RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Who Was The Most Impressive Short Track Regular In Connecticut In 2020?

Plenty of wins were captured and championships claimed around the Connecticut short track racing scene in 2020. 

So today’s question is, who was the most impressive short track regular in Connecticut in 2020? Vote below. 


  1. Pitkat put on a pretty doninating display at Thompson leading 73 out of 75 laps in the two late model races.

  2. Pitkat also went flag to flag back in September at Thompson in a late model

  3. OK so I’m gonna give the voters an A+ in being great fans and a C- in objective race analysis.
    Rocco clearly for the win but Fuller a strong second? We all love the 2 crew but how about Timmy Jordan for second in the voting and Adam Gray barely getting any love.
    Alexandra Fearn with well earned strong support but the guy that beat her with a ton of wins can’t muster 1 vote. Pitkat a fraction of Dowlings support but considerably more success this year then the fraction implies.
    It’s a beauty contest and Rocco is on track to get the crown.

  4. I voted for Todd Owen and my reason is very simple. The man was a strong title contender, and if I recall correctly, he was involved in a few wrecks on consecutive weeks, and that did not deter him from coming back, with a car that looked liked it had won the week before, and never put his head down. And he went down fighting. KUDOS Todd

  5. i wanted to vote for 3. Todd owen for the same reasons stated by ken l, Meg fuller for her championship run that should have been successful if not for a couple of questionable racing incidents, and Derek debis for his skl performance. He had a number of runs that were the look of a seasoned racer.

  6. Megan Fuller had a great season, but Rocco towers over the short track scene in CT. Kudos to others, too – including Gray, Jordan, Pitkat, Owen and Debbis.

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