RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Most Impressive Whelen Modified Tour Driver Recently Under 25 Years Old?

The health of any racing series is always dependent on the next generation of younger drivers poised to move on to becoming seasoned veterans. For today’s RaceDayCT Daily Poll we ask, who has been the most impressive full-time or part-time driver on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour recently under 25 years old? Vote Below.


  1. Max McLaughlin

    he also does it in Dirt modifieds and late models!

  2. Phil A,
    Didn’t include Max in the choices because he has only made one Tour start.

  3. Shawn the site is saying that I already voted, but that is not the case. JUST an FYI

  4. I think you can’t not pick Dowling based on his WMT accomplishments. I’d pick Swanson second; I think #3 is overdue given the good finishes they’ve had. Rypkema is having some good runs with his equipment upgrade. Rameau has looked promising but has not had great luck, and the same for Catalano. I think Williams and Carroll would have looked better with some equipment improvements. If Williams had the car that Hossfeld had been driving this year, his performance would have been improved. I think this was kind of a learning year for the #50 team running WMT, which will no doubt show improvements as well.

  5. Ken,
    The only possible way that could happen is if someone else using the same IP address already voted.

  6. Shawn –
    For recent polls, I’m not seeing the choices on my phone or PC(?). What am I doing wrong?

  7. Rafter Fan,
    Not sure what that’s about. I haven’t seen any issues on this end or heard from anyone having issues with the poll loading.

  8. Poor Calvin…

  9. Rafter fan, if you go on with your PC and the choices don’t load (sometimes it takes a little bit to do so), click on the home page up top and then go back to the article again. I’m not much of a computer guy but I’ve had that work for me before.

  10. “Most Impressive Whelen Modified Tour Driver Recently Under 25 Years Old?”
    You made it a beauty contest. Ronnie Williams is simply dreamy but impressive in the NWMT?
    If you’re going by the poll question Swanson, Carroll, Rypkema and Rameau should be ahead of Williams.
    Carroll’s improved a lot. 8th in points was a surprise.

  11. How much snow did you all get? Got about a foot here, ready for spring now.

  12. Dowling the choice here. Would like it to be Swanson. Seems like the car isn’t to his liking when he needs to be aggressive though. They bring good cars for sure but just not solid enough throughout a race.

  13. Rob p. to answer your question, way too much! Got over a foot that the plows turned into 2-1/2 feet of icy slush at the end of the driveway. UGH!! Hopefully that’s it for the season, but I doubt it!

  14. Shawn Just saying what happened no one else uses this compiter, and I am the only one in the house who goes on your site. Do with info what you want with it.

  15. Ken L,
    I’m not sure I can explain what happened. The voting is done through an independent plugin app outside of my domain. The voting restriction is based on using cookies and IP addresses to recognize someone trying to vote more than once. So the only way an attempt to vote would be blocked is if there’s a recognized saved cookie from a previous vote or the system recognizes that the IP address you are utilizing has already logged a vote.

  16. For IT issues please fill out a RaceDayCT IT help ticket. I’m sure the IT Dept will get right back to you.

  17. Fast Eddie –
    Thanks – a combination of additional patience and clicks worked for me.

  18. 15″

    But, this is funny… it’s a monologue from Jimmy Kimmel. The whole thing is pretty funny, but the part you all need to see starts at the 9:20 mark… enjoy.


  19. Thanks for the link Dareal, although I’d love to see the unedited version, still got a good laugh.

  20. Doug, thanks for that, LMFAO

  21. What’s up? Nobody cracked on the whole voter fraud issue! Must be the Dem tactic huh….. say nothing, hear nothing, then it must be nothing!

