RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Are Your Thoughts On Hailie Deegan Controversy?

Hailie Deegan (Chris Graythen/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Hailie Deegan seems to be NASCAR’s next hope for seeing a female driver advance up the ladder to the Cup Series. 

The California native will be a rookie in the Camping World Truck Series in 2021. 

And while the 19-year old Deegan seems to have a good understanding about getting her foot on the accelerator, she’s also shown a regular knack for putting her foot in her mouth. In the last couple years Deegan has let some immature comments bring a negative light to her career. 

Sunday night during an iRacing event Deegan was heard on the broadcast feed calling another competitor a “retard”. 

She later released a statement apologizing saying: “It was inappropriate slang and a stupid thing to do. I apologize to everyone who was offended by it. There’s no excuse for it, and I know I have to do better for my sponsors and my fans.”

It ended up putting NASCAR in headlines Monday in places like TMZ and the New York Post. NASCAR announced yesterday that Deegan will be required to undergo sensitivity training

So today’s Daily Poll question asks, what are your thoughts on what happened? Vote below.


  1. If you didn’t tow the line in Communist China, the powers that be sent you away to a “re-education camp”. Same thing.

  2. ” I know I have to do better for my sponsors and my fans”

    Come on man that’s what it’s really about isn’t it. Not that it was wrong it’s about sponsors and image.
    This is race country not the local non profit. We do backward well. We fight the mask a safety protocols tooth and nail, love our Trump no matter what, the hostility to minorities still pops up on social media frequently and tolerance and empathy………forget about it.
    There was a time when this young woman would have been greeted with just as backward insults if she merely tried to enter the paddock at a race let alone actually race. That changed thank goodness. And here she is using that particular term for people that cannot help being what they are just like she could never help being a woman.
    But the pecking order changed, she now has someone she can look down on to that’s progress right?????
    Polling completely as expected. It’s race country baby.

  3. Chas, you’re an idiot.

    And you make it clear you are not offended.

  4. Potential role models, and role models, can’t behave like this. She’s clearly entitled and has been raised that way.

    Chas, I’ve had many friends over the years that were Chinese, Taiwanese, Asian, Oriental, etc., whatever a Neanderthal such as yourself would refer to them, and these people as a group, were the nicest, most culturally advanced, and politest people I’ve known. Politeness is built into their culture that goes back thousands of years. I loved hearing the stories of their homelands, and their teachings.

  5. Chas, please halt the hyperbole!
    I have a learning-disabled brother whom I adore. He attended the Tri-Track race at Stafford with me in October. He enjoys it, even if he doesn’t understand it all.
    Honestly, I am surprised NASCAR made this decision, in light of her being the new marketing driver for them. Her ARCA record pales compared to others, but it wants her.
    If anything, she should have had the sense of awareness to know that people with whom she works or who sponsor her may have family who have someone with a disability.
    Have NASCAR and other organizations gone overboard at times? Way too much!
    To equate a little reminder to be mindful of tactful language with “camps” and the “Communist” line evidences, politely, a lot.
    Honestly, this isn’t much of a story. The nature of NASCAR today, i.e. more marketing and hype than on-track racing, perpetuates its own problems.

  6. Fast Eddie says

    If you are in a position of public exposure, it is important to consider the big picture. There is a much higher level of “thinking before speaking” that comes with maturity that needs to be learned and adhered to. Although she didn’t mean to offend anyone, many people who have had or taken care of mentally challenged people in their families may find it offensive. As your life enters deeper and deeper into the public arena, you need to be ever mindful of what you say and how you say it in today’s world.

  7. if nascar sends you to ding dong school for that comment they would have to build schools just to send everyone from the short tracks after every race

  8. THIS is getting ridiculous. The PC police are looking to jump on anyone or anything. 50 years ago, this WAS the Clinical term. I get it that we have to be sensitive to others, but to make a big story out of it is absurd.

  9. When are car owners going to ban their drivers from these iraces? These drivers keep making stupid comments in them. Like some owners banned drivers from sprint cars.. seriously anything anyone says now can be offensive to someone. So why not just ban them??

  10. Josh Paradis says

    I have 5 learning disabilaties and for people with special needs it is like using the “n” word towards us. Just wanted to use it for educational purposes so im sorry if i offended anyone. I think Monster needs to drop her and she needs to be suspended. In my book she did the same as Kyle Larson just against a different group of people and she should be treated the same way. I wanted to bring awareness to it from our perspective as a special needs person myself.

  11. Amazing what you can get away with if you have big, bright, white teeth.

  12. What Josh Paradis said.

  13. She just doesn’t get it. Any discipline will only teach her that she will be punished and suffer consequences. She does not appear to have the capacity to understand that what she did was so offensive, hurtful, and demeaning.

