RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Which State Non-Modified Driver Would You Want To See Regularly In A Modified

In the ranks of Southern New England short track racing, Modifieds rule the roost. But plenty of talented drivers stick to full-rendered rides for years and years.

So today’s question is, which current non-Modified driver would you want to see racing regularly in a Modified?


  1. Al Stone is my Choice with all His Experience and knowledge of different tracks He would be an Interesting addition, Veteran Choice. Meagan Fuller would be my Up and Coming Choice to say bye to Full Fenders and HELLO to the Mighty Modifieds !!! Meagan Fuller will be a Great Addition of Youth and Enthusiasm to the the Mod RANKS….. Radical Rick Martin I always believed would be a FANTASTIC MOD DRIVER.. When he ran the Pro Stocks at Thompson He took to the track right away , He enjoyed the High Speeds and Won Races on the High Banks… Recently on Seekonk Podcast he stated that “Thompson Speedway was His Favorite Track to Race AT ” He did get a chance in the #00 Brady Bunch Modified at Seekonk which He was fast in , But bumped wheels with someone and messed up the steering and took Him out of the Feature . I believe it was one one the open wheel Wednesday Shows.. to bad , It would have been nice to see Him at Seekonk in a Strong Ride… I believe He could run wheel to wheel with the Best of The Best !!! He’s closing in on 100 Wins at Seekonk , Hopefully next season He will HIT THE 100 WINS.!!! I will be there as long as this Bug Gets under control>>>> I PRAY <<<<<

  2. Megan shows wisdom and talent well beyond her years. Although she may not win right out of the gate, I think wins would come faster than expected.

  3. Fuller is a modified driver as of the last race at Stafford and Robinson is supposedly committed to Late Models.
    My write in candidates might include really smooth, intelligent drivers Frank L’Etoile, Jr., Jeremy Lavoie and inactive Johnny Walker. Ryan Fearn I believe mentioned he’d like to get a modified ride so that would be interesting to say the least.

  4. Suitcase, we’re thinking alike on your first two choices. Al Stone seems to be one who makes very calculated moves on the track. And Megan Fuller drives the same way. I hadn’t thought of Rick Martin but I’ve seen him run enough at Seekonk to agree on that one as well.

  5. Thanks Fast ED… These Daily poles are kinda Cool Shawn…

  6. Monahan had his chance already. Now he is the big boy at the kids table acting like he is so great.

  7. Ok, going to go outside New England for this and Two drivers I would like to see in a Tour Type Modified would be SLM driver Auggie Gril and Travis Eddy. Both have history and FL Modifieds but I don’t believe in Tour/SK type. Have watched theM both at New Smyrna.

  8. solsticeson says

    Like to see if Johnny Walker could make a mod go, seems to be a good shoe,,,,,,,,sorry hes not on the list

  9. Shawn Monahan says

    Steve- I have a chance whenever I feel like it. I may be wrong but I think if I rallied a crew, invested 110%, and ran a regular basis I would be a weekly threat. That’s big money and I have more fun investing in family and helping others. I actually race what I enjoy and I really like the cost factor associated with the best division to watch. Your comment comes across as ignorant. Was that an accident or are you being a meanie on purpose?
    I think Palmer would be great in mod. I wish fuller all the best, its a great opportunity.

  10. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Some of us had the opportunity to watch Monahan as a modified regular for a few years. He had his fans and haters just like any driver. No matter what you thought of him, he always put on a show.

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