Ugly Turn: Wall Stadium Management Unhappy With NASCAR Negotiations For Whelen Mod Tour Event

The travails for NASCAR in setting the path for a 2021 schedule for the Whelen Modified Tour have seemingly faced some odd twists and unusual bumps along the way. 

NASCAR is expected to announce a full schedule this week. A number of events have been confirmed, a few events have not been confirmed but are generally expected, and there still remain some mysteries. 

But at Wall Stadium Speedway in Wall, New Jersey it seems negotiations to bring the Whelen Modified Tour back in 2021 have taken a quite unexpected path that has left track management unhappy about their dealings with NASCAR. 

The Krause family has leased Wall Stadium for the last 10 years. 

After 11 seasons away from the facility, the Whelen Modified Tour returned to Wall Stadium for one event in 2019. The track scheduled a return for the series for July 11, 2020, but that event was ultimately cancelled due to strict COVID-19 restrictions in New Jersey. 

Wall Stadium operations manager Emily Krause said last week that track management is focused on getting a new operating contract in place with the property owners before scheduling any events for the 2021 season. She said NASCAR had been pushing them to schedule a Whelen Modified Tour event for 2021, but the family decided they would not schedule an event at the track until they had a firm contract in place to operate the facility for next year. 

Krause told RaceDayCT on Tuesday that Whelen Modified Tour director Jimmy Wilson was pushing the family to allow another promoter to rent Wall Stadium from them to put on a Whelen Modified Tour event in 2021. Krause termed the request “insulting”.  

“He [Jimmy Wilson] called us a couple weeks ago and said ‘I have somebody who is going to rent your track. Don’t worry about it. They’ll run it and you’ll just get flat rent.’” Krause said Tuesday. “Well that’s really insulting. Like we’re a bunch of monkeys over here that don’t know how to run a racing event? Because we told you no you went and found somebody else to try to rent our race track and run an event? Excuse me? We’ve been around for [10 years], we’re not stupid. If we’re telling you it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work. We didn’t create the COVID restrictions.” 

On Sunday afternoon Souza Media operator Kyle Souza, in a post on Twitter, intimated that a deal for an outside promoter to put on an event at Wall Stadium could be in the works. 

The Tweet by Souza read: “Don’t close the door just yet on a NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race at Wall Stadium Speedway in 2021, I’m told. Discussions with the track may include a promoter that may step in for a one-off event.” 

Krause said her phone was blowing up Sunday after the tweet.

“I would never agree to something like that,” Krause told RaceDayCT Sunday. “It’s very upsetting. Never have we ever said anything favorable to [Wilson] in regards to that discussion. We would never consider it. Absolutely we would never consider it.”

Despite Krause telling Wilson that the family would not consider a rental deal, she said he told her to expect a call from former Thompson Speedway general manager Josh Vanada to talk about renting the facility. Krause said Vanada left a voice mail with her mother Diane but the family never responded.

“We have nothing to say to [Vanada],” Krause said. “We were approached about doing this type of setup and we told him we would never consider it. We don’t deserve to be treated like that. We never said no to him on us scheduling an event. Even from the beginning of the year, we never said no. We just said, let’s plan a responsible, cost effective event when the time is right. I thought they would understand and kind of work with us.” 

Vanada declined comment on the situation Sunday evening. Wilson was not available for comment Sunday evening.

Multiple sources indicated that Vanada has also reached out to the property owner concerning leasing the track for promoting an event.


  1. This is just a smack in the face to Wall, instead of lowering financials to make the event happen they are willing to pay another promoter and pay the track rental fee? Vanada couldn’t even get 20 cars to his bullring bash and his series folded but now he knows how to make an event in NJ profitable? Why isn’t Nascar approaching Seekonk, Lee, Monadnock, Thompson with the same plan?

  2. Just when you thought you heard all the craziness of the scheduling, here we are with another twist.

  3. Nascar really wants events to go to this length to get a show. Makes me wonder if there will be any surprises when Nascar releases the schedule. It sounds like Wall as long as the Kraus family is promoting will not want to work with the Nascar tour after this incident. .Maybe Nascar can do the same deal at Thompson. Vanada knows the facility. Thompson has a lot of open dates for the oval as they only have around 6 races scheduled. Not sure about the road course though. Nascar has to want a race at Thompson which has been a track which has held a lot of tour races over the years.

