Thompson Speedway Bonsignore completed Dream Season Lite. 

Bonsignore finished fourth in the season ending Sunoco World Series 150 Sunday at Thompson Speedway to secure his second Whelen Modified Tour title. 

“Just an unbelievable season,” said Bonsignore, who has won both titles driving for team owner Ken Massa. “I can’t thank my entire team enough. … [Crew chief] Ryan Stone brings unbelievable cars every week. Pit crew is on point every week.” 

Due to restrictions across the country in place because of the global pandemic the Whelen Modified Tour season was cut from 17 to nine events, but nobody can say Bonsignore didn’t make the absolute most of what the series was left with. 

Bonsignore finished the season with three victories, top-five finishes in every event and an unheard of average finish of 2.6. 

“I took a hit today,” Bonsignore said, joking about the average going up after his fourth place. “That’s awesome. I know it’s just nine races, but to have that through nine races is impressive. … Completed every lap. It’s just, people are going to say what they want about a shortened season, but when you go out and run top-five every race and you lead laps like we did in almost every race, it justifies it in whatever terms you want to justify. Everybody had the same opportunity to go out and do what we did and fortunately enough my team we were just able to execute week in and week out and it got us here.” 

Bonsignore came into the event holding a 27 point lead in the standings over six-time series champion Doug Coby. Bonsignore needed to finish 23rd or better in the 27-car field to clinch the title. 

Bonsignore, who has 12 of his 29 career series victories at Thompson looked to be in a position to go out in victory lane late, but ultimately Craig Lutz won the event. Bonsignore went to the lead on lap 88, but Lutz took over the top spot from him on a lap 104 restart and Bonsignore never got back to the front. 

“We kind of struggled all day,” Bonsignore said. “Got shuffled out real early on the start. You say you’re not going to points race, but you’ve got to be cautious in the beginning. We fought back and got to the lead. I just [overdrove] the restart and [race winner] Craig Lutz did what he needed to do to get by me.” 

Coby saw his first season as a driver/owner end in a chain reaction wreck in turn four on lap 98. 

Coby’s 22nd place finish coupled with Jon McKennedy’s second place allowed McKennedy to jump Coby in the standings to second place. Bonsignore finished the season leading McKennedy by 40 points, with Coby ending up 45 points off the lead.

“I don’t like seeing [Bonsignore] win, but I know that they do a great job,” Coby said. “They put a top-notch team together. That’s what makes competing fun, that’s what makes winning fun. … That’s what keeps this series strong, having a bunch of good cars and a bunch of solid teams that can run up front every week.” 

The series originally had 17 events scheduled for 2020 before restrictions put in place due to the COVID-19 global pandemic decimated those plans. Ultimately, five of the originally scheduled 17 events were run. 

Events were cancelled at South Boston (Va.) Speedway (March 21), Thompson Speedway (April 5), Stafford Speedway (April 26 and Aug. 7), Martinsville (Va.) Speedway (May 8), Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway (June 6), Riverhead (N.Y.) Raceway (June 20, Sept. 19), Wall (N.J.) Stadium (July 11), New Hampshire Motor Speedway (July 18), Iowa Speedway (July 31) and Oswego (N.Y) Speedway (Sept. 5).

Of the nine events that were be run four were added to the schedule after restrictions were put in place. A second race was added at Jennerstown (Pa.) Speedway, two events were added at White Mountain Motorsports Park in North Woodstock, N.H. and one event was added at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H.

In addition to the three victories (Jennerstown Speedway, White Mountain Motorsports Park and Monadnock Speedway) and Sunday’s fourth place, Bonsignore recorded two seconds, a third and two fifth place finishes. 

“That 2018 season, what we accomplished that year, winning half the races, clinching it a race early, you’ll never top the first one and the way we did it I don’t think you can top it,” Bonsignore said. “…Obviously it was a shortened season, but nine top-fives in nine races, we put a stamp on that we deserved this championship.” 


  1. Congratulations!!!!

    Nice job by the 51 team. You guys are a pleasure for this long time mod fan. Thanks for all you do for the sport.

    Great job with that FURY chassis. Ryan Stone has it going on.

  2. Let’s hunker down, take care of ourselves and each other, defeat this pathogen, and hopefully resume to a more normal racing season in 2021 without encumbrances from this, or any other, pandemic.