  14. Really? Come on, EVERY driver, at one time or another, usually on a weekly basis, has used a negative term toward another driver. The only way to stop this behavior is to take everyone’s radios away. It seems, lately, more drivers get in trouble while iracing, so maybe they should stop iracing, or at least turn off the microphone. That being said, she screwed up, got caught, and should be punished, sensitivity training is getting off easy

  15. “If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.” – Albert Einstein

  16. Josh Paradis says

    Alot of drivers may act like that but when you have the platform that she has to work with it gets magnified because she has the power to raise awareness more than the average person.

  17. Mike L and Josh, I understand where you’re at. Having a friend with Downs Syndrome when I was little, a young girl with many problems living on the second floor of our 3-decker for a while, and an uncle who over the years became more like a brother and also went to the races with me occasionally, I know how you feel. Even though the comment isn’t directed towards me, hearing it as a derogatory comment even as a joke is very irritating to say the least.

  18. Rob p., just because 😏 anybody does it does not make it okay, right or even tolerable. It is wrong. Don’t blame the radios, don’t blame the iRacing. You are sounding like Trump. When Trump does something stupid, like when he made fun of the condition of the disabled/physically handicapped reporter, some people thought it was funny. Some thought it was deplorable. Making fun of a handicap like that is atrocious. Trump gets caught doing this and he wants to burn down the Free Press so he can’t be reported anymore. He is his own problem, not the Free Press. Getting caught is not the subject.

    I knew some guys that were having a discussion, more like a debate, and one of the guys made a comment like “those guys are acting like a bunch of girls”, to which I replied, you guys are all married to women, so what was your point? To insult your wives?

    Some of you have taken idiocy to a level where calling you an idiot would be insulting to the common idiot.

  19. Dr Robert Neville says

    This wasn’t the first case where she, and her family mainly led by her father, have been out of bounds with mainstream behavior both on and off the track. Calling the pandemic a hoax and fake on their podcast three months ago, and embracing conspiracy theories probably has nascar’s attention. The, oh I’m sorry attitude gets old and Nascar is probably doing her a favor by forcing this now rather than letting the attitude ratchet up a little more each time. Both the Degan Family estates in NC and CA were put on the market last fall leading to some speculation on Brian’s sponsorship status, which probably includes daughter.

  20. And to add to what Josh said, when a high profile celebrity that gets plenty of exposure, media and TV coverage says stupid stuff like that, she makes it appear normal and acceptable to impressionable youngsters and adult idiots.

    It was just a couple years ago that autism was a platform in NASCAR and on the NWMT. Remember the puzzle piece logo of Autism Speaks that was used for a year or so?

  21. Come on Dareal. You cannot tell me that throughout your whole life you’ve never made a derogatory statement about someone. The only reason it’s an issue is because she is a “public figure”. I’m not saying it’s ok what she did, only that it’s been blown out of proportion because of her status. I think all of society could benefit from some sensitivity courses. What she did was wrong, but it’s also something everyone does at one time or another. And please don’t compare me to Trump… I have a soul, he is the antichrist… No comparison.

  22. When I was in grade school, I was labeled to be one of the “slow” kids. Words hurt. Turns out, I was not “slow” just bored, and when classes became more challenging my grades improved. But again words hurt, everyone slips up now and then, it’s those who keep using the derogatory statements who are indeed the retards. From what I’ve heard Hailey has had quite a checkered past in this regard, so maybe she should have received a harsher punishment.

  23. What she said and how she said it was different that what Kyle Larsen said. Same crime. Same punishment. Indefinite suspension.

  24. solstaseson says

    I went to school on a big bus, some others didnt,,,,,,, were all different its why its so much dern fun, Hailey , I think could have chosen her words a bit more carefully, When I hear teachers with 15-20 yrs of teaching experience calling people dorks sure makes me feel old. We’d call them what Hailey did, thnx Shaun

  25. 🌈🦄2020 says

    I demand a full and complete investigation. Otherwise a burning at the stake will suffice. And no Rob p, Dafella has never called anyone a derogatory name. Don’t even dare try that crap Rob p Trump.


    she should NEVER be allowed to drive a race car and or work in this country ! clearly disturbed entitled rich girl .IMPEACH her!!!.. she`s a deplorable !!! PS dont worry NASCAR will “get this right”…they always do . next thing you know we will find out she had an abortion.

  27. Rob p., derogatory is a very broad brush. I have no problem calling idiots idiots. No problem at all. Take Doug for example, when he was trying to sell his theory that everyone should patronize the ‘bowl to enrich Bemer so he’d have more money for the victims. That’s pure idiotic. Don’t hesitate to call that for what it is: idiotic. Anybody that doesn’t call him an idiot for stupidity like that is complicit and therefore an idiot. Stuff like what Doug says must be called out.

    But the n-word and r-word are very different and off limits. They have meanings and implications far reaching and deeply upsetting.