  4. Shows again how low NASCAR will go. To insult the Krause family that way is surely a low blow. They care of nobody but themselves, not track owners, not promoters, not teams and not drivers. Everything is great as long as NASCAR gets their money. Such a low blow, not only to the Krause family, and Wall Stadium, but to each and every promoter and track owner in the country. NASCAR has just broadcast that they don’t care, as long as they get paid

  5. Viva Race Fan says

    Emily has done a great job running Wall. Turkey Derby is no Saturday night weekly event. Good for her and put Jimmy in his place. Hope we have a place to race this year there. Keep us posted

  6. Wall had a race scheduled in 2020 but really they’re not like a cornerstone of the NWMT. Plus the one recent race they had was a blood bath but that’s another story.
    This is one of those deals where we’re getting one side of the story and the folks predisposed to trashing NASCAR are pilling on.
    I’d remind the forum of the Thompson situation. The group that was cutting purses and getting trashed for doing what they had to, to salvage races at the track. That went by the boards but a new, more capable group came in and the rest is in the record books. A more capable, experienced team that no one expected could pull off what they have. How do you know this new deal pushed by Wilson isn’t the same thing?
    You don’t know this new deal is not a good deal with people with deeper pockets and better for Wall racing. You’re reflexively siding with the status quo.
    Just because you have been around for 10 years doesn’t mean you’re what is needed at this point in time. The don’t own the track.
    This guy Wilson is constantly getting trashed by a contingent here and in my view it’s unfair and does not recognize the good things he’s done.

  7. Can you say disrespectful?

    Great job Emily, I am so proud of you. Way to hold the line and tell Jimmy and NASCAR to stick it where the sun don’t shine. As far as Josh is concerned, that is just external pressure from another direction (NASCAR).

    Sounds like Kyle Souza just writing checks with his mouth that his butt can’t cash?

    Seems like Mr. Wilson is receiving pressure from the big gorilla to schedule dates and he is not producing? NASCAR feeling the pinch of potentially no positive revenue flow? Maybe his job is on the line?

    If I was NASCAR I would be worried especially after 2020 and the potential impact of COVID-19 in 2021.

  8. Just plain sleazy, Shame on NASCAR trying to STRONG ARM EMILY… Like I said many times , NASCAR is NOT YOUR FRIEND, I love the Tour , but not the MANAGEMENT ….. You have to be really cold to try and schedule a race behind Her back , just because She had lots of things on Her plate already.. SHAME ON YOU WILSON ….. NASCAR is losing their IRON FIST GRIP in NEW ENGLAND , So now they get aggressive with Owners and Promoter’s trying to FORCE FEED races into NEW ENGLAND.. UGLY UGLY UGLY LOOK … DESPERATE …..

  9. Jimmy Wilson went to Trump University.

  10. Charlie Brown says

    NASCAR turned into being the biggest BUTTHEADS the last 15 years, all the track owners should tell them to kiss off an run all open shows witch is a lot more exciting, seems all the executives could care less about us FANS

  11. The Atomic Punk says

    We all know how Nascar thinks….. they remind me of Ticketmaster.

  12. Les not try to sugar coat this. One side of the story? Really? Come on man!

    Vanada declined comment. Wilson not available for comment. Well I guess the only side to be told is Emily’s, isn’t it. Maybe they both should be available to tell their side of the story. Sounds like they got caught with their pants around their ankles and are embarrassed because Emily let the press know what was going on.

    How’s that saying go? Put up or shut up and Emily put up. You go girl.

  13. 🌈🦄2020 says

    In my opinion it’s what Vanada did that’s the sleazy part, more than anything. Speaking directly to the owners of the track. Why is he and NASCAR so hell bent on getting the tour back there? Are they trying just as hard or at all with Thompson like they should?

  14. Astounding and perplexing to think this would even happen! The Krause family was at least tying to be certain they had an active lease for the facility before committing to NASCAR, as I’m sure any business owner would do before making a commitment to a vendor or customer. How can NASCAR even THINK of making a “swampland in Florida salesman” type of move like that? I’m not one to badmouth people, but I can’t help but call this like I see it. I hope the Krause family confirms their lease and has a great season. If NASCAR is part of it, may it be THEIR decision and not NASCAR’s!!