  3. Is this the same DaReal who called for Justin to be fired a few short seasons ago? Mocked the crew chief? Mocked the car builder? My how times have changed. According to DaReal we weren’t going to have a season much less a champion. Now it’s all puppy dogs and roses. Another huge crowd yesterday by the way.

    The 51 ran nine races and except for the front bumper at WMMP never even got a scratch on the car. Very minimal damage as a whole this season unless your last name was Catalano. The 66 yesterday was a shame.

    With that, we are on to 2021. I’m looking forward to the silly season news. The schedule news and whatever else comes our way.

  4. JBon was not getting it done several seasons ago. He is driving much better now. The 51 changed crew chiefs frequently a few short seasons ago. Big improvement once the current crew chief took over. The 51 got the band back together. Everybody mocked the car builder. Shall I say it… I was right again. JBon knows how to manage car consumption and how to make it last, when to go. I’m sure the crew chief has helped.

  5. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Place was jam packed. Not only Sunday but Saturday as well. I believe tickets were being sold all weekend. Besides some of the divisions and scheduling, there was actually nothing different with this world series than any other. The all night parties in the camping areas were as wild as ever. Music blaring, fireworks going off around 3 am. A good time was had by all.

  6. Party on Wayne. Party on Garth. I Love it!!

  7. wmass01013 says

    I will say this, i dont know what CAPACITY both STAFFORD AND THOMPSON used to get 25% but for the 3 open races i went and the STAFFORD WMT show i would say the Open races were about 10% less than Normal WMT shows and the WMT show about 5-10% less, didnt go to either Thompson Race but from the stream from both did NOT LOOK LIKE 25%, now i am NOT faulting either track to get as many people in as possible, they did what they had to do and provided US RACING and for that i am VERY GREATFULL..
    I THANK ALL SERIES AND TRACKS that did whatever they have to do to Open and look forward to the TRI TRACK race at Stafford!!!!

  8. sour grapes never forgets says

    da real suddenly has a love fest for Ryan Stone after dissing him when he was CC for santos and before that ed partridge . da real lets hear more about your former crush phil moran and spring binding !!! da real you are a fair weather fan /hypocrite .stone and bonsignore have good chemistry along with some skill and a good car builder. when its someone else’s turn da real will jump on board . oh and nothing about the shortened season and a empty championship??

  9. Wmass, Ct tracks are 50% as of last week. I believe that means 5000 at Stafford and 6000 at Thompson. I’m sure everyone involved followed capacity rules. Moving on…

  10. CONGRATS to Justin and the whole #51 team for winning the 2020 championship, in a year that will long be remembered.
    Sad to see the season end, but happy that some racing was able to happen, and to the best of my knowledge there were no Covid outbreaks associated with racing events. The 2021 season is 6 long months away, hoping allot changes by then and 2021 turns out better than 2020.

  11. How did they determine 50% of the pit capacity or does that not fall within the States guidelines.

  12. Racing Season is OVER. With the exception of Tri Track, the champions have all been crowned. I need to ask you all; Are we better off now, than we were in March? I’m curious to see your response.
    Personally, I’d say no, we are worse off. Why? The Virus is on the rise again. Few states are taking steps to curb this rise and the federal government has all but abandoned us, concentrating their efforts on the Supreme Court, rather than Covid response and relief. I fear it’s going to be a deadly winter. I hope I’m wrong.
    How does this affect us race fans, and racers?
    Although most local short tracks were able to put together a shortened season, I fear that if they are forced to shutter for a prolonged period, many of these tracks may fold, disappearing forever. Without a United nationwide response, we will be in a worse place come March 2021 then we were in March 2020, and we all know what has happened since then. Earl and Fast Eddie, you guys have family on the front lines, What are they telling you?

  13. Earl, they count ticket sales. Not sure pits are limited as long as overall number falls at or under 50%.

    Nothing is going to shutdown again outside of hot spots. Give it up.

  14. Earl, that’s a valid question. Back when Stafford had started opening they limited the number of crew each car could have, and instructed teams not to interact with each other. Masks were required when not in your pit stall. Don’t know if they kept up with it, or if they allowed spectators in the pits. I don’t know if other tracks had similar policies. How would you determine what 50% capacity is in the pits? At Stafford they ran 5 divisions with varying car counts, but at Thompson this past weekend they had 19 divisions with how many cars? Seems an impossible task to determine 50%.

