RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Your Thoughts On Stafford Speedway Dropping Its NASCAR Sanction For 2021?

On Monday Stafford Speedway announced that it would drop its NASCAR sanction for the 2021 season. It was an announcement that took many around the Northeast racing scene by surprise. So what are your thoughts on Stafford dropping its NASCAR sanction in 2021? Vote below.


  1. sorry to hear.. although i have long believed that NASCAR treats the northeast like second class citizens.. this (i believe) because of the independence these drivers and owners have always maintained.. NASCAR demands strict acceptance of policies that favor big dollar teams and tracks.. short tracks and modifieds are always a second thought for NASCAR.. I believe that Stafford now needs to come up with some kind of “confederation” that can highlight the best talent in the northeast.. do not believe that Stafford can stand alone forever..

  2. Im fine with it as long as Stafford maintains an equal playing field making sure equpt isnt illegal,

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