  22. I laughed at what that kid did as much as anyone. Actually looked up the uncensored version just the hear the F bombs. There was a little disappointment for doing that and finding it so funny.
    The image on Kimmel is a mom and son, matching outfits in front of the Christmas tree. Mom just so proud of her boy for making it to a late night show.
    Come on man, the kid got there by dropping F bombs all over Youtube and probably being coached by a very normal, lovely looking mom in the process.
    Like it or not it’s where we are now but I gotta tell you. It’s really weird how easy it is to accept virtually any bad behavior and judge it only for it’s entertainment value.

  23. Jussayin wrote, “What’s up? Nobody cracked on the whole voter fraud issue! Must be the Dem tactic huh….. say nothing, hear nothing, then it must be nothing!”

    What are you talking about? Have you been paying attention at all? There have been 60 cases so far, NOT INCLUDING THE APPEALS AND ESCALATIONS, that have been thrown out, dismissed, etc. from the Trump folks or proxies. The vast majority of those dispositions cited lack of standing or evidence presented by the plaintiff (that would be Trump and proxies). In other words, Trump has been laughed out of court AT LEAST 60 times regarding voter fraud.

    The only fraud are the claims of fraud by Trump and his proxies.

    Trumps star attorney Sidney Powell and Fox personality Lou Dobbs have since been threatened with law suits for fraud and the like. Lou Dobbs has since capitulated and walked back his absurd claims.

    And the COVID-19 pandemic is not a fraud. 😷

  24. Totally sick of all the Trump BS. If people are stupid enough to keep sending him money so be it. The people have spoken, they’ve spoken loud and clear. On January 20th Joe Biden will be sworn is as the 46th President. It’s kind of funny to watch Trump throwing his tantrums, ordering recounts only to lose again, and again, and again. Even stacking the Supreme Court didn’t work out for him. On January 20th Joe Biden and his administration will start to repair the damage Trump has done. Unfortunately they can’t bring back all who have died because of Trump’s utter stupidity.

  25. Fast Eddie and Earl, have your family members received the vaccine yet? If not hopefully they’ll get it soon. Please thank them for me, for their unwaivered service in these dreadful times

  26. A few days after the election there were 3 cases of voter fraud in Pennsylvania that garnered national media coverage. In these 3 cases 2 were a person trying to vote twice 1 was a person trying to vote for their dead mother. In all 3 cases they were Trump voters.
    In EVERY election there is fraud. In this year’s Presidential election there was fraud. In most cases the fraud involved down ballot candidates, but in every case the fraud had absolutely no affect on the outcome. There will always be someone out there trying to cheat the system. In 99% of the cases that person will be caught and prosecuted, and their actions will not have affected the outcome. The question; is it really worth it?

  27. And BTW those 3 cases in pennsylvania even made Fox News.

  28. Thanks Rob p.! Not yet, but should be pretty soon. From what I understand nursing home personnel and patients are a high priority.

  29. Rob wrote, “Rob p. People have other opinions, let it go…it’s okay”

    Rob, you need to learn the differences between facts and opinions, and stop calling facts an opinion.

    A fact denied is still a fact.

  30. solstaseson says

    Definately Max McGloughlin, the apple didnt fall far the tree, Go Mad Max, hope you get a good truck or xfinity ride shortly

  31. Wow you guys are sensitive. I was referring to the problems voting on this web site. Jeesh!
    But think about it…. sleepy Joe Biden got more votes than Trump ‘16 and ‘20. More than Obama ‘08 and ‘12 and more votes than crooked Hilary ‘16…..No way sleepy joe excited a record number of voters. No way!

  32. Jussayin,
    I think this argument about voter turnout numbers and using the popularity of Biden is so shallow because it fully discounts all other variables in play in 2020 that pushed voting like never before. Making this argument fully discounts the following variables that had nothing to do with Biden’s popularity:
    -The current president is arguably the most polarizing in this country’s history and many voted not because they love Biden but because they hated Trump.
    -The country is in the midst of what is possibly the worst national crisis since World War II.
    -The deepest societal/political division in this country in decades certainly played a part in pushing participation by those who otherwise may not have.
    -Race relations are seemingly at a place in this country lower than in decades, which also was a clear motivator for voter participation.
    -The influence of social media was more immense than on any other election in history and both sides used social media to push voter participation.
    -Mail in voting changed the game. I would argue millions of people who would have typically not participated because they were too lazy or disinterested to go to a polling place did participate because they could do it without leaving their homes.