  15. -what the suck Eric? Lap 44 you’ve got that Fury humming and you run into the 10 at speed on the straight away. Said he’s glad the season is over. Hope he means the NWMT because he signed up for at least one more big race and I know I’d miss the 58.
    -special treat having Rick Fuller do the color commentary. Such an elegant person and easy on the ears. Great driver situational insights including highlighting increased traction on “the patch”. Great job by Buckler as well mining his insights.
    -did you notice some of the best driving of the year by three of the best? Lap 6 turn 4. Lutz, McKennedy and Silk staggered three wide dirt tracking in unison coming out of the turn. Most other times with lesser drivers it would have been a front of the field wreck.
    -more evidence that Dowling may have had a reason to leave the 82. Neither a new chassis nor the accomplished Nocella can raise it up to the next level.
    -Lap 74 and 140 bad news for the 36. Who doesn’t root for Dave? There’s nothing wrong with saying the guy has way more charisma and likeability then top tier driving ability. We know the equipment is win worthy.
    -it’s hard to imagine Solomito was at one time winning races and vying for the NWMT title. Rick Fuller said this time he and Hossfeld crashed because Timmy was being “too cautious”. Last year in the final race for the 16 Solomito committed driver error, crashed the car, admitted it like the stand up guy he is and continues to encounter ill timed misfortune. What the suck Timmy.
    -speaking of the 16 it looks like Solomito left some bad juju for the 50 team that’s racing it now. Don’t blame me I took the spell off. Lap 82 brake lock up spin, lap 134 dust up and a blown motor in the open race rounds out the complete reversal of last years near flawless race season for Williams. Were it not for the Supers it would have been a nightmare.
    -the flip side of that kind of bad weekend is the 7ny. A win in the open and a strong second in the NWMT race. Now that’s the way to round out a successful World Series. Use some of those winnings for the entry fee to the TTOMS race. Mikey’s emitting the aura of a winner and we wouldn’t want it to be put on the shelf for the winter just yet.
    -50% capacity seems to have a different meaning for different fans. Looked like 50% to me thanks to a terrific pan head shot of the crowd courtesy of NBC Sports Gold. Effort on cluster distancing as well. You want to see packed go to the Stafford site, bring up old pics of the Sizzlers and you’ll see what packed really is.
    -Really Silky? You blew the start and go to the rear. You could have won proving even the best can make bad mistakes.
    -party crasher at the front Calvin Carroll. Don’t look now but the 25 has leap forged in performance.
    -lap 98 dust up on Kyle Bonsignor. He started the accordion with a bump and back out at speed which is a no no, McKennedy, Emerling fine but Coby right on Emerlings rear and not square is out for the day for the first time with his new team. No problem he says it was bound to happen and otherwise was a terrific first year. Agreed!

  16. Fast Eddie says

    jd, fortunately things are going ok, although there does seem to be a small increase in cases where she works. She’s well protected while at work thank God! Thanks for asking!

  17. 2020 year of the pandemic, abbreviated season in review.

    Performed as expected
    – 51 team. Expected to win and they did
    -85 team. Missed a race but otherwise proved to be an elite team
    -7ny team. Most years pick their spots but for the abbreviated season made every race and came in pretty much where one would have expected.
    -36 and the 75 teams. Expected to be top 10 and were.
    -01 team. It is what it is.

    Over Performed
    -10 team. It was new, one engine, very competitive and statistically relevant in the points to the end.
    -Danny Watts 82. 8th in 2019, 6th in 2020.
    -25 team. Toiled as a second 10 team, now in the top 10. Fewer errors, more time at the front.
    -Lutz-a couple wins and now may be considered a top tier team capable of winning the championship.
    -Rypkema with some 2 equipment now top 10.
    -Eddie’s wife that got Covid19, recovered and hopefully has greater antibody protection now in addition to PPE’s and is back on the job.
    -NASCAR-went where they had to to get races in, compromised financially when they had to get races in, always set high standards for safety and finished stronger then anyone could have expected in May.
    -every track that participated in the season. From those that never had any experience with NASCAR, that took risks with limited capacity or no fans and invested immense amounts of money in safety and thinking outside the box to make things as safe as possible.

