RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Who Will Win The 2020 US Presidential Election

It just makes sense today to take one day away from a racing poll and put something out there about what the whole world is talking about.

So it’s a simple, who will win the 2020 US Presidential Election? Vote below.


  1. Just voted. 10 minutes in and out, no line.

  2. Race fans are not high on Sleepy Joe. Then again, maybe this poll is fixed like the Most Popular Driver poll.

  3. I voted for honest dependable government. Wait, according to who you listen to no one on the ballot fits that model. I guess we are screwed no matter who is elected……….

  4. Is Max Zachem still β€œPresident of the Modifieds”?

  5. There were some positions on the ballot with only 1 name, the incumbent. So, what would happen if absolutely nobody voted for them? Could mickey mouse actually become the Registrar of deeds?

  6. Sleepy Joe? Good one. I certainly would not presume to assume Biden will win but were that the case I’d rather enjoy putting a series of news cycles together where things are a little sleepy as opposed to whatever this is now.
    Trump is overwhelmingly popular in the racing community for sure. Which makes me all the more grateful that the ridiculous billboard the Stuart team planted on the back of the 85 did not become more popular. The desire to mimic it was no doubt discussed by many teams. In the end the overwhelming majority showed good taste by not subjecting we non believers to reminders of their adulation every lap and used appropriately sized expressions of support. Thank you for that.
    The final calls by some of the most respected prognosticators:
    IBD/TIPP Biden 50.2 to Trump 46.2.
    FiveThirtyEight- Biden with an 89% chance of winning.
    Smarkets- Biden 68.49 and rising
    Cook Political Report-Biden at 290 Electoral votes for the win.
    Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball- Biden 321 Electoral votes for the win
    I don’t support Trump but that doesn’t prevent this nerd from appreciating how monumental a win this time would be. If Trump beats the odds this time he’s beating not just Biden and those that picked him to lose. He’s beating historical precedent by threading the needle with an approval rating in the mid 40’s, a bad economic situation not to mention spiking infection rates. He’d win even in the face of losing the popular vote by a significant amount for the second time. It would make the shocking win in 2016 pale in comparison.
    And Trump still could win. In fact my clan left broken and dispirited by what happened in 2016 and since then is just a pathetic mass of insecurity convinced the guy will do it again. It’s actually kind of funny to see.
    Good luck all you Trump supporting race fans. If he wins it’s the undying support he’s gotten from people such as yourselves all over the country that made is possible. Not a political party, policies, legislation or anything of the sort but a belief system. Well that and the ridiculously outdated electoral college system that makes Republican votes in Connecticut and Democratic votes in Alabama irrelevant.

  7. I predict the 176 Tri Tack Modified will overdrive it into 3 and take out the top 2 favorites to win.

  8. I live in MA. They called it for the democrat last night before the polls opened. I am not sure if this State has ever voted in a Republican President. Maybe in the 80s before I could vote but I dont remember MA voting in a Republican for the highest office. It kind of diminishes your interest in voting when the state leans so heavily in one direction. I still do but it is no secret who will win MA.

  9. I predict the sun will rise and set tomorrow.

  10. Trump is popular with some racers. In the NHRA Erica Enders has a “women for Trump” decal on her car at Gainesville, but it wasn’t there the rest of the year. Bo Burner had ” racers for Trump” plastered on his car, and at Las Vegas had the car wrapped to mimic Air Force 1.
    A few of the no name funny car and top fuel teams also had Trump decals. In NASCAR I recall seeing one Truck and 1 ARCA car with Trump, in addition to the Stuart #85.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, that’s the beauty of this country, and I support that as long as people don’t attempt to force their opinion on me. We all know Trump’s record, We all know Bidens record. People are voting in record numbers, and as long as the losers take the loss with dignity everything should be ok.

  11. Csg:
    I live in mass as well, and during my lifetime, if I recall correctly (and that is highly suspect, I assure you) we voted for Regan twice, in my lifetime. Have not fact checked that yet though.

