Entry Form Released For Return Of Thompson 300 In October At Thompson Speedway

(Press Release from American-Canadian Tour)

More than $100,000 in Projected Awards for Historic Event

The American-Canadian Tour (ACT) and Pro All Stars Series (PASS) have released the official entry form for the Thompson 300 at Connecticut’s Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park on October 9-10. More than $100,000 in projected awards are posted for the return of the historic event as part of the 59th World Series of Speedway Racing.

As previously announced, the 300-lap event will pay the winner a guaranteed minimum of $20,000. Second place receives $7,500 with $5,000 for third. Everyone who takes the green flag will bring home at least $1,200. Thirty-six starting positions have been posted with a total of $85,475 in base purse money.

Lap money is also up for grabs. Every lap sold will award $50 to the driver who leads that lap. This means up to $15,000 in lap money and the Thompson 300 winner could pocket up to $35,000 total.

A Last Chance “B” Feature has been posted as well. This final round qualifier will pay $1,000 to win and $250 to start for teams that do not transfer into the Thompson 300.

“The Thompson 300 is one of the most famous events in Modified racing,” ACT managing partner Cris Michaud said. “When Tom Mayberry and I reached out agreement to promote events at Thompson Speedway, Tom’s first idea was to bring back the Thompson 300. Together, we’ve put a lot of work into figuring out how to make it happen. We’re already excited even with the date still nearly nine months away. It’s going to be a must-see event this year and hopefully for years to come.”

The entry form has been posted at www.acttour.com/outlaw-open-modifieds and www.proallstarsseries.com. Teams that register by Thursday, April 15 receive an early-entry discount. The first 26 teams that register will also receive a garage stall for World Series weekend.

Qualifying for the Thompson 300 is scheduled for Saturday, October 9 with the 300-lap main event on Sunday, October 10. An optional practice session is planned for Friday, October 8. More information will be announced over the coming months. All schedules are subject to change.

This year’s Thompson 300 is the first time the event has been held since 2005. Previous winners include Northeast racing legends Richie Evans, Geoffrey Bodine, Ron Bouchard, Jimmy Spencer, Mike Stefanik, Steve Park, Mike McLaughlin, and Ted Christopher.

The return of the Thompson 300 is the finale in the six-race Thompson Outlaw Open Modified Series. The opener of the series is the $10,000-to-win Icebreaker 125 on April 10 and 11. Some of the top names in Tour-Type Modified racing have already entered the Icebreaker event, including Keith Rocco, Doug Coby, Bobby Santos III, Ron Silk, Mike Christopher Jr., and Jon McKennedy. The series also includes $5,000-to-win events on June 16, July 7, August 11, and September 15.

Teams that attempt to qualify for all six Outlaw Open Modified Series events will be eligible for provisional starting spots in the Thompson 300. The number of available provisionals is to be determined.

The rules for the Outlaw Open Modified Series have been posted at www.acttour.com/outlaw-open-modifieds. Contact Greg Felton at (413) 695-2272 or [email protected] with any Modified tech questions.

For more information about the American-Canadian Tour, contact the ACT offices at (802) 244-6963, [email protected], or visit www.acttour.com.  You can also get updates on Facebook and Twitter at @ACTTour.

For technical information concerning all PASS divisions, and for media or marketing questions, please contact [email protected] or visit www.proallstarsseries.com. Don’t forget to “Like” the Pro All Stars Series on Facebook or follow on Twitter @PASSSLM14 to keep up with breaking news as it happens.

For general Thompson Speedway inquires, call (860) 923-2280, email [email protected], or visit www.thompsonspeedway.com. You can follow Thompson Speedway on Facebook and Instagram at @ThompsonSpeedway or on Twitter at @ThompsonSpdwy.


  1. WOW…SOMETHING to look forward to in the midst of the Storm…. Load up the coolers, pack the Campers.. You don’t have to stay on the Thompson grounds. There are Campgrounds close by that you can have your own site with elbow room and hookups. West Thompson Lake Campground, Bowdish Lake, George Washington, Hide a way cove , Beaver Pines, Chamberlain lake, Brialee Family , Charlie Brown,
    Nickerson Park and some others in the area. Make it a weekend to remember away from the hustle and bustle at the track and room to breath and socially distance . Alot of the Campgrounds close around October 12th or later so take that into consideration . Well i hope to Have a Great Weekend , I hope this opens up some possibilities for many Race Chasing Readers of Race day Conn.. Happy Camping !!!!

  2. Jake,

    Can you suggest favorites?


  3. Bill Realist says

    Will this race be allowed by Dr derealfauci and president Biden?

  4. Brice Beemer says

    Hey suitcase, I can take some people at my place. As long as their young and open minded.

  5. Dad gum Jake that was a terrific post.

  6. Liz Cherokee says

    I wonder if Melissa will enter this race… For 300 laps I’ll need to break out two giant camel bags!

