RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Do You Plan On Attending The SRX Series Event At Stafford Speedway?

On Monday it was announced that the Superstar Racing Experience will hold its historic first event ever at Stafford Speedway on June 12, 2021. Today’s daily poll question is do, do you plan on attending the SRX Series event at Stafford? Vote below.


  1. Fast Eddie says

    To all that intend to go, enjoy! Same weekend as the biggest drag race in the northeast; gotta get my dose of CH3NO2!

  2. I’m not even sure this is the right audience for this poll.
    There are way more people that are dialed in to big events regardless of the entertainment. Those people, not necessarily race fans will be dialed in to being there. From really far and wide. Willing to pay virtually anything to be near the entertainers, be on TV and just soak up the bigness of it.
    I’m probably out to lunch here but I don’t think whatever we consider a big deal in this forum can capture the essence of how different from regional racing this will be.
    Tell you one thing it won’t suck to be Shawn Courchesne covering this event. In fact I’d say this would have to end up on the career highlight reel if everything goes off according to plan.

  3. Yes! 🤞 I’d like to see Rocco, Owen, Dowling or Christopher (hopefully all and more) get a seat in one of those cars and beat Stewart at his own game. Shawn, you should suit up once again and have a rematch! 🏁

  4. Doug, you and the rest of your alter personalties aren’t going, so just give it a break already.

    This is racedayct country, the exact, perfect audience.

  5. 🌈🦄2020 says

    I’m not going just because there are too many other options on a Saturday night for real short track programs. Maybe if it was on an off night but it’s a made for tv event so even if we go back on lockdown with no fans it will probably be a success. And what’s Dafella ragging on Doug for? He ain’t going anywhere either. Or at least he better not be.

  6. Here we go. The city of Holyoke MA has cancelled the StPatricks parade. A sign of things to come?

  7. getserious says

    I’ll be there if there is any REAL racing scheduled, i.e.SKs, SK lites, StreetStocks, LateModels or Limited Late Models, TriTrack or Open mods. Just like I am there when the dwarf cars, Whelen mods, or gokarts show up!

  8. 🌈🦄2020 says

    darealgoodfella 😷😷😷
    January 5, 2021
    Earl, this thread is titled, “New London-Waterford Speedbowl releases 2021 Schedule”, hence the subject of this thread is the New London-Waterford Speedbowl, and therefore that is why I stayed on the topic of the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

    I was staying focused on topic, which is New London-Waterford Speedbowl. You brought up all the other tracks and then went off topic. The title of the thread is “New London-Waterford Speedbowl Releases 2021 Schedule”.


    Pay attention Rob p. What’s wrong with you?

  9. I have a question. What are the most people Stafford has ever had at an event?. Track specs say 10200 all in paddock and main grandstands. Even in the hay day of modified racing I’ve never seen it so packed every possible seat was taken. So what’s virtual capacity 8 to 9000?
    Sans the pandemic what would the track get for attendance for this SRX event? I’d think it would be 8000 plus. They’d do everything the could to make it look packed even if they had to give tickets away. The vast majority I would think would not be regulars race fans. Hopefully it will trend toward a very young crowd that are going mainly because it’s a once in a blue moon type deal of unique excitement. We don’t get a whole lot of national exposure events in Connecticut even in none pandemic years.
    What’s the TV viewing audience going to be? It will be measured in millions. The TV audience will have the advantage of all the hype leading up to the race complete with driver and organizer interviews. They’ll do details of the cars they’re using, how they were constructed and how they’re different. They’ll have the most camera’s ever assembled at Stafford with multiple replays.
    Be there if you want to but the TV show will be pretty special as well.
    More power to Eddie who is off to the drags and 2020 who may opt for the first Triple Threat race at the Speedbowl on June 12. Consider having your cake and eating it to by using your DVR’s.

  10. I listened to the driver line-up online and not sure it is worth the trip other than the curiosity factor to see what all the hype is about. Driver line up is not all too impressive, except for Labonte and Elliott and even they, as great as they were in their prime, are well past that now. I guess you have to start somewhere, and at least the 6 tracks they will run on are all great short tracks. The cars sure look awesome too, and I would not be surprised if their lap times were close to what the SK’s are turning especially if they let someone who knows their way around Stafford wheel it

  11. Ed P.,
    I get that a lot of people are really NASCAR-centric in these parts, but I can’t see how anyone could call that lineup anything but impressive. Yes, a few are definitely past their prime, but that’s a given with making something like this work. Helio Castroneves and Tony Kanaan are two of the best IndyCar drivers ever. Mark Webber is 9-time winner in Formula One. That very well may be the most impressive statistic of any driver in this lineup. Willy T. Ribbs was one of the top sports car racers in the world. Tony Stewart has won in everything he’s touched. I guess I’m baffled at how you can only be impressed by Bobby Labonte and Bill Elliott.

  12. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Very young crowd? What very young crowd is going to be that interested in watching retired old guys race?

  13. Think it through Dareal, civic events are already being cancelled. The parade ain’t till mid March. How long will it be before racing venues follow ? I’m hoping all the tracks and series get their full scheduled events completed, but the realist in me thinking otherwise.

  14. solsticeson says

    Ive rarely missed a race at Stafford in 16 yrs,,,,,,,was there for alot of the 80s as well, Id love to see these cars and drivers gittin it all started on a great little old track, Seems to me, to be a great thing for us up here, that theyre starting at Stafford.

  15. The perfect driver for a racing series of ilk, Ken Schrader,does not appear of any interest to SRX. Various sites have reported he will sell lots of racing equipment, but he plans to run a midget, at Seekonk on the ISMA date there in June.
    I recall an exhibition race as part of an ISMA race at Stafford in which he, Dave Blaney, Sammy Swindell, and others drove USAC Silver Crown cars. The event ran on a weeknight about 15 years ago. Schrader won, but the most vivid memory remains when Sammy Swindell said after the race “We don’t have a place like this at home.” Having worked in Memphis for years, I understood what he meant. I still LOVE the city, my second home.
    I plan to attend. As someone who does not possess anything resembling a Season Pass, however, I hope tickets remain.
    Hope somehow the consummate racer participates.

  16. Anybody know where to get the specifications for the cars? They look like road race sports cars in the marketing images. And yes it would be interesting to see Rocco, Williams, Owens, or Tom Fear in one of those cars, mixing it up with the legends.

  17. Sharpie Fan says

    One thing that I noticed towards the end of the 2020 season was the number of dads who brought their kids to the weekend shows. Probably because there were not many other sporting events going on that they could bring them to. This would be the perfect event for those dads to bring their kids to so that they could watch their heroes in action from when they were kids. Drivers like Bobby Labonte and Bill Elliott.

  18. It looks like 10 to 12 car feature. I am hoping the announced drivers are just the drivers that committed to run all the races and they fill out the field with more legendary drivers at each event to get closer to a 20 car field. I think if they were able to get a top notch Nascar recent retiree like Dale Jr, Jimmy Johnson and or Jeff Gordon you would get significantly more interest. Honestly Bower wouldnt be a bad get considering his personality and TV work. I am interested to see how the event unfolds and will make an effort to watch it on TV. I am not a huge Nascar/Indycar fan so I am more about the race than the legends in the cars and a 10 car race doesnt excite me. I dont go to many races at Stafford anymore and dont see this one getting me through that front gate.

  19. Will be forced to watch Knoxvillle because 410 sprints will be racing. Been been going there since 1958.. Would not walk across the street for this if not

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