RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Are Your Thoughts About Private Online Raffles For Racing Equipment

Private online raffles of racing equipment have become the off season rage over the last couple years for many involved in short track racing. They are also considered professional gambling and illegal to host or participate in. For today’s Daily Poll we ask what your thoughts are on the private online raffles for racing equipment. Vote below.


  1. 🎀🎀🎀 Liz Cherokee 🎀🎀🎀 says

    Liquor baskets make the best raffle prizes! 💋😂🥂

    Joking aside, by hosting such a raffle you not only subject yourself to criminal charges depending on the mood your AG but an even bigger risk should a disgruntled party file suit civilly. Good luck finding an attorney to defend you pro bono, hence you’ll have a legal bill.
    Soon someone will start an organized racket that buys into these lotteries and immediately sues to get their money back each time should they lose. Be careful boys!

  2. Hey Liz, tis the season for liquor baskets!!!!! 🥃

    Happy hunting!!!! May you obtain what you seek.

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