RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Should State Short Tracks Implement The Choose Rule?

In 2020 NASCAR implemented the “Choose Rule” for selected events among their three national divisions. 

The “Choose Rule” lets a driver choose which lane they restart in before a race resumes after a caution. 

Under the rule, when a driver reaches a designated spot on the track – usually on the lap before a race resumes – the driver must choose left or right at the spot to designate restarting in the outside or inside lane. The mark on the track is typically referred to as “the cone”. 

Today’s question, should short track’s in Connecticut implement a choose rule for 2021 for regular divisions? 

Today’s question, should short track’s in Connecticut implement a choose rule for 2021 for regular divisions? 


  1. They should give it a try one week

  2. I know Wall used to have a couple of Cone Races every now and then

  3. I first saw the “choose rule” on the TV show Bowman Gray, and thought it was pretty cool. After seeing it used in the Cup and Xfinity races, I definitely like the concept. It adds another element of strategy to the races. At tracks like Stafford and Thompson, where there is a preferred groove, it could add some more excitement to the races, and may even produce some unexpected winners. So yes, definitely yes implement the “choose rule”.

  4. Fast Eddie says

    I think it would be fun to have select events as Cone Races, but in the average short track race drivers have a short time to get to the front and for the most part it’s their skill and team car prep that gets their positions. They earned those positions and should be able to keep them. Plus I would think that would add to the length of each caution and further slow the race tempo.

  5. Bernie aint winning says

    The Funk Master Flex late model race at the Bowl used the choose rule. It made it interesting when all the outsiders wanted nothing to do with the top.

  6. I voted yes. I am not sure it should be done weekly but for a few special events to shake things up sounds interesting to me..

  7. I could see it causing chaos at first, but if you eliminate any game playing drivers will get used to it quickly. They do it at Bowman Gray with a cone, and don’t seem to have problems

  8. I second the one time. Give it a try.
    One thing I don’t take for granted is electronic scoring. Remembering Jr or Sr Sgambato tediously climbing off the starter stand, checking a list in his hand and pointing to cars to proceed.
    Now you want to add this cone deal that adds a measure of chaos to a procedure that is very smooth now and apply it to a full field of cars. In various divisions with drivers of various skill levels pumped up with adrenaline.
    Experiment first.

  9. I remember those days Doug. I remember times when he had to climb down twice to adjust a drivers position, and that driver didn’t dare well as he was sent to the rear also remember him making the trek 3 times which resulted in the driver being sent to the infield, to wait the race out. Oh, the good old days.

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