    Using the argument that there’s no way that many people voted for “Sleepy Joe” is just entirely too simple and is really just an excuse to sow seeds of doubt.

  33. Shawn, you summed that up great, thanks

  34. Jussayin wrote, “Wow you guys are sensitive. I was referring to the problems voting on this web site. Jeesh!
    But think about it…. sleepy Joe Biden got more votes than Trump ‘16 and ‘20. More than Obama ‘08 and ‘12 and more votes than crooked Hilary ‘16…..No way sleepy joe excited a record number of voters. No way!”

    I L-O-V-E a target rich environment. 🎯

    I can’t find your comment regarding problems voting on this site. Please quote it. I need to see it.

    Biden got more votes than Trump, that is so true. A landslide, to use Trump’s own words. 🤪🤪🤪 Hillary got more votes than Trump in ’16. Amazingly, Trump lost both elections. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    But I can see that Biden did not excite all those millions and millions of people to come out and vote for him. Biden has been around a while. Trump did a great job getting all those millions and millions and millions of people to vote against himself. Trump is pure cra-cra and many finally saw that.

    The Dems could have run a speck of sand against Trump and I would have voted for it. This election was all about getting rid of Trump. That is what drove the record voter turnout.

    I can’t believe people think this has been better than Hillary.

    Mail in voting was crucial, thanks to Trump. Trump was telling his people NOT to vote by mail in ballots, go vote in person. Then he was shocked when the mail in ballots were in favor of Biden. Well, the #TrumpPandemic discouraged people from going to the polls, Trump’s people did not vote by mail at his own doing, the Dems poured on the mail in ballots, and the rest is history.

    A crucial demographic for voting for Biden/against Trump? Black women… 100%. Black women once again save this country.

    The crazy white people still came out for Trump. Stunningly, white women, educated and uneducated, still came out for Trump. If not for racism, there was no other reason to vote Trump as proven by the last four years.

  35. The Dems could have run bubbles the chimp, and probably won. As Shawn pointed out, it wasn’t people voting for Biden, as much as against Trump. It is interesting that Trump received as many votes as he did. Both candidate set records. It’s over now, and time to move on, but I see this foolishness lingering for a long time to come.

  36. So I’m going to thank Mr. Courchesne who has the most credibility for even handed reflection for his comment that was really nice to read with one exception.

    “Mail in voting changed the game. I would argue millions of people who would have typically not participated because they were too lazy or disinterested to go to a polling place did participate because they could do it without leaving their homes”

    Since a strong majority of the people that voted by mail cast their ballot for Democrats that implies on average first time voters that are normally lazy and disinterested are Democrats.
    I would make the argument they may have voted in this particular election anyway lazy and disinterested notwithstanding. The reality is there is a pandemic, they had the option and chose to vote by mail. In many circles considered the smart choice with regard to safety.
    Trump also got many more votes then in 2016 as he reminds people daily. Those folks perhaps lazy and disinterested normally but motivated because of Trumps continuing theme that mail in voting was corrupt.
    Unless I’m mistaken I do believe Mr Courchesne just revealed a center right bias that affectively ridiculed Democratic voters. Or did I read to much into that?
    In any event I don’t think any voters should be labeled lazy and disinterested for how they voted as long as it was legal.

  37. 🌈🦄2020 says

    If only those black women had saved us in 2016 Dafella. Instead all those crazy white women ruined America.

  38. Well our political opinions certainly come from opposite ends of the information spectrum! But I won’t call you shallow or white people crazy for expressing opinions or sharing thoughts.
    No way Dowling should have received more than double the votes Swanson and Williams got!

