Zack Robinson Wins Street Stock Title At Stafford After Meghan Fuller Gets Spun On Final Lap

Zack Robinson celebrates his second consecutive Street Stock championship Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – After a rough season Brandon Michael came to Stafford Motor Speedway Friday sitting 16th in the Street Stock standings, far away from the heated battle for the division’s title. 

When all was said and done for the division’s 20-lap feature Michael turned out to be the biggest player in how the 2020 championship was ultimately decided. 

Michael spun Meghan Fuller out of second place in turn three on the final lap, costing Fuller her first track championship. 

Zack Robinson, who was running fifth at the time Fuller got spun, ended up second to clinch his second consecutive Street Stock championship at Stafford. 

“I don’t know what happened there in that last corner,” Robinson said on the track after the event. “I really don’t care.” 

Frank L’Etoile won the feature. Fuller, who ended up 13th in the final running order, came into the night leading Robinson in the standings by six points. A finish of third or better would have clinched the title for Fuller no matter where Robinson finished.

“I was being patient,” Fuller said. “I knew that there was only a few laps left and I saw where I was compared to Zack. All I wanted to do was finish in the top three. Unfortunately that didn’t happen.” 

Said Robinson: “That’s not the way I wanted to win it. … Not at all. They had the car there at the end of the race. We fell off a little bit. … I’m at a loss for words. I wanted to win it the right way.” 

A clearly emotional Michael sat in his car in the paddock for about 25 minutes after the race, at times putting his head in his hands while crew members talked to him.

“To take a championship away from a team that’s worked so hard is not something you ever want to do,” Michael said, his voice cracking with emotion. “It was a mistake. I’ve always ran her clean. It was one of those things. … All I can do is apologize.”

Robinson ended the season with 592 points. Chris Meyer, who came into the night third in the standings, 16 points off the lead, ended the season second in the standings after finishing third on the track. Fuller ended up third in the standings, 16 point behind Robinson and four behind Meyer. 

Robinson closed out his second consecutive title with a season that saw him record four wins and 11 top-five’s in 14 events. 

Caution flew on lap 17 with Robinson running second and Fuller sixth, a finishing order that would have given Robinson the title by two points. On the ensuing restart Robinson fell to fourth and Fuller vaulted to fifth. On lap 18 Fuller got under Robinson to take over fourth. 

Caution flew once again on lap 19, setting up a restart with Fuller running fourth and Robinson fifth. Michael, who was leading the race on the restart, made contact with L’Etoile on the backstretch, allowing Fuller to jump into second place. 

But on the last lap it was Michael tapping Fuller in the bumper in turn three, sending Fuller’s back end toward the wall. In the turn three scrum Robinson was able to get to second while Fuller watched the field go by. Michael was penalized to last place after the event. 

“We’ve been good friends all year,” Fuller said of Michael. “… We joke around with each other. I just don’t know what happened. 

“It just really sucks. They had already said on the radio that everybody knows who they’re racing with and to make smart moves and they’d make a call if they had to. It sucks that it happened in [turn three] coming to the checkered.” 

Said Michael: “It was far from intentional. … It’s definitely not what I wanted to do. We came here to win, I was going to do what I had to do. I got on the gas when she wasn’t on the gas yet. Just the wrong place at the wrong time. It sucks.” 


  1. Congrats to Zack and his team for winning the championship. As for Megan, she can hold her head high. She had a great season up till the last lap tonight. There’s always next year, and I think she’s gonna be even stronger. Her maturity is way beyond her years, and she’s definitely got the talent to get the job done

  2. I’m speechless. What an emotional roller coaster. She was in, then out, then a restart and charge to the front it looked like a done deal then what the heck.
    It wasn’t one tap it was a series. Michael was all over her like he was fighting for the championship himself. He had to know who he was racing and what was at stake. There was no backing out. A guy with extensive experience, 16th in points does that.
    I’m sure I’m noticing because any Fuller let alone a woman stands out. It’s still two guys that know better knocking a woman out of really good finishes critical to her effort to win a championship. Not hard racing but cheap corner entry shots.. Something else is afoot here. I don’t get it. Actually I think I do but dare not say.

