RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Is Your Favorite Social Media Platform For Following Racing Information?

Social media offers multiple platforms for racing fans and participants to follow the sport and engage in communications. So today’s question is, what is your favorite social media platform for following racing? Vote below.


  1. Reddit would be my choice but I don’t think there’s anything local on there. It tends to be a more respectful community than other social media outlets.

  2. The Atomic Punk says

    I hate Facebook but unfortunately its where all series post info on so….

  3. Fast Eddie says

    I don’t use any of these, does that mean I’m antisocial? This is the best spot for info for me besides the track sites, and I thought I was being fairly social on here! 🙂

  4. Joseph Pinard says

    Twitter is the only social media I use.

  5. Sharpie Fan says

    I always check RacedayCT first.

  6. It’s painful at times but scanning the entries on Facebook can give insights you can’t get anywhere else. Yes the inane entries are plentiful but you get more real time driver and team reaction on social media. Raw feedback not masked by screen ID’s or filtered through structured articles.
    Every source combined is the way to go to get the most complete picture in my view. Including pit interviews, Bottom Shot, Unmuffled, Speed51 but it all starts with RaceDayCt.

  7. just raceday ct and area auto racing news. old fashioned, i guess 🙂

  8. None of the above. Just Click on Race Day.

  9. Racedayct, best source for local racing news and info

  10. No media platforms
    Just the net searches and racedayct,

  11. I don’t need no stinking social media.

    RaceDayCT does it all, the best.

  12. I’m sorry, I know this is ill advised and rambling but morning coffee, RaceDayCt and racing gets me fired up and the old fingers start to dance.
    One source news consumers. It’s definitely in favor. One certain president sees Fox News place Arizona in the other guys column on election night, that certain president trashes Fox News and overnight there is a mass migration to Newsmax. Newsmax now 30 million viewers strong and the preferred news source for many of like mind regarding the current state of politics.
    Is that in play here? The one source consumer that knows what they like and sticks with the one place they know they can get what they like. Is the fact the social media giants Twitter and Facebook recently banned the one certain president for his roll in recent rather historical events. According to a RaceDayCt poll 70% of this readership support the current president so it may indeed be a factor in the views of some race fans.
    Can you believe it. Only a month to go until modified racing resumes at New Smyrna. At least as far as we know.
    If you followed Facebook you’d get to see the teams readying their cars to head to sunny Florida. Dave Sapienza for one taking another bite of the apple. Also Ron Silk will be driving the 16 for HYR Racing. That’s Tyler Haydt and Joe Yannone for those interested. Tyler Haydt actually a driver of note in his own right and included in Racing Reference. 2005 raced 15 of 18 NWMT races with one top 5 and 3 top tens. They were at Stafford a couple times and were running at the front on occasion taking a 5th in the NAPA 100 so look for them to be a factor at New Smyrna. All dots I connected using Facebook, Racing Reference, Race Monitor and a web search that may not be entirely correct but if they aren’t I’ll be corrected and that’s information as well. But it all starts with RaceDayCt.
    So you’re not interested in any of that are you? Very well. My view is you’re depriving yourselves of some solid racing vibes. At a dark time with the pandemic raging and winter at it’s zenith where more diversions may be welcome but it’s your choice. Social media is messy and it’s true you have to kiss an awful lot of frogs before you get to the prince and princesses but they are there if you look.
    Honorable mention to the media directors at Stafford, Tri Track, Riverhead, Michaud and Mayberry and so many more that write the articles about their track, race series., events and drivers that appear in these pages as press releases.

  13. Scott McWhirt says

    Racedayct is where I go

  14. HANDS DOWN & THE BEST !!!! RACE DAY CONN IS # 1 !!!!
    both my Bride and I tested negative for Covid 19 , THANK GOD !!!!!

  15. jayski and racedayct!

  16. Sharpie Fan says

    Oh yeah, Jayski is a very distant second for Nascar news.

  17. solstaseson says

    racedayct.com count? never been on FB…….

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