RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Which Active Whelen Modified Tour Champ Do You Pick For One Event?

Today’s Daily Poll question is this: You have to pick one driver for one race and you don’t know where that race will be. Which currently active former Whelen Modified Tour champion do you choose for your car? Vote Below


  1. If it’s at Loudon then Bobby Santos III all the way.

  2. If that one event is at Stafford you know JB ain’t winning. 0-40 there now I think.

    These guys and MH are the very best in modern day modified racing. It’s a shame we don’t see them ALL on track together much if at all anymore. Maybe at Martinsville or Richmond in 2021 if Bobby makes the trip.

  3. Gotta go with Bobby Santos. He’s the best at quickly adapting to a car or track. Pick a track, any track at all… He’s the man!

  4. Bobby Santos would be my pick. But anyone on this list would be a good bet. Thompson would easily favor Justin. Coby at Stafford. Silk anywhere. Ryan just about anywhere too.

  5. Coby twice the picks as Bonsignor. I’m shocked. What’s a guy got to do to earn a little love?
    Bonsignor would be the guy based on results if we’re talking a generic track.
    Santos:5 years/6 wins in 42 races for a winning percent of 14%
    Bonsignor: 5years/21 wins in 74 races for a winning percent of 28%.
    I don’t get it. A part timer flying in for races then flying out while the the others are grinding out the season. Two epic wins at the NHMS but other less successful efforts ignored. 7 races in 2019 for an average finish of 10th.
    On the other hand you can’t put numbers on fans love.

  6. BSIII in any ride and his pops on the wall. Easy pick no brainer!!

  7. Bobby Santos for sure. He’s proven he can win in any ride at any time.

  8. Six championships earn you some votes. Santos has SIX point race wins and one All Star race win at NHMS since 2014. Some of those in the 44 obviously.

    What was more impressive was the Bud 150 at Thompson in 2019 where he jumped in the 36 and whipped them all until someone got into him in the final restart while leading and broke his tranny. The stats don’t show the butt kicking he was dishing out after flying in.

    If you told me the one race was at Riverhead I wouldn’t pick Coby.

  9. patrick tetreault jr says

    I’d say from 2012-2016 Coby was as good and better in a 5 yr stretch than anybody in history winning 4 championships and a runner up while he had only 20 wins I would say from 12 to 16 there was more than 5 cars capable of winning every week the series has turned into a joke! I’d say Doug Coby’s legacy is very well cemented the last 9 yrs 6 championships a 2nd and a pair of 3rd place finishes so if I was a car owner
    I’d love to have him as a driver and those 6 championships!

  10. The Atomic Punk says

    For 1 race I am always picking The Reg!!!!….Reggie!!!!…..and yes I know I know but I had to…..Reggie!!!!

  11. Viva race fan says

    Justin str8 up. He’s hot and shows patients to adapt.

  12. Bobby Santos III, the best all around driver on the tour hands down.

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