    You know you’re my bud. That Trump thing was to tweak you a bit. 😉 I wouldn’t let you become another one of him.

  28. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”



    😷😷😷 darealgoodfella 😷😷😷 says
    January 12, 2021 at 9:00 am
    Potential role models, and role models, can’t behave like this. She’s clearly entitled and has been raised that way.


    darealgoodfella says
    May 29, 2019 at 9:08
    Crazy, look at the carnage that TC caused. Nothing was done to attenuate that. The reputation TC has as a one man wrecking ball is legendary. ***LEGENDARY***

    darealgoodfella says
    June 19, 2018 at 2:50 pm
    I’m wondering about those other three school districts (IN NEW HAMPSHIRE) and how little they read. Appalachia extends into Maine, it’s not just a southern thing.

    darealgodfella says
    October 6, 2018 at 1:53 pm
    Sad, looks like Dowling will be the one working the Fry-o-lator, while looking for a driving opportunity.

    darealgoodfella says
    October 4, 2019 at 8:09 am
    Crazy, Stafford/Arute runs a show that happens to feature racing. If Stafford were to focus on running a racing facility, it could be pretty good.

    darealgoodfella says
    March 28, 2020 at 10:12 am
    Yeah, we need a wall around New Hampshire to protect the rest of us from them New Hampshire residents. They think liberty means they can do whatever they want, regardless of law and order.

    darealgoodfella says
    April 21, 2020 at 7:54 am
    Jennerstown is located in central Pennsylvania, also known as Alabama. It is deep red country, they only watch the Fox channel out there and therefore believe that the CORONAVIRUS is a hoax. Travel through Pennsylvania at your own risk.

    darealgoodfella says
    June 5, 2020 at 7:42 pm
    Jennerstown is in Alabama, so this is expected. For those of you that are bewildered, Pennsylvania is known as Pittsburgh on the left, Philadelphia on the right, and Alabama in the middle.

  29. solstaseson says

    If dareal ever gets a life or a job be lots less to scroll past..

  30. Thanks Dareal, I consider you a bud too. And yes the n and r word should be considered off limits, totally agree on that. People, especially those in the public eye should think before they speak, as they are in allot of cases considered to be role models for our young people. I’m sure there are allot of kids hoping to be the next Kyle or Hailey out there. How this incident, and prior incidents brought to light because of it, will affect her career is yet to be seen. Hopefully she learns from this, and is able to move on. Only time will tell

  31. Rich Gourley says

    Who exactly gets to make the determination of what words are off limits these days ? Maybe the government should publish a list of all words that are never to be spoken,
    Was what she said not smart, absolutely but in the bigger scheme of things, who the hell cares. I guarantee you that all the folks that are up in arms over this have something hiding in their past that would lead to their outrage being muted or ridiculed. Such a sad time in our history.

  32. Rich, you get it. Finally someone gets it. Everyone has used derogatory words at some point, it’s human nature, hardwired into us. Unfortunately the world is a different place now. 20 years ago nothing would have been made of this.

  33. The Atomic Punk says

    nothing a GIANT asteroid can’t fix.

  34. Wait until they find out you can retard timing and that a clutch has a slave cylinder…

  35. solstaseson says

    The word police and this politically correctness can get to be a bit much sometimes, Think Hailey will adapt just fine to being in the spot light more,,,,,,.takes time, shes young,,thanks Shaun

  36. Some of you guys continue to affirm that ignorance is indeed bliss. And here’s the kicker… you don’t know it.

  37. But Dareal, ignorance is bliss. Look at all the ignorant people blissfully sitting maskless at the bar ignorant of covid’s existance.

  38. Words matter you idiots… words matter.

  39. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Good call on those choppers Dafella. Simply amazing observation.

  40. chicken coop says

    Yaaaaaaawn!!! this is a non issue.

  41. Say what you will about discrimination, but it appears women can be just as idiotic as men.

    But in other news that threatens racing, the coronavirus 🦠 COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating and getting bigger and bigger, leaving Trump with very few options to regain the spotlight in the news, so he got his ass impeached 🍑 yet again. Is this guy awesome or what?


  42. Stupid is as stupid does sir.

  43. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”



    DAY 13

    1. We know idiots
    2. their idiot leader losing the election
    3. Our very own forum jester idiot
    4. profound stupidity and idiocy
    5. Qs, conspiracy idiots
    6. Nobody tells these idiots
    7. Wearing a mask to these idiots
    8. And these idiots are too damn stupid
    9. You idiots still do not acknowledge
    10. . Idiots you are, one and all.
    11. . petulant idiot morons
    12. And you, and all your other screen names, are an idiot.
    13. Chas, you’re an idiot
    14. Some of you have taken idiocy
    15. common idiot
    16. adult idiots.
    17. I have no problem calling idiots idiots.
    18. That’s pure idiotic.
    19. Anybody that doesn’t call him an idiot
    20. therefore an idiot.
    21. Words matter you idiots
    22. it appears women can be just as idiotic as men.


