You Make The Call: Whelen Modified Tour Or Tri-Track Open Modified Series At Stafford?

On Saturday the Tri-Track Open Modified Series ran its first event at Stafford Motor Speedway with Chase Dowling running away with victory in the CBYD Modified Classic 81

With an entry list of 50-plus teams for Saturday’s $10,000 to win show, it was clear it was a race that proved attractive to race teams. And fan support in the grandstands proved just as impressive. 

Saturday’s event at Stafford became reality because the Tri-Track Open Modified Series was unable to run its traditional season ending Haunted Hundred at Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway because of crowd restrictions in place in Massachusetts. 

Will the Tri-Track Open Modified Series return to Stafford in 2021? That’s a question still to be answered. Speculation of what 2021 could bring runs the gamut. 

So let’s throw out this poll topic. 

If there could only be one Tour Type Modified series event at Stafford Speedway in 2021 and it had to be either a Whelen Modified Tour race or the Tri-Track Open Modified Series race, which one would you choose? Answer below. 


  1. All in all a good show. You have to love the car count, something you never see on the Tour. I would much rather have a 45-55 car count, with a B-Main. Having said that, their were a few drivers who may have been in over their heads.

  2. NWMT all day all the way. Although this TTOMS was a good event in some ways, it was painful.

    The 176 should have stayed home. Several others were way over their heads and also should have stayed home.

    All that wrecking will quickly get real old, too many cautions, way too many cautions.

    It’s quality, not quantity that counts. Lots of cars and way too many cautions can’t last long.

  3. Tom Kashetta says

    One driver that wasn’t over his head was Dylan Izzo. He drove the wheels off the 04. What a talented young man. The move he made in the b-main going into turn 3 was amazing. If he had top equipment he win a lot of races. I really hope someone with deep pockets give him a shot . Thanks Dylan. Can not tell you how much we enjoyed watching you….. Great ride!!!!!!!

  4. Enjoy The Field Of Cars. Need To Caught Laps Under Caution!!!! Might Calm Down The Over Aggressive Driving.

  5. Tri track series way better- 5 great heat races, Two Consi’s plus a non qualifier. That there was worth more than time trials and a 200 lap boring race till 20 to go. Everyone got to race and everyone gets good money. Pretty much the same drivers as the tour not sure who was missing except their most popular driver. Coby started that mess (not his fault) on lap 30 restart – unfortunately took out a bunch of cars that could of made the race more interesting and Preece basically caused that other wreck(shouldn’t have been racing for position with worn tires) he was in the way.

  6. TriTrack all the way. Their car counts at their events as well as heats instead of TT makes for a more entertaining show. Their rules package allows all types of mods to race and the $1000 to start helps the smaller teams compete. I didn’t always feel this way but the spec engine the tour requires has made their car count continue to go downhill. Also along with all the travel and costs to have a fast and efficient pit crew are driving teams away from the tour.. The tour as of late only has been drawing 24-26 cars. The costs for all the expensive required NASCAR licences is a ridiculous cost compared to the payoff. These reasons are why the tour is on a downhill trend. TriTrack has local 1 day shows mostly on small tracks with a very attractive purse structure and no license is required to compete. Better racing, more cars competing, and way less expensive for the competitors.

  7. 176 can put on his resume he took Preece and Coby out in one shot. Nascsr took out gear for the last Stafford race took it out at Thompson for years now they better get on the ball and put it back in and get rid of the hard right rear tire run shorter races or Tri Track will take over.