  39. Jussayin,
    I didn’t call you shallow, I said the argument you were making was shallow. It was hollow. Without depth. Uneducated. And I’m also certain you know that. And also, my opinion is not a “political opinion”. It’s not based in politics. It’s based in factual and easy to understand knowledge as to why voter turnout was the way it was. A fifth grader with a simple understanding of recent current events could understand why voter turnout was at the numbers it was at. And please don’t infer you know anything about my personal political beliefs or leanings.

  40. I won’t call the crazy white people crazy for expressing opinions or sharing thoughts, I will call them crazy for the content of their crazy opinions or thoughts. If you spew crazy stuff, you must be crazy. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, it must be a duck.

    Doug, it’s been an accepted fact that the low voter turnouts in the USA are just deplorable. The USA is supposed to be the beacon, the role model for democracy on this planet, yet we have terrible voter participation. And the left leaning bloc is known to be a very complacent voter bloc. Well known. Therefore, you are wrong, as usual, and read far too much into any suggestion of bias. The facts speak clearly, no bias applied at all. It is your ignorance and penchant to skew reality at play here, as always. This current situation with the vile Trump admin motivated the left leaning bloc far more than the race baiting Trump was able to do with his own bloc. Hence, Trump got himself whooped.

    Biden got millions and millions more votes than Trump. Looks like over twice as much as Hillary beat Trump by in ’16. Biden won by the same, exact Electoral College vote as Trump did in ’16, and Trump called that a landslide and mandate. Poetic. Trump got whooped by the same landslide and an even BIGGER popular vote.

  41. 🌈🦄2020 wrote,

    “If only those black women had saved us in 2016 Dafella. Instead all those crazy white women ruined America.”

    Glad you brought that up. Voter suppression, used to give more weight to crazy white people votes, is under scrutiny and attack.

    The GOP went to extreme lengths to suppress the vote in 2020, such as knee capping the USPS, dramatically reducing the number of polling places, and just making it difficult to impossible for millions to vote. All those attempts to suppress the vote absolutely steeled the people to make sure they voted.

    Trump can be proud that he got people to vote in record numbers!!!


  42. Well this will not end well. My rule is generally always to give the host of the forum the last word or better yet keep my yap shut in the first place. Then predictably Darealgoodfella as he always does uses the opportunity to pile on with insults that have little to do with the point being raised.
    Let me see if I can thread the needle between making my point without offending the moderator further in the process.
    “-Mail in voting changed the game. I would argue millions of people who would have typically not participated because they were too lazy or disinterested to go to a polling place did participate because they could do it without leaving their homes.”

    We are at where we are with the president challenging the election results because of mail in voting especially in key states. Results that showed Trump ahead on election night then falling behind days after underscoring the fact that mail in voters were overwhelmingly Democrats. What happened was exactly what was predicted. Trump constantly attacking mail in voting, his supporters voting on election day and Democrats voting by mail in droves.
    Mr. Courchesne intentionally or not made a condescending reference to mail in voters referring to them as including a cohort of voters that are normally lazy and disinterested. While it was inappropriate of me to conclude any political orientation to the phrase it did get my attention right way. Given what we know clearly landing primarily on Democrats of which I am one.
    I agree completely with the statement mail in voting changed the game just took mild exception to any segment of mail in voters being framed in terms that amounted to ridicule. It just seemed so out of character given the fact Mr. Courchesne is scrupulously devoted to journalistic non bias outside of the editorial content. On the other hand I hold no journalist up to the impossible expectation that every utterance they make be righteously unbiased at all times. Nor do I think it’s inappropriate to respectfully disagree.
    I cast my ballot for the first time before election day. In Enfield, Ct we were offered the opportunity to do it and I signed up. Got the ballot, read all the rules, wrapped it up and hand delivered it to the receptacle at town hall. It was also possible to confirm the ballots receipt via the internet since each ballot was assigned a unique bar code. As an aside I did check my voting place on election day and it showed very low traffic with no line so I knew the mail in voting was beneficial in that regard.
    Right now an enormous number of people are requesting ballots for the Senate races in Georgia. They have to request the ballots. Get them, fill them out properly and either mail or drop them in a receptacle. It may be easier then standing in a long line to vote but san’s the line mail in voting is not some unthinking, instant gratification task for lazy people.
    Looking to the future I would hope that mail in voting gains traction. I suppose there are lazy and disinterested voters out there, Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike. Or simply just busy moms and dads with family where carving out time to stand in a line is a real sacrifice.
    60 Minutes did a segment on universal mail in voting in Colorado, one of five states that specialize in it. It works very well. My view we should be making voting more convenient for more people not ridiculing voters for not sacrificing their health and time to participate in the process.