  3. RICHARD Quinn says

    Congratulations Zach that was awesome. You deserved it. And congrats to the Anderson family 👪 Awesome

  4. wmass01013 says

    While i will say that Any race car driver should always drive to get their BEST possible finish that when A TRACK or series Championship IS AT STAKE ON THE final few laps and you take out one of the contenders is PURE BUSH LEAGUE and saying i just got on the gas and she didnt is also pure BS, Fact she was taken out 2 times by the champion and Michael, PURE BUSH LEAGUE STAFFORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Words that describe Meg “Class act, smooth, respectful, finesse, excellent sportsmanship” if anyone wants some pointers I’m sure she could teach many of you a thing or two. She is one of a kind in a world full of cheap shots and brainless moves. She is the first to congratulate all of her competitors, regardless of the outcome including the newly crowned Champion. She owns her mistakes and makes amends to correct them. It would be nice to have competition that drew from the same set of values, ethics and standards instead of “win at all costs: and “I don’t really care”. We know you don’t.

  6. Hit job plain and simple!!! That whole bunch should be thrown out for good! LOVED the high fives the kid got by the 89 crew coming off the track! Great job Stafford officials, Megan fuller CLASS ACT in defeat that is how you get sponsors,

  7. Indeed heartbreak for Meg and the race team. She clearly has the talent and experience. Hopefully she can move up to the late models and race with a group of more seasoned and respectful drivers.

  8. Robinson says he hates to win it that way is a bunch of crap too , if he didn’t intentionally take Meg out he wouldn’t of been close enough to win, and then you get the 16 place clown who tries to blame it on her for not getting on the gas , he was all over the back of that car from the second turn , obviously he wasn’t listening at the drivers meeting, but that’s the way he’s been driving since carts , he will never be in Meg’ s class as she was by far the best of the street stock class, hope she can move up to SK lites

  9. The Atomic Punk says

    a straight left followed by an overhand right would’ve been my response in the pits…But thats just me. My guess is she will be in pretty good race cars in her future so I can’t feel to bad for her. Her last name and resources may get her pushed out of the way a time or two in the future. She should be proud. Solid racer.

  10. I feel bad for Meg, the guy made a mistake, everyone makes a mistake but it just seems worse when it happens to the point contender on the last race and last corner… I don’t agree with telling the drivers on the last night to rac differently around point contenders, should be able to race every night for every position. Remember the T Stewart saying- I would wreck my grandmother to win

  11. sour grapes of how i see it says

    my question is how did a back marker become so competitive at the last event ? was he in a backup or a team car ? ..if he was dq`d would she move up a spot gaining the needed points ?? is its racing. do we just let those running for the championship fight it out and everyone can stay home? …spotters/track communicating saying hey were running for the title use your head ??. sorry to say Robinson is a sore winner who lacks his elders humility . drove thru her intentionally during the season. HE and perhaps his team believe they won a championship and they did .. A HOLLOW ONE ! no one will forget how it was obtained . did he pass tech? a proven cheater and a overaggressive driver ..yup something to be proud of NOT !

  12. Meghan Fuller… “The People’s Champion” !!! 🤗 🏁 🏆 Zack Robinson… “meh”. 🥱🥱😴 Brandon Michael… “???” 😲🙁🏴

  13. Jerry Fascione says

    Steve….he made a mistake ? really ? he took her out plain and simple and this crap about getting on the gas so he gets on the gas entering turn 3 ? This is the problem with drivers and fans they dont have any respect. the girl fought her way to the front only to have it taken away by a no talent bum on the last corner on the last lap of the race. I like Tony Stewart but I dont agree with that statement. I suppose the SK#33 taking out Rocco’s team mate while he was running second was fine with you to Steve.