  8. wmass01013 says

    OH BOY SHAWN, the NASCAR HATERS will be so happy to respond to this POLL,
    1st OFF LET me say i enjoy allll Mod racing, RIGHT DOUG??????????
    Yes 5 heats, 2 consi’s A B MAIN OMG A B MAIN were allll FUN to witness instead of OMG BORING 2 laps or even my HATE, GROUP QUALIFYING.
    The Tri Track has become a fun series to enjoy, yes the STAFFORD RACE WAS new and well attended and def generated a lot of attention, the car count was like years gone byeeeeeeeeeee, and RICH O SAYS ITS so much better, so i am sure CRUDBUS and a few other HATERS willl join in with the praise of TRI TRACK.
    I WANT STAFFORD to bring back both YESSSSSSS not what the poll ask But hey its 2020 and things are different, atleast until NOV 3,
    AS I HAVE SAID BEFORE EACH SERIES including MRS, ROC, OPENS, WMT, TT have good and bad things, the 176 was 5 laps down and on the scanner was told just dont break the tranny because more cars will wreck and we will finish higher and get more $$$ of course, when the WMT HAD A wreckfest at wall in 2019, OMG BAD RACING but the Stafford TT was a wreckfest!!!
    AND RICH O the last 20 laps were not very exciting, so what will 2021 bring, i think JD ALREADY KNOWS but the rest of us willl have to wait to find out, CONGRATS BEN DODGE, by the grace of god and 600 horsepower

  9. If I had to pick one, I’d go with Tri Track. From a fans point if view, simply more bang for the buck from a competition stance, more diversity. Being able to have a car that’s legal in more series, under open rules.

  10. meant count

  11. i will vote for the tour, but wish they didn’t count yellow laps. they say the mod tour is a national tour and uses the same rules, but when cup or sub-cup run they are on bigger tracks and run a lot more laps. so yellows may be equivalent theoretically, they have many more green flag laps. mod yellow laps should not count. that is what makes the open shows and regual weekly shows more bang for the buck.

  12. We had a poll regarding streaming. Then there was streaming.
    Odds are this poll is consequential as well.
    Why not have our cake and eat is too. 3 NWMT races become 2 and Tri Track for 1. The NWMT is the gold standard with national exposure. Tri Track vs the NWMT is a false choice. Stafford and NASCAR need each other. The only question is for three races or two. Tri Track is doing their own thing with their heart in Seekonk so all we’re talking about is one event. Not a fundamental shift away from the NWMT.
    This was a one off. The car count, energy, B Main and the level of wreckage likely not to be repeated. In it’s place if we are lucky enough to get an event more typical at a different time of year.. Swell but not epic.
    Biggest factors we don’t know. How Tri Track and Stafford meshed. How much money was made including the streaming viewership, sponsorship enthusiasm and team feedback.
    They’re doing the NWMT schedule right now. A decision has to be made pronto on events next year. The results of this poll may go into any decisions.

  13. racer, as long as Preece and Coby put on their resumes intentional self spins needed to come back and win a race (previous races) and ran out of gas when in the lead and loss the race on their own (previous races).

  14. The Tri track feature to me was the same as a 150 lap Whelen Tour race filled with 75 laps of caution. 5 heats, 2 consi’s and a B Main is where the Tri Track blows away the Nascar Whelen Tour. Way more bang for your buck. Someone previously mentioned the quality of the Whelen Tour. Really? Do we need to start dropping some of the back half names on the Whelen Tour or point out Whelen drivers who had Top 5 finishes this year but didn’t qualify for yesterdays Tri Track race? In my opinion the Tri track Series should alternate this race every year between Waterford and Stafford.

  15. I think there is room for both at Stafford. If I had to choose, I would take the tri track every time. I just enjoy TT’s format more than Nascar. I dont like time trials, then starting the races straight up with the fastest cars upfront. In Tri track I believe there is a draw for heats which can produce some really interesting qualifiers. The other issue I have is counting cautions. In Nascar you have a simple spin in which the car is able to restart on its own and 4 or 5 laps are run with cars parading under yellow while they get the order set and open and close the pits. Lastly the price. It seems tri track is typically less expensive for fans and drivers. I still believe tri track should run the bulk of their schedule on shorter bullring tracks but seeing the car count this race produced its tough to argue against tri track at Stafford. Bewteen the opens, Whelen, and TT, Stafford pretty much had at least 1 tour type modified show every month they were open this year.