  12. Viva race fan says

    Seems like nobody wants to stick it out there. I own several businesses and they are thriving. I apologize for the people who are struggling but without Donald Trump I believe it would be business as usual with our over greedy government officials.
    Anybody that takes any type of guidance or has any respect for Nancy Pelosi as an American you got to be out of your mind this is the most disrespectful person in the United States anybody that protects their side and their thoughts of government are out of control. Get off your lazy butts and go to work you appreciate it more. Retirements up IRA’s are up. Just go check your monthly statements if you have an investment or you have a retirement you’ll see what Trump has done for us. As a person I like to smack him in his head but as a present and I think he’s doing a pretty darn good job. Hey too late to go vote now. By the time we get done with Nancy and sleepy Joe it could be about four months before we find out who wins this deal .

  13. Yeah I thought we might have voted Reagan. That was before I was old enough to vote. I dont think we have voted a republican for President since I started voting, the clinton election that is bil clinton. The state polls closed at 8pm they projected for Biden with 0 percent of the polls reporting. I just find it funny. It really diminishes your desire to vote when you know that outcome is almost guaranteed. Whether you are voting democrat or republican in the state of MA why waste your time. I am watching the polls come in. It looks a lot closer than they were predicting. I doubt we find out who wins tonight.

  14. The west coast polls are still open and voters were told if you are in line when the polls close at 8 PM you will still be allowed to vote. Gonna be a while until we know.

  15. The Atomic Punk says

    the vote is in and David Lee Roth beat Sammy Hagar,

  16. Viva race fan says

    Trump is making a big come back . Looks like sleepy Joe doesn’t have enough electoral if he wins what he is leading . Fingers crossed for 4 more years . 3:10 am update …..

  17. Waiting for election results. Waiting for racing news. A whole lot of waiting going on. I don’t like to wait.

  18. Next poll should be when do we know the results of the Presidential Election. It is going to be very close and whoever wins the other side is probably going to contest it. I have a feeling it is going to get much worse before it gets better.

  19. πŸŒˆπŸ¦„2020 says

    Where’s that blue wave they’ve been talking about the last few years? Those idiots on the TV got it wrong yet again.

  20. No surprise, Trump has already filed lawsuits contesting the election and results. Does a winner do that?

  21. I’m happy. Went to bed thinking Trump was a lock only to see taint so. Actually at this moment should Nevada, Wisconsin and Michigan hold up Biden won’t even need PA. That of course is just this moment in time. Then there is the recounts and legal challenges. But it beats losing last night.
    Sure the pundits were wrong again so recriminations and finger pointing will ensue.
    Interestingly even though the worse case situation was realized with a murky result still in doubt the stock market is rallying. No doubt loving the fact old Mitch will still be leading the blocking against the conversion to USSR style socialism we hear so much of on talk radio with Democrats fully in power.
    We started with Trump claiming victory last night and now the howling about post election day vote counting and the dishonesty of it all is the talk of the day in some circles. Fact is most states are still counting votes. No one cares about most because they are not determinate of whom is elected More mail in ballots are coming in for Democrats it appears and that is exactly the way it was projected. As was the election day strength for Republicans that also happened as expected.
    To all those that may be upset at the process or the prospect of a Trump defeat with harsh judgements, name calling and insults have at it. We Democrats may be a minority in the racing community but that in short order will fade to irrelevance.. However if you are reading this the likelihood is that you live in a blue state where you will be the minority for at least a couple more years.
    More sausage please!

  22. You would think as technically advanced as this country is we should have been waking up knowing who the president elect was.

  23. Atomic Punk, thank you for the laugh. That was priceless, even though I voted for Sammy….

  24. Hey viva have you noticed the stock market the last couple days with Biden expected to win or maybe you can Google how the market does with a republican president or a democratic president , look back in history a little bit , like Rob said everyone has an opinion and I respect that . Trump would be way ahead if had just a little respect , and got rid of his dam Twitter account

  25. Punk, if I’m right, as I usually am, Sammy Hagar was the vocalist on Van Halen’s best selling album, and single. So he wins. R.I.P. Eddie, your riffs will forever live on.
    In politics, isn’t it funny that Democratic Massachusetts has a Republican Governor, who happens to be, in my opinion, the best governor in my lifetime. In Massachusetts your basically voting for congress, the presidency usually goes democrat.
    # Charlie Baker for President 2024

  26. Screw this Electoral College BS. It should be one person=1 vote, and the guy with the most votes wins. All votes should be in by election day, especially with early voting.

