RacedayCT Daily Poll: How Many Whelen Modified Tour Events Do You Plan On Attending In 2021?

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour will run 14 events in 2021. Today’s Daily Poll question asks, how many events of those 14 events do you expect to attend in 2021? Vote below.


  1. Fast Eddie says

    There’s 5 WMT races in New England, so 5 is my “best case scenario” amount. One of these years I’d like to get to a Riverhead race though.

  2. solstaseson says

    Will run 14 events is kind of wishful thinking. Lets see if our Freedom to Assemble peacefully is back this spring.If I were a track owner Id hire a Constitutional,,,,,,, Bill of Rights lawyer and go to court. People all masked up out in fresh air no doubt spreads Covid,,,,,,,, REALLY?

  3. A non-zero number of events.

    Doug, how many NWMT are you attending?

  4. Fast Eddie, definitely go to a Riverhead event. Make a trip out it. Tour the area, beaches, etc.

  5. Hi solstaseson, If you really think all race attendees masked up, LAST YEAR, you have not been to a race. But, I really do not know what you are saying. I am assuming you want the racetrack owners to demand full crowds with masks? Did not happen last year. But so be it. I am just a simple man that at this point in time believes this is just but another article of clothing. I would like to go to a race naked, but, it would lead to some awkward encounters. I think we all may want to think what rights are and what we all have given up before we existed. And if giving up those rights made sense. I am by no means a smart fellow, but, I am not a dunce either. If you want to go to a race elbow to elbow with masks on go for it.

  6. Fast Eddie says

    Kind of interesting that none and 4-7 are about the same as 1-3. I’m guessing the 1-3 category may be mostly Stafford regulars with maybe some riverhead regulars as well.

  7. Fast Eddie: I fall in your camp. Given the uncertain circumstances regarding COVID and my work, I will try all of them and the Tri-Track as well. No discrimination here.
    I attended a race at Riverhead about 15 years ago. Very fast, yet very little passing and prone to cautions. It seems smaller than a quarter-mile, if that makes sense. Great place and area, though. I wonder whether the Native American still stands tall out front.

  8. Greg Motta says

    The Indian is still there, don’t know if he has a name but it’s quite an imposing figure (20-25’tall). Fast Eddie you’d definitely enjoy. This old relic of a 1/4 mile maybe less just ooozes it’s history. Charging Charlie, Rapid Roman and so many more. My daughter lives in East Northport and we always take ferry out of New London to get there. I always bless myself when I drive by the place. Bless the Partridges for keeping this bullring for modifieds going strong. Always make it for a race or 2 every year (alas not 2020😥). Put it on your bucket list Fast Eddie. This is my 1st post but always get my racing fix news from this site. Eddie your my favorite scribe, You never get involved in the sniping that goes on at times, but your passion for the ground pounders always shows. Shawn you do a fantastic job keeping us racing junkies in the know. Continued success to Racedayct 👍

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