  16. Jim Higgins says

    I like Whelen modified tour best. I have seen really great racing and really boring races on both. Taking an hour to complete laps 59-60 was a little ridiculous, I was frustrated. I have felt the same way at nascar tour races to. Some people say nascar rules on track are to aggressive but I like them because you always know how the races will be run. Stafford was a great day, but sometimes the main race is a stinker. The hype and talk about this race was all true. Qualifying and the undercads were way better than the feature

  17. Hmmmmm…looks like the WMT ain’t so mighty after all…….lovin it…..BTW….where was the 01 yesterday?

  18. Would it really made a difference if the 01 showed or not? Just sayin………..

  19. Charlie Brown says

    Modified Tour !! Put a fork in them their done; there’s only a handful of good guys the rest are out for the Sunday ride to church, Northeast Tri-Track series will take over, so jump on the band wagon, all aboard

  20. Tri Track better format, plus i think more cars as not many non tour guys show up when nascar tour is in town, even track regulars don`t race

  21. Jimmy King says

    I prefer TT for sure because I like to watch modifieds race; not practice and time trial. Yesterday I got to watch every driver race at least twice…some 3 times and even 4 for a couple. If you are a fan of any driver you got to watch them compete more than once. That’s exciting! More bang for the buck someone mentioned. It helps keep you entertained throughout the event, all building up to the main event. The rules package also allows a large number of very diverse race teams to compete.

  22. All I hear about is how boring the WMT shows are at Stafford. Yesterday’s race was a snooze/wreck fest and now it’s the greatest show on Earth???

    Then I go to Loudon and that’s the best racing ever. Then I go to Monadnock TT and Lutz bumps Hinkley and the internet blows up. Then I’m at WMMP and the JB bumps Money Matt and that was a great race go start the tour season. It’s all relative to what happened most recently.

    I do blame JB and Coby for this. If you had just brought your tour cars and whipped them good yesterday I wouldn’t have to listen to this internet nonsense.

    You give me the 51,10,85,60 and Santos on track together and I’m in my own little heaven. Preece too but he isn’t always available. Those guys are the best of the best in modified racing.

    If Stafford wants to give up a tour date there are plenty of tracks in NH who will take it off to our hands. Not a problem.

  23. I think both the WMT and TriTrack should be a Stafford. I prefer heats and consis (and B mains!) over time trials myself. I thought the inaugural TriTrack “big track” race was great! It was also cool to actually see the pit crew work at a TriTrack race, something the fan in the stands doesn’t get to see. I think the biggest issue with the race had a lot to due with weather conditions. Overcast with not so warm temperatures during the day had a lot to do with wheelspin on the restarts, causing car spins and yet more restarts. All being equal, if the sun was out all day throwing some heat into the track there would have been less cautions overall. Leave the October date for the Haunted Hundred at Seekonk and run the CBYD 81 in June, July, or August with a warmer track.

  24. What a dumb question

  25. One thing I absolutely can’t stand about race fans, human beings in general, is this need to rank things. PASS or Granite State? Oxford or Beech Ridge? ACT or PASS or GSPSS? Stafford or Thompson? Star or Lee? MRS or ROC or Tri-Track or NASCAR or etc, etc, etc.
    In this case, both have a great product with different ways of presenting Modified racing. Did Tri-Track have a stellar introduction at Stafford Motor Speedway? Absolutely! Was it a rough race? Yes, but entertaining as all hell. Will they have nearly 50 cars again next year? Who knows. What we do know, NASCAR will bring a full field at every track they travel to. NASCAR will keep a timely, generally smooth RACE and not a demo derby, generally of course. NASCAR brings with it all the organization, prestige and pomp and circumstance that the upper series (Trucks, Xfinity and Cup) no longer bring to the local oval-level any more.
    If we were smart race fans we’d be looking for a ‘BOTH’ option and if Stafford was smart they’d be looking to book both series for 2021.

  26. After this race, the answer can only be NWMT. Demolition derbies like this TTOMS race are not entertaining. All the cautions were brutal. Allot of very expensive cars were torn up.