  27. These elections are turning into Election Days rather than Election Day.

  28. As of this writing, Biden leads Trump by 3.5 million American votes.

    The 2016 election was decided by 77,000 votes from three states tilting the EC.

    The #TrumpPandemic in the USA claimed 1,201 American lives, and produced 108,389 new cases today.

  29. Earl,
    I’d rather see every vote counted fairly over whatever amount of time it takes to do that than turn it into a made for TV reality show that has to be done by 11 pm.

  30. Yes, every single vote should be counted, including the tens of thousands of votes discovered in post offices yesterday
    I don’t ever remember all the votes being counted on the actual election day. For various reasons the count tends to stretch out a couple of days. In Pennsylvania they count votes arriving 3 days after election day as long as they are postmarked on or before election day. The wins we see on TV are predictions based on trends.

  31. From the time George Washington was elected, some elections may have been called in one day when margins were greater but elections have never been one day events. The one day election is a made for TV event that this time around never proved to be so inadequate.
    Gotta give some credit to the election tech crew and race officials all over the country. While Trump Tweets about his continuing victories and calls for a full stop with his legal team on line one. Encouraging his supporters show up in places like Phoenix and Detroit to enforce his will the better among us are in the trenches all over the country committing blatant, unapologetic democracy. Long hours, tedious work and thankless. Accepting added risk with a pandemic raging. Being called horrible things if they happen to be doing what we aren’t in contested areas by whomever is not getting the desired result.

  32. Thursday 8am. Things are getting tight, but no new news. I think Biden is going to get it.

  33. You, over there, stop counting, you down there keep counting. Yo, Rudy, voter fraud in Pennsylvania. Eric, do dad a favor and go to Michigan. Wait, I thought I told you to stop counting, no not you you just keep counting. Stop the mail.

    OMG, I’ve never ever witnessed anything like this. It’s kind of comical, yet at the same time pathetic.

  34. Folks, the actual CERTIFICATION of election results lasts well into December. The states have their own statutory required completion timelines. The shortest is about a week for a handful of states, then the rest of the states range in time all the way out to the middle of December.

    The election results are not official until that last states certified their results, and this is the way it has been forever.

    And it is well known that the mail in ballots were leaning blue, so it makes sense that the Trump train wants to interfere with the postal system and that channel of ballots, including stopping the counting.

  35. Sammy all day long.

  36. I’m not much into getting in the middle of political conversations, HOWEVER… Call me crazy, but you would think that people in charge of the ballots would have taken into account the extremely large amount of mail-in votes because of COVID and made one-time arrangements to start counting them last week without releasing any info on them until 11/3. Just sayin’…

  37. DLR — VH1, VH2 and Fair Warning are classics!

  38. This is a very long Tuesday.

  39. Clearly Trump does not understand the difference between voting (casting a ballot) and then counting and compiling the results.

  40. An example Nevada. All ballots verified by Nov. 10. Signature challenges by Nov. 12. Vote count ends Nov. 16. Then the certification process starts. This is provided a recount challenge isn’t filed, but couldn’t find a date for that.

  41. Fast Eddie,
    My understanding is that a number of states tried to take steps to begin processing mail-in ballots early but were rebuffed. In Pennsylvania, which seems to be the furthest lacking in counting mail-in ballots, the Republican controlled legislature refused to allow a change in the law that mandates mail-in ballots not being processed until Election Day.
    In my opinion it’s actually a good thing. If you had allowed many states to process and count ballots before Election Day there could be that information could get leaked and could influence people about voting in person unfairly, which could cause issues for both sides potentially.