  43. Doug,

    Allow me to explain what I meant when I said: “Mail in voting changed the game. I would argue millions of people who would have typically not participated because they were too lazy or disinterested to go to a polling place did participate because they could do it without leaving their homes.”

    I fully understand that millions of people who would have typically gone to the polls to perform their civic duty of voting on election day instead took the opportunity to vote by mail. I was in no way saying that I thought EVERYONE who voted by mail should be categorized as lazy or disinterested. I think the greater percentage of people who did vote by mail were likely people who would have otherwise normally went to a polling place on election day to cast their vote. What I was trying to say is that I believe a very large percentage of those who did choose to vote by mail would have likely otherwise not voted if the option to vote by mail wasn’t readily available. Not saying everyone who voted by mail is lazy or disinterested, just saying that I think a very substantial amount of people who would ordinarily have chosen to just not participate opted to participate because the ability to participate was available without going to a polling place.

  44. 🌈🦄2020 says

    I agree Dafella. I hope next election they can figure out a way to keep white women from voting. Maybe have a national shoe sale or something. I think I’m starting to understand now Dafella. Judge a person by their skin color.

  45. That’s the last word as far as I’m concerned. Thanks for the clarification.

  46. 2020, shoes are so last year, gotta put those designer purses on sale.

  47. Does this poll mean Melissa 01 is over the hill?

  48. Doug, don’t stop. Keep going, it’s what you do. It’s how you entertain, it’s what you provide.

    What Shawn said at the outset couldn’t be any clearer, but you found a way to ‘Doug’ it. So keep going. Let me get more popcorn. 🍿

    🌈🦄2020, you have a ways to go. You don’t get it at all. You see, the candidates all search out major voting blocs such as Blacks, Latina, Asian, First Country, Evangelicals, suburbanites, rural, etc. It’s been this way forever. Which way each bloc votes has been studied and reported forever. The superior white bloc has been the default bloc, its rein has never been in question, until recently. The white folks that have been in power since they wrote the rigged Constitution are getting scared, they used to be unquestionable, but lately haven’t been getting everything their way just because they say so. In particular, the white males. The white females simply go along with the male head of household because their religions say so, or the white male beats the crap out of her, because he says he can because he says it is written in some sacred texts. (I’ve been to weddings where the religious vows stated explicitly that the male is the boss and the female must obey) And the legitimate law has allowed for that as a domestic issue. Again, until recently, that inequality loophole in the application of law has been getting closed more and more each day.

    I recommend a great book, “The Cult of the Constitution” by Mary Anne Franks.

    🌈🦄2020, as far as the white females go, they broke with their husbands this year. Not all, but some. They secretly, or lied to their husbands, and voted for Biden.

    “Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.” – Mark Twain

    Words Doug lives by, and dies by. Always entertaining.

  49. Doug wrote, “Well this will not end well. My rule is generally always to give the host of the forum the last word or better yet keep my yap shut in the first place.”

    (Whew… I had to recover a few minutes there as I was laughing so hard at what Doug wrote. 😂 He can be so funny sometimes.)

    Then Shawn replied.