    Heat races are sort of fun, but let’s be real… they really aren’t racing, they are saving and pacing. At best, maybe two cars are racing, the two racing for the transfer spot. Other than that, there’s lots of tires and racing gasoline being wasted. Only a couple cars need to take risk in a heat race, the rest can’t or are just pacing to survive. That’s not very exciting. These heat races are all about the starting position, and the fast cars seemed to all start in the front. The heat races were not entertaining.

    And it is to be expected at an open event like this. After a few of these, owners will soon reach the conclusion that it isn’t worth it to put their cars at risk. There are many cars that have many, many thousands of dollars of damage. Not only do the competitive teams have to race, they have to protect themselves from a minefield of cars that are extreme hazards.

    A contributing factor to this melee was the speed. This is Stafford, a horsepower track where the cars carry speed into the turns. This is not a customary TTOMS bullring momentum track. A large segment of the cars were primarily bullring racers not used to such speed.

  27. I also like both, and wish there was a third choice.

    I like the overall heat / consi / main(s) format of the TT series, and enjoyed the Haunted Hundred last year. I was surprised how long it took for TT to complete 81 laps at Stafford, though. That was pretty ugly.

    I’ve only seen two TriTrack events in person, and many WMT events going back to the early 90’s. I think the overall main event racing is a bit higher quality in the WMT even if the car counts are smaller.

    As I see more TT events, my preference is subject to change, but I plan to see as many events in both series as I can.

  28. 🌈🦄2020 says

    I don’t agree with Dafella on much but he’s right about this. Tri track is or was a bullring track series and was working just fine that way. Had no business running at Stafford. Yes I know Stafford is the greatest track in the history of earth, blah blah blah. But I say stick with a formula that works.

  29. I’ll take more lettuce please!

  30. Even though I strongly believe Tri Track series belongs racing on the bullrings I will defend tri tracks race yesterday. Every division or series has a bad race every once in awhile. This race at Stafford had every opportunity to be that race going in. You had 50 cars racing for 30 spots on an overcast day in what would be the last race event of the season for most of the field. It is amazing the amount of carnage racers can produce when they have all winter to put their cars back together again. Caution goes out the window and moves that might not make sense when you have to race next week now the drivers may be more willing to give it a shot. I am thinking some of the Tri track regulars probably have limited experience at Stafford even more have less experience running a cold Stafford track during the day time. Whelen had a bad one at Wall last year. It happens on occasion.

    I do think Tri track is a good series. Every race I have watched with them has been well worth the price. Several Tri Track shows have been some of the more memorable shows I have attended in the past. Seekonks Tri Track shows (Open Wheel Wed, Haunted Hundred) and Star SBM are races I look forward to the most each year. There is an aura of excitement in wondering who will be there. I would argue if you are going to put together a list of the four biggest crown jewel pavement modified races 2 would be Tri track events. I would say the Musket and ROC being the other two.

    I am happy they were able to run this show at Stafford to replace one of the two cancelled Seekonk shows. Someone brought up it was a good test for Stafford’s Open series and allowing more motor combinations going forward. I think Tri Track has to be happy with the car count. I think they have to be happy that several new teams got introduced to the Tri Track series. There was certainly more of a buzz and big race feel for this race than any other modified show this year. For those reasons alone I think the show was well worth it for both parties. I am not sure how they feel about the on track entertainment. I dont know what the plan is going forward whether or not Tri Track and Stafford will promote another show together. Personally I hope Tri track stays focused as a bullring racing series. That seems to be their niche in the modified market. It seems to be what they do really well. I am not opposed to a race or two at a bigger track I just dont want the series to leave the bull rings.

  31. While I like the diversity of both series, I think for me, Tour at Stafford, Tri track at bull rings. I think Tri Track staying at the smaller venues is what makes Tri Track so unique at those venues.
    Let the Tour have both small and larger tracks. Stafford can still have their opens, they probably just won’t have the Tri Track draw like this year. I’m still in the camp where this was a one off, due to rescheduling of cancelled events. Who knows what we will see next year! I think it depends on how much states open up, if we go backwards, forwards, ect.
    But what a great problem to have. A mere 10-12 years or so ago, modified, short track racing on the ropes. Now, a spectacular car count, different combinations, and “which series would you rather see” debate. I’ll go to either one, as long as good modified racing exists, thank you!

