Whelen Modified Tour Off South Boston Speedway Schedule For 2021

South Boston Speedway in South Boston, Va. released a 13-event 2021 schedule Thursday which did not include the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.

South Boston was added to the Whelen Modified Tour schedule in 2019. Ron Silk won the March 2019 event.

The Whelen Modified Tour was scheduled to return to South Boston in March 2020 but the event was ultimately cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Whelen Modified Tour series director Jimmy Wilson confirmed Thursday that as of now the series has nothing scheduled for South Boston for 2021, but left the door open for that to change saying: “Anything can happen between now and releasing our schedule.”

The 2019 Whelen Modified Tour event at South Boston was the second event the series had run at the iconic Virginia short track. Jerry Marquis won in March 2001 at South Boston in the division’s first event there. The track hosted the former Whelen Southern Modified Tour 11 times between 2009-2016.

The 2021 South Boston schedule features an event for the Southern Modified Auto Racing Tour (SMART) on April 3.

South Boston marks the third track that was on the 2020 Whelen Modified Tour schedule that is not expected to return to the schedule for 2021.

American-Canadian Tour operator Cris Michaud, who is partnering with Pro All Stars Series operator Tom Mayberry to run a six-event schedule at Thompson Speedway next season, said recently that as of now they don’t expect to host a Whelen Modified Tour event at the track in 2021. The Whelen Modified Tour has been part of the schedule at Thompson every year since it’s inception in 1985.

The Whelen Modified Tour was scheduled to make its Iowa Speedway debut in August 2020, but that event also proved to be a casualty of COVID-19 restrictions. Iowa Speedway officials recently announced that they would not host the Xfinity Series or Camping World Truck Series in 2021. The Whelen Modified Tour had been scheduled as part of the Xfinity Series weekend at Iowa in 2020.


  1. No big surprise there. I didn’t expect three trips to VA. The VA portion of the schedule is just fine with me.

    The 2020 schedule was released one year ago today. I’m guessing that won’t repeat itself today.

  2. I would like to see Langley return to the schedule.I live in Delaware that and Jennerstown are the two closest tracks to me.

  3. James E DuPont says

    No NWMT but SMART Modifieds April 3. Interesting.

  4. OMG! no really OMG! How will South Boston survive without the almighty WMT race? How could they do that? They might as well year down the grandstands and start building condo’s. They’re doomed.

  5. I finally figured it out. What makes the almighty WMT so great, so far above other forms of Modified racing…
    … They sell T-shirts.
    You can actually buy a
    T-shirt depicting your favorite team.

  6. wmass01013 says

    OK Rob p, whats with the WMT hate in every post?????????? for another guy who doesnt attend races you have lots of HATE, there is No Almighty WMT, but your rants are becoming silly every thread about the WMT Shawn Post you have to make negative remarks, u can BUT T SHIRTs of any driver in ANY series, alll U DO IS POST VIRUS UPDATES AND WMT HATE

  7. Too bad that’s a magnificent tract.
    A year ago today the NWMT schedule was released. Stafford followed on the 13th.
    My money is on a power struggle going on behind the scenes.
    There’s a blockbuster headline coming for sure.

  8. wmass01013 says

    NO BLOCKBUSTER HEADLINE, my guess with no insider info
    WMT will have a 17-19 race schedule

  9. First off wmass, although I didn’t attend any races this year, I’ve been involved in racing since about 1985 or so.
    Now, why don’t you try and explain why the WMT is so great, and all other types of modified racing are considered inferior. Same chassis, in most cases same drivers, the only difference is the motor. From the bell housing back everything’s the same. Most of the drivers started out, and in most cases still race at local tracks. So what makes the almighty WMT so superior to other forms of Modified racing? For me it’s a one word answers… Nothing.

  10. I’m thinking if Stafford is the only WMT show in CT – it will be successful and sold out. Stafford has the upper hand in this… my guess one or two shows will be at Stafford

  11. I’d say 3 Stafford shows(if any). Of course Spring Sizzler and Fall Final, and one show furring the summer. Although some recent articles speculated the possibility of no Stafford shows, common sense says otherwise as Stafford Speedway is a cornerstone track for the tour in years past.
    Of course that C word could wreak having on racing again in 2021, and see Stafford not even holding a scheduled show. At this point it’s a big wait and see deal.

  12. Wasn’t sure Rob could even conjure a non Covid comment. This the same guy who just said the other day he hadn’t been to Thompson in 20 yrs. Another angry Liberal Democrat.

    Wmass, I love your enthusiasm but only one at WMMP and Jennerstown. Seekonk is concerning me even though have said it is a go. My guess is 13-14 races.

    All these Open Wednesday and Friday shows have to weed out the weak and reset the table for 2022.

    MRS making some noise tonight. A faint heartbeat still being heard. 3 shows and a broader engine rule.

