RaceDayCT: Daily Poll: Who Will Be The Next First Time Winner On The Whelen Modified Tour?

An abbreviated nine-race season for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour in 2020 saw no first-time winners. 

It marked the first year since the 2015 that a season passed with no first-time winners in Whelen Modified Tour action. 

So who will be the next first-time winner in Whelen Modified Tour action? Vote below. 


  1. Mad Max has the magic shoes from His Father. First time in Modified SK at Thompson he almost Won the race , But Ryan Preece passed him after a nice battle at the front. Then he Won in the #77 Modified.. Pretty sure he Finished 2nd at Stafford too.. Always Finishes in Top 5 every time out… You run at the front that much and a Win is always on its way .. Nocella is also very capable of a Win

  2. Suitcase Jake,
    He was fourth in the Whelen Modified Tour start at Stafford.

  3. I was surprised a couple of those guys didnt have wins yet. I could make an argument for 4 or 5 of them getting a win in the not too distant future. The depth of the field on the modified tour looks pretty good.

  4. How come the 01 is not on the list………….

  5. Clearly most of the voters were not at the track this year. Imagine that. Look at the point standings.

    Max has been impressive but I’m not sure open wheels is his path other than a one off here and there.

  6. My $$$ is on the 3️⃣ and Sapienza for a sleeper pick.

  7. So now that you have blessed us with your words of wisdom JD, who is your choice?

  8. The Atomic Punk says

    Max is going to spend about 5 mins. in a Mod

  9. Rich Gourley says

    I believe a first time winner will occur at Lancaster. The track will definitely favor local, maybe Andy J

  10. I agree. If the kid dedicated a serious run at the Modifieds, I would pick him, but I think he is headed to BIGGER things. Kid is too talented to hold down.

  11. I’d say Mad Max has a good shot at being the next first time winner on the WMT. He already has a win in the North South Shootout. For my first time full time driver it was tied between Dave Sapienza and Matt Swanson.
    Back to Max. The kid has a natural talent, and took to Tour mods like a fat kid to cake. I do see him moving up the ladder, probably to an Xfinity ride, but also running select WMT races, and don’t see it taking long to win in either case.

  12. I can only narrow that list down a little. Swanson may be next, but Nocella has looked real strong in the 82. Pasteryak has been running top 5 more and more often, I think they’re close. I think Sapienza needs just a little more to be right there as well. Robbie Summers has had some good runs but hasn’t had enough racing luck, hoping they find some!

  13. Speaking of new winners. I watched the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model “Rumble by the river” at Port Royal Speedway in Pennsylvania.
    Kyle Larson, in only his second start in a dirt late model, schooled them all leading every lap enroute to his first ever dirt late model win. He made it look easy.

  14. The only way there is a decent chance there can be a new first time winner is if JBon, Santos, Coby, and Silk all have bad races or don’t show up.

    Once again, folks yap it up that on any night, 10 or more cars have a chance of winning, and at the end of the season, 3-5 cars owned all the wins.

    And the SPEC motor has not helped parity.

    The same crew chiefs are owning the wins, and are rising to the top of the standings every year.

  15. Pasteryak has been running top five every race. When he doesn’t it’s because he was taken out. Got wrecked up front at both WMMP and Monadnock. That team is banging on the door. Deserves more than 5% of the vote if you use results as a factor.

  16. The goodfella does have a strong point, the stats will back that up… Winning Driver / Crew Chiefs combinations seem to dominate the Tour as much now as ever before…. Other than Mad Max grabbing a Win in a few races , I AGREE He is Moving up the NASCAR young gun fast track… But SELFISH me as a MOD SQUAD FAN would like to watch him in the #77 CAR as much as possible maybe half the schedule to shake up the lead pack as many times as possible… AS far as other Drivers, Nocella has been a proven Winner in Modifieds and the #82 Car is very capable of a WIN or 2… Pasteryak is also proven Winner with a strong Crew Chief. OLD BLUE is always capable of a WIN especially at Seekonk and Thompson which is now Open shows. I think Swanson needs to get a little tougher on the track to show that He’s not gonna be pushed out of the groove with no payback, Swanson is one CLEAN DRIVER that i like to root for , especially in OLD BLUE . But from what i have seen some Drivers take advantage of His Clean style and kinda push him around knowing HE won’t come right back and return the favor… Rameau and Williams are Used to Winning .. Either one or BOTH could roll into VICTORY LANE without any major surprise … Silk, Coby, and J – BON will DOMINATE AGAIN….

