RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Is Your Opinion Of The 2021 Stafford Speedway Schedule?

Stafford Speedway management announced their 2021 schedule on Wednesday.

So what are your thoughts? Tell us your opinion below.


  1. Potential for the WMT champ to be crowned at Stafford in 2021. It’s been a while since that has happened if that turns out to be the case.

  2. solsticeson says

    Time will tell how the schedule and yr will work out, govt keeps flexin its muscles w/ all this social distancing non-sense may be another slow start,

  3. To those that had Stafford making massive changes in 2021 you didn’t read their book. The history spanning decades. It was never about Tri Track vs the NWMT. It was about incremental change. It’s always about incremental change with them and this year is no different.
    The two ticket deal takes lessons learned from the season of the pandemic and creates a new business model.
    It’s two audiences. Neither of which has to feel they are paying for something they may not be particularly interested in. The Late Model crowd that’s substantial gets their moment in the spotlight and don’t have to share it with anyone. SK’s for a double header but the rest of the support divisions split providing event value but keeping the two day total purse within a tighter budget. One profit center becomes two potentially with some of the costs split between two events. It’s freaking brilliant. There is every reason to believe that with good weather the total weekend crowd consisting of two audiences will be substantially greater then a normal Sizzler weekend with substantially less risk. Not to mention a whole tranche of Late Model fans in Northern New England and around Seekonk tuning into StaffordSpeedway.TV.
    Teams wanted a week off so they get September 17th. Strategically located for a competing event perhaps. But nothing lost since the following weekend it’s back to the two day grind or is that reading too much into it?
    Leave it to Stafford to get a bunch of lemons dumped in their lap and end up making a tasty lemonade.

  4. I think that week off may be earmarked for a make up event. Just in case weather or Covid forces a few too many cancellations. Overall I am happy with the schedule. The highlight for me is Granite State. It is good to see whelen there 3 times. I really thought they would be reduced. Its great for the tour as most of their teams are in the CT area and with the potential loss of Thompson and NHMS keeping Stafford had to be a priority for them. I wasnt a big fan of Tri Track expanding their schedule to include several larger venues. While I would not mind a race at Stafford I wouldnt want the Tri track to start running multiple events on half miles. Stick to their roots on bullrings where multiple engine combos have proven to be competitive against each other. I also dont think it would be fair to Seekonk to take the Haunted hundred away for something not under their control when they have been a big supporter of the Tri track series over the years. Any idea when we can expect the Whelen Mod tour schedule? I want to see what they have for races in the state of NH.

  5. Yes – I believe 9/17 is a “rain date”, so there may be no guarantee of a night off. It will be interesting to the details related to the “throw out your worst night” provision.

  6. have to give Stafford credit for scheduling the prostock race on the first weekend of the season and making it two shows – my thinking it is the only way the prostock can draw a decent crowd. everyone will already be at the track.- might as well throw in a bonus to anyone that can win both sk and prostock races that day.

  7. Just about all other tracks have legit off weekends in July or Aug now. Stafford is behind the times there. Seekonk and Star have several over the summer. Stafford’s season is so long too. Yet another reason for a team to buy an Open car and sell an SK. Time off is important. Listen to your drivers Stafford. Have an off weekend and schedule a flea market, carnival,car show, Monster Truck show etc to fill the void.

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