RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Is Your Favorite Northeast Based Touring Series?

The Northeast is home to a plethora of short track based touring divisions. So today’s RaceDayCT Daily Poll question is what is your favorite Northeast based short track touring division? Vote below.


  1. Surprised there are no comments with the amount of votes. My running order would be TriTrack, Other (Opens), WMT, MRS, Other again (ISMA), NEMA, PASS,GSPSS, and ACT. No offense to the NEMST, but they are not a series that brings me to a track, although they are occasionally fun to watch as a support division. The top 6 weigh heavily on which events I go to.

  2. Tri Track will win without looking at any results because of Heats and NASCAR HATE AND the STAFFORD race with 51 cars being the last event held!

  3. Tri-Track first. Green flag laps.. Heat Races… Lots of mixtures of Drivers… WMT would be 2nd…. Love the Tour, NASCAR not so much except for the History aspects, records and such… Quality of Drivers too. The Supers are Fantastic every time but only got to the Lee Race and watched the classic at Star, Both won by McKennedy one of my Favorite Drivers would be 3RD. Granite State Pro Stocks and PASS would be 4 and 5. ACT Tour is fantastic Racing but usually tracks not close to Southern NE but the races we had scheduled in Ma were cancelled would be 6th .. Probably higher if more races locally.. MRS was a top player but not many races this year…7th NEMA 8th…. NEMST ….9th Exit Trucks #10

  4. The Atomic Punk says

    NWMT. Just think about the drivers that have raced in that series the last 35 years and in the years prior to 1985…..The Tour is King.

  5. Viva race fan says

    Tri Track Hands down best show in area.

  6. I like them all, racing is racing and each series has its benefits.

  7. Bill Realist says

    Pass at Oxford. ACT at the road for sure and if you have never been there check it out. Pound for pound tri track is by far the best. I know the stafford race wasn’t the best. The allure of the tri track from the beginning was in part being able to see some of these guys somewhat out of their element at different places.

  8. Tri Track and the Short Track Super Series for dirt modifieds are two of the best .

  9. Somebody, please, write-in Race of Champions.

    Waiting for it.

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  11. David Phillips says

    I personally like the Pro Four Modified Tour!

  12. “Tour” may be a bit out dated. It could be just “series”.
    That would include Stafford’s opens as well as New Smyrna in February.
    Tri Track a tour. Sure. Popular but only 6 events or there about. The NWMT should get points for having two to three times the events in a wider array of venues over a greater geographic area with greater national exposure. The NWMT has almost as many races as Tri Track has heat races most years.

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