  15. Why can’t wall statium return calls about getting refunds on tickets from turkey derby they won’t returns calls been calling over 20 times

  16. Wall has been on life support, reports of its demise have been swirling. How many people are lining up to run or lease the place? Krause, that’s it. If Krause walks, the owner is stuck with a dormant property that is not producing revenue. Somebody is trying to squeeze somebody. Krause is holding her position. Then Wilson and Vanada butt in with a “deal”. What are the conditions for Krause in that deal?

    Wilson should be working with Thompson, the modern day home track for NASCAR Modifieds.

    Good luck.

  17. Why Josh Vanada would want to enter that snake pit New Joisey and tangle with all the ego’s and turf wars surrounding the mess that is Wall Stadium is any ones guess. Maybe by now he’s thought better of it.
    To refresh on Mr. Vanada. His day job according to Linkedin is management at the multi store operation Hurd Auto Mall. Former Track Manager at Thompson from 2013 to 2018. Was a principle in the roll out of Thompson’s successful road racing endeavor and years of participation in the organization of Thompson circle track events. One of the creators of the ambitious but short lived Bull Ring Bash. In short, Vanada is an educated professional, successful manager with an entrepreneurial spirit that knows the NWMT well having worked with NASCAR at Thompson.
    Wall Stadium is owned by Wall Speedway Properties LLC, a subsidiary of the Hackensack-based infrastructure firm J. Fletcher Creamer & Son. The company that was trying to get the property rezoned so they could build housing that the town didn’t really want and the reason why Wall Stadium is in the state of suspended animation it is now.
    To be clear the Krause family has had not one deal in the time they have leased the track they’ve had several. The latest short term reflecting the fact that the properties status could change on short notice.
    The Krause family is a tenant. One as it turns out does not have an agreement for 2021. I’m guessing Wilson is trying to work through the Krause family since they have the experience with the nebulous cloud of corporate quick sand that owns the property.
    Near as I can reckon Emily Krause is assuming decision making authority based on the lease she hopes to get but does not have now. Her reaction in my view is a bit over the top and understandably so being part of a family that has invested so much in the track.
    I hope Wilson and Vanada can pull this thing off. It’s one race. One date is exactly what Krause is sacrificing. She’s already on record saying that she broke even on the race they had so there is no loss there. Based on everything publicly available regarding this which is mostly RaceDayCt content gives no inkling that either Wilson or Vanada are trying to displace Krause as the primary tenant of the track.
    My view from the Barkalounger in my basement. If the deal is not dead by now the matriarch of the family Diane Krause needs to reconsider the one race. Tamp down that New Jersey ego’s just a tick and work with these guys for a race the Krause family has admitted they are not terribly interested in.

  18. Doug, you are missing some crucial facts. Krause rents the place and she does not have a lease in place yet. Vanada and Wilson are maneuvering for a single date. Sounds like they want to go through Krause, but Krause has yet to close a deal with the track owners. It would be awkward if Vanada and Wilson did a stand-alone deal for one event, then the season lease on the place would have to exclude that event somehow, making things unnecessarily complicated. But hey, we are talking Jimmy Wilson here.

    And then the fact that the track property owner tried to rezone and was not allowed. I believe the factual reason was that the property is near an airport and that residential use is not allowed in that zone near the airport. That puts the property owner in a bind, because what they can do with the property is now extremely limited and that impacts property uses and values. For now, they are stuck with a track and have to make the best of it, and Krause is the one with the leverage. Let’s face it, there is no line of people hoping to run a short track during the #TrumpPandemic COVID-19 coronavirus 🦠 age.

  19. HA, I will rent you my house for the year, but you must leave the property on Christmas because I have another renter for that day that likes the kitchen and is better at cooking than you.

  20. The Atomic Punk says

    Every time I read a post by Dadope I can hear the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz singing….”If I only had a brain”.

  21. I still think NASCAR trying to put a deal together behind the Krause’s back is an extremely low blow. It shows me they care nothing about the tracks or promoters throughout the country who have supported them fo years. In the end, I don’t even think it’s about the race, but the revenue NASCAR stood to collect. And if they’re willing to do this at one track, they’re willing to do it at every track.

  22. Fast Eddie says

    It’s one thing to set up the sublet and go to the potential leaseholder and request consideration to a one event sublet of the property. It’s another thing altogether to potentially set up the sublet deal and tell sources it’s going to happen WITHOUT any communication with the leaseholder!