  42. If counting was stopped now, Biden is the winner. Don’t understand why Trump wants to stop the counting.


  44. I guess there seems to be an issue in some states with mail in ballots being counted that were post marked late. I just don’t understand how states that have years to prepare for elections have not instituted a more efficient, streamlined process of tabulating and certifying all election results to ensure they are accurate. Thanks to all involved in the current process and hopefully it will change for the better in the next four years.

    I have no issue with all legally constituted ballots being counted in fairness to all candidates involved. I guess some don’t care how long it takes and how much money it costs however, lets at least try to be fiscally responsible about how it is done. This is our tax dollars at work here and as far as I know money does not grow on trees.

  45. πŸŒˆπŸ¦„2020 says

    I can’t wait until Biden gets into office and shuts the virus down. Not the country but only the virus.

  46. Earl,
    I haven’t seen any news reports (from repeatable media outlets) about any issues with ballots getting through with late postmarks. There was a story in the Washington Post about the high volume of ballots that the US Postal Service failed to deliver on time. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/11/03/election-ballot-delays-usps/%3foutputType=amp

  47. Earl, what rock are you living under?

    Trump brought in his crony DeJoy to dismantle and dismember the USPS. They took many high speed sorting machines off line and hobbled the mail system right before the election.

    This is all made far worse by the #TrumpPandemic that shifted voting away from in-person voting to mail-in and absentee options.

    So Trump massively hobbled the USPS and failed to address the #TrumpPandemic that resulted in massive shift to mail-in voting.

    And now Trump is saying to count these ballots but not those, and of course, he’s doing what is in his best interest, not yours.

  48. With all this talk Trump is doing about fraud, and it being a rigged election, and the Dems stealing the election, it was nice to see a calm Joe Biden speak to the American people today, asking them to be patient
    Trump rigged the election, the day he appointed DeJoy, who immediately started screwing up the postal system. He speaks of fraud. The fraud is the thousands upon thousands of ballots that were found in sorting centers in battle ground states at 3pm on election day, thereby negating those votes. Now with all these baseless lawsuits, he is trying to steal this election.
    Donald will go down in history as the president who tried to dismantle democracy, and came pretty Damm close
    It still baffles me how an idiot who throws kids in cages, is a definite racist and sexist, and who outright lies on a consistent basis. An idiot who downplayed Covid, refusing to fight this virus, and causing over 200,000 needless deaths managed to get as many votes as he has. Just goes to show there are allot of very very stupid people in this country.

  49. Biden is doing really well among dead voters. The dead really turned out for him in the battleground states. LOL.

    Regardless of this result, the election was an epic failure for Democrats. Sounds like we may end up with a new Speaker of the House. Thank God!! Maybe Congress can get something done now.

  50. Trump just made an address… the major TV stations all broke away when he went into a diatribe about all sorts of false accusations. He’s already lost a couple, perhaps all, of the court cases. The cases were thrown out for lack of evidence. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣. Don’t have to make anything up when there are these facts.

  51. Anyone catch Trump’s 6:45pm rant? The Networks and cable news channels all dropped it mid speech because if all the false BS. Even Fox news corrected some of his statements.
    JD, why is there going to be a new speaker? Dems kept the house. And the Senate is still in play due to runoffs in Georgia scheduled for January.

  52. I.S. House of Representatives
    Democrat:. 226
    Republican: 209
    Democrats maintain majority, Pelosi Speaker of House, McCarthy minority leader.

  53. The House Dems vote for their Speaker on Jan 3rd. Sounds like she doesn’t have the votes as it stands today. Hopefully it stays that way. Yes, the Speaker will be a Democrat. It’s just not a given it is Nancy again. Sounds like the House may want to go in a different direction.
    She needs to go. As does Schumer. On the same token I thought Graham and McConnell needed to go to and they both won going away. I’m in favor of new blood on both sides. Fresh faces with new ideas.

