RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Was The Best Race At A Connecticut Short Track In 2020

The Connecticut short track racing season in 2020 took some major hits thanks to the COVID-19 global pandemic. 

But Connecticut short track racing fans still got to enjoy racing at all three state shorts tracks, including some major events at each facility. 

So for today’s Daily Poll question we’ll, what was the best race of 2020 at a Connecticut short track? Vote below. 


  1. Twisted tea open 80 was the best race I watched all
    Summer. Hands down

  2. I agree. While the Tri Track race at Stafford is the freshest on everyone’s mind, and a mind-blowing amount of cars, I think the Open 80’s were all better races than anything else (disclosure, I was not at the Bob Potter memorial race)

  3. wmass01013 says

    Twisted Tea OPEN 80

  4. The 150 at Thompson was the best Tour race in CT….in a LONG time…

  5. Potter Memorial 102 at the Speedbowl – Jordan over Rocco after a tough battle.

  6. 🌈🦄2020 says

    The Rocco, Jordan battle was one of those races you will always remember.

  7. Fast Eddie says

    I thought the cbyd 81 was the best one for the quantity of cars and the amount of racing involved just to make the main event. Strictly looking at the feature events, i have to go with the current majority and the twisted tea 80. Third would be the world series, which didn’t look like it was even going to happen.

  8. Even though I didn’t attend a race this year, I’d have to go with the concensus and say twisted tea 80. Why? Because my man Woody won. But also I remember the afterthoughts here, and don’t remember anything negative being said.

  9. Jimmy King says

    I missed the Twisted Tea race; but have to say Jordan vs. Rocco at the Bowl was pretty awesome.

  10. Didnt go to Bowl , but Twisted Tea was best race , my opinion , heats leading up to CBYD were good race was not

  11. After the Potter Memorial, I’d note the first Stafford Open 80 (surprise win by Rufrano) and the Thompson Open 75 (first tour mod with for MC, Jr.).

  12. Bob Potter Memorial race at Waterford……Rocco and Jordan was a classic battle

  13. I don’t even think that Stafford tri-track race was the best tri-track race this year, it was the only one in Connecticut but I still think there were a couple other better races just at Stafford. There was an open race where Rocco spun and came back to win, the SK 5K was pretty good, and the one where Rufrano had the surprise win.

    I thought the heat races for the tri-track at Stafford were better than the feature.

  14. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Was the tri track race even that great? Take out the heat races and number of entries. Just the actual race.

  15. Within the context of the poll I’d vote for none of the above agreeing that the Stafford Opens had some of the best single race competition..
    If you change race to event Tri Track has to get the nod. From the anticipation, number of cars with big names, heats, consi’s, B Main to the feature race it was swell.

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