RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Active Local Driver Would You Want To See Race At Stafford In The SRX Series?

Organizers of the SRX Series have said they expect to choose some local drivers to participate in their events during their inaugural 2021 season. Last week the series announced they would visit Stafford Speedway in 2021. So today’s Daily Poll question is, which active local driver would you like to see chosen to participate in the SRX Series event at Stafford Speedway? Vote below.


  1. Jon McKennedy would’ve been my vote if he were on there. Voted for Santos.

  2. Is Chris Jones still serving one of his “lifetime bans” from the track? Him in the field could lead to some controversy in front of a national TV audience.

  3. I voted Santos as I think he is the best driver in the group and would love to see him get some exposure from this type of event. It was a tough choice over Rocco and Coby.

  4. santos!!

  5. Woody! Guy can wheel open wheel or stock cars. Second most wins at Stafford all-time.

  6. Woody! Guy can wheel open wheel or stock cars. Second most wins at Stafford all-time. I was hoping this would be the next poll.

  7. The Atomic Punk says


  8. Voted for Ronnie Williams. The question was active local driver, which I took to mean as someone who races at Stafford regularly. Would settle for Woody , Keith Rocco or Tom Fear as well as Todd Owen, all of whom have turned many laps at Stafford. I’d be willing to bet Bobby Santos would adapt quickly too.

  9. Charlie Brown says

    So this is coming from the peanut gallery my pick would be Tommy ( I wreck my car every week) Bolles, he has the most experience in full body cars 🙄

  10. I had to vote for Bobby Santos, but I had Rocco and Woody in a tie for a close second place. I’d like to see any of these three get some national recognition; based on their previous achievements I think they deserve it!

  11. My pick BSIII best on list. Mckennedy should be a choice. Woody Probly most deserving for a ride. Would Kid Roc take a ride if he didn’t have full say on its set up?

  12. solstaseson says

    Ted Chistopher,,,,,,,, oh well

  13. Why wouldn’t we want a retired local legend to race. Reggie perfect but at 69 perhaps aged out even though he does look terrific and in good shape.. Marquis, Jeff or Rick Fuller, McLaughlin or Szegedy. How about Donny Lia. What’s he up to he’s the perfect age.
    Age appropriate Sapienza would be my choice for actives but it’s all moot. It will be Coby if it’s anyone. Intelligent, a stud that looks pretty on camera, all those championships and is used to the spotlight.

  14. I think Marquis would be a great pick from retired drivers. I think the last race he ran after being retired for a while was an MRS race at Waterford as a sub for Pennick in the 25, which he won!

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