RaceDayCT Daily Poll: How Many Teams Will Compete Full-Time With Tri-Track Open Mod Series In 2021?

The Tri-Track Open Modified Series will set out on a six-event schedule in 2021. It’s expected the series will see quite a few new names looking to run all six events in 2021. So today’s Daily Poll question is how many teams do you think will run full-time on the Tri-Track Open Modified Series in 2021? Vote below. 


  1. knuckles Mahoney says

    Apparently more than the WMT.

  2. Fast Eddie says

    There has to be at least 15-20 teams that will run all the TriTrack events. Even last year there were 15 teams that ran all four races and 10 that ran three of 4. that’s part of the reason they get 30-35 cars and sometimes more.

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