North American Motor Car To Sponsor Senators Cup, Join Stafford SK Mod Contingency Program In 2021

(Press Release from Stafford Motor Speedway)

Stafford Speedway is proud to announce North American Motor Car as a new partner for the 2021 racing season.  North American Motor Car will serve as the sponsor for the August 13th Senators Cup, a 50-lap SK Modified® race, as well as weekly contingency bonus partner for the SK Modified® division.

“North American Motor Car is thrilled to be partnering with Stafford Motor Speedway for the upcoming 2021 race season,” explained North American Motor Car COO Andy Hill.  “I think after the year we’ve had, people, including us, are looking forward to getting out and having something to do this summer.  We are very excited and can’t wait to attend the upcoming races and are so proud to be a primary sponsor of Stafford Motor Speedway.” 

North American Motor Car, headquartered in North Salem, New York, helps people find their dream car offering a curated collection of vehicles ranging from timeless classics to exotic hotrods, to contemporary muscle cars and custom 4X4s.  In addition, North American Motor Car offers a variety of services for your vehicle including Classic and Exotic Car Repair; Restoration Services; Upholstery Repair and Refurbishing; Electrical & Electronics Servicing; Car Storage; Automotive Transport; and Auction Assistance.

The North American Motor Car Senators Cup 50-lap SK Modified® race is scheduled to be held Friday, August 13th. Added back to the schedule in 2020 after a 30+ year hiatus, the North American Motor Car Senators Cup adds an extra 10 laps to the weekly SK Modified® race distance. Chase Dowling won the 2020 edition of the event and was presented the Senators Cup by State Senator Dan Champagne, joining names like Bugsy Stevens and Fred DeSarro on the trophy.

Additionally North American Motor Car will post a $100 contingency bonus to the 3rd place finisher in each week SK Modified feature boosting the 3rd place weekly payout to $825.

“Great things are happening this year with North American Motor Car and Stafford Motor Speedway,” noted North American Motor Car CEO Chris Bishop.  “We are very excited about the SRX Race Series coming to Stafford Motor Speedway.  It will be great to have such an event right in our backyard!”

North American Motor Car recently broke ground on a new state of the art maintenance and storage facility in Danbury, CT.  The fully insured facility will have a capacity of around 260 vehicles in a clean, climate-controlled space, staffed by automotive experts. 

To kick-off the partnership, Stafford Speedway and North American Motor Car will be doing a giveaway on Instagram.  To enter the giveaway head to the North American Motor Car Instagram page, follow the page and like the Stafford Speedway announcement post.  Three winners will be chosen to win Stafford Speedway and North American Motor Car apparel.

For more information on North American Motor Car visit their website, or contact their office at 866-566-6867. For more information on Stafford Speedway including the full 2021 race schedule visit, checkout Stafford Speedway on Facebook or Twitter, or contact the track office at 860-684-2783.


  1. That’s one new pelt on the wall resulting from the SRX series benefiting the weekly divisions. There will be more.
    The back straight away sign makers are going to be busy this spring.

  2. The Atomic Punk says

    Now all the tracks needs is a repave. The place is a 1 groove snooze fest until the last 5 laps when someone drives into someone else and everyone gets excited and confuses that for a great race…..Yawn.

  3. Yikes that a hot take. I wonder if Atomic Punk has seen an SK SKL or Open show within the last 3 years

  4. Stafford was “a 1 groove snooze fest” for a good 10 years immediately following the last repave.

  5. Lisa Arute made the observation and it’s true. As tracks age the groove can move as the fines erode irregularly and for now Staffords groove is moving up. Two wide for modifieds a regular thing. The narrower tires not as obvious but a little better especially in the Late Models.
    We have no idea at this stage what the SRX cars are all about short of an artists rendering let alone how they will perform. I know at Stafford the wider the tires they allow the better odds of side by side racing there will be. They’ll test for sure and figure something out.
    It darned well better not be a snooze fest it’s the first race. Bore them at the get go and watch the second race ratings plummet even with them being on dirt. Hopefully the bump and run will be discussed, encouraged and we see it executed by some of the best.

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