  32. 🥬 Lettuce 🥬, this is all about racing and competing. Being judgmental and ranking comes with the territory

    Look at Doug 🤪, if he’s not being judgmental, he’d have nothing to say.

    TTOMS would not have run Stafford if not for the #TrumpPandemic coronavirus COVID-19 tragedy. After this, they might have learned to stay on the bullrings.

  33. Dareal – you are so jaded. these mod drivers try to win warmups – they are not going to hold back in the heat race – one, they needed to finish top 4 if they wanted a good starting spot and 2 they paid $300 to the winner. Tri Track management understands racers and race fans. The format is the best – if the tour had enough cars then they could follow but it’s not going to work with 25-30 cars.

  34. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”
    “I was right on all points.”
    “Ho-hum. Just another day of more winning for darealgooodfella.”



    SO HOW’D HE DO???????

    darealgoodfella says
    November 11, 2019 at 5:32 pm
    Shawn, if Bennett, Pennink, and Darling were not doing this to make bank, then why did they get involved in operating the TTOMS?
    High rollers have moved in. They don’t get involved to lose money. They get involved when there is potential for lucrative cashflows . They are not going to do the hustle that Schaeffer and Williams did to promote and raise funds. And they are certainly going to reduce payouts to the racers. That’s the only way they can divert money to themselves and pay the expenses they will incur. If the three high rollers were promising to fund the TTOMS, support historical payouts, etc., so Schaeffer and Williams could scale back their efforts to raise lap money, etc., why would Schaeffer and Williams leave?
    So here are my predictions: TTOMS revenue will decline, TTOMS expenses will increase, payouts to the TTOMS racers will decrease, and the TTOMS will wither.
    The revenue and racers will probably go with the LI Mod Maniac. Can’t wait to see the new name of the racing schedule Schaeffer and Williams will be promoting.

    I’M SHOCKED!!!!!!!

  35. Steve wrote: “Dareal – you are so jaded. these mod drivers try to win warmups – they are not going to hold back in the heat race – one, they needed to finish top 4 if they wanted a good starting spot and 2 they paid $300 to the winner. Tri Track management understands racers and race fans. The format is the best – if the tour had enough cars then they could follow but it’s not going to work with 25-30 cars.”

    During the heat “races”, I only saw racing to get into P4. Never saw racing from the P2 car to get into P1. The $300 was simply not worth it. Such “racing” could cost far more than $300.

  36. Fast Eddie says

    I’m not sure what heat races some people were watching, but the ones I saw were pretty darned good! Two to the redraw and two to the feature out of ten cars, and no one wanted to run in the consis!
    I also like Stafford’s +/- system for the Opens, as it gives teams at the back of a heat by luck of the draw a better chance of getting a good start in the feature.

  37. I agree with those who say a little of both. I love the format of the TriTrack, with heats, consis AND a B-Main. While 20 cars did not make the show, they were able to get a slice of the pie. I hate watching cars Time Trial, have the Fastest timer start on the poll and then run away. There was close racing throughout the field. NWMT has less wrecks because, in my opinion, they are usually just riding around for 75 laps. Love the shorter format with only green flag laps counting. Makes for RACING, not stroking.

  38. I truly think that last weekend’s race can’t be used as a reference toward Tri Track. Remember, it’s the inaugural race, was added late in the year, furring a pandemic. I think the short distance, combined with a big purse and drivers who don’t normally compete with each other is what caused the chaotic feature. Run the race again next season, as a regularly scheduled event, then make a decision. In the overall scope, from a fans perspective Tri Track gives more bang for the buck. And I kinda disagree that WMT is the gold standard if modified racing. Someone please explain that.

  39. Charlie Brown says

    JD. the best of the best really; these guys are part time racers, the tour 150 laps of follow the leader like a freight train WOW !! None of these guys could lace the boots of the guys from the past 70s80s90s that was Mod.Tour Racing then, not now it’s a bunch cry babies an complainers Wah Wah Wah 😩

  40. Based on recent car counts, modified car owners appear to favor the TTOM series over the NWMT. Based on attendance, fans appear to enjoy both series.