  44. 🌈🦄2020 says

    darealgoodfella 😷😷😷
    January 5, 2021
    Earl, this thread is titled, “New London-Waterford Speedbowl releases 2021 Schedule”, hence the subject of this thread is the New London-Waterford Speedbowl, and therefore that is why I stayed on the topic of the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

    I was staying focused on topic, which is New London-Waterford Speedbowl. You brought up all the other tracks and then went off topic. The title of the thread is “New London-Waterford Speedbowl Releases 2021 Schedule”.


    Dafella going off topic for the millionth time. He’s so special. He’s so cute. Stay on topic idiot. Understand idiot? 🤡 This is about those white privileged teeth!

  45. In other news that threatens racing, as the coronavirus 🦠 #TrumpPandemic COVID-19 has done and will do so well into the future, there are national security issues that will plague the country and just about every and any facet of our lives. It turns out that the idiot Trumper insurrectionists that stormed the Capitol are planning to wreak havoc around the country for several months, attack public venues to disrupt. These plans were done on public forums, as was the Capitol attack. These people truly are stupid idiots. And then they complain that they were caught and wonder why anybody was watching what they were doing. You won’t see this reported on Fox. BTW, the Fox News Hour is no longer being called news, but an opinion show. 🤣🤣🤣

    So expect to see more domestic terrorist attacks for several months, as the perpetrators are advertising, some of which might impact racing.

  46. Do the right thing. When these terror groups start their attacks, get the real military in there and wipe them out. They want to play soldiers, and disrupt society, well, welcome to the jungle Boyz. Wipe out enough of them, and the chaos will stop. Don’t forget to save a bullet for the one who set this all in motion. In his own words ” that’s what we do to traitors… We shoot them”

  47. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Good one Rob p. Wipe out those who disrupt society you say? Which ones? Only the ones from last week? Or the peaceful protesters that killed, looted, burned down family businesses during the summer of love. Be more specific. Also are you advocating for the assassination of a sitting president, or do you mean after the 20th? And don’t worry about the terrorists disrupting the race season Dafella. They just need to turn off Fox and tune to CNN. That way they’d learn all about that every Trump voter is on the side of the klan. Hopefully that way the terrorists will leave race fans alone.

  48. 🌈🦄2020, I’m not going to call you an idiot. You did it yourself.

  49. Whoa, that took a turn south fast. Continuing terrorist attacks, no relief in sight for the relentless Covid19 infections including the continued devastation of our racing season on the horizon. National Guard mowing down American citizens in the street and a presidential execution by firing squad I would presume.
    We call that anonymous comment section unfettered hyperbole. A common malady of this type of forum.
    Last night Shotgun Joe Biden did what many of us hoped he would do. He outlined his plans to address the pandemic and spur economic recovery. Many of his supporters including myself hoped he would do just what he did. Focus on the issues most urgent to most Americans without unproductive meanderings into partisan politics. You can argue about the merits of his proposals but the focus was first rate and what he was elected to do.
    I am very attentive to the pandemics trajectory. Mentioning how the experts said it would recede into spring and we would likely have racing and the experts were correct. Now it would appear we are at or very near the peak of the current explosion in infections and death. Dr. Scott Gottlieb thinks a full 30% of the population has some measure of protection via active or asymptomatic infection. That combined with the vaccinations will result in the numbers going down precipitously starting in February. Variants complicate it all but aren’t a deal killer if they have less opportunity to emerge.
    This is racing country and therefore Trump country. However it isn’t radical right wing country. It’s unfair to suggest that there will be continuing drum beat of right wing terrorist attacks going forward. The evidence of that would be in the images of the riot we saw live and in real time. Well organized clandestine groups with a long term goals of evil intent generally speaking don’t pose for pictures of their acts, wear horns and smile for the camera as they are engaging in breaking the law. More likely it’s a one off event that spun out of control by a core of troublemakers not unlike the core of Antifa anarchists that attended BLM protests for the specific purpose of creating mayhem. The hard right and left would have you believe the two brands of riots are different when the reality is they have a lot in common.
    Could there be additional isolated events sure. A well organized group of freedom fighters committed to the overthrow of the government and installation of Trump as dictator this is not.
    As for the cable news wars get current. Newsmax is the new home of the hard right devotees. Cable news and talk media aren’t news sources so much as part of the basic problem. They’re what wound of the Trump base continuously and what has wound up the hyperbolic nonsense by the anti Trump crowd in comments we see here.
    Advocating for Americans mowing down Americans in the streets is beyond the pale. At the very least it shows a complete lack of empathy for National Guard that would be doing killing and the effect on their lives not to mention the victims. It’s a comic book view of the value of life not the real world view that would involve blood and the artificial creation of life long disabilities.
    My informed opinion is that from the transition of power to the pandemic right now is as bad as it will be in 2021. Going forward it won’t be rainbows and magnificent sunrises but it will be a lot better then 2020 including uninterrupted racing starting in April.

