New London-Waterford Speedbowl Owner Stabbed During Domestic Dispute At Residence

Bruce Bemer

Glastonbury police are investigating a stabbing that took place late Tuesday at 215 Sherwood Drive in the town involving New London-Waterford Speedbowl owner Bruce Bemer.

The Associated Press is reporting that the 67-year old Bemer was the victim in the stabbing that took place at the residence around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday night.

Bemer’s lawyer Anthony Spinella confirmed to the Associated Press that Bemer was the victim of an unprovoked attacked by his longtime partner.

“My client is going to recover from the injuries he sustained in an unprovoked attack. So we’re grateful for that,” Spinella told the Associated Press.

The residence where the attack took place is owned by Bemer. 

According to multiple media reports, Glastonbury police arrived at the residence at about 11:30 pm Tuesday and found an “elderly” victim in a garage suffering from multiple stab wounds. 

Another man, identified by police as 47-year-old Jason McCormick, was also found in the residence suffering from self-inflicted knife wounds. 

Both McCormick and Bemer were treated and released from Hartford Hospital according to the Hartford Courant

McCormick was charged with attempted murder, first-degree assault of an elderly victim and second-degree threatening and is being held on a $500,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear Thursday in Rockville Superior Court. 

Glastonbury police are referring to the incident being investigated as a “Family Violence Crime”.

Bemer was the high bidder in a foreclosure auction of the Speedbowl in October 2014.

In June 2019 Bemer was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being convicted in April of that year of five felony charges, including participation in a sex trafficking ring involving drug addicted and mentally ill young men. Bemer has been free on bond awaiting an appeal since his sentencing.

According to the Hartford Courant, Bemer’s appeal was argued before the state Supreme Court in October, but justices have not yet rendered a decision. Bemer’s lawyers have argued that no evidence was presented during his trial proving that he knew the victims involved were being trafficked.


  1. Boy, oh boy… just can’t make this stuff up.

    Has the ‘bowl published the 2021 schedule yet?

    🤣 ☮️ 😝 🤣 🕊 💣 🏳 🤣 💣 😝 🏳 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Buster Cherri says

    Makes no sense to put negative news and include the speedbowl name when it has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the track. Kinda stupid news if you ask me..leave it to the local news channels for this.

  3. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Dafella awaiting a schedule for the speedbowl.

  4. Berry McCockiner says

    Why we have to add news from the past at the end of it? Has nothing to do with current situation… you love the negative attention! You can’t get positive attention so you gotta swing for the fences to be the most hated guy in motor sports in the country Shawn?

  5. What does this have to do with the speedbowl? You wonder why you aren’t allowed to step foot in the place.

  6. 🌈🦄2020 says

    I think someone attempting to murder the owner of the speedbowl is quite newsworthy. Also, loving Buster and Berry’s names 😂😂😂

  7. What did Robert Kraft getting busted in Florida have to do with the Patriots?? News is news. Get over it.

    This is a click bait business. Given that, the headline seems to be accomplishing it’s purpose.

  8. donald super says

    thank you berry and wingman for trying to show shawn what i tryed to show him months ago that he constantly attempts to post negitivity about the bowl

  9. To be honest, if an owner of a major sports team was in the same situation, that aeticle would have any and all dirt piled into it.

  10. sour grapes of justice for all says

    LOL what does it have to do with the speedbowl?? you are kidding right?? owner of the track is stabbed in a lovers quarrel. what if he had died as a result of the assault ??.. oh owner of track that is undergoing renovations and improvements dies?? track closed until estate can be settled with so many lawsuits pending .. yup nothing to do with the track. its all ok folks nothing to see here. degenerate ,immoral race track owner in another dust up.. oh lets apply some racing terminology.. Bruce was involved in a “jingle” over there in Glastonbury. I guess they will fight it out in the pits … LOL is all going to hell in a handbasket.

  11. “This is a click bait business. Given that, the headline seems to be accomplishing it’s purpose.”

    Clickbait is dishonest, not factual, or misleading. Clickbait also typically involves following link to link through pages of ads.

    From Miriam-Webster:
    “: something (such as a headline) designed to make readers want to click on a hyperlink especially when the link leads to content of dubious value or interest ”

    “Clickbait is a text or a thumbnail link that is designed to attract attention and to entice users to follow that link and read, view, or listen to the linked piece of online content, with a defining characteristic of being deceptive, typically sensationalized or misleading.”