  41. wmass01013 says

    OK RAFTER please EXPLAIN, the WMT HAS AVERAGED 29 CARS IN 9 RACES 2020, 31 CARS IN 16 RACES IN 2019, THE TRI TRACK has averaged about the same the last 2 yrs if U SUBTRACT STAFFORD, this was a yr ending 1 st time thing that was a big sucess car wise, i wish everyone would stop acting like TRI TRACK gets 51 cars every race

  42. The fans have voted more than 2 to 1 tri track series is where it’s at!!! I would say it would be more than that if you asked the car owner/drivers since more cars entered than a Tour show

  43. Overall deeper field in tri track. Would have been fun to see Bonsignore, McKenedy, Coby, Silk in their tour equipment. Cautions were a bit out of hand but really going into the race 15 cars seemed to be real options to win. It’s not often the start of a Whelen race really has more then 4 or 5 cars that are true threats. Every series has some wreck fests the Wall race Pitkat won and Sapienza broke his back in comes to mind. Really the inclusion of so many rules packages and good purses create the feel of old time open shows people like. The tipping point is the heat races, they matter and give fans 12 lap sprints where guys can’t be patient they have to go and it leads to a lot of excitement.

  44. Amen Wmass. This is out of control. People are talking out of their backside. Even DaReal has this one right.

    Only one way to settle this. TT vs WMT. The same night within 100 miles of one another. I know where I will be.

    Also. Please repost this vote the day after Loudon.

  45. Although statistically I think you’ll find most of the TriTrack Series events have more cars per race than most of the WMT races, the numbers aren’t that far from each other. I don’t see why people can’t like BOTH! They are different in how they run their events, which is what makes both series worth going to. I don’t want to choose between the two organizations. I want to go to as many of ALL tour type Modified events that I can. I like watching the top level of technology with time trials setting the field for a long distance race with many strategy variations. AND I also like heats and consis with a shorter feature with more of a “run what you brung” set of rules and a different set of strategy variations. Instead of beating up on one series over the other, why can’t you appreciate them for what they are? Right now we have more options to see tour type Modified races than ever in quite a while! It’s ultimately more Modified racing for all of us!

  46. No doubt Modifieds are best show at Louden but that’s not the point. Question is about format and depth of field. Either series would put on a great show at Louden, same drivers, a lot of the same equipment. Heat races, handicapping and 50 cars make for more laps of competitive racing and more of an overall show. Not every race can be a photo finish but faster cars starting further back in a strong field leads to some pretty exciting racing. Granted the number of cautions at Stafford was high and number of quality cars involved disappointing. A series with no repeat winners and some very close finishes that is inclusive to all sorts of race teams, car counts over 30 most races all during a pandemic deserves a lot of credit.

  47. “OK RAFTER please EXPLAIN, the WMT HAS AVERAGED 29 CARS IN 9 RACES 2020, 31 CARS IN 16 RACES IN 2019”
    It was actually 31.6 in 2019 but close enough.
    “THE TRI TRACK has averaged about the same the last 2 yrs if U SUBTRACT STAFFORD,”
    That’s mostly not true.
    In 2019 the average for 6 TTOMS races was 33.5. In 2020 the average for 4 races was 38 cars. Take out Stafford and the average for 3 races was 34.7. Even without Stafford that’s 21% more cars. There is an argument to include the Stafford numbers however seeing as how the NWMT had their first big high energy pandemic opener at Jennerstown as well as the Musket. As well as the fact the customary Tri Track showcase event, the Haunted Hundred draws 38 cars.
    I don’t have a dog in this hunt but inside the numbers the lopsided poll results might reflect the fact Tri Track races offer a more unpredictable, eclectic field of cars the produce unpredictable results more often.

  48. Jimmy King says

    200 laps on a short track, like White Mountain or Monadnock, where yellow laps count and you can’t change a tire anyways, doesn’t allow for any different strategies.

