Stafford Announces 2021 Opening Weekend With Whelen Mod Tour, Granite State Pro Stocks

Stafford Speedway is announcing portions of the 2021 schedule through social media today. 

The first announcement came offering details on NAPA Auto Parts opening weekend, including the NAPA Spring Sizzler April 24-25, 2021.

The two event weekend will feature a Saturday card that will welcome the Granite State Pro Stock Series to the track for the first time for a 75-lap feature on April 24.

The Saturday card will also include 40-lap SK Modified feature, 30-lap Late Model feature, 20-lap Limted Late Model feature and 20-lap Street Stock feature. 

The Sunday April 25 card for opening weekend will include the 150-lap NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Spring Sizzler, a 40-lap SK Modified feature, a 20-lap SK Light Modified feature and a 15-lap Vintage All-Stars feature.Β 

The opening weekend will have separate tickets for each event day.

Live Updates Of Stafford Speedway 2021 Schedule Release


  1. JD is Happy. The world is normal again. Regardless of what the rest of the schedule looks like Stafford got it right. Can’t wait for the Sizzler!!!

  2. Well that resolves the debate about the WMT at Stafford! My guess is there may be 2-3 more scheduled, particularly due to Thompson apparently not having any. Possibly four each of WMT and Open events sounds good to me! I also like the “separate tickets for each day”. Not everyone can attend all days of a multi-day event.

  3. πŸŒˆπŸ¦„2020 says

    Is the drama really necessary for a schedule release?

  4. 2020 nope not necessary and kind of ridiculous. My biggest questions have already been answered with the first weekend. Granite state and Whelen are on the schedule. They kind of ended most of the drama for me with the first release. Its a hat trick of holidays Veterans Day, Singles Day and Stafford Schedule release day.

  5. Well, it’s Wednesday, exactly as I said it would be.

  6. The suspense is killing me. I hope it lasts.

  7. GSPSS is going to be cool, can’t wait to hear them hitting that chip down the straights.

  8. Great news, good to see. Now everyone buckle down and fight this virus, so it may actually happen. Mask up people, and do the right things.
    Remember, we’re not Democrats or Republicans WE ARE ALL AMERICANS. It’s time to work together and fight, so we all can enjoy some great racing.

  9. The track publicly announced on Monday they would be releasing the schedule today. Nice “prediction” genius. Yet, I’m still surprised you got it correct. LOL

    So where are all the people who said there would be no WMT races in Connecticut????

  10. Well said Rob P!!!

  11. 2020, with no racing, all we have right now is anticipation of schedules, which has a little extra intrigue due to the virus. And yeah, yeah, what Rob P said!

  12. πŸŒˆπŸ¦„2020 says

    So release a schedule. Simple as that. No need for dribs and drabs all day long. So now what, Thompson is next and going to release the 6 event schedule all day? We’ll find out about the Icebreaker at 8am. Then we’ll be anxiously waiting for the World Series around 8pm.

  13. It’s only a schedule folks. 2020 started with plenty of schedules that never happened. No reason whatsoever that any schedule released now or even up through March will happen.

    Remember, the ‘rona 🦠 is in charge.

  14. Paul T. First thanks. Like everyone else, I am looking forward to 2021, and maybe a return to something resembling normalcy. Covid is skyrocketing throughout the country right now, and for the foreseeable future. I highly doubt anything will change before January 20th as far as federal help. The simplest thing we all can do is MASK UP. We have to put aside our differences, and work together as a United country if we’re going to get a grip on Covid. A mask should never be interpreted as a sign of political affiliation. The scientists all agree masks protect to an extent, and it’s time to listen to the scientists,and not the politicians.
    I hope everyone is safe strong and sane, and that we can all put politics aside for now and concentrate on the real issue, Covid.
    If you truly love your country, and the freedom it affords, do the right thing…MASK UP!!!

  15. Apparently this is the way to release schedules and generate a buzz and some talk. I know I checked Stafford website and RacedayCT atleast 3 or 4 times over the course of the day. That is a lot more than I normally do. whelen released a few dates a week ago. We are still waiting for the full Mod tour schedule. So they are doing something similar putting out just a portion to get people talking. Whelen is usually good for a surprise or two.

  16. I haven’t checked all day. Just laughing πŸ˜† here.

  17. With Thompson, Stafford, and NHMS posting events, I’m counting 3 WMT and 11 Open Modified shows so far. That doesn’t include the projected 6 TriTrack events at Seekonk, Star, & Monadnock, supposedly two at each track. Then there’s also the SK 5K. Modified racing is alive and well! I’m sure the virus will have an adverse effect on some of these events, but if things at least are not any worse then this summer and fall when Spring rolls around, I think most of these events will happen.

  18. 3 WMT events at 1 track compared to 17 “open” shows at various tracks in New England. Kinda lopsided. It will be interesting to see how many WMT drivers race the open shows as well as teams. The open format rules allow for more options as a car owner, providing more opportunities to race in a somewhat small geographic area. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how the various schedules fill out, still have MRS maybe?

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