    The headline of this article is 100% factual and in no way misleading. Clickbait is not something you don’t agree with or don’t like reading. This is relevant because he owns the Speedbowl and has a checkered past.

  12. Viva Race Fan says

    Hope Bruce is ok.

  13. Stuart Fearn says

    Shawn, I’ll be the voice of reason here and let you know I understand this is news to the racing community and I read it right away of course. So did apparently many other people looking at the number of comments here already.
    Even bad news is still news, very sorry. As someone else said earlier, Kraft getting a massage was very popular news as well so, that comes with the territory. I’m gonna take a stab at this and say it will blow over in a few days.

  14. I have no idea how a guy that spends so much time on this very site enjoying it’s content gets off making a snide comment about clickbait on the FREE site he’s enjoying.
    Here’s the deal. Imagine local racing without Shawn Courchesne and RaceDayCt.
    Not popular you say. Are we looking for race related news or trying to determine who will be the next king of the prom. He’s the single most prolific and important person in Connecticut racing media and beyond as well as being a sure fire future NEAR hall of famer.
    This isn’t CNN or Newsmax where you’re sure to get what you want to see and read.. You may actually stumble upon something you may find unpleasant. Look at the bright side.

  15. Track owner is 67 years old, in all sorts of legal trouble. Significant other tries to stab, or even kill him. If the track owner dies, the track will sit dormant until it is dispositioned by the courts. There could be a long line ready to make claims, all those victims, those that haven’t settled. That could take years in probate court, then victim suits. From what I’ve read, the track owner does not have family to pass his assets on to.

    This is indeed news. It is a risk to the operation of the track. Just as when Rick Hendrick had leukemia and all his health issues were made news. Same with Jack Roush when he was in a plane crash and almost died. It’s not negative. It happens.

    This is cutting edge journalism.

  16. With all that has gone on in terms of Bruce Bemer’s private life…I think it’s time he just sells the track to someone who will continue to “build” the facility to a better….and offer some sort of stability within the business of operationing the facility with the best interest of the teams, the fans and the New London – Waterford area…

  17. You might think the speedbowl is the only thing he owns ,how about Bemers propane , skylark airport , New England cycle, and what ever else he owns but the TV news only mention the speedbowl

  18. Barry, I agree 100% that this is real news. I have no issues with it. It was no different when the Devil’s Bowl owner got arrested. That’s why I referenced Kraft. No disrespect intended. It was in no way a snide remark.

    I wasn’t aware there was an official Webster click bait definition. That said, all websites want you to click on their site info. SC didn’t report this so nobody would read it. He didn’t create this site to not report racing news. He puts it out there so he can create clicks, build interest, and sell advertising so he makes $$$$. Just like every other website owner. There are operating costs involved here. Obviously SC wants to make as much as possible. RaceDayCT lives or dies by how many people click on these posts. What is the point if he doesn’t report a story like this? The Kraft stuff was national news for weeks. Obviously I enjoy the site here but I also understand it wasn’t created to make friends. It was created to make $$$. It’s a business venture and like it or not, the no good can’t stay out of the headlines owner of Waterford is good for business at RaceDayCT. That’s my opinion.

    If I didn’t appreciate it here I wouldn’t come on and stir the pot of the less informed followers every week. Heck, I’ve been living between the ears of DaReal for a year now at least. (See what I did there)?

  19. Who Gives A Flyin’ ‘F’ That He Is Ok ?!!!!!!!!

  20. He’s An P.O.S. That’s A Child Abuser And Other Things!!!! Really!!!

  21. Who Gives A ‘FLYING F” If He’s Alright

  22. This is news, we all the thought he was “the Savior” and ended up being Satan !!!!!!!

  23. Well, I first saw this latest news about Bemer from a source other than RDCT. And then another, and then another. Then on RDCT.

    These other news sources regularly mention Bemer’s other businesses such as the motorcycle dealership, airport and fuel companies.

    Y’all cringe at Bemer and Kraft, but Trump and Epstein makes all the others look like amateurs.

    What did Kraft getting massaged have to do with the Patriots? That $59 massage ended up costing tens if not hundreds of millions in value of the Patriots franchise, plus hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in legal bills. 🤣 💵 💸 If Kraft did not get the video evidence suppressed, it would have cost him his participation in the NFL. Surprisingly, the NFL has rules against that sort of thing.