  13. wmass01013 says

    WHERE does inferior come from BUT YOU?
    I have said allll along i like ALLLLL MODIFIED racing, i do think the WMT has the best teams and drivers but if you don’t ok but why does a simple NO WMT on SOUTH BOSTON schedule deserve yur how will the track survive BS

  14. JD angry, yes liberal, no and I’m registered independent. I vote for both parties based on which candidate I think will do the better job. The a get ties into the number of friends I’ve lost needlessly due to your presidents inactions, and inability to tell the truth. I speak of Covid, because it’s real, not a hoax made up by the Democrats as your president would have you think. Maybe, just maybe if you list as many friends as I have, you’d take this virus seriously. But as I’ve said before, I hope nobody has to suffer these losses. The everyday sadness, frustration and anger eats you up, and dims your soul. Not having gone through this, it’s something you wouldn’t understand, and I hope you, or anyone never had to witness it firsthand.

  15. wmass01013 says

    JD series have to FIGHT for the shows, THE WMT and MRS, are not going away and with TT AND OPENS gaining popularity things will happen, like i said DATES WILL BE OVERLAPPED and not all will be rainbows and candy canes, could be fun or it could cause TROUBLE, time will telll.

  16. I dont think Nascar has much of a schedule to release. Thompson is gone. That is a tragedy. Stafford a big question mark. Personally I would be very surprised if they had three Whelen tour races scheduled. My hope is 1. My prediction is none. NHMS released the cup weekend with no mention of modifieds. That would be a crying shame. The musket race date was taken by another show. IA may not even open next year they are not on Xfinity or Indycar schedules for 21. Seekonk probably a little gun shy of scheduling a big event when MA didnt let them have a crowd due to covid and we all know how that is going right now. You cant go out after 10pm in Mass starting Friday. You have the same issue with the NY tracks of Osweego and Riverhead though I think you may be allowed outside at night there. A NY dirt track promoter asked the state of NY when they can expect to be allowed full capacity grandstands. The answer was 2023. Certainly not conducive to scheduling a big dollar shows. Wall not sure whats going on there. Bridgeport NJ dirt track has been running with a large crowd not sure why that race wasnt made up. Wasnt Wall sold for housing not sure when and if that goes through.. They announced the races at Martinsville and Richmond. Maybe get J town and a race at White MTN or Mad dog if Nascar will work with them on purse. Really going to be an interesting schedule release.

  17. Wmass well done. While we’re all wringing out hands wondering what’s going to happen you put it right out there with a guess and a darned good one at that. I hope it’s correct.
    Two or three at Stafford? Essentially saying not much is changing there and that does not appear to be the vibe. On the other hand the notion that Stafford would take some wild detour away from what has stood the test of time with the NWMT as the backbone of the schedule seems equally hard to imagine.
    Fingers crossed you’re correct.

  18. David Fisher says

    Lack of a tour race at SoBo is disappointing to me, but will not hurt them at all. They are a late model stock track, and that’s what the fans come to see. They draw bigger crowds for late models than modifieds. It is what it is.

  19. wmass01013 says

    Doug STAFFORD AND THOMPSON have been the HOME OF THE WMT for 35 yrs, while you have 2 complete opposites in ownership from the ARUTE’s wise ways to the kinda uncertain Hoenig’s leasing the promtions away, while the OPENS might be the new WAY to go i dont think either track would let go of the WMT, haters aside, NASCAR STILLL BRINGS A BRAND, the best TEAMS, now u can argue the heats vs time trials, the expense of license vs Safety and rule structure allll day long.
    Again i have No inside info and just using my feelings , i could be 100% wrong, after 2020 who the hell knows, i just want GOOD MOD RACING no matter the series!!!

  20. wmass01013 says

    Everyone keeps saying well the WMT schedule was released on this date last year. Stafford was released on this date last year, WELLL THE CHINA VIRUS has changed alllllllll tracks ran later this yr so with that and the still uncertain affects the CHINA VIRUS is stilll having maybe tracks are not READY to release yet, just because NHMS said CUP AND XFINITY race and didnt mention WMT means oh nooooooooooooooo wont happen, MAYBE JUST MAYBE THE WMT portion will be announced later, same with THOMPSON, they said open shows so that means NOOOOOOOOOOOO WMT, i disagree, same with STAFFORD!!!!!!!!!

  21. Tell you what. Should that prediction be incorrect I’ll be the last one to busting any chops over it. I’ll be more disappointed it wasn’t correct. I don’t necessarily enjoy NWMT races any more then the others but I am convinced the hierarchy and structure they bring as well as the name brand is a good thing for regional modifieds.
    Might be outdated on that, don’t think so.

  22. I think the WMT scheduling may be hinging on northeast tracks willing to commit to a race with the threat of COVID still being around to ruin it. It would not surprise me if NASCAR is looking for a hardline commitment to host the WMT regardless of the “state of the state” at the time. In other words, NASCAR is looking for a race whether the tracks can have fans or not. And racetracks are hesitant to make that kind of commitment, for fear of not having enough fans allowed to pay the bills. I think NASCAR is going to have to put up more of their own money to assist the tracks in running WMT events for them to have a firm schedule.

  23. 🎀🎀🎀 Liz Cherokee 🎀🎀🎀 says

    Too bad there isn’t a race track in the real South Boston–Southie! I could take you on a daRealPubCrawl for the ages… Before and after the races! Bottoms up boys!

  24. Sizzler is going to be Tri Track Race, get ready folks.

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