  49. At the end of the day, it’s all about the quality of the main event. In this case, that was the “A Main”, and that race was a disaster. And I must add, it was just as I predicted. I was correct again.

    No doubt that the hype leading up to race day was exciting. But reality is a cruel bitch. All that excitement and hype was annihilated by the main event. The main event is what it is always about and when that goes the way this one did, it’s time to deal with the stages of grief, starting with these five emotions: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Clearly many choose to live in ignorant bliss and are not even going near denial, and there are those that are already at acceptance. I can’t believe that there are many that refuse to accept that the “A Main” sucked, and the heat races were simply duels between the two cars going for the last transfer spot. There was NO intense racing in the heat races. But the A Main sucked, and with that, one must ask about the viability of this happening again. Wrecking and attrition did more to change the running order than racing.

    In order to make heat races exciting and worthwhile, the starting order of the heats can not be based on the fastest speeds in practice, since those cars just drove away. Invert the heat starting order, that would be exciting. Unfortunately, many cars won’t make it out of the heats with that, and the B Main or consi could end up having all the big names.

    Even 🌈JD🌈, the one that bloviates as if he has rainbows shooting out his ass all the time concurs that this A Main was a mess.

    TTOMS is a great bullring series. That is clearly their niche. They have built an outstanding reputation in that market segment of modified racing. They need to rethink any thoughts of expanding to horsepower tracks.

    Keep in mind that the #TrumpPandemic has impacted racing, and just about everything else. This happened because of the #TrumpPandemic COVID-19 coronavirus 🦠 tragedy that is going on. TTOMS was a ship in a storm looking for any open port. I doubt this would have even been a consideration had the #TrumpPandemic not happened. Here we are, some nine months into this #TrumpPandemic and the numbers are still going higher and higher, faster and faster. Good thing we got this event in when we did because it looks like we are headed to some very serious and dark days, or months, ahead. Maybe not so bad in the northeast, but the mid-section of the country is raging. And like I told you when this started, the low population density regions will be savaged, and they are being savaged now. And Trump is saying it’s all over. Of the top 20 states with the highest and worst #TrumpPandemic numbers, there is only one Blue state. The USA has the worst record at managing the pandemic of the advanced industrialized nations.

    So get all excited about yapping it up over 2021 schedules. The #TrumpPandemic is running unfettered.

    Anybody know when the regular season NBA and NHL will start up?

  50. I think there were at least 15 cars that, if they won the race, we would not have been shocked. In NWMT 5 tops

  51. Dareal;
    The latest I’ve seen (in answer to your question) is NHL starts a regular season on or about Jan 1, 2021 (as of this writing, subject to change anyway)
    What I was told was that hockey will play a full season, but without an all star break, and without their annual winter classic. Don’t know about NBA.
    But I bet it changes will be in the offing.

  52. 8 out the top 10 finishers were drivers with multiple starts on the WMT this year. A majority of the STARTING field were WMT drivers with multiple starts this year. Just saying…

    I went to a TT event and a WMT race broke out. LOL. Look at the starting grid. Now cross off all the WMT drivers. What’s left? Not much. Face it, Sunday was a WMT race with heats.

  53. Hey 🌈JD🌈, and when you consider that McKennedy, Pitkat, Preece, Sap, and Coby DNF’d, it could have very well been an all NWMT top 10, and beyond!!!! And several of those drivers were not in their regular NWMT cars.

    This event convinced me that heats are not better than 2-lap time trials. There really wasn’t much racing in those heats. The success in the heats was largely dependent on how they started the heat which was dependent on how they practiced. How they practiced pretty much determined who finished in the transfer spots of the heats. Why bother with all those heat race laps when the conclusion was forgone in the practices? That’s putting lots of laps on the motors and tires for not much at all.

    I prefer to save the tires and cars for a feature, rack them up with traditional 2-lap qualifying.