  23. “She’s already on record saying she broke even on the race they had so there is no loss there”

    Come on man! Business 101 does not include running a business to “break even” it’s “to turn a profit” so you can grow the business. Emily is a smart business woman and made a smart business decision.

    You have the series sponsor Whelen looking for business exposure to off set the investment of sponsorship $$$$$, NASCAR looking for $$$$$$ including profit and Jimmy Wilson responsible for both and evidently under pressure to produce. I guess when all else fails you go back door however that backfired in this case.

    It began as the Winston Modified Tour then the Featherlite Modified Tour and now the Whelen Modified Tour. I wonder why Winston and Featherlite left? Winston I can probably understand with cigarettes and cancer but Featherlite seemed the perfect fit in their association with racing. I hope Whelen sticks around for a while because sponsorship $$$$$ aren’t easy to come by. Thank you Whelen for your investment.

    Why did the Bull Ring Bash under Vanada crash and burn? My guess not profitable investment and and he made a good business decision.

    Emily needs to tamp down her New Jersey ego? Absolutely not nothing to do with ego and all about business. How does that saying go, “screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me”.

  24. My apologies to Mr. Vanada if my going into detail about his career turned into an opportunity to take cheap shots at him. There’s an Unmuffled with him when he was putting together the Bull Ring Bash and he explained what he was up against. They promoted the heck out of that series and did everything they could to get it out of the gate. It ended up one and done based mostly on a flawed, non traditional business model in a challenging location that he knew was risky going in. To imply an entrepreneur that took a risk that failed is a failure is unfair and ignorant.

    How can it be back door or behind the back when the credible source reporting the dastardly deed owns the back it’s behind. And the owner of the back is being told exactly what’s going on behind her back. So much so she’s reporting it to one Mr. Shawn Courchesne Sounds like a negotiation to me with a little arm twisting. I like it. So much so I hope they twist the collective arms of that Krause clan until they squeal uncle and see the light on this one. That’s rhetorical squealing obviously. No violence.
    What do I know. Only what Shawn reports. He got a great story from one side and the other two or three sides aren’t talking. The schedule is supposed to be published this week isn’t it? Odd very high on this never happening so yeah for us.
    Selfishly I’d like to see a race at Wall and frankly don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t happen if a third party is taking all the risk. It wouldn’t even be on a regular race night most likely. All those stubborn Krause’s can put their feet up, have a cold one, enjoy a great race and get paid for it. Not actually because they’d be involved in the event management but still maximizing the use of a resource.
    Times short and this devil may have too many details. The only thing I find distasteful is Wilson constantly being put in a negative light in this forum. Like trying to schedule races in difficult circumstances is a bad thing. So he’s not warm and fuzzy. Competent people rarely are.

    It would be so cool if this is one of those deals where everyone is all negative leaning one way then boom………a story announcing a race date.

  25. Tommorow marks the beginning of the end for the Trump regime. Tommorow is “Safe Harbor Day”. Any state that has its electors set by tommorow, will have those electors counted by congress, and nothing can change that. Those electors will be formally counted in December 14th. You’ve probably never heard of Safe Harbor Day before, because before this election cycle it was just a formality, the election was held, a winner was declared, the loser conceded and the transition began peacefully. Then along came Donald Trump, who by every definition is a total loser, who will not accept the election outcome, and continues to cry foul, doing everything he can to hold onto power, hence Safe Harbor Day becomes an important date.

  26. 🎀🎀🎀 Liz Cherokee 🎀🎀🎀 says

    You misogynists, including Wilson and Vanada, have no right to tell Emily what to do. PERIOD.

  27. Let me tell you from personal experience, negotiations are not easy with Mrs. Kraus. First hand experience here, believe it. I personally felt zero respect from this “business-person”, and I’m the customer! So, in my personal experience with this negotiator I’d certainly have to hear both sides of the story.
    Business 101, yes turn a profit, 100% agreed. Lesson number 2, don’t turn down an opportunity. A sound leader always listens to the deal, only a stubborn fool would now! Don’t be to insulted to make money, simply rent them the track for what you might make on your best day, very simple. Even better to have this potential cash in hand prior to even signing a lease! Imagine you have a legit offer from NASCAR to buy a gallon of milk next week from you for $10. Wouldn’t you take that knowing you only had to pay $5? See how that works?
    Stubborn fools that have poor customer service usually are not the most successful business people. Best of luck to the Kraus family in their negotiations.

