You Make The Call: Who Wins The Tri-Track Modified Series CBYD Modified Classic 81 At Stafford

STAFFORD – It’s the biggest field in years for a Tour Type Modified event at a Connecticut short track and picking a winner is hardly easy.

The 51-car field for today’s Tri-Track Open Modified Series CBYD Modified Classic 81 is overflowing with contenders to win.

So now it’s your chance. One choice, you pick the driver who will be standing in victory lane when the festivities are all over Saturday afternoon at Stafford Speedway.


  1. Who knows who will be in victory lane but it didn’t take long to see who is fast. Dowling and the 7ny. Williams and the 25 just off a tick.

  2. It’s early yet, they still have to survive a heat race, a possibly consi, then 81 laps.

    This race may not be decided by the fastest car based on speed. It may instead be decided by the team with the best overall race strategy.

  3. The 23 gets extra points for the pirouette.

  4. Seekonk fan says

    #9 Tommy Barret

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