Woody Pitkat Featured On Unmuffled Storytellers Edition

On a special Unmuffled Storytellers edition, we dive in deep with longtime Northeast short track racing veteran Woody Pitkat.

From a start in the entry level division at Stafford Speedway as a teenager, Pitkat has spent nearly 25 years establishing himself as one of the most accomplished drivers of his generation in the ranks of Northeast short track racing. On this special Unmuffled Storytellers edition we go back to the start all the way through and take a deep dive with one of local racing’s fan favorites. 

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  1. I’ve known Woody since he was about 10 years old. Watched his driving career unfold. Woody is one of the nicest, kindest people I’ve ever known, it’s been a pleasure watching him throughout the years. Seems like only yesterday that we were sneaking him into the pits at Thompson.

  2. So like always you do all your research in advance on the guest’s career, have all the career touchstones lined up, questions organized and you’re ready. Sit down or get the guy on the line, turn the switch and hold on for dear life.
    Most frustrating interview I’ve listed to associated with local racing.
    You did your best. Knew your stuff. Reeled Pitkat back in when he was getting too far ahead but it still was hard to grasp half of what he said especially in the first half. The career evolution was good but the all the people impossible to follow for me anyway.
    Pitkat knows so many people and he’s had so many relationships the casual fan is at a severe disadvantage grasping it all. Throwing out all those first names like it’s common knowledge on who they are. The kicker being multiple relationships with multiple cars in multiple divisions even within one year. The thing to do would be to pause the interview, explain who he’s talking about and the relationship but you can’t do that. The interview would take 5 hours.
    Tell you what is clear. Pitkat is one of the most unique personalities local racing has ever produced. Well known now but in my view still under appreciated. Mostly because he’s like manure my Grandma would say, spread all over. It’s a farm community thing and not bad. Check his NWMT stats. So many cars and owners and that’s just one series.. This year a couple ACT races. Pops up in the Stafford SK’s for Avery then is gone. Mertz, the NWMT. A racers racer but very hard for fans to get behind because it’s not Woody Pitkat identified with a car. It’s Woody Pitkat Inc with branches all over the place.
    Usually a racing personality has a strength. Good driver, big personality, in depth technical knowledge or just a hard worker. Pitkat literally has it all and is above average in most facets.
    At the Stafford Tri Track event he get’s out of the car that had been on it’s side, gas dripping out of the carb and in a few moments gives one of the best instant interviews ever putting everything in perspective with no animosity that it happened.
    Now is not the time to judge his career. He’s in the middle of it and in his prime. One day there won’t be racing for Woody and I’m very confident he’ll be viewed at that point as one of the most memorable racing figures local racing has ever produced. Not just for his racing prowess but that huge personality that consistently ruffles feathers but never knowingly burns bridges.
    The only problem with that interview is it was one interview. The guy is a series.

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