  28. I’m in crises. Expecting to be on the wrong side of some is expected. To be on the wrong side of two of my forum hero’s is painful.
    And being ALL CAPSed as well. Ouch!.
    ” WITHOUT any communication with the leaseholder!” . As of now there is no leaseholder. There’s a former lease holder. There’s a “likely” future leaseholder. As of now……. no leaseholder. Nonetheless the fact that this story exists demonstrates that even though there is no current leaseholder Wilson is going toe to toe with the family as a sign of respect for their most favorable positioning and status. True back stabbing would look more like a story encompassing only Wilson and the corporate owners.
    I can’t believe it. Ms Cherokee “misogynisted” me by association. With an all caps “PERIOD” so there’s no ambiguity. Wilson and Vanada misogynists she says.
    While I admit to being a congenial sexist having an unequal reverence for the fairer sex I’m not seeing this situation in a battle of the sexes at all. Moreover accusing them using such a harsh word so casually having only one side of the story is more kneejerk labeling then anything in my view.
    Again apologies Mr. Vanada for a second attack on your character from an anonymous forum participant with only partial information and without you having weighed in at all.
    Being a congenial sexist maybe I’m not the person to judge but if I were I’d interpret it this way. Mr. Wilson dealing directly with the track manager, disagreeing and doing exactly what he would have done were it a man. Playing hard ball and using leverage. And really to be fair does anyone really believe there is any gender related wilting flower in any of the Krause family of the female variety? It’s insulting. Shame on you Liz. It’s hard ball track management negotiations. Probably goes on all the time and more specifically I’ll bet some really tough negotiations with Stafford.
    Frankly I’m disappointed in the way this is being interpreted. We have Earl implying Vanada is incompetent which he clearly is not. Liz accusing Vanada of being a misogynist when there is not one quote or comment attributed to him. Eddy of all people taking one side of the story and interpreting events that haven’t even happened in the most underhanded light.
    This isn’t kind or like getting one side of the story. Or there are holes in the information. Or that we can assume based on what has been disclosed. This is LITERALLY one side of the story. See two can play at that ALL CAPS game.
    In other words a typical forum debate among racing fans.
    Flasks up RaceDayCt nation. It’s an off season food fight…..good fun. But don’t be casting aspersions on peoples character based on on partial information.

  29. Liz, be careful about overplaying the misandrist card, you could get a reputation.

  30. If Wall Stadium were being represented by a Mr. Krause, there would be folks all over these forums cheering him on, calling him a good, sharp, tough businessman for going public with the battle against Vanada and Wilson. Folks would be encouraging a good fight against Vile Vanada, Wily Wilson, and the NASCAR kraken. 🐙 But no, the lead at Wall is an Emily, and hence, is automatically considered a witch, bitch or both.

    Liz, great book recommendation for you, “The Cult of the Constitution” by Mary Anne Franks. Presents how the Constitution was designed by white men, for white men to be in and remain in control over women (all) and men of color. You’ll love it. 🥰

  31. Doug, please allow me to clarify my opinion. If you want to make a deal to rent something from me that i might have acces to, i would tell you i could not commit to you until i was certain of my position. If you then went and set up another party to move forward with that rental, i would expect you to present that option to me BEFORE announcing to public sources that the deal was going to take place. According to this article, the Krause family found out from false public information and not from directly from NASCAR first. I don’t blame them at all for being angry about how this went! I would bet at the very least the Krauses feel like NASCAR is trying to make decisions for them. Would you want someone making unauthorzed business decisions with your money?

  32. “BEFORE announcing to public sources that the deal was going to take place”

    There you go again. What announcement? Souza’s tweet? What he “intimated”. Mr. Courchesne’s reference to other sources?
    I respect the opinion that this entire episode has not evolved according to Marguess of Queensberry rules although I disagree the tactics are underhanded in any way.
    What I can’t wrap my head around is you creating these scenario’s about how you would perceive Wilsons conduct based on partial information and no interest in hearing the other side.
    Mr. Courchesne has said that multiple sources have said Vanada reached out to the track ownership. His multiple sources are rarely wrong. I see nothing wrong with that. He gave Krause every opportunity to work with him, she said go pound sand. If anyone has gone to the track ownership to feel them out and we have no official confirmation that it’s happed, it seems completely logical to me. It’s either that or walk away from someone that kicked you in the danglers THAT ISN’T EVEN THE CURRENT LEASE HOLDER.
    What am I missing here?. Make a deal with track ownership for an event if you can. Krause can still get the rights to EVERYTHING ELSE. Make the Turkey Derby a spring affair and a blow out event. Or tamp down the ego’s realizing it’s not your property and work with a world class organization with no risk and make a few bucks in the process.