    Trump has lost a quite a bit because of his exposure while in office. He has been exposed and shunned. His businesses are floundering, his golf courses and resorts are barren. Revenue is crashing at his other businesses. Very few will allow themselves to be associated with him. All that has bigly crushed his valuation.

  24. Every news source/outlet sells advertising. That’s the way business works. That’s been the business model for the very existence of mindshares. The commercial break to pay bills 💵 is a part of business. So what? Public media has fundraising and is funded by big companies.

    TV stations sell advertising, radio sells advertising, print media sells advertising, internet presence sells advertising. It goes on and on.

    Why was this even brought up? What does it have to do with the owner of the Waterford Speedbowl getting knifed? Cut it out already.

  25. Anybody see the ‘bowl schedule? Isn’t it usually out by now?

    When is the BLASTOFF!!!!


    I’ll be here all week.

  26. Oh boy. Really!!!!

  27. chicken coop says

    I’m glad Bruce is ok, because like him or not, he is the ONLY person with the funds to operate the track, for the fun of it, which is the ONLY way a track will survive in today’s world. In more important, and relative news, the Thompson, and Waterford sportsman cars are Finally REAL street stocks now, the rules are “almost” approaching the 21st century. that means Stafford will follow suit in about 50 years…

  28. sour grapes of identity racing says

    sorry da real you already look bad predicting the speedbowls demise.. Bemer like it or not lives.. and so will the speedbowl.. as for turning this political its an embarrassment for you !..PS don’t forget your friends the Clintons as predators….Billy being a rapist / pedophile and Hillary defending justifying the rape of a child .learn Chinese or Arabic the language of your captors when your buddy Biden surrenders the country

  29. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Good thing Bemer survived, otherwise we’d have to deal with Dafella talking about how the speedbowl will never open and sit abandoned for years. Oh wait nevermind. The obsession of the schedule and will the bowl open has begun! Get ready folks, Dafella is primed and ready to go. 🤡

  30. The Atomic Punk says

    To all you blind Bemer loyalists, I hope the Bowl closes….You deserve it.

  31. Viva Race Fan says

    Reg your a real beauty . 1st he has never been accused of anything child related. He is also human. He is home and healing. No deserves to be attacked and stabbed . If you have issues call police you don’t wack out and stab someone. Get your fax right. He is the only 1 who could have pulled off what the track condition is at right now. Speedbowl is beautiful and now ready to move fwd. Hope you feel better Mr Bemer

  32. Viva Race Fan says

    PS Biden / Harris is NFG .
    Were screwed for next 4 years.
    Hope we get to see races with crowds again.
    Oh and Yeah the Heck with NASCAR. Bemer was ahead of the group not to piss that money away even if it was forced. NASCAR is a joke .
    We need a true tri track rule packages as we have always needed but the tire money is hard to loose at track level. Ask the last few Managers at Speedbowl ……

  33. solstaseson says

    Old creepy dude belongs in jail, prolly get shanked in there too, those criminals have kids, hate guys like Beemer

  34. solstaseson says

    Creep owns the Bowl, why not mention that? Too bad some one decent didnt buy it, Creeper cost the fans and drivers yrs of fun, I know Carl and Charlie Pastryak were looking to buy, at least for sure the place woulda always had good pavement, ha, TY Shawn again

  35. Jack Mahogoff says

    Sorry eyewitness news. No one died or is in critical condition here. Please move on to the next train wreck. But let us know if you here anything good about the Bowl please. A 2021 schedule maybe?…

  36. I count my blessings every day JD you are here to lend your wisdom to the forum and focus us on what is really important.
    So what’s the deal chicken coop with the change from Limited Sportsman to Street Stocks at Waterford? They changed the name is all. The only street stocks in Connecticut are X and Super X cars. Todays Street Stocks or Limited Sportsman or whatever you want to call them are purpose build race cars.
    Stafford has published their 2021 Open rules and you can have a NWMT legal engine just as long as it’s not the one with the aluminum block. At first I was shocked and dismayed Thinking for sure that it was a missed opportunity to include some of the NWMT teams looking to fill in their schedules with additional events. That and a certain conformity with the Thompson opens coming up.
    Then I thought how often does Stafford read the tea leaves and make the wrong decision regarding the long run. Perhaps the spec is dead. Reduced NWMT schedule, an explosion of opens where the spec is not the popular engine and all those engine variations built off a cast iron block. The built engine is back and with a vengeance and it all starts with a stock or after market block that a magnet will stick to.
    Sure anything Bemer is a story and one that is alluring since it’s usually prurient in nature. It’s not even the big Bemer story. That one is yet to be written on the never ending appeal disposition.
    The future of the spec engine is also a story yet to be written and it could be a shocker.

