RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Which New England Track Not Recently On The Whelen Mod Tour Should Be Added?

The 2021 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour schedule is expected to be released in the coming weeks. Some surprises are expected, whether it be tracks on the schedule or tracks added to the schedule. 

Today’s daily poll asks the question, which New England short track that hasn’t been on the Whelen Modified Tour schedule in the last five years do you think should be added? Vote below.


  1. Josh Paradis says

    I’d say thompson and louden cause those are original staple tracks.

  2. Josh,
    From the text, “Today’s daily poll asks the question, which New England short track that hasn’t been on the Whelen Modified Tour schedule in the last five years do you think should be added?”

  3. Josh, those tracks weren’t on the list.

    Star has my vote.

  4. Next poll. What percentage of visitors on this page read the words SC writes?

    Beech Ridge and Star for me. I know TR, Oxford and Lee could all be on this year’s schedule but Star and BR are my picks. No chance for Star I know but that wasn’t the question.

    No Spud or Speedway 95? LOL.

  5. Potato Farmer says

    For $275,000 you can have Spud Speedway, it is for sale.

  6. The Atomic Punk says

    Anderson Speedway in Indiana, Home of the Little 500

  7. The Atomic Punk says

    ….I know its not New England but I had to.


  9. I give up.
    Apparently nobody actually reads anymore.

  10. LOL!!! I told you.

  11. “I give up.
    Apparently nobody actually reads anymore. ”


    I didn’t vote, I’m not familiar with any of those tracks.

  12. Shawn, great question! Star got my vote, with Claremont being my second choice. Oxford and Thunder Road are probably good choices based on their ability to handle a big event, but they’re in “Fender Country”. Lee and Beech Ridge would be good choices but they have tire wear issues from very abrasive racing surfaces. Hudson might be a good choice if they can accommodate the fans. Don’t know enough about the other two tracks for an informed opinion, but their northern proximity makes me think they’re also “Fender Country” tracks.

  13. Shawn Courchesne wrote, “I give up. Apparently nobody actually reads anymore.”

    “No one really listens to anyone else, and if you try it for a while you’ll see why.” – Mignon McLaughlin

  14. Shawn , that reminds me of my Teacher In High School. He SAID ” Make sure you read all the instructions on the 50 Question test ” Mixed into the Instructions was the words . All you have to do to score a 100 on this test is answer no questions , go to the last page of the test and sign your name and turn it in.. As 98 percent of the class dove in and started answering questions, Two Student’s got up brought tests to front and turned them in , we were all like wow they flew threw that test really quick ?? Well as you know now a very high percentage of People only skim read any type of instructions, they just get test anxiety put blinders on and rush to the first question… LOL TRUE FACTS … FUNNY STUFF…

  15. Was hard voting for another track when Claremont and Thunder Road is on the list but Lee needs a Whelen Mod race next year. Given the recent events Lee needs this and I hope influential people with the ability to get the word to the right place can make this happen for the Wrenn family.

  16. Rob A, as much as I’d love to see Lee get a WMT race, Hoosier would need to come up with a lot harder compound tire. Otherwise the current tires would be useless after 40 or so laps. The MRS 100’s they used to have were 1/2 or throttle or less for the first 50-60 laps so they had some tire for the end. You could always tell “the new guys” at Lee. They’d be trying to lap cars after 15-20 laps and end up finishing in the back when they ran out of rubber. That’s why they started running twin 50’s instead. Beech Ridge changed their MRS 100’s to MRS 75’s for the same reason.

  17. How about Bear Ridge Speedway in Vermont? Modifieds on the the dirt!!!

  18. I have a little more faith in the RaceDayCt audience at large. I’d suggest Mr. Courchesne is confusing noise with the less obvious silent voting majority that has registered sound votes that the results appear to confirm.
    Forum contribution is about squeaky wheels. We squeak the loudest, get the grease a sledge hammer as the case may be. Not to be confused with the audience at large that may be well functioning wheels that read, comprehend and vote in silence just fine.

  19. The Glen isn’t on this list? Dang.

    I read the question, Mod Tour hasn’t raced there since 1998.

  20. correction: Make it 2000^

  21. Ryan Fearn,
    To my knowledge we haven’t added New York to New England as of yet. But it’s 2020 so I guess anything is possible.

  22. And when they read, it’s still hopeless.

  23. Watkins Glen may be thinking outside the box but it’s not a bad idea. To get it in the box let’s say Limerock.

  24. The Atomic Punk says

    Does dareal have a tattoo on his forehead??….Maybe it says “Look at me”??….Please. Please, somebody….anybody…Please look at me….Please….I’m gonna jump up and down….waving my arms….Please…Please look at me…..I need it….Please,,,,Please look at me…..The Atomic Punk!!!!!

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