RaceDayCT Daily Poll: How Many Whelen Modified Tour Events Do You Think Will Be Scheduled In New England?

As of now the there are three known NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour events scheduled in New England for the 2021 season, with all three scheduled for Stafford Speedway. The full 2021 schedule is expected to be released by NASCAR with the next two weeks. So today’s question is, how many events do you think there will be in New England on the full Whelen Modified Tour schedule? Vote below.


  1. The 3 races at Stafford will turn out to be the only WMT races scheduled in New England.

  2. Charlie Brown says

    I said it once I’ll say it again the modified tour is done stick a fork in them, What are all the little babies going to do now 😈 NASCAR ruined a lot of racing during the last 15 years, look what they did to the Cup series🙄

  3. I said 4 scheduled and I think 3 will ultimately end up running as scheduled. This may be optimistic thinking but I think NH cup weekend gets done. Hopefully at the mile, if not, maybe Lee steps in to fill the void. I said 3 run as scheduled I think we lose the Sizzler due to Covid restrictions. Hopefully I am wrong and its a higher number. Maybe they add some as the season progresses.

  4. Providing COVID doesn’t change the schedule, I think Stafford’s 3 events will run along with Loudon and at least 1 other event in New Hampshire. My guess is NASCAR would want to run more than 3 events in New England based on previous schedules. Usually there has been 8-10 events here.

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  6. Well that didn’t take long for a 5th to be wrong. The next 5th to be wrong shouldn’t take too much longer either. By the time we’re done two thirds may prove to be incorrect.
    Pessimism is highly over rated.

  7. With the announcement of the tentative July 17th race at NHMS, I’m changing my answer from 3 to 4, but don’t see any other races happening.
    “Open” races will dominate New England in 2021, and I think you’ll see more WMT teams running the opens.

  8. Did I read that right. You voted for 3 when Stafford scheduled three. Then change the vote when a forth is added.
    I don’t think that’s voting. It recognizing the content of the article.
    Now if you say five then that would be a vote.
    Five, five is the bid who will give me a five. Can I get a five, bidda, bidda, bidda…….last call. Going once, going twice.
    OK I’ll bid 5.
    Hey Mr. Wilson…..make the deal with Lee USA. They want it. You know you want it. Use the tires from those sand paper tracks down south and you’ll be fine.

  9. Charlie Brown says

    Blah blah blah blah blah who cares how many Mod.tour shows there are they’re lucky to have three at Stafford,If they didn’t have that they’d be done see ya

  10. Amazing how many idiot people are out there, oblivious or ignorant to the #TrumpPandemic.

  11. wmass01013 says

    blah blah blah blah MY EXACT THOUGHTS to every one of your comments

  12. Doug, I changed my vote, because minutes after the New Hampshire strike popped up. But because it’s been brought up I’m going back to 3 because it looks like, as of right now, the Stafford Sizzler date won’t happen due to Covid. Tragic, very Tragic that we’re at this point, and to think things may have gone way different if the American people weren’t lied to throughout the last 10 months, and if the federal government had actually done things to fight it.
    January 20th marks a new dawn in America, hopefully the people we elected play nice, and get the help out that the American people so desperately need

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