  54. On Facebook Stafford mentioned they are working on the schedule and they’re getting all sorts of feedback. Some impossible dreams but mostly pretty good.
    If they’re in the process of putting plans together that must mean the NWMT schedule is really coming together one would think.
    It gets confusing when avid NWMT fans seem to take affront to the results of a simple poll. It’s just a poll and looks like it got an unambiguous result. Near a thousand votes is definitely a very representative sampling of opinion.
    It’s only about one race at Stafford for Tri Track. Possibly one NWMT race being dropped. If a race goes to a New Hampshire bull ring so much the better for venue diversity.
    Stafford opens, the NWMT, a Tri Track race and the Pro Late Model special would be just dandy. Oh yes and StaffordSpeedway.TV.. Yes definitely continue that please. We’ll talk about the hybrid season pass combining streaming and at the track options later on.

  55. I don’t get dareal…. All the so called tour drivers were racing Saturday, heats were not setup through practice times except for which heat they would be in – they drew for position – JR was the fastest in practice and started way back – he had to drive his a– off to get in. The A main would have been really good if Preece, Coby, JR , Mckennedy , Pitkat etc didn’t wreck – all tour drivers by the way.

    same drivers same modified chassis just different numbers the only difference is Heats, Shorter A main more cars, more races and more Excitement leading up to the feature event..

  56. JD THAT”S a stretch…

  57. steve, I’m getting conflicting reports here. Someone else posted that the starting positions of the heats was set by practice times, and that was supposedly announced over the PA system. Now you are saying that isn’t so.

    Does anybody know for real? 😳

    Shawn, can you please mediate here?

  58. steve, here you go, from Fast Eddie on another thread, “Dareal, the heats were set up according to practice times. That was announced a few times during practice.”

    So what is correct?

  59. just Me - The Original says

    Steve is correct. Practice times determined the heats they were in and they drew for positions for the heat

  60. Darealgoodfella,
    Which drivers were in each heat was determined by the practice times. The starting order of each heat was determined by blind draw.

  61. There was great action in the heats. The goals were to get into the top 4 to qualify and top 2 for preferred starting positions.
    Notable action:
    Heat 1-Dowling from 4th to 1st and the surprise of the heat McKennedy in the 11 from 8th to qualify in 4th.
    Heat 2- nice seeing Preece charge to 1st for the win but Hirschman came from 9th to 3rd and was fighting like heck to get the preferred starting position but failed.
    Heat 3-Coby 9th to 4th in a squeaker nipping Galko for the qualifying position.
    Heat 4- the dog . Top 4 started and qualified in same position.
    Heat 5-Ronnie Williams from 6th to win with wrecks. The ugly one.
    We all know heats in races where everyone qualifies can be snoozers. This was not that with a lot of really hard racing to qualify.

  62. Fast Eddie says

    Sorry folks, I should have explained my comment regarding the heat determinations better.
    Sorry for the confusion. There was some good heat racing though. Along with battles for the lead, a couple of heats had good battles for 2nd to get in the redraw (top 2). Yes, there were battles for 4th to make the feature. And there were also battles for 5th and 6th from faster cars that were at the back of the heats to start with trying to move up. Lots going on from my seat!

  63. wmass01013 says

    OK DOUG thanx for alll that work to say 31.6 vs 34.7 yeah TT is ON THE UPSWING NAD THE WMT IS DWINDLING AS THE HATERS say.
    The POLL is flawed BECAUSE like IVORY SOAP 99.99999999999999999999999999999% of fans LOVE HEATS vs Tim Trials just a fact so no mater the better PRODUCT or racing or teams or drivers or weather or track, TRI TRACK WILL ALWAYS WIN

  64. solsticeson says

    Both, run Tri Track noon Sunday,,

  65. at present Whelen Modified Tour represents the best mod drivers on asphalt,, Stafford would be wise to continue to showcase these people.. Tri Track provides interesting format but needs time to establish itself..

  66. For the most part, the WMT drivers everyone goes gaga over didn’t do squat when not in their overpriced spec cars. Yes, dowling won, but Williams and Hirshman were in it till the end, both in open cars. I don’t think WMT represents the best modified drivers at all. Other series have very talented drivers also.

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