    Under Performed
    -Goodale and Emerling. Quality teams, top 10 last year and not even close this year.
    -Summers- not top ten last year but had some moments. This year just a continuing series of misfortune.
    -Solomito-new car and team showed real promise but just ended up on the back of a wrecker too often.
    -Ole Blue-not really. Lost a spot in the final standings from prior year but we just hoped for a step up in results.
    -Covid19-expected to erase the 2020 season…………..failed!!!

  18. Fast Eddie, glad to hear all is ok, I don’t know you or your family, but she’s a hero in my books, along with each and every front line essential worker. Glad to hear she’s well protected, allot of people aren’t.

  19. I thought it was a legit question Rob P. How is it possible to determine what the capacity of the pit area is? If the State is basing the 50% on ticket sales for the stands alone then how is that accurate if the pits are not part of the calculation?

    If there was 19 divisions, I find it hard to believe there was enough staff to enforce masks and social distancing anywhere on the facility inclusive of the stand and pit area.

    Give it up JD? That’s the easy way out and plain irresponsible. Trust me, I am ecstatic about the abbreviated racing season however, let’s be responsible about what we do if we are hoping for a better 2021.

  20. Some good observation Doug. For me, not attending races and relying on what Raceday Ct reported and the couple of races I saw on NBCSN, it seems the abbreviated season provided for better more competitive racing, with teams scratching and clawing for all they could get. There were the old faithful front runners, but also some surprise performances. You have to wonder what would have been, had they run the normal schedule. Hoping NASCAR looks at returning to these tracks that filled in, to be on next year’s schedule.

  21. Being responsible after the fact are we? The weekend is over. The season is over for Thompson. They did it how they did it. Why does it matter now? Most of you didn’t go to the track so that is why you are asking dumb questions now. Don’t worry about it. The huge crowd that was there enjoyed themselves. Now it’s over. Done. Finished. If you need more info buy a damn ticket and see for yourself next time. Otherwise I think Oprah still has a discussion board you can sound off on. You aren’t helping the tracks by constantly questioning if every regulation was followed to the T. If you weren’t there then you shouldn’t worry about it. Those that went don’t need a mama bear looking out for them either.

  22. wmass01013 says

    WOW JD, who peed in yur corn flakes? all the OPEN AND STAFFORD WMT races were at 25%
    My original post was just saying that TO MEEEEEEEE the 1st 3 STAFFORD OPEN races WHICH I WAS THEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AND the WMT race at Stafford which I WAS THEREEEEEEEEEEEEE seemed not far off NORMAL crowds the last 10 yrs, i also stated that I WAS NOT FAULTING or accusing STAFFORD OR THOMPSON with ANY WRONGDOING, OTHERS followed with Questions about the limits, WE CAN ASK QUESTIONS JD, RIGHT????????????? NO questions ARE DUMB, if you dont like our post DONT READ THEM, WHO made you the forum King?????????? I am sure most followers of this site ARE VERY happy we saw racing in Ct and good racing at that, i will be AT STAFFORD on the 24th enjoying each second i can still hear the engines and smell the gas and tires, but we are allowed to ask questions and give opinions about things!!

  23. Silk had the best car, passed the most cars, He got a Bad Call on that restart. He started to go then backed off , let pole car get even then did a legal pass coming off turn 2. Did you notice they moved the restart zone cone’s closer to the flag stand . The last Thompson Race the restart zone was closer to turn four . It’s a question ? why move the restart zone from one spot to another at the same track ? Thompson for years and years had the initial start exiting turn four, Then any following restarts would be the King Chevrolet sign in the middle of turns 3 & 4 . I realize the tour has their own ideas on restarts but why did they move them one event to the next ? Maybe someone here knows the answer ?? But any way , I believe Silk had the BEST CAR AGAIN … Watching him start at the back and drive back to the front was worth the price of admission, Too bad the fresh tires he had on at the front of the pack , got used up coming back through the field. Well anyways, Silk should probably be the Favorite to take the crown from the #51 team in 2021.