  17. In 9 races Pasteryak finished 12,7,20,10,20,4,13,16 & 13. His only DNF officially was Monadnock.
    10th in points. Maybe more then 5 but not much.
    I don’t know RaceDayCt nation. McLaughlin and Williams 1 and 3. You have to have the car. Ok I suppose being shiny new pennies and all. But part timers?
    BRE is working on a new chassis. On any given day they would seem to be the most likely to pull the surprise. Mostly because they have the most opportunities and they’re a really solid experienced team.

  18. 🌈JD🌈 posts, “Pasteryak has been running top five every race.”

    Doug posts, “In 9 races Pasteryak finished 12,7,20,10,20,4,13,16 & 13.”

    Hey 🌈JD🌈, what is your definition of “every”? You surely don’t let facts get in your way.


  19. Spoken like true TV watchers. The 75 got taken out while battling for the lead at WMMP in August. He also got taken out by MH at Monadnock while running with the leaders. They are tick off on speed but closing.

    The guy leading the poll doesn’t even have a ride or given any indication he will run mods next year.

  20. i THINK Rameau will be the guy, he has won in the MRS and if he can keep his temper in check has shown some speed, another year of experience and i think he willl be the One

  21. The 75 had an average finish of 12.78, and that is far, far, far from “top five every race”.


  22. 🍷🍷🍷 Liz Cherokee 🍷🍷🍷 says

    I can easily drink 12.78 glasses of wine over a weekend. That makes me a consistent top 5 performer! IMHDO, the young Swanson kid wins soon. He’s fine just like the fine wines from Swanson Vineyards–one of favorite places to visit when I’m in the Napa Valley. Bottoms up boys!

  23. Hey 🌈JD🌈, I can see the 75 move up to a top 5 if it stayed out under a caution and inherited some top 5 spot when the leaders and top 10-15 cars pitted, and maybe ran a few laps when it went back to green until the better cars took over.


  24. JD says
    November 17, 2020 at 8:56 pm
    Spoken like true TV watchers.

    It’s an unpleasant truth here in the forum. One that crops it’s ugly head far to often and for no reason. Yes I’m talking about racarcism. Intolerant, insecure fanscist’s that think it’s there place to tell others not sharing their methods of fandom what they should be watching, how they watch it and if they don’t they’re somehow inferior.
    I can’t know what it’s like for my black brothers and sisters and the intolerance they face. However we streamers can relate to being mocked and ridiculed for being different as unapologetic fans of live events via PPV content providers. Judged not for what we know but what events we are told we should be going to by racarcists. Made to feel inferior by fanscist’s with no experience in racing or actual record of attendance or expenditures on racing other then what they claim gives them the right to judge.
    That’s right JD I’m talking about you. Were you to have your way you’d deprive many including this old man of the ability to see races. Ban all streamed events says JD. A fanscist devoid of empathy that would deprive those that by personal choice or circumstance do not wish or can not physically attend races by physical limitation or geography. Know that we that stream races as well as see them in person will resist your intolerance and ignorant labeling knowing we are every bit as good as fanscist’s such as yourself and in most cases better informed.
    Whether you pay to see the race live and in person or pay to see the race as a PPV customer…………………..COUNT EVERY RACE!!!!!!!!

  25. 🌈JD🌈 posts, “Pasteryak has been running top five every race.”

    Yeah, after the top competitive cars pit and the 75 inherits a top 5 position, and that doesn’t last long, the top cars recover the top 5-10 positions, as expected, and displaces the 75.

    🌈JD🌈, facts are like kryptonite to you. You have a severe allergy to facts.

  26. 🌈JD🌈 posted, “Pasteryak has been running top five every race.”

    Spoken like a true fact denier.

    In other news related to racing, the #TrumpPandemic. Sweden, who tried denial as a first response to COVID-19 is frantically abandoning it’s herd immunity attempt [it didn’t work] and has imposed very strict coronavirus abatement protocols such as no outdoor gatherings greater than 8 people.

  27. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Jesus Christ Doug, you’re going to sit there and say you relate to black people because you get criticized for what you post on racedayct?

  28. Hey 🌈🦄 2020, it’s like when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

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