    Then Doug replied to Shawn, “That’s the last word as far as I’m concerned. Thanks for the clarification.”

    That’s Doug, always being judgmental and insisting on having the last word. And he can never leave it and anyone else with the last word, for he can not keep his yap shut in the first place, or anytime thereafter. He’s taking the last word as he’s saying someone else has the ‘last word’. Doug can not go without having the last word. Reminds me of when Trump said he would not call Kim Jong Un fat, which he did by saying he wasn’t going to.

    I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!

  50. Blood is permeating through Doug’s skin as he reads this… he’s at the keyboard…

    He can’t let it go.

    What will he do?

    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  51. Really, in the end, you have to ask; Did the person in the white house change my life at all? In the scope of the every day stuff. Aside from 2020, Donald Trump being president didn’t affect my life at all, neither did Obama, Bush, Clinton or the other Bush.
    Although the President holds great power, and Trump has manipulated that power more than others, Congress has had a greater affect in our lives by the bills they pass, and fail to pass, and maybe if we really want change we should be looking down ballot. Trump wouldn’t have been able to do the stuff he did, if Congress wasn’t so complacent. Anyway, soon that chapter will close and another will open. Will we be any better off? Wait and see, I guess.

  52. Well that’s quite the statement Rob p. All these months and years pissing and moaning about Trump and now you say he didn’t have that big an impact on your life. I’d disagree. He had a huge affect on your life because you brought it all into this racing forum often and unequivocally. From your personal tragedies to whatever got you wired that you saw on cable news. Endless outrage with everything wrong with the country placed at he feet. By you.
    Actually Trump did affect my life directly. He signed the bill that got me $1200 that was nice that I didn’t really need. Now they are fixing to give me another $600 that I don’t really need. Trump bungled the response to the pandemic, oversaw the acceleration of the vaccine development that is all enough impact for 8 years let alone 1. Prior to the pandemic he made my life miserable with his daily divisive Tweets, petty grievances, grudge settling on issues that had nothing to do with leading the country and in general just being a constant din of unproductive noise and source of anxiety. That din brought into this forum largely by you and smashing any attempt to escape his influence with racing alone mostly because you could not compartmentalize your anger.
    Look at that Rob p you got me all fired up and I was fixated on this Stafford NASCAR thing.
    I want you to reconsider what you just said. Consider Trump as the most impactful, most skilled leader in your entire life. One that no one even took seriously at the start but dominated most everything in American life for over 4 years and bent an entire political party to his will making them powerless.. To our shame in my view but to millions including most in this forum a glorious time that they cannot accept see end.
    Give it some thought.

  53. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Three comments in a row from Dafella, but Doug is the crazy one at his keyboard. The hypocrisy is astounding.

  54. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”




    -Doug, you are missing some crucial facts.
    -Suitcase Jake, Doug is not a contrarian,
    -Doug runs around in circles.
    -It is amazing that people will believe anything, as evidenced by WeldingWonders,
    -Doug is a fraud
    -Doug uses numerous other screen names
    -Doug and all his fairness has so much in common with Donald Trump
    -Doug, you must be so proud to be such a fraud
    -Insipid Sybil (aka: Doug,
    -Dougie, in order to make that claim,
    -Doug, it’s been an accepted fact
    -Doug, don’t stop. Keep going
    -you found a way to ‘Doug’ it.
    -Words Doug lives by, and dies by.
    -Doug wrote, “Well this will not end well.
    -Doug wrote. He can be so funny sometimes.
    -Then Doug replied to Shawn,
    -That’s Doug, always being judgmental
    -Doug can not go without having the last word.
    -Blood is permeating through Doug’s skin

  55. 🌈🦄2020, I won’t call you an idiot. But you are like Joe in the following example.

    Joe broke his hand when he punched Bob in the face. Then Joe played the victim card by saying Bob’s face broke his hand.

    Hey Doug, can you remember all the times you posted that I was dead to you? You couldn’t live up to that at all. And all your promises to leave these fine forums, only to slither back in a day or so.