  14. Sorry to see it end that way for the 2. Jerry, kinda doubt the 33 took out the 68 intentionally as the 33 is also a Rocco owned car. Just saying…

  15. As a fan of race day ct and keeping up with the lastest track news we seem to be forgetting how fuller acted during the 2019 season towards bessett and his team. fuller costed bessett and his team the championship over outside issues brought to stafford. last I heard fuller had robinsons motor pulled and was caught with a spotter weeks prior to last night. Robinson is your champion. Fuller lost it herself

  16. Greg,
    I think you might need to back away from the adult beverages. One, Meghan Fuller did not cost (or “costed” as you said) George Bessette Jr. anything in 2019. I don’t think we need to revisit why George Bessette Jr. was forced to miss a week, but it certainly was not any fault of Meghan Fuller. Second, Meghan Fuller makes no decisions on who gets their motor pulled by tech inspectors. Third, Meghan Fuller was certainly NOT caught at any time with a spotter. You know I try to let you guys have an open dialogue here and not stand in the way of that happening, but absurdly moronic and delusional comments like this make that harder and harder to do.

  17. Brandon Michael is no back marker as ignorant a term as that is. He’s an experienced driver with wins and finishes high in the points. He should have known better.
    Shame on you Ben Dodge. No this group of Streets is as good as it’s been for a while but the best ever is ridiculous. You were there and should know better.
    Early 80’s it was just the Streets, SK’s and Modifieds. The end of the modified weekly glory days at Stafford, the new wreck fest SK’s and a big field of experienced Streets every week. Real Streets with interior sheet metal, no ballast, stock springs and TA engines in most cars. Only a tick slower then the purpose built, skinned, racing spring and shock cars now that are really Sportsmans now.. Jim Ward, Paul Suprenant, Norm Plantier, Brian Crunden, Steve Chowanski, Mike Paquette, Pat Chambrello, Jim Mavlauganes, Scott Daddios, Bob Beckmen and so many more. They would wall their mother not only for a win but a position. It was a war every week starting in turn three and the fans loved it.
    Then the Streets became Late Models which are closer to what Streets are now and it got even better.
    What you’re seeing now is the best at Stafford for now. It’s not even close to how good it was for Street Stocks that whatever this is now is not a Street Stock..
    Shame on you Ben Dodge.

  18. Thank you Shawn for clearing up the previous unsubstantiated comments. Unbelievable.

  19. Here we go. Thanks Greg for opening that can or worms. I can give you chapter and verse if Mr Courchesne won’t but it not really relevant. It’s more about how you brought that crap up that had zero to do with what happened Friday night regardless of how wrong you are.

  20. sour grapes of de real ray liotta says

    its trumps fault Megan lost the championship !!

  21. Joseph White says

    Is it at all possible that Brandon Michael took her out so that his pal Robinson could win the championship?
    Stafford should take the championship away from Robinson and give it to Meg Fuller. Further, I would ban both Robinson and Michael from ever racing at Stafford again. Robinson was banned once before for illegally working on his engine. How did he get back in? He is a proven cheater. No more chances.

  22. As much as many would like to see that you can’t do it. There’s no precedent I know of for it and it would depend on some kind of understanding between Michael and Robinson no one can know existed that I for one doubt is even a remote possibility.
    I know I’m still stewing about it. The fact there will be no consequences at all. We can say we consider Meghan the champion but the fact is we’ll all forget this and Robinson will be in the record books and Fuller a third.
    We’ve all see unfair things in racing but this has to rank up there among the worst in my recollection.
    It would have been so special that in the year she graduated High School not only to have won the race she skipped the graduation to compete in but to have it be critical to winning her first championship. In the year of the pandemic. That’s a coming of age, lock box memory deprived that two guys made even more memorable for blowing up.

  23. for the final time i will post again brandon did not take anyone out on purpose and there was no colaboration with the robinson team it was a raceing incident ,mistake,it happens in raceing , as said before he is friends with megan and she would be the last person he would want to take out. and wishes it never happened,and regrets it deeply.

  24. Take emotions out of it. Yes, Megan had the best car all season and she is a very good driver. She should have done what Sullivan did in the SK Lights…Race for position. Sullivan knew where had to to finish and ran a smart race. She should have held back a little and let Michael pass her. Michael didn’t cause her to lose the championship; if she drove smarter, she would have won the championship. Don’t put yourself in a position to lose. I’m sure she’ll learn from that, and come back strong next year.