  50. I agree with Rob p, it is time for a Tiananmen Square type of response to the Trump supporters. The Chinese government knows how to handle dissidents and hopefully President Biden will take a lesson from the Chinese and use all means necessary to put an end to those silly people who disagree with him.

  51. Mike H.
    I’m guessing you’re being sarcastic, and that’s all good. But I’ll say this, I don’t care if you’re BLM, Antifa, KKK or MAGA, if you assault a police officer you should expect deadly force in return, simple as that. I don’t care what color you are, what religion you are, what social stance you’re arguing or what political party you stand for. What happened at the US Capital last week was beyond disgusting. A bunch of people who have used “Law & Order” as some sort of trademark tagline for years committing unspeakable acts of hate and assault against the police. What happened last week wasn’t about “silly people who disagree” with Biden as you mockingly said. It was about a group of bloodthirsty maniacs looking to murder members of congress. That’s not protesting. That’s not being a political supporter. That’s being a domestic terrorist.

  52. 🌈🦄2020, Susan Collins initially thought the Capitol invaders were Iranians. If that were so, would it have been okay by you to open fire and mow them down? With all other things being the same, would it have been ok to open fire?

    Because of the open threats to continue to attack and threaten the American public as they did on Jan 6 at the US Capitol, any public events are considered targets, hence racing is threatened. Do not think that this could never happen to you and your precious racing. The coronavirus 🦠 #TrumpPandemic COVID-19 pandemic was never supposed to happen.

    Fortunately, the Jan 6 MAGA’t insurrectionists were too stupid. Answer this… what was the point of the invasion of the Capitol? They broke in, roamed around, then left. You MAGA’ts look as stupid as the neighborhood dog that constantly barks and chases cars up and down the street. Then when a car stops, the stupid dog just sits there, has no idea what to do with the car. That’s what you MAGA’ts look like after the Jan 6 insurrection.

    The Jan 6 event was planned and organized. People traveled from all over the country to participate. One of the companies that helped organize has Paul Manafort working for them. Yep, that Paul Manafort, the pariah of New Britain, CT. This was not a spontaneous thing. It was planned, and the idiots did it out in the open.

    Most dangerous threat to the USA: domestic white supremacy. Has been for decades. And Putin is playing Trump perfectly to divide and conquer. Idiots are being played like a toy store kazoo.

    BLM vs MAGA Whenever there are protests, there are some in the crowd that will indeed get out of hand and cause problems. But the statistical fact is that when the BLM and MAGA gatherings are compared, the damage caused during ✊🏿 BLM ✊🏿 protests is far less than 1% of the damage caused during MAGA/White Supremacist gatherings. This has been studied and contrasted by several sources.

    Back the Blue. 👮‍♂️ Kinda laughable, eh? The MAGA’ts are supposedly the Law & Order bunch, but they went and targeted and attacked, and even caused the deaths of LEO on Jan 6. The reports from surviving Jan 6 LEO is disturbing. There were many MAGA’t LEO and ex-military in the Jan 6 Capitol invasion. And they are being ID’d and arrested. Not very bright at all. The Capitol LEO that was killed was a pro-Trumper.

    Vote Accuracy & Fraud. There has always been and will be voter fraud. But does two cases of fraud in Georgia mean that the entire state vote is then nullified? Be careful, GA counted their vote three times. Same result all three times: Trump is the loser. This can be used both ways. Be careful what you ask for.

    2A Rights. Now the dog whistling over the 2A rights is where you MAGA’ts really put your idiocy and ignorance on full display. Trump has whistled you to action over and over, telling you your precious 2A rights would be taken away. Well, in reality, that is impossible. Technically, there could be a path, but in reality, it could never happen. First of all, it would take a Constitutional Amendment. That is very hard to do, by design. Around 2009, the Supreme Court affirmed that individuals have the right to own arms. That makes it even far more difficult to amend the Constitution, if not precludes doing so in the case of gun ownership. But Trump knows y’all are stupid and choose to remain so, and he whistles you around and uses you with ease. And you love it!!!! And you think you won because the 2A is still there!!! Idiots. The GOP has used this non-existent threat to the 2A for a very long time, yet you never get it for all the fraud that it is. This shows that you are irrefutably and conclusively idiots. There are many Dems that are not anti-gun or are pro 2A, hence making it even more improbable that a threat to 2A rights can really exist. Do not think that Dems are unarmed.

