RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Which New Local Event Are You Most Looking Forward To For 2021

Local race fans will have quite a few new events to choose from in 2021. So today‘s poll question is, which new local events are you most looking forward to for the 2021 season? Vote below.


  1. I didn’t think this would be hard to answer until I saw the options, I wanted to vote granite state at Stafford because I’m very much looking forward to it because it’s a big deal for the series.

    But I just can’t wait to see SRX, I just want to see it because it’s new and a big deal for Stafford. I can’t wait to see how it goes.

  2. Fast Eddie says

    There are only 3 of 5 that I’m interested in attending, but the biggest one is the one I’m looking forward to which of course is the Thompson 300. The Icebreaker would be next, followed by NHMS. Day 2 of the Sizzler is far more interesting to me, being a Modified fan, although I do like the GSPSS. The SRX race I can watch on tv, where you’ll have all the back stories to keep a dozen car race a little more interesting.

  3. Thompson 300 all the way.

  4. What Rob A said. It’s got the biggest upside or could be the biggest disappointment. It’s just so big, so new and national and it’s kicking off in our own back yard.

  5. solstaseson says

    Hope I’m not looking forward to an opening weekend at Stafford in late June or early July, Seems our right to peacefully assemble outdoors have been taken away, Lil upset about it, tbh,

  6. I am interested in the Pro Stocks back at Stafford but I am most excited about the return of the 300 lap mod race at Thompson,

  7. Thompson 300 is a cant miss date! Most anticipated is ICE BREAKER though of corse. Interested to see if the new regime at Thompson has put a good group of race officials together or will it be RUN WHAT U BRUNG to have car counts up!? I may Dvr the SRX show. It’s a made for Tv event anyway. And a good SK show at the BOWL same night too.

  8. Jusssayin,
    My understanding is that tech for Tour Type Open Modified Shows at Thompson in 2021 will be overseen by the Tri-Track Open Modified Series tech crew.

  9. Not a fan of a 300 lap marathon with 50 laps of racing and 250 of follow the leader , so I’ll go with SRX since its something different and it might just be a one time deal

  10. wmass01013 says


  11. 🌈🦄2020 says

    I thought tri track didn’t have any tech.

  12. The 300 votes, that’s a nostalgia thing isn’t it? More harkening back to a return to the glory days. In the real world more laps rarely is directly proportional to more competition and excitement. It’s more laps conserving tires. Was the Musket 250 appreciably better then the Musket 200?

  13. Thanks Shawn. That is very good to hear. So the Wednesday Night Ground Pounders should be a hell of a show then.

  14. Nostalgia? Glory days? Come on man.

    There is a lot of strategy that goes into the 300. Tires, fuel, when do you make those stops? Chassis adjustments to keep up with changing track conditions. Keeping your equipment under you. The driver has to be in good physical condition as this will be the longest race of the year. Ever race on the edge for 300 laps? You can’t sandbag because if you go a lap down you may never make it up and I hope they don’t enact the luck dog rule for this race because that will suck.

    Bottom line i can’t wait.

  15. wmass01013 says

    Doug Yes The 300 is a nostalgia THING in some ways BUT like the COKE 600 in Cup the race has strategy as to go out fast and lap the field or play safe and conserve tires also can the car hold up for 300 laps, how many times do you pit and when? Races are won and lost on mistakes and luck by drivers and teams and the 300 would be fun compared to the 150 normal lap races

  16. Earl, Wmass I Agree… The 300 has tons of interesting angles… Your choice of gear… Your choice of Engine combination…. Fuel mileage vs Horsepower of Carburetor you choose to run…The Crew is very important in the outcome of the race … A little imagination in the fuel Cell and Fuel Lines sizes can get you more fuel in the system . Read Smokey Yunick’s book Best damn Garage in Town, He had a couple gallons extra fuel in long oversized lines etc… etc… If you have never read that book you are missing out on the One of the BEST BOOKS on racing ever . Smokey also brought in fuel cells from his experience Flying Jets in the Air Force into NASCAR after seeing to many Drivers killed in fire bombs .. He had a Love / Hate relationship with Big Bill France and little bill france .. But any way the 300 has everything you would want in a race. History of past Winners, Stars of today, Strategy , Adding that 300 Win on your resume . Thompson was selling a T-Shirt of the 300 this year which has the Past Winners listed by year on the back, so I bought one not even thinking that the 300 would be coming back . Most every Winner of the 300 is a top dog of Mods, no really unknowns or surprise Winners.. So its easy to predict it will be Won by one of the top Drivers we have today… Teddy was the last Winner of the 300.. It was a must see race back then , its a must see race This Year !!!!!! Can’t Wait…..

  17. Not only is Smokey Yunick not in the NASCAR Hall of Fame but he’s never even been nominated! … No fewer than nine current Hall of Famers won races in cars Smokey built and/or owned. Because Smokey spoke His Mind… Which was Mechanical Genius ….Because He took NASCAR to task on many safety subjects and Owner issues they have basically stonewalled his entry into the Hall of Fame …. He could talk with Big Bill at His shop in Daytona and argue it out man to man and sometimes Bill would listen other times not, but at least they respected each others opinion and walked away. Little billy was a spoiled brat and wouldn’t listen, so he basically shut out Smokey after all the things he brought into NASCAR with a slap in the face…. It’s just wrong that the greatest mechanic and early innovator engine builder is not in NASCARS Hall Of Fame… Thats why I say NASCAR is not your friend all the time…

  18. The Atomic Punk says

    USAC Silver Crown,Sprints, Midgets triple header at Thompson Speedway….. In my dreams.

  19. Thanks for doinking my mind grapes on Smokey Yunick.
    I had a great comment complete with his colorful quotes on the France’s SR and JR that the system would not pass through. Perhaps because of Yunick’s choice of adjectives.
    The upshot was that Yunick was hostile and insulting to the France family for decades. You can’t treat people in power regardless of how valid the criticisms like that and expect them to be objective about you in return.
    The NASCAR Hall of Fame has only existed since 2010 and there are less then 60 inductees. There are many that fall into the “it’s just not right” they’re not in yet category.
    The yearly snub will continue until such time that the hard feeling have faded sufficiently then he will be in.

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