  54. Joe Biden has set a record for the number of votes received by a presidential candidate ever. And that number, now over 73 million is still rising.
    # 1 person, 1 vote

  55. As Georgia and Pennsylvania slip away Trump should be looking more to future opportunity and less to inciting civil unrest that in the end won’t be appreciated or successful. Instead of completely bizarre press conferences with a litany of conspiracy theories and claims that have just about zero chance of being proven don’t forget a golden opportunity that may await.
    What does Trump do best. He loves to talk, loves to have fans adore him, is second to none in promotion and embraces conflict and division. Really it’s right in front of us all. Rush Limbaugh has a limited horizon and the spot will be opening up sooner as opposed to later. What better forum to poke pins in Biden from affair and unlike the presidency what he says has no standard for accuracy.
    Sure I get it. If the election doesn’t go your way wrap things up by trying to rip out the fabric of the country by the roots on your way out blah, blah, blah. Polls may not have been as accurate as one would hope but the reaction we are seeing in real time was completely expected mainly because he said as much.
    But know when to fold it because opportunity awaits.

  56. It’s not a crime to want the votes counted. Looks like GA could have been called wrong. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Yes, we need a better system. Unfortunately what we have today is what we have. I think we all want and deserve a no doubt winner based on votes.

  57. 🌈JD🌈 sobbed, “It’s not a crime to want the votes counted. Looks like GA could have been called wrong. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Yes, we need a better system. Unfortunately what we have today is what we have. I think we all want and deserve a no doubt winner based on votes.”

    It’s not a crime to want the votes counted. It is a crime to interfere with the vote, such as trying to stop the votes from being counted, or sending mobs of thugs to intimidate vote counting centers.

    It’s been known for months and months that PA, GA, NC, NV, AZ, FL, MI, WI, MN, OH and TX were going to be close. Some much closer than others. The polling data over the last year shows that. Some has been historical, some states are leaning a new direction.

    The game is working, the process is working. The system is working. People are ignorant and have no idea how it works and when they don’t get their way, they put their ignorance on display. It has always taken weeks, or months, to close out elections, as it has for over 200 years.

    Hate the player, for sure. There is a world pandemic going on that has killed million and infected and harmed many millions more. But the world is laser focused on getting rid of Trump as President.

    A better system could start with the elimination of the Electoral College. Read the Federalist Papers to see how rich white people designed the system to make it appear that it was democratic, but they could keep their finger on the scales. If there was no EC, the problems we are seeing would not exist. The EC does not sate the issues it was believed or supposed to address, and it is woefully antiquated, obsolete and out-dated.

    As long as Trump does not influence the vote with his sending of his thugs to voting centers in AZ, Detroit, MI and other places, this should be another fine example of American democracy in action and how it resists corruption.

    As all the State officials have been and are saying, there is no consequential fraud in the vote. There may be trivial irregularities and errors, but no consequential, widespread fraud as Trump fraudulently bloviates.

    But, if there is one thing we should have learned, what ever Trump accuses others of doing, he is doing it BIGLY himself.

    Trump was Tweeting out “STOP THE COUNT” yesterday. If that happened, Biden would be the winner. Perhaps Trump should just concede. That’s gonna be a great MUST SEE TV speech.


    2nd Amendment. It is stunning to see how stupid people are. Trump keeps dog whistling that “they” are going to take away your 2A rights. Well, people need to understand what it would take to do so, and realize that it is impossible to do so. The process to make changes to the Constitution is intentionally difficult, and simple control of the House, Senate, and Executive branches isn’t going to do it. Far from it. But yet, Trump keeps putting this out there and the ignoramuses act on it with displays of their precious weapons.

  58. BREAKING NEWS: Trump wins the State of Denial with 472% of the vote.

  59. Hey 🌈JD🌈, you mad bro?


    The 2022 midterms are going to be a bloodbath. There are far more GOP Senate seats up for reelection than the Dems, and the Dem seats are SOLID. πŸ—³

  60. When Trump leaves office, he has to go back to his failing businesses and deal with the millions and millions of debt he’s in, with a severely reduced revenue stream.

    And the legal problems.

    And he can no longer claim executive immunity.