    I’m right, and you know it.

    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤪 🤪 🤪 🤪 🤣 🤣 🤪 🤪 🤪

  56. Doug, a friend of mine and I were talking about Trump the other day, and he posed that question, did Trump, or any President have a direct affect on your life? If you noticed I pointed out that besides 2020 Trump had no direct affect, nor did the 4 presidents before him. I also pointed out that the congress enabled him to be the way he’s been. The point I was trying to make is that congress affects us more by their actions or inactions than the president, and in voting maybe we should be paying more attention to the down ballot races.
    I will admit Trump’s twitting does tend to wear on me, as does his total disrespect for the constitutional democracy in which we live, but if Congress had done its job the last 4 years would most likely have played out different, especially if the senate had voted for his impeachment. There are only 29 days to go, but he can still do allot of damage in that time. This transition has been everything but peaceful, in part due to those around him, and congress who keep enabling him. Adults are supposed to be responsible for their actions, but this doesn’t seem to apply to Trump.
    But in the end he’s had no direct affect on my life.

  57. In simpler terms Doug. Although Donald Trump may be the circus clown in the center of the ring, Mcconnell and Pelosi are the ringmaster’s in this circus known as the Trump administration.

  58. Never in a million years did I think I’d ever say this: Gotta give Trump an atta boy. He is thinking of vetoing the recent Covid relief bill. Why? Because he thinks the stimulus payout is too low, stating he wanted each person to get $1500-$2000.
    Atta boy Donald!

  59. Rob p., he’s only trying to buy love. 💕 Nobody likes him. What is a real tragedy is that some 60% of the US population can not deal with a $400 emergency. Most people do not have that kind of available cash on hand that is not already committed to rent, heat, electricity, meds, groceries, etc. That is why these stimulus payouts look like awesome windfalls. Mnuchin said the earlier $1200 payment would last most people for several months. On what planet can someone live for several months on $1200???

    Rob p., make sure you understand that Trump does not care about the people, he would not be doing this is there wasn’t something in it for him, and he is looking for something to brag about. He had months to make it known he wanted the larger payments, but he waited to make a drama move. The payment amounts have been discussed in the news for months, so Trump should have known a long time ago.

    This is what it’s all about:


  60. Once again Dareal, your right. I’m one of those people who can’t deal with a $400 emergency, but that wasn’t always the case. The shutdown killed my bank account. Even when things started reopening allot of my customers remained closed for a long time, as they reformatted their shops. Some even ended up permanently closing. Things have been significantly slow since then. I’m lucky though, I don’t have kids to support.
    I feel bad for all the families who are struggling. The images of people waiting in hours long lines for a box of food, most of them never thinking they’d be in that situation. The millions of families facing eviction, because even though there is legislation to provide protection, there are also loopholes landlords slip through. The suicidal parent, who thinks they’re a failure. And all of this is through no fault of theirs.
    Congress doesn’t understand, why would they, they’re all rich with no worries at all. They’ve lost touch with reality, unable to comprehend these problems. $1200 is supposed to last for several months? In allot of cases that won’t even cover a months rent. And I still blame 1 person, and one person only, Donald J. Trump. If Donald had just spoke the truth, things would be better now. Joe Biden came on TV yesterday afternoon, and spoke the truth, telling us things are dire now, and will get worse before getting better, forming a plan so that on January 21st they can start helping the American people, as well as the rest of the world. In the meantime Donald continues his tantrums not taking any action.
    The vaccine he takes so much credit for, Donald had nothing to do with it. That vaccine is the result of allot of hard work by allot of genuine caring people, not Donald J. Trump.
    The attorneys general in every state should levy charges of reckless endangerment for each case of Covid in their states, and charges of involuntary manslaughter for each person killed by the virus. Let’s see him pardon himself out of that. People are held responsible for their actions, and so Donald should be held responsible for his.

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