  24. JD, yes the weekend has gone by. I think Earl had a legit question. As far as your if you weren’t there, why worry attitude, remember Covid takes up to 18 days to show up. So if people were infected sitting in a packed grandstand, we won’t know for a few more days, and it does affect people who didn’t attend, if someone who did transmits it to them if you prefer, we can always discuss politics

  25. You’d never know you went to the race JD by the amount of space you devote to it. You’ve said nothing insightful that gives any indication you were there at all. You’re first thought was to provoke someone and now you’re all self righteous about going to the race. Race insight…… Really what’s the point of races for you to brag. ridicule safety, show you’re a rebel and otherwise be troublesome because it sure ain’t about the actual races.
    This isn’t New Hampshire. The issue of safety concerns our state and the neighbors we live with and interact with. The virus doesn’t stay at the track and end with the season. People have a right to review what was done especially when there is another 50% capacity race in the state coming up.
    Since March you’ve ridiculed, mocked, fought and otherwise been a slacking doosh bag about safety. At least in your words if not your deeds.
    Do what you want in New Hampshire. If it’s here where you don’t live have the grace to…..

  26. wmass01013 wrote, “WOW JD, who peed in yur corn flakes? ”



  27. Go easy on 🌈JD🌈, he’s upset that the COVID-19 numbers in New Hampshire are going skyward.

    Actually, COVID-19 numbers across much of the USA are going skyward, just as the well educated doctors said would happen. People are not behaving.

    And two vaccine test programs have been shut down today for problems, and a therapy test was stopped today.

    No cure, no vaccine, no treatment, no therapeutics, and it ain’t disappearing any time soon.

    The big crowds at the recent races were not good at all. The lack of masks was so sad, very sad.

    The number of confirmed cases and the positivity test rate rise are very alarming. Especially this time of year.

  28. News flash!
    The 51 is a LFR. Do we need to replay Justin’s speech from the 2018 banquet?? Wow. Fury is manufacturing the LFR design. I have access to the internet and can see the results of Ryan Stone cars in the past and the driver line up was stellar. Results not so much. Have to agree with previous posts. Dareal, get a grip. Who did JB thank on his FIRST championship speech? So if we change decals in a car that changes the past? Hmmm? The design is the design. Until Furry comes up with a modified design without Fullers help, they don’t have a leg to stand on. That day is not coming folks. They will ride Fullers design until he comes up with the next best design. Then they will copy that too if they want to continue to build mod chassis. Should stay focused on fenders.
    #Trump 2020

  29. Indeed, the 51 car is an LFR car. If I change the blue oval on the grille of my truck to a gold bowtie, guess what, it’s still a ford. The cheap shot came when the 51 stuck those Fury decals on the car, and started giving Grala the credit for their success. I’m guessing that TFR will be around long after Fury shuts its doors. Now they’re even starting to lose their edge on the super late model side of the business. Rowdy is kicking their ass down south, and with TFR now dabbing into late models, the countdown has begun. Wonder who all these LFR turned Fury guys are gonna get their cars from then.

  30. Gotta love that when Kaz drove a couple of races for RCR in Xfinity last season there were FURY decals on the car. LMFAO

  31. After reading your post JD, your either young, stupid or both. Some people care, some don’t. So my guess is you are young, stupid and could really care less about others as long as you have a good time. And therein lies the problem.

  32. You can’t fix stupid nor can you reason with ignorance.

  33. It will be interesting to see if any new SK competitors, in addition to Jankowiak, run at the Bowl for the last 2 weeks of its season.

  34. 2020 summed up with a Grateful Dead lyric:
    “What a long strange trip it’s been”

  35. 🌈🦄2020 says

    First, racing season isn’t over. Jankowiak racing an Sk for the Perry family at the speedbowl for the final two weeks, pretty cool. That guy is a true racer no doubt. Coming to Waterford from the Buffalo area just for a 35 lap sk race proves that. On Sunday we did the wave in the stands at Thompson. And if you don’t know, you don’t do the wave in any stands unless they are packed. Furthermore, enough with the young and stupid crap. Anyone that was at Thompson will know that the regular clientele of any race track was strongly represented. And that is the old fogey type. Pretty obvious that many of you commenting fools were not there. And I use fool lovingly.

  36. Speaking of 2020 in review, I have 4 RN’S in my immediate family , 3 got covid , 3 recovered . They are my MVP – RN’S .. Tough as nails , back into the fight right away… May God Bless You for your Selfless Service.

  37. The season is over for these keyboard warriors who don’t go to the track. Preece and McKennedy are entered for the big Riverhead show now. I’m sure that means I will have to endure a month of absolutely useless Covid/Riverhead details.

    Getting back to race stuff. A certain NH short track is adding an additional TT race in 2021. Talk amongst yourselves.

