Connecticut Native Santino Ferrucci Transitioning From IndyCar To NASCAR In 2021

Santino Ferrucci (Photo: IndyCar Series)

NTT IndyCar Series driver Santino Ferrucci announced Friday that he will transition from his focus on Formula style racing to stock car racing in the NASCAR XFinity Series in 2021.

Ferrucci, a 22-year old Woodbury, CT native, has climbed through the Formula racing ranks on a ladder toward Formula One for much of his career and spent time as a test driver for the Haas F1 team.

He landed at Dale Coyne Racing with the IndyCar Series part-time in 2018 and spend 2019 and 2020 competing with the organization.

He announced Friday that he would compete part time in the XFinity Series in 2021 for Sam Hunt Racing.

“I’m incredibly proud to join Sam Hunt Racing and (Toyota Racing Development),” Ferrucci said in a release from Sam Hunt Racing. “I think together, we will have a ton of success. Working with Sam these past few weeks has been fantastic and his drive to put out a great racecar and team is second to none.”

Ferrucci recently participated in a Super Late Model tested at Caraway Speedway in Sophia, N.C with Fury Race Cars.

Read more on this story from the Indianapolis Star.


  1. That should be interesting! He may do better in a series with bumpers than Indy.

  2. The Atomic Punk says


  3. Never heard of the kid. Nice to see a local make the bigs though, I wish him good luck.

  4. Another no name who has not paid their dues.

  5. I guess you folks have been under a rock for about 6 years.

  6. getserious says

    Atomic and Fela nailed it.

  7. chicken coop says

    Who?????? “daddy i’m bored, buy me a racecar ride”

  8. solstaseson says

    Ferrucci and Alredos families have no shortage of funds to get them started I do believe, A hedge fund dad and a large building site developed dad, Similiar to Loganos dad Id think.

  9. THIS is a MAJOR reason I no longer enjoy the 3 Major Series anymore. Richie Rich type “kids” get good or even top rides, and a VERY good driver like Preece who can’t afford the top tier buy a ride is relegated to in my opinion a tier 3 Cup ride. Look at his record when he rane 4 or 5 races for Gibbs.

  10. The Atomic Punk says

    Coop also nailed it…. I repeat…Who?

  11. Ken hit the nail on the head, how can anyone be happy about this? You have drivers throughout New England run under NASCAR umbrella and no one advances!!! NASCAR scratches it’s proverbial head wondering why they have no fans or why no one is watching and yet all these young drivers get these rides in trucks or xfininty like this driver of Kaz Grala who bring NO fan base to the sport!!! The Bodines, Spencer, Bouchards,Park, Lajoie were all known commodities in the NE yet more than half who responded had no idea who this kid was.

  12. Sentino Ferrucci has a car registered to compete in Tulsa OK Chili Bowl which is the biggest midget race of the year. Not sure how he is doing or if he had his prelim night yet. The race typically has around 300 entries and runs Monday through Saturday this week. They get some of the biggest drivers in sprint cars midgets and even some Nascar drivers. This year among the entrants are Ryan Newman, Kyle Larson, Chase Elliot, Christopher Bell, Ricky Stenhouse, Rico Abreu, Daryn Pittman, Aaron Reutzel, Brady Bacon, Casrson Macedo, Sammy Swindell, David Gravel, Brad Sweet, Chase Briscoe, Tyler Courtney, and Tim McCreadie. Kyle Larson won preliminary night 2 last night. He will be in Saturdays A main. Saturdays race will be broadcast live on MavTV. The preliminary events Monday through Friday can be watched on Floracing with a paid subscription..

  13. “Similiar to Loganos dad Id think”

    Tom Logano had a hazardous waste hauling business. As the asbestos and lead abatement industry grew, so did his business. At some point along the way, Logano Trucking invented a special trailer for hauling hazmat dumpsters.

    Eventually, he sold both the hauling business and the equipment design to other companies.

    I have relatives who owned abatement businesses that grew alongside Logano Trucking as a customer.

  14. Santino Ferrucci is starting last in the first G feature in todays alphabet soup features to determine the starting lineup for the A feature.. He would have to qualify through 6 features to make tonights A feature. It would be a legendary performance if he made the A. His starting position in the G main indicated he performed better than 130 competitors over the week. They are running double B through double M features today to get to a 24 car starting field. The drivers listed below are already qualified for the A feature through preliminary night results. Race will be broadcast live on MAVTV tonight.

    1 Cannon McIntosh Bixby, OK 71K
    2 Justin Grant Ione, CA 2J
    3 Kyle Larson Elk Grove, CA 01
    4 Christopher Bell Norman, OK 84X
    5 Rico Abreu St. Helena, CA 97
    6 Tyler Courtney Indianapolis, IN 7C
    7 Alex Bright Collegeville, PA 25X
    8 Kyle Cummins Princeton, IN 3G
    9 Thomas Meseraull San Jose, CA 7X
    10 Michael Kofoid Penngrove, CA 67

  15. From

    “Santino Ferrucci might have sent waves through IndyCar this year, but many forget how much of a complete idiot he had been in F2 in 2019. Aside from racial allegations towards his then-teammate, Arjun Maini, he was banned from F2 competition for driving his car one-handed…whilst using his cell phone. Oh, and he never paid his Trident team his sponsor money, so the team naturally went after him.”

    Made for NASCAR.

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