    The FBI and other agencies are reporting that the elements that brought the Jan 6 Capitol invasion are planning to continue to do more stupid for months. There will be attempts to attack and disrupt for the coming months. Bunch of idiotic sore losers.

    And whatever you do, do not think that MAGA’ts are the only people with guns.

    So if the sore loser Trumpanzee MAGA’ts are successful in disrupting over the coming weeks and months, expect that additional burden of safety to be applied on top of the current coronavirus 🦠 #TrumpPandemic COVID-19 pandemic safety protocols. 😷 This could result in strict crowd size limits, costly security, etc.

  53. 2020, furring the summer there were 2 distinctly different groups of protester’s, those who were there to peacefully protest, and those there to disrupt, loot, and cause chaos, using the peaceful people as cover. Leave the peaceful people alone, make an example of the radicals.
    The election is over, Trump lost, although many of his supporters accept that, some don’t and think violence is the answer. Then there are those radical groups who are using everything as an excuse to carry out their agenda. We cannot condone these violent uprisings, they must be quelled, and those responsible made to pay. They should know that their actions will be met with overwhelming force, and maybe deadly force.

  54. Mike H, there is plenty of security being amassed in the DC area already. And there will be plenty you can’t see. And the snipers on the rooftops.

    We shall see how stupid the Trumpanzees are.

  55. At least Hailie is mildly competitive. Keep hope alive.

  56. Rob p., you’ve used “furring” a few times lately. What is that?

  57. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”



    DAY 15

    1. We know idiots
    2. their idiot leader losing the election
    3. Our very own forum jester idiot
    4. profound stupidity and idiocy
    5. Qs, conspiracy idiots
    6. Nobody tells these idiots
    7. Wearing a mask to these idiots
    8. And these idiots are too damn stupid
    9. You idiots still do not acknowledge
    10. . Idiots you are, one and all.
    11. . petulant idiot morons
    12. And you, and all your other screen names, are an idiot.
    13. Chas, you’re an idiot
    14. Some of you have taken idiocy
    15. common idiot
    16. adult idiots.
    17. I have no problem calling idiots idiots.
    18. That’s pure idiotic.
    19. Anybody that doesn’t call him an idiot
    20. therefore an idiot.
    21. Words matter you idiots
    22. it appears women can be just as idiotic as men.
    23. These people truly are stupid idiots.
    24. 2020, I’m not going to call you an idiot. You did it yourself.
    25. Bunch of idiotic sore losers.
    26. irrefutably and conclusively idiots.
    27. MAGA’ts really put your idiocy
    28. Idiots are being played
    29. and the idiots did it out in the open.


  58. For those of you thinking of going to DC, please check the news. The place is in lockdown. Nothing is moving. Don’t even think of getting near the White House, Capitol, National Mall (it’s closed until further notice), etc.

    🌈🦄2020, perhaps you should go, wear camo, MAGA hat, Proud Boys colors, etc. and try to penetrate the Green Zone. Let us know how it goes.

    Thank the MAGA’ts for ruining an American tradition.

  59. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Ok Dafella, I’ll give it a go. Should I drive, fly or take the train? I don’t have a maga hat. How about something with nascar on it? Will that be ok? Is proud boy colors black and red? Not really sure about that. Are you sure it’s the green zone you want me to penetrate? I think I’m going to check the news first like you said. Then I will make my decision. As always, thanks for the advice. 👍

  60. Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York State is suing the NYPD for using excessive force during BLM protest last summer. The peaceful protests, (during which more than 200 NYPD officers were injured), included peaceful looting and peaceful Molotov cocktails thrown at police. Police tried to clear the protest areas which only inflamed the situation, according to Ms James. If only the police has stayed away, no officers would have been injured. Ms James stated she has no choice but to sue the police and hold them accountable for their systemic fascist actions. You go girl!

  61. Dareal, durring , spell check turns it to furring, if I don’t go back and correct it.

  62. Mike H,
    You’re more than welcome to come here and spew the scripted rhetoric, but it’s falling on deaf ears if it’s pointed at me. I didn’t agree with any of the protests that got violent/destructive in the summer and didn’t agree with anyone defending those protests taking place. I didn’t agree with police being targeted or attacked or disrespected when it was happening over the summer at those rallies. If you’re trying to make some kind of correlation about how people on the left abused cops in the summer so we should look past or forgive people on the right doing it last week, you’re not going to get a willing audience with that argument with me. Anyone who tries to hurt the police is garbage to me, I don’t care if you’re right, you’re left, if you’re conservative, liberal, Democrat or Republican, MAGA or Antifa. What happened over the summer was disgusting. What happened last week at the US Capital was disgusting. Trying to infer that one side doing it is somehow some level of acceptable because the other side did it is just moronic.