  7. Liz, Melissa can do a race that long on one set of tires. She’s so gentle on her equipment.

  8. 300 laps, 187.5 miles. But those are tough miles at Thompson. The 300 will be a race of survival. Thompson’s high banks put strain on even the best prepared equipment, and with these cars being built with lighter weight parts, it will come down to the one who’s able to survive, and still be strong in the end.

  9. Liz;
    I miss the pink/purple bows beside your “handle”. Just not the same.
    And I gotta tell ya. If Melissa and her team does all of that traveling required this year to race on the tour, I say God bless them. They are truly doing what they love. I wish them luck.

  10. Fast Eddie says

    I’m guessing 300 laps at Thompson would mean 2-3 pit stops at least. Pit crews will be an even bigger part of a team’s success. Anyone want to rent the WMT 51 pit crew for the weekend? They seem to be the best at it for a few years now.

  11. Fast Eddie,
    My understanding is that the 51 Whelen Modified Tour team intends to participate in this event (as reported here on Jan. 8). So I don’t think they’ll be available for hire.

  12. Viva Race Fan says

    Really Shawn.
    Brice Beemer posting name .Please remove him .
    That’s a bit to far.

  13. Fast Eddie says

    Thanks shawn, I’m sure i read it but must have forgotten. The 51 does have quite the quick pit crew though, should be an advantage along with bonsignore’s driving record at thompson.

  14. Viva Race Fan,
    For what reason?

  15. The team with the best strategy, that makes the least mistakes and is best prepared will be in victory lane.

  16. I think the Thompson 300 instantly becomes the most prestigious race for Asphalt Modifieds with the loss of the NHMS 200. What would you consider to be Modifieds biggest events currently scheduled?. Star SBM 125 , Seekonk Open Wheel Wednesday. Thompson 300. Maybe ROC race of champions but honestly I am not even sure where that race is held now. I would have said Spring Sizzler but cutting the laps just makes it another Whelen tour show nothing different then the other 2 shows at Stafford. I hope the 300 is great and maybe the Modifieds could get some big cant miss events going forward. There just doesnt seem to be any big traditional events like you find in other races divisions. Knoxville Nationals, World 100, Chilibowl, Eastern States, Super Dirtweek, Little 500. Oxford 250, Snowball Derby are big events that race fans travel for. Not sure the mods have one, I am hoping the return of 300 becomes one of these tradtional big events for Mods.

  17. No big traditional event huh? Depends on your perspective.
    The Icebreaker and World Series aren’t one race but are epic sized events. Haunted Hundred, Turkey Derby and Islip 300 are big deals. New Smyrna and the North South Shoot out bid deals. There may not be a Musket this year but the NWMT will be at the NHMS with the big boys and for many that alone is a highlight. How about the Michaud and Mayberry open at the NHMS this year.
    According to Preece and Hirschman the 300 is everything everyone has said about it involving all the elements of strategy, preparation and luck that have been mentioned by loyal fans here Still if it had been such a popular event based on a workable business model why did it go away then take so long for a couple outsiders to bring it back while so called lesser races continued to truck on?
    The Islip 300 had all the elements of a marathon that many here sight as being intriguing yet few in
    this forum watched or cared about the race 2020 being the exception.
    The Musket was epic, then down sized then gone. Epic isn’t enough it has to make economic sense for teams and the promoters.
    For the 300 that’s to be determined.

  18. Why would anyone want to take a chance at a 300 lap race if they don’t have a car that can win you will lose money if you don’t finish ninth or better you don’t even make enough money to pay your tire bill.

  19. I think the success of the 300 will depend largely on how the first 4 or 5 races they run go. How the rules are formatted, and enforced. How the actual races are run. Wether or not there’s favoritism towards certain drivers ECT… If the first few races are successful, then I think you’ll see a great field, likewise if the first few races are plagued with contraversy then teams may not seem it worthwhile. Having the race late in the year should be a positive factor. All in all it is the rebirth of probably the most prestigious race in modified racing, so I hope it goes as well, and is run for many years to come. This could be the race that saves the Thompson oval.

  20. Brian, I understand your thought but racing at the local level is ALWAYS a losing financial preposition.

  21. Brian, if racing was profitable, everybody would be doing it.

  22. Don’t you have to quality that “always” observation with a few exceptions. Perhaps Hirschman. How about Massa. If super great sponsors like Phoenix are footing a large percentage of the bills plus Massa’s thriving business covering the rest is it possible to break even or come out ahead a little bit with the money won? How about the Fearn’s. Near as I can figure Safeco Foam is about as outstanding a smaller local business as there is. If a thriving business is paying the the lions share of the bills and is profitable enough to absorb it can it be said that the entire endeavor is a loser financially?
    For the overwhelming majority however it’s can be anything from a reasonable entertainment expenditure to an addiction that puts your own as and your families financial well being at risk.

  23. The race that saves the Thompson oval? No, the owner is the only thing that will save the Thompson oval and I see that as highly unlikely. Thank goodness for Michaud and Mayberry.

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