  33. Doug, I believe you ENJOY being the CONTRARIAN . Low in agreeableness , going against the grain on most topics. NEVER hesitates to inject a CONTRARY VIEWPOINT.. Contrarians often have a strong sense of certainly that emboldens them to air their unpopular opinions … But because of their opposite opinions
    some Contrarian’s make IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTIONS to Society…. Steve Jobs went against the thought that computers are only for the WORKPLACE, He believed Computers would have a place in every School and Home. When you study Contrarians … There is a ton of Information of different Personality traits that they possess . That being said we need Contrarians on Race Day Conn. Website to offer up different opinions that we maybe haven’t seen or heard ….

  34. Fast Eddie says

    Krause family comment from the above article:
    Krause told RaceDayCT on Tuesday that Whelen Modified Tour director Jimmy Wilson was pushing the family to allow another promoter to rent Wall Stadium from them to put on a Whelen Modified Tour event in 2021. Krause termed the request “insulting”.
    “He [Jimmy Wilson] called us a couple weeks ago and said ‘I have somebody who is going to rent your track. Don’t worry about it. They’ll run it and you’ll just get flat rent.’” Krause said Tuesday. “Well that’s really insulting.
    Doug, no hard feelings, but if the Krause’s response doesn’t seem justified to you from the above statement, we will have to “agree to disagree” on this one. My interpretation: “Don’t cut a deal behind my back without my knowledge and assume I’m going to just go along with it after I previously told you I can’t commit to that decision yet!”

  35. Suitcase Jake, Doug is not a contrarian, he just doesn’t let facts get in his way.

  36. I think we’re going in circles here. You keep repeating what the Krause’s are saying using it as justification for your harsh judgement.
    I keep saying it’s their side of the story and there could be more to it.
    No hard feelings on my part for sure. No one’s called me a back stabber or sleazy yet anyway. If some of you including yourself and Jake had to say the things you’re saying directly to Mr. Wilson I could certainly understand him getting riled for sure.

  37. Doug, your the one that is going in circles here. All it will take is a simple statement from Wilson and Vanada on their side of the story rather than being unavailable. Seems strange doesn’t it? If there’s more then let’s hear it from the horses mouth.

    The truth will set you free?

  38. OK when The Hoenigs LEASED THOMPSON to the EAMES group to run shows and then alll of a sudden 2 months later it was MAYBERRY/MICHAUD running the shows NOBODYYYYYYYYYYYYY said anything, and i believe WALL like Myrtle Beach was closing after last season, Now the Krause Family DOESNT have a 2021 lease YET and they would not schedule beacuse of NO LEASE, so BIG BAD MONEY GRABBING DO NOTHING FOR MODIFIEDS, DONT CARE ABOUT MODIFIEDS NASCAR tries to make a deal to run A WMT RACE at a track which PACKS the place for a WMT event.
    Doug HAS MADE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY good points and alll the haters just dont wanna see them, Jimmy Wilson has a duty to not only NASCAR but the teams that support NASCAR AND THE SPONSORS THAT SUPPORT the WMT TO GET RACES but no matter what he does, its BADDDDDDDDDDDDDD to all the haters , so let me get this right.
    NASCAR not supposed to schedule races against any other series!
    NASCAR can lose tracks to other COMPETING promoters but never try to get tracks with no lease on the schedule!
    NASCAR not supposed to charge a High Fee for WMT races so tracks can afford a race because NASCAR makes what a million a WMT race ??????????
    NASACAR never supposed to go to new or NON NASCAR tracks to schedule a race, thats sooooo unfair to longtime NASCAR supporters like THOMPSON.
    NASCAR NOT supposed to schedule WMT races outside NEW ENGLAND or ANYWHERE DOWN SOUTH.
    NASCAR not supposed to schedule races unless a SATURDAY night, NO THURS MIDWEEK SHOWS, only THOMPSON allowed those!