  63. 2020, have heard it referred to as the green zone a couple of times, mainly capital grounds, or incorrectly as national Mall, which abutts the capital grounds.
    Capital police, homeland security, FBI, CIA, DC police, national guard and secret service, along with select special forces will all be present. DC is supposed to go into lockdown starting the 17th thru the 24th. Heard something that people flying in will be checked before departure and upon arrival, better have a good, legitimate reason to be there. There is a small area set aside for protester’s, not sure where it is in relation to the capital grounds

  64. So in other news that will be impacting racing by about March, a new mutant version of the #TrumpPandemic coronavirus 🦠 will take hold soon and blossom through spring and summer, just in time to choke the racing season.

    Stay safe, mask 😷 up.

  65. Anyone who attacks a cop is garbage how can anyone disagree with that. With regard to riots it’s more complicated.
    There are more then one level of rioter in the Washington riot. Let’s say there’s three. The first being the people or groups that came to Washington with planned criminal acts in mind. A second group that committed violence against police that never intended it but got caught up it the emotion. It was a riot after all. The last just the people that came in after, wandered around, took pictures and had no clue what they had just involved themselves in.
    It’s all going to take weeks and months to sort out. Punishment to involve community service and probation for the benign wanderers and real hard jail time for the conspirators. That may or may not involve capital law enforcement, elected officials and/or current or former military.
    Jenna Ryan an example of a benign rioter.


    Not a clue what she was getting involved in and after the fact completely confused on who to blame but knowing she pretty much is just a misunderstood patriot.
    People from all over the country including prominent business people, clergy, law enforcement, military and pillars of their communities. All interwoven with the really bad hombres.
    Making conclusions on those that attack law enforcement is easy. Understanding why average people did what they did because their president encouraged them to and confused about the consequences like Jenna Ryan is the real challenge.

  66. Doug,
    I’ll agree with you that I’m sure a lot of people went to Washington that day with no intention of committing a terrorist act on the US Capital, and then got caught up in it. But I’d be hard pressed to place Jenna Ryan in that category. Seems to me she made it pretty clear before the insurrection that she intended to storm the Capital and cause destruction.

  67. Fair point.
    I’d add but not disagree necessarily that there is a blurry line between talk and action.
    I try to tune into conservative talk radio from time to time. One of the shows I have listed to in Pastor Will Moretti on WTIC AM in the morning. What I have heard is a what you would expect. A drum beat of pro Trump talking points with the essential element of fraud in the election accepted as a fact not even worth debating. Callers frequently refer to their discouragement and make references to “burning it all down” or “blowing it all up” then starting again.with regularity and never challenged by the host. It’s not just his show I’ve heard it on Howie Care, Galleghar and Limbaughs show as well.
    So my question is and it’s more rhetorical. How do you differentiate harmless hyperbole that was harmless talk until it proved not to be. Was this women engaging in hyperbolic extremes never intending to act on it. I have to say it’s possible. She posed for pictures that seemed more like she wanted to use them in her real estate profile that she may have felt would be appreciated given her location.
    I don’t differentiate violence against any of our institutions including cops with regard to right or left. It’s a crime period. This whole Trump/Maga thing is not unlike ISIS. No not in it’s extremism but that it’s and idea. A belief system that people have with it’s own reality and that for me in what Jenna Ryan represents.
    You can arrest, try and convict the people attacking law enforcement. What are you going to do to address the reason they did it in the first place? It’s not like it’s going away.

  68. Ms. Ryan is on video saying she was answering the call of Donald Trump to stop the steal. I did not bother to catalog the video.

    I have to think that the huge numbers of people converging on the Capitol building on the day that the Electoral College votes were to be opened, read, tabulated and certified was not a coincidence. This was planned for months. Warnings that there was going to be an event such as this were posted on social media. It was well known and announced. That the various law enforcement agencies did not respond with commensurate protections is also not surprising since Trump cleared out the leaders and installed his lackeys.

    Today, January 16, 2021, the DC area is sealed and shut down because of the threat from the Trumpanzees. They are still planning to disrupt the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Inauguration.

    Perhaps Trump is only doing this so Biden will have a very small inauguration crowd, and then Trump can say his inauguration crowd was bigger. Consistent and relentless cartoonish behavior.

    Speaking of cartoonish behavior, it appears Rudy Ghouliani is still Trump’s lawyer, but it is being kept out of sight, and the MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell is the middleman. Beyond laughable.

    Over 300 insurrectionists have been arrested so far. A thousand or so to go. They are adamantly denying they are ANTIFA, and saying they were invited by Trump.


  69. Trump’s latest adviser is the my pillow guy. That should tell you all you need to know.

  70. There are different types of protester’s. Peaceful protester’s are just that, peaceful. Then you have those groups who attach themselves to peaceful protests, intent on causing chaos, nullifying the peaceful protest.
    Then you have those who showed up at the capital last Wednesday, who were not protester’s, but militia groups enacting a premeditated plan.
    Peaceful protester’s don’t carry guns.

