RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Who Will Win The Tour Type Mod Title At The New Smyrna World Series?

A Tour Type Modified division entry list overflowing with names will hit the track next month for the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna (Fla.) Speedway. So who is your pick to win the Tour Type Modified championship this year at New Smyrna? Vote Below.

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Who Will Win The Tour Type Modified Title At The New Smyrna World Series?
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  1. Ha better poll is whos gonna do mandatory 10 day Quarantine when returning

  2. I will go with my favorite Driver, Jon McKennedy . He has an incredible record of FINISHING in the TOP 5.
    Jon is also easy on equipment and knows how to save tires for the right time. My second pick would be big money Matt Hirschman for the same reasons above. Ron Silk would be third & Coby 4th…..

  3. I think Ronnie Williams, and Skowyra Motorsports are going to surprise some people down there, and be in contention for some wins and the title

  4. Fast Eddie says

    This one is tough! I guess I root for too many teams. If I was betting I’d probably have $$$ on half of this list! Geographically being a “Mass Maniac”, I’ll go with my local guys, Nocella and McKennedy.

  5. You’re forgetting what you’ve seen the last couple years. Hirschman just cruising around on that rough track saving his tires. Other experienced guys like Preece fast early, going low burning their rubber up while old Matt is just biding his time. Then he pounces. He’s just too smart, too experienced and too hard working to bet against.
    But he won’t win every race so it would be nice to see Preece win one like the sprint, Goodale, Coby and maybe a surprise like Bobby Jones or Rypkema who had a great run last February. . . Just great racing like last year with that ridiculously close photo finish.

  6. I went with Silk. I was deciding between him and Hirschman and figured Silk could use the support more. Going to be some great races with all the competition this year. Did we find out if it will be on NBC grassroots again this year?

  7. Jon McKennedy all the way.

  8. Smooth as ‘Silk”

  9. Viva Race Fan says

    The Fans will be the big winner . Time from the north to maybe warmer weather. Hands down .
    Great racing and the smell of cheater fuel. Can’t wait.

  10. Anyone know for sure if this is going to be on trackpass like it was last year?

  11. Yes!

  12. I am surprised that the 01 is not in the entry list. It would be a good warm up for them before the WMT season starts. Good experience against the competition as well.

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