  61. When the dust settles both sides had some wins and losses and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Fundamentally I’m against waves and what they produce. The ACA helped a lot of people and was well intended but flawed and cost we Democrats dearly. The Trump tax cuts were never necessary, did not accomplish what they were intended to and were not accompanied by cuts in spending. Both products of waves. Never know this divided government sans Trump may be just what the doctor ordered.
    One candidate went undefeated. One I support that for some unknown reason was not on the ballot in Connecticut.
    The green waive rolled on in Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, Mississippi and South Dakota that approved, advanced or liberalized marijuana laws.
    Liberal, conservative, makes not difference. Americans want weed legalized.
    Seriously what do we have to lose?

  62. Pretty bold prediction about the mid terms.

  63. Doug, does it really matter if you are killed by a driver who is impaired by alcohol marijuana? Dead is dead and both have no place when you are behind the wheel.

  64. πŸŒˆπŸ¦„2020 says

    Thank God that Trump is going to be on Dafellas brain for many more years to come. I don’t know what I’d do while reading something about Lutz, Bonsignore or anyone and not have him post something about Trump.

  65. Earl, even a devout GOP’er would agree. Go look at the ’22 Senate seats up for reelection.

  66. If elected, the Biden/Harris campaign made, many promises to the voters of this country. Let’s see how many of these promises they keep. I am certain that will be taken into consideration in determining the outcome of the mid term elections. But I don’t see Biden in office that long anyway, he is just a place holder. Until that time he will be led around like a little puppy by his party.

  67. Earl, Mitch McConnell has already announced that he will veto all of Biden’s Cabinet picks. Let that give you an idea of what is going to happen and not happen.

  68. One thing we surely won’t see is second guessing from the party of Trump. If he had embraced the pandemic as a war and lead the fight against it he would have been unbeatable in my view. We’d be going into this dark time in any event but the country would have perceived the guy as a leader we couldn’t afford to abandon at a critical time. Missed opportunity and lack of understanding of history in my view.
    Who’s your captain Trump nation…………..Howie Carr. Yesterdays poll: How many of you will listen to Biden’s speech tonight (Friday)? The results……99% no. Shocking that 1% would I’m thinking.
    Over 80 kindred spirits in RaceDayCT nation willing to click for Biden. There are more then a few of us it would appear and we aren’t Marxist’s, Socialists, Radical Liberals or anything of the like. I certainly would not speak for any of them but it’s not hard to imagine they may feel like I. These are challenging times. We hope for the best result possible with sound policies and to be lead through difficult times competently using the best people and information available but that’s not what we most wanted. What we most wanted was a person, any person, man or woman that was not Trump. We wanted desperately for the fire hose of whatever that was coming out of the guy almost hourly on virtually any subject no matter how irrelevant to the job to just stop. It won’t stop of course even in his anticipated loss but at least he won’t be doing it as a president.
    Last night was everything I had hopped it would be. A brief chat, no drama, no lies that I could discern. No accusations, controversy or grudges to settle . Predictable, uncontroversial and boring actually. Sublime in it’s simplicity.
    It’s not over and we know it. Trump in my view continues to rule as president defect and Biden as on now is not president elect. Trump can do as much damage as he cares to in the fight to hold power or not. There’s no legal requirement to concede nor any reason a president has to agree to a peaceful transition of power. I’m thinking in the end he will accept a loss and live to fight another day in some capacity leading his followers. He’ll do it because there will be just too may people around him not willing to fall on their sword in a losing fight.
    Most of you don’t agree with any of that. I wanted to express the feeling of what I think many Democrats feel without insulting anyone that voted the other way in the process.

  69. 🌈JD🌈, is this the result you were blathering about?