  71. ” a new mutant version of the #TrumpPandemic coronavirus 🦠 will take hold soon and blossom through spring and summer, just in time to choke the racing season.”

    “That the various law enforcement agencies did not respond with commensurate protections is also not surprising since Trump cleared out the leaders and installed his lackeys.”

    “Then you have those who showed up at the capital last Wednesday, who were not protester’s, but militia groups enacting a premeditated plan.”

    Examples of hate fueled partisan disinformation on the other side. If there was a left wing talk radio those sorts of comments would be coming in from callers. And can you believe it the side that supposedly won. But nothings changed. No empathy, no lets roll up our sleeves and get to work now. Just stick your finger in the others sides face and taunt them.

    The lock down in Washington is classic over reaction. Necessary over reaction but over reaction none the less. The real threat if there is any will be in a state or states. That’s all short term news fodder as is the inauguration. The important thing comes after.
    Thankfully Shotgun Joe Biden doesn’t share the philosophy of grudge settling. He is rolling up his sleeves and telling his team it’s about the pandemic and economy stupid. Competence is the only thing that will change the hearts and minds of MAGA supporters not pocking them all the time. Helping them get back to work, save their businesses and get the kids back to school. It will all start with more shots in more arms.

  72. Well, as you watch the Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, make sure you understand that the place is void of patriotic citizens that would like to attend steeped American traditions, and covered in National Guard and other law enforcement security details because of threats from the Trumpanzees. This mess is all because of Trump, MAGA’ts and other Deplorables. And they have promised to keep up this terrorizing and disrupting for months.

    Mask up.

  73. Uh-oh.

    Anybody heard from 🌈🦄2020 lately?

    Some idiot with fake Inauguration credentials was just arrested at a DC checkpoint, with a hand gun and 500 rounds of ammo.

  74. Trumpanzees, I like it. Wonder if they’re related to the flying monkeys of Oz. Various news agencies have been reporting for day’s that the January 6th siege at the capital appears to have been a premeditated attack. Now they are reporting that some members of congress may have been helping the insurgents. When 1 media outlet reports it, kinda makes you say yeah right, but when all of the credited media outlets report the same thing, makes you really think it’s true. To think that some congressmen, or senators may have been involved makes me I’ll.

  75. 🌈🦄2020 says

    It is nice to see the police being treated like heroes again. After months of ACAB, FTP, defund the police and my personal favorite, abolish the police. Wonder if all those celebrities funding the defence funds of the people attacking cops are going to change their tune now. Check out the mug shots of those wonderful antifa in Portland. All white. The only thing diverse about them is blue purple and pink hair colors.

  76. 🌈🦄2020 wrote, “It is nice to see the police being treated like heroes again.”

    Hmmm… The heroic police appear to be outnumbered by the dirty Deplorable police that remain loyal to the iDJT.

    Hey, how about those celebrities, like Ricky Schroder (ok, maybe he’s not a real celebrity), funding the bail of the punk that shot three people, killing 2, during a Jacob Blake BLM ✊🏾 protest? And then the punk flashes the white power symbol in legal proceedings!!!

    Many, many Capitol Police have been suspended, put on leave, under investigation, caught on video, etc. for their roles in aiding and abetting the insurrectionists. Look at the crowd of people that stormed the Capitol… looks like a deep accumulation of snowflakes that they are. ⛄️ No doubt, these people are white supremacists fearing that their days of de facto control are over.

    Read a book, “The Cult of the Constitution” by Dr. Mary Anne Franks. Do not read it if you are a white male with toxic, fragile masculinity sprinkled with white supremacy. It will hurt your widdle feelings.

    🌈🦄2020, do you realize that “Antifa” means anti-fascist? Do you know what fascism is? Here’s the definition of fascism: a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

    Antifa are people that are opposed to fascism.

    Do you realize that huge wars, world wars, were fought to defeat fascism? Fascism is bad. Fascism goes against the United States Constitution.

    🌈🦄2020, you are an iDJT.

    Daytona in a month!!!!!!!

  77. Very thought provoking 2020 so thanks. I did check out interviews from both camps on Youtube and have to say they look remarkably the same to me both MAGA and Antifa. Male, white, not the most sophisticated communication skills, twenties to forties and appear to be looking for trouble. Personally I think they’d be better served starting their own amateur kick boxing league to fight it out among themselves rather then involve the public but I suppose public mayhem is part of the attraction.
    We’ll see today if this whole MAGA thing has legs. Hopefully in Connecticut out MAGA faithful are bigger football fans then insurrectionists. If all goes well they can make their statement peaceably and be home to watch the Chiefs and Browns by 3. No need to get arrested and miss the games.

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