  37. knuckles Mahoney says

    Sour grapes, couldn’t have said it better. Has to turn everything into a political tirade against Trump or any conservative. His hatred of those who hold beliefs different than his is astounding, and dangerous.

  38. Thomas Silva says

    I am surprised Shawn wrote anything. The only way to get an article written is pay Shawn money join his sight and he writes about you. I personally think This sight is a POS. by the way racedayct who really cares About your riverhead coverage? Oh wait they pay you!!!

  39. Thomas,
    I guess that check from you must still be in the mail huh? Thompson Notes: Tommy Silva Gets Long Awaited Mini Stock Victory

  40. The Atomic Punk says

    My guess is Viva has purchased a human or 2 from the creep….Way to defend

  41. Karma is a bitch!!!

  42. viva posted, “1st he has never been accused of anything child related. ”

    I won’t call you an idiot, I’ll let the facts do that. Not only was Bemer accused of things child related, he was found guilty.

    Hartford Courant: “Bruce Bemer, a Glastonbury businessman fighting a 10-year prison sentence after being convicted on child sex trafficking charges is asking the state Supreme Court to overturn a court-ordered HIV test. (AP)”

  43. Any creep who exploits the weak, like Beer did, deserves everything they get. Maybe the boyfriend finally had enough of the BS
    Shawn, don’t listen to the Silva’s of the world. Your sight offers top notch reports on things that matter in the racing community. Keep up the great job you do. Happy New Years.

  44. Biden/Harris looking to decimate your second amendment rights. Can’t wait to no longer have the ability to adequately protect myself and family from those who have the ability to inflict harm. And the two idiots from CT Murphy and Blumenthal will be at the front of the line leading the charge with them. So sad.

  45. Earl, Biden/Harris have no interest in decimating the 2A or any other CONSTITUTIONAL rule of law.

    They have never said anything of the sort. Only Trump has propagated that fake news.

    I do believe that Biden wants to make sure crazy people can not get a gun. I have no problem with that. I have no problem with guns, just crazy people. Crazy people are dangerous. Just like alcoholics can lose their drivers license, crazies should not be allowed to have guns. Just like felons are deprived of the right to vote, crazies should be deprived of the right to guns.

    Have you seen the attacks Trump has just unleashed on Chief Justice Roberts? Makes the Hillary pizza parlor sexgate FAKED conspiracy attacks look amateurish. But then, Trump is the best at this stuff.


  46. This just in. RaceDayCT is a business. Created to make money. The horror…I know. I would hope every track pays him. I’m sorry if that hurts to hear. God forbid a guy make a living around here.

    SC would have gone to summer camp like TC suggested if he wanted to make friends. Based on the reaction, posting this story was a good business decision. $$$$$$$$$

  47. This getting out of hand. I resent being lumped in with “the weak” allowing myself to be exploited by beer. I like beer, imbibe as a responsible adult often and will defend it to anyone that will listen.
    Second Earl’s right. This is America. We just can’t have enough guns. We seem to be doing a bang up job shooting each other with a virus and no one seems to care so if more innocents get shot……merely the price God fearing Americans should be willing to pay. No way my man Shotgun Joe Biden is taking away anything any more then the black guy did.
    And speaking of guns there’s Mr Silva. Who shot first and aimed last. A suggestion. Spend less time taking shots at the publication that wrote about you. More time copying and framing what was written about you. There will come a day when you’re old and gray and your big moments in racing will fade to the point you wonder if they ever really even happened. That remembrance will confirm is did and you’ll be proud of it.

  48. Which way is the wind 🌬 💨 blowing now?

    🎏 = 🌈JD🌈

    Is today Windsday?

    Is it true there’s no such thing as bad publicity?

  49. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Rob p seems to think Bemer deserves being murdered in his garage by his boyfriend.

  50. sour grapes says


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