  70. Somebody get a wellness check for 🌈JD🌈.

  71. That’s right, the republicans can’t block what Biden wants but, the Dumbacrats blocked everything Trump wanted.

  72. Earl,

    Just for facts sake I’ll respond on this. One of the biggest campaign promises made by Donald Trump was to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). Trump actually promised multiple times before his inauguration that he would get it done within days of taking office in January 2017. When Trump took office in January 2017 Republicans controlled the House of Representatives by a margin of 236-196 and controlled the Senate by a margin of 54-44 (with two independents). So how do you blame β€œDumbacrats” as you said for not getting done what he promised? I’m not trying to argue for one side or the other here, just asking how you can assign blame to Democrats for mandates not being achieved? When Trump took office Republicans controlled both the House and the Senate, so for two years there was actually no way for Democrats to actually block anything from happening. Repeal and replace was blocked by the Republicans who controlled both chambers of Congress when it failed in 2017.

  73. Earl I think you had a little to much kool aid, has the check from Mexico cleared yet , I bet you believed that too

  74. I have to say I can relate to Earl. We are probably at the same emotion level only in opposite directions. No doubt the inverse of 2016.

  75. Why thank you Doug. But Clinton? Really?

    What check are you speaking of Elect? I never ever received one.

    How many checks have you taken this year? Just wondering.

  76. Earl, the GOP controlled all three branches when Trump was elected and still got nothing done. Why? Because Trump had no plan at all. It’s in his book, no plan, go day by day. He still makes like he has a plan, and it’s a big secret that he will roll out soon. He’s been saying that he has a plan for a Obamacare replacement for four years. πŸ‚πŸ’© That was the story the first two years of Twump, that he had the House and Senate, and was getting NOTHING done.

    Spontaneous celebrations are popping up all over the world.

    Here’s Trump’s cover song, for his concession speech:


  77. Where are these spontaneous celebrations you are speaking of? All over the world? Please provide the locations.

  78. I don’t know about the world but they are definitely breaking out across major cities in the US.
    Thank you RaceDayCT for providing a place to express our feelings on the election. It did seem to keep the other threads more focused and not disrupted with political stuff. Might want to consider a new repository for political stuff as this one rolls to the back pages.

  79. Doug, dareal reported it so it had to be accurate. Still waiting on the specific locations for the β€œworld wide celebrations” from him. He certainly has no problem with providing links to everything else Trump so this one should be a piece of cake.

  80. Earl, you need to watch something other than Fox. It’s there, you can do it.

    And Earl, the check from Mexico that that Elect is talking about is because Trump said Mexico was going to pay for the wall. So did Mexico send the check to pay for the wall as Tump said?

  81. Dareal, you said what you said, where are these bigly huge world wide celebrations?

    Your patented answer every time you make a statement and called out for it is, β€œit’s there”. OK happy to hear it’s there, where? What are the locations? I would think you would be proud to prove you are right just to shove it in someone’s face. I think you just throw πŸ’© against the wall to see if it sticks.

    During Biden’s speech today he used a number of β€œtwo hundred thirty million thousand Americans” when referring to the virus. Two hundred thirty million thousand? Really? Is that a real number? This is your president elect speaking, can’t wait to hear more.

  82. Earl, it’s all out there. Especially on Twitter. People are posting videos from all over the world. You’re not going to see this on Fox. Any decent news aggregator is carrying it. If you can’t find it for yourself, you do not deserve to have someone hand it to you.

    I do not have to spoon feed you. Just because you can’t find it does not not mean it isn’t happening. You are the only one that can’t find it. Makes you feel special?

    Did you just find the internet an hour ago?

  83. Hey Earl, do you watch Saturday Night LIVE? They included the fact that Trump is getting dragged around the country and the WORLD by spontaneous celebrations in the News Desk segment.

  84. Hey Earl, I’m watching the news now, 9:16 AM Sunday morning, November 8, and there is a segment on right now as I type about how the US election is being celebrated around the world. How are you not seeing this? You must be working very hard at being ignorant.

  85. Sorry, working for a living unlike some others. Don’t have time to sit around in my basement in my jammys watching TV and texting.

  86. Excuse me posting

  87. Earl mumbled, “Sorry, working for a living unlike some others. Don’t have time to sit around in my basement in my jammys watching TV and texting.”

    Nice concession speech.

  88. When FOX NEWS cuts out of your press briefing due to the dishonesty, and unfounded remarks, isn’t it time to go?

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