RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Was Your Interest Level In The Chili Bowl?

The 35th Chili Bowl in Tulsa, Oklahoma closed out late Saturday with NASCAR Cup Series driver Kyle Larson scoring his second consecutive victory in the main event of the weeklong extravaganza of indoor dirt Midget racing. Interest in the Chili Bowl has seemingly spiked nationally over the past few years. So today’s daily poll question is, what was your interest level in the 2021 Chili Bowl? Vote below.

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What Was Your Interest Level In The Chili Bowl?


  1. It is an awesome event- Larson kinda stunk up the show for the lead but the race ending was wild. I wish Bell could have kept it in four wheels till the end

  2. It was okay I guess, could have used a little more cilantro and lime juice.

  3. I’m an “other”, as it’s on my DVR.

  4. Greg Motta says

    Count me as an other too. Im guessing MAV-TV will have it on delay about 61 times between now and start of spring. Ill try and catch it at some time. It is some pretty intense racing which is def worth a view.

  5. I really enjoy the Chili Bowl. Voted watched Saturday but didnt pay attention before. It is a massive event that people that only go to pavement events are not really interested in. The broadcast sucks as they are working on the track forever, but, it builds tension. All in all a great event. Been to quite a few dirt races, and once they start they keep going. But they do take maintenance beforehand. But not like the hype or maintenance required in a huge indoor dirt race requires.

  6. I caught most of the races each night on FLO. I have to admit I fell asleep before the main event Saturday but I ended up watching it Sunday morning on replay. If you are interested, it is available on MavTV facebook page. This year the Chilibowl had a total 320 midgets entered. You would be hard pressed to find that type of turnout for any other single division race. Larson lead every lap of the A main kind of stinking up the show but there were some good storylines in the alphabet soup qualifiers leading up to the finale. I think the Chilibowl is one of the biggest racing events of the year. So many talented drivers from different divisions around the country participate. Just making the A main is quite the accomplishment.

  7. Watched all week, already had Floracing. Didnt watch all the way till the end every night because it ended so late. Saturday was the worst night with the track prep. Id have to say I preferred the Tulsa Shootout over the Chili bowl, way more racing and less tack prep and they were done much earlier every night.

  8. Myles Scott says

    I was confused as to what I was watching. The 34th Chili Bowl was shown Saturday but not much info that it was last year’s race. Then Sunday this year’s 35th was shown, even though it was run Saturday. Masks vs no masks was the big give away.

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