    Oh, one more thing… Karma – it sucks to have someone else determine your outcome, doesn’t it?

  25. Tom, the position Sullivan was in was a bit different than Fuller’s. Sullivan had a 40 point lead to play with going in. Fuller had what? a 4 point lead? There was no laying back to be done. And let’s not make it out like the 2 was hanging on to the spot by by the ragged edge and ready to spin by herself.
    Really, what a strange strange way for the 56 to race his ‘good friend’ on the last turn of the last lap who also happens to be racing for a championship.

  26. “just me” yes I agree, a little different, still should have let Michael’s go after turn two especially with his history of driving technique.. Yes, hindsight is 20/20. She should have won no doubt.

    But Karma is a strange thing.

  27. Fast Eddie says

    I find it odd that Brandon Michael was put to the rear in this event when a few weeks ago Robinson made a much more intentional looking move that dumped Fuller and was allowed to keep his spot. I’m just a fan and it’s easy to be an “armchair quarterback.” I also realize the most difficult thing to do is be regularly consistent, be it a driver, crewchief, or official. We ALL make mistakes, and some have worse consequences than others. But that to me was the decision-maker in this championship.

  28. No he didn’t do it on purpose ,that’s his normal driving style he was banging on the back bumper coming out of second turn , been driving that way for years and Tom obviously you weren’t there or had your eyes closed , meg got in that position because of a restart and she passed when others got out of position, maybe she should l d have pulled on grass and let them get straightened out first , and yes Branden did cost her the championship

  29. Pay the $10 and watch the laps in question again. And again and again and again if necessary.
    It happened in a short time span. On the restart Myer and Michael got messed up low and the 8 and 2 were high and charged to the lead. Michael no doubt ticked at losing a good spot, none of which had anything to do with Fuller, was fired up and did what he did. At that point Fuller is racing at speed doing exactly what she was supposed to be doing and Michael took her out first with a tap entering 3 then a harder shot that every driver knows in that spot is a sucker shot you can take anyone out with. It also ignores the fact these are one wheel drive cars that are in a groove and deviating from the groove at speed as the car is shifting weight in itself is a risky move in the corner.
    To suggest that somehow Fuller should anticipate complete brain fade and somehow go high to let an upset, adrenalin fueled guy go by is ridiculous.
    As long as your blaming Fuller why stop at that race. Say she should have had a bigger point lead going into the race. Say that in the race Robinson turned her in a turn one sucker shot while leading she should have known he was equally inept, seen it coming and pulled over.
    Really aren’t we in a familiar place. Blaming the victim of someone else’s admitted blunder. And in this case particularly tone deaf seeing your blaming a woman for not anticipating and taking action to avoid the bad judgement of a guy. It’s and cliche’ and a really bad one.

  30. Fast Eddie,
    On Aug. 21 contact from Robinson spun Fuller out of the lead on lap 13. Robinson was penalized for over aggressive driving and put to the rear of the field. He ended coming back up to finish fifth that night.

  31. Thanks Doug for explaining the sequence for Tom better than I did , not sure he’ll get it but we tried and Shawn you beat me to the punch Robinson was sent to the back , he should have been sent home

  32. I was not in attendance, so I will reserve comment but I will say it is very hard to prove intent no matter what the video may look like. I will say I have a lot of respect for Meghan Fuller and wish it had worked out better for her this year. Hopefully she continues to race and finds a better outcome. I enjoy watching her race and root for her when there..

    It just seems after a season of battling it out all year, people will do just about anything to win the championship at all costs. As I was reading the comments I was reminded about another incident during a championship battle at Twin State Speedway AKA Claremont speedway. This is not the first time a street stock championship lead to some controversy on the last night. Probably wont be the last. See the article below . Now I am in no way saying Stafford is nearly as bad or even in the same discussion as far as intent goes, at least there were no criminal charges filed at Stafford last Friday. I am curious what the result of the charges were from this claremont story.

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