    Wmass, my previous comments weren’t in response to you. I know you attend races regularly. I enjoyed the vicious jab all the same though. Well done.

  38. “I have 4 RN’S in my immediate family , 3 got covid , 3 recovered . They are my MVP – RN’S ..”

    Hats off to them, it’s great to hear they recovered. Thanks to them for all they’re doing…

    However, I knew 6 who’ve caught it. 3 recovered, 3 died, and a new one, #7, was tested positive Sunday. My wife is in the trenches as an elementary teacher, except unlike those in the medical field, it’s bring your own PPE for them.

  39. wmass01013 says

    JD you wrote
    Wmass, Ct tracks are 50% as of last week. I believe that means 5000 at Stafford and 6000 at Thompson. I’m sure everyone involved followed capacity rules. Moving on…

    1st ALL THE STAFFORD tour type races were 25%
    I have been to OVER 100 races at both STAFFORD and Thompson each in my life and was just saying TO ME, The crowds in 2020 didn’t look far off from past years without restrictions, i also APPLAUD Stafford, Big t AND Mad dog for having races for us to enjoy whether in person or Streaming, i think asking ?S ABOUT pit numbers is a good ?, ALL the tracks may have COMPLIED 1000% TO the state mandates set up and if they didnt and have had NO OUTBREAKS then i say Fair enough.
    WE alll have the right to ask QUESTIONS or to stay HOME if we don’t feel safe being at the track, i have no hesitations going to races with guidelines set up but i have ALSO watched ALL the WMT, TRI TRACK, ROC and Open Tour Type RACES that i have not attended online AND hope Riverhead’s ISLIP 300 is a big sucess.

  40. 🌈JD🌈, what is your point? Many that do not go to the tracks know far more than you. No shame at all for not going to the track this season. A pandemic denied is still a pandemic. This quote suits you, “When you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. It is only difficult for the others. It is the same when you are stupid.” Frankly, not going to the track was indeed the smart thing to do. Look at how those that are supposed to be the most protected people in the world are an epidemic unto themselves.

    🌈JD🌈, you went to the track, and you still don’t know or understand what went on. I guess it is true that ignorance is bliss, because you are in your own ecstasy. You look like an idiot bragging about going to the track, and dissing those that did not.

    This is the first season in many, many, many, many decades that I did not go to a race. Usually, I miss only one or two Tour races. And I’m quite pleased about it. Just what I’ve seen from the broadcasts and photo reports, I wouldn’t want to have been at those events. They were way too crowded.

  41. Suitcase Jake, glad to hear those infected, recovered. Barry, sorry for your losses. These frontline workers are the real heroes. Sad that your wife is out in harm’s way, having to come up with her own PPE, while the senate has abandoned america, and cares only about confirming an illegitimate SCJ. I’ve had losses, as have allot of others, apperantly JD hasn’t yet, but before this ends he will.
    We can’t all cower in fear, life has to go on. But there are some very very simple steps people can take to help slow the virus, it’s a real shame when they don’t. It shows they have absolutely no respect for those around them. But as I’ve said, you can’t reason with ignorance.

  42. Sad part is, it only takes a handful of arrogant ignorant people to negate the work, and sacrifices, thousands of people have gone through. It shows their total disrespect for those around them

  43. Seconding Rob P. To Suitcase Jake, Barry, and Rob p., great to hear about the recoveries, and very sorry for your losses.

  44. I really hope everyone stays safe, even those who choose not to wear masks ect.
    One death from this is one too many.
    To all the frontline and essential workers, THANK YOU!

  45. I have a daughter that is an RN which some of you are aware of. She is pregnant with our first grandchild, due soon and continues to work in the trenches every day. I need to say the level of concern her mom and I have for her health and safety is extremely high.

    Infections are on the rise all over the country, please use universal precautions, protect yourselves at all cost and live to fight another day. Living to see hundreds of races is better than taking a chance and seeing your last race.

  46. Earl, please give your daughter a hug for me, and tell her thanks. It’s a harrowing situation to be in as a parent. My sister works in a medical building, fortunately it’s not a hospital, but I still worry allot about her health. It’s nerve racking especially when cases in the area are on the rise.

  47. I’m watching the Thompson race on NBCSN. No way did Silk jump the restart, he just sent it into 1 really deep. A bad break for him, he had the fastest car on the track, and would have walked away with it.

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