RaceDayCT Daily Poll: How Much Pay-Per-View Racing Did You Watch Online In 2020?

We don’t need to get into all the hurdles and roadblocks that 2020 created for many people in all walks of life. 

In short track racing 2020 meant crowd restrictions at many venues. But it also fueled the increase in tracks offering pay per view broadcasts of events. 

So today’s daily poll question is, how many live short track racing events did you watch through pay-per-view streaming in 2020? Vote below.


  1. I was in the “over 50” group. Earlier in the spring when it was obvious that tracks around here would not be open to full capacity for the season I bought memberships to Flosports\Floracing and Dirtvision on top the NBC Sports membership I already had. Also bought the Oxford 250 weekend on PPV. Both Floracing and Dirtvision seem great because they are still going to have races during the winter from places in the US that have warmer climates as well as Sprint cars from Australia\New Zealand.

  2. This poll does not include the option I want to choose. Therefore, I am claiming this poll is fraud!

  3. i have a season pass for stafford, so i was able to get in every week. i think that the availability of ppv from short tracks is a great thing, though.

  4. I did not watch any, as I was fortunate enough to still see a good amount of racing in person. Looking at it monthly, I probably went to more events per month than usual, making up a little from nothing the first 3 months. However, had it come down to no fans allowed anywhere, I’m sure I would have purchased some form of live streaming.

  5. The 6 races from Stafford we watched on PPV cost about 120 bucks. If we Traveled to Stafford we would have spent about 46 for tickets , 35 for gas & tolls , 20 for food, 20 for drinks.. for two Adults about 121 bucks . So we saved roughly 100 bucks every week watching on tv.. 600 for the 6 races…. Nice…
    we had subscriptions with SPEED51 & NBC SPORTS GOLD also. Probably about 17 races total watched on PPV or ppv memberships.. Really enjoyable to watch races with no time on MASS PIKE… Cold beverage and order Pizza in … Perfect.. Not to mention when weather is or may play a factor….

  6. New Smyrna for 5
    White Mountain-1 non NWMT Late Model Race early on.
    Mahoning for 1 open modified early on.
    Riverhead for 2
    Stafford Speedway for 9.
    All NWMT races-9
    The Racing Guys at Claremont for 1.
    Tri Track for 4.

    I don’t know what the deal is with NBC Sports Gold. If sponsorship is involved, revenue sharing or what actually gets to the tracks but the pricing on the surface looks self defeating. $20 last November for Roots Racing and they extended it to March because of the pandemic. PPV prices at 20 to 35 are just fine.
    In any event a banner year. Most local racing consumed (and money spent) since I was in my prime.
    If the goal is to increase accessibility for the purpose of increasing the revenue base it sure worked on me.

  7. I voted 5-14 but after reading JMB’s comment maybe I should’ve put it over 50. I got the trackpass subscription in January and then subscribed to Floracing sometime in February or March. Then as far as strictly PPV events I got a few Stafford events, Speed51 a few times, and NSN a few times for White Mountain and Thunder Road. So yeah if you count all the races I watched on the subscriptions then it’s over 50. Watched a ton of dirt racing on Floracing, for how much a year is it’s a massive steal, sounded like a lot at first but when you think of all the racing you can watch on there it ends up being pennies per event.

  8. I was over 50 online. I have speed 51, Flo and Lucas oil for the year. I did a month of Dirtvision for the late model hell tour and a couple months of NBC track pass. Some nights over the summer I had a race on the TV, another one or two on the computer and a race on the tablet. I can easily say I have seen more racing this year then any other year. Unfortunately almost all of it was online. I lost a lot of interest in going to the races as car counts got shorter, the nights got drawn out and the price more expensive. I found watching online seems to work better for me. If I get board I can switch to another race. I dont have to sit through a 10 car feature to finally see the main event at the end of the night. The only downside, I made some good friends at the races and I dont get to see them as much now. I have to find a better balance and get to the track a little more frequently next year. Online is just so convenient.

    Flo is by far the best deal. They have 3 or 4 races on every week. Its almost all dirt mostly sprints and late models. I believe they have two races tonight and 3 or 4 tomorrow. They also have deals with a few college hockey leagues which you get for no additional charge. If I was to recommend only one it would be Flo.

  9. NOTHING matches the intensity or suspense of driving up to Stafford Motor Speedway on a a friday afternoon. Or any other race track for that matter . I make the trek in hopes of seeing some good side by side racing or a good wreck in which the driver waiks away and i can call him my hero . The smell of gear oil heating up ,rubber burning sparks flying is what keeps me coming back . O yeah dont forget about the smell of food cooking along the midway or the smiles and grins of race fans in the stands .The local cable company is not getting any more money out of me ! EVERY BODY WANTS A PIECE OF YOUR PAY CHECK !

  10. daRealCleetusMcFarland says

    Best PPV race all year was the 2.4 Hours of LeMullets from the Freedom Factory… Only $9.95 for a full night of racing.

  11. See this is what makes the forum so great. That LeMullets deal. Never heard of it. Checked it out and it looks pretty terrific. All Crown Vics and controlled chaos. But dude it’s not racing. It’s Smacktoberfest at the Speedbowl.
    Could not agree more with that wonderful assessment of being at the races at Stafford. Walking in, chairback in hand and climbing the ramp to see the modified practicing. Getting situated and taking it all in. The noise, sausage cooking, people milling about and anticipation for a great night of racing. Makes my nethers twingle just thinking about it.
    There’s another best way to enjoy racing as well. In the basement rumpus room. Situated in the barkalounger, 65 inch screen and Roku fired up and ready to go. The Race Monitor summary showing the races run on one screen of the laptop and live timing on the other. Following the practice times on live timing, looking for who is fast this night and what to look for in the heats. In the race there is a few second delay between live timing and Roku. Keep your eye peeled and you can see what’s coming on the laptop then see it happen on the tube. Not visceral at all but more analytic and every bit as enjoyable.
    Racing is about both. Raw power, emotion, having your senses accosted. It also can by very analytical and cerebral as well.
    Every season can include both and be pretty swell in the process.

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