  39. To the lovably plucky Earl I would simple say that in a private negotiation there is no duty by any party to disclose any information to the public they do not choose to. You may use the Wilson/Vanada silence as a reason to advocate against them but it’s more reflex response then valid point.

    For those not locked into a particular fighting stance how about looking at this from the owners perspective. After all they are the deciders here.
    Assuming all the development projects are still on hold. Assuming the property isn’t being sold the main objective for the ownership would be to cover their expenses for 2021. One would think the best option to do that would be the Krause family assuming no other promoter is vying to run the track. Regardless of any other factors that puts the Krause’s in the catbird seat. The lease means nothing, the Krause’s ego’s mean nothing nor NASCAR either. The only thing that does have meaning is how important the Krause’s are to the ownership.
    If the Krause’s are the meal ticket Wilson and Vanada can wine and dine ownership and bring all the power of NASCAR to the negotiation they can muster it won’t make any difference. It’s only one event.
    If I’m the owner I try to advocate for the NASCAR event because it’s more rental income. However if the meal ticket won’t be moved then I’m not ticking them off. Tenants are customers and good tenants are really hard to get. If the Krause’s are good tenants, I own the place, they turn around and tell me to kiss their butts I tell you what. I’m puckering up. If they are more trouble then they’re worth that’s another matter.
    Many of you are stressing the respect angle and offense to the Krause family. I was supporting the logic of having the event and that the Krause ego was irrelevant. It’s all wrong.
    In the end respect, ego’s and third party interference by NASCAR or anyone else makes no difference. It’s who is the most important to ownership.
    We’ll never know the details in this power struggle but we’ll surely find out who the winner was..

  40. Doug runs around in circles. Then he bites himself in his ass, yelps, doesn’t have any idea what just happened, looks around, then whips out his other screen names like RickyInMass, Mr. Dumbass, WeldingWonders, Insipid Sybil, etc. to make a mess of diversionary distractions from his bleeding ass.

  41. Fast Eddie says

    wmass0103, the only thing on your list should be:
    NASCAR should not try to force the Krause family to commit to someone subletting the racetrack that they don’t have a confirmed lease for yet.
    I would think most people familiar with making successful business deals would agree this was a pretty underhanded approach at best, regardless of any pressure placed by NASCAR.

  42. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”



    darealgoodfella says
    December 9, 2020 at 9:17 am
    Doug runs around in circles. Then he bites himself in his ass, yelps, doesn’t have any idea what just happened, looks around, then whips out his other screen names like RickyInMass, Mr. Dumbass, WeldingWonders, Insipid Sybil, etc. to make a mess of diversionary distractions from his bleeding ass.


    Anarchy 2020 says
    June 16, 2020 at 7:01 pm
    But haven’t you heard? There is no conflict. So just stop it! Welding wonders is a gift to this site. It’s good someone out there is willing to call out daknowitall.

    knuckles mahoney says
    June 15, 2020 at 7:34 pm
    WeldingWonders, keep up the good work. Dareals new forum name is Cliff Clavin. Thanks Mike H.

    ted Baxter says
    July 31, 2020 at 2:20 pm
    Hey Dareal Thankfully one of the posters keeps track of all your rambling remarks because most of it is just gibberish that makes no sense

    🌈🦄2020 says
    August 1, 2020 at 7:55 pm
    I think welding wonders is getting ready for another post for the big dummy Dafella. No problem Dafella. You ain’t goin anywhere for a long long time. 🤣🤣🤣🥒🥒🥒

    🌈🦄2020 says
    August 2, 2020 at 10:11 am
    Let’s say Waterford is sold someday. Dafella will still not go because the new stands were bought with Bemers money. And now he’s mad because people are believing what welding wonders is posting, direct quotes from Dafella 🤣🤣🤣

    Liz Cherokee says
    September 8, 2020 at 11:40 pm
    daRealBoy, go ahead and think in your mind that you are not attacking Melissa. Telling yourself one more lie will not make your life any less miserable. One of your ‘friends’ on this site, a fine gentleman named Welding Wonders once did an exceptional job detailing your prejudiced history on that topic.

  43. How can Krause sublet something when she doesn’t have a valid lease?

  44. This is too easy. Way too easy.

  45. 🌈🦄2020 says

    So what did the owners say to Vanada? I’m assuming no. But they could have said yes, being the owners.

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