Ryan Preece And Matt Hirschman On The Latest Unmuffled

On this edition of Unmuffled we catch up with NASCAR Cup Series driver and Modified veteran Ryan Preece as he readies for action next month at Daytona with the Cup Series and at the New Smyrna World Series in a Modified.

We also talk with someone who will be looking to best Preece at New Smyrna when we catch up with Matt Hirschman. 

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  1. Two of the best at interviews in local racing. Insightful, engaged and forthcoming. Always professional.
    So what was Ryan saying? He doesn’t believe in luck. That his season for the first half at least was horrible but didn’t really say it was all on himself. Kind of bailed. On the team but couldn’t really say that for obvious reasons?
    Sorry Matt you’re not going to be the SRX guy if there’s a local and it sounds like you pretty much know it. Perfectly logical reasons for not supporting Stafford but bottom line you don’t. Rocco is a little to rough around the edges and has trouble controlling the F bombs. Coby is the absolute perfect choice. Smart, 6 time champ, Stafford roots and with the exception of the one F bomb error at Stafford is usually a great interview plus he’s eye candy for the ladies.
    In the space of a few minutes Hirschman went from we’ll see on the 300 to a bit of a rush just thinking about it. Started out a question mark and now half way in it would seem.

  2. Coby will be at Oswego that night. As will the rest of the WMT.

    Stefanik would have been the perfect guy for this.

  3. JD,
    I think Coby has been pretty open about his interest in participating in the SRX event if that was an opportunity afforded to him. I haven’t seen where he’s indicated any change in that interest even after it was realized there was a conflict with Oswego.

  4. I’m not going to equivocate at all about how much I love reading JD’s entries. One of the best voices in the forum. Alternatively sighting previously unrecognized happenings in local racing, predicting outcomes both successfully and blindingly wrong and not afraid to jam a foot in his mouth on occasion. That may be completely bone headed or purposeful pot stirring with a twinkle in his eye it’s just impossible to tell. You and Coby have much the same approach.
    I still haven’t been able to locate the racing stuff notifications on my rotary phone but I do read social media and pay attention to racing news outlets other then my favorite where I pen this. Coby has made it clear from the start he wants the SRX balboa seat.. He’s openly lobbying for it in fact. Suggesting some fanciful competition between Rocco and himself like with all the organizers have to do is decide on what local hero most of the country never heard of should be in the race. Unabashedly promoting the event and his bona fides to be in it. He’s so into it he’s not even suggesting it’s a decision between the NWMT race and SRX event.
    Want to know what Coby’s stream on consciousness is at any point it time look no further then Twitter. Complete with vulgarity, serial childish memes and good natured banter with his fellow racing insiders.
    On the Morning Bullring Coby got the opportunity to expand on one of his favorite bones to chew that being NASCAR. Specifically the lack of a pathway for grass roots drivers to advance to the higher levels.. That they get there now with connections and money with driving skill taking a “back seat” pun intended. That’s the popular feeling for sure but also low hanging fruit that may be a bit over ripe from sitting around so long.
    First there’s the fact the Doug Coby is where he is in a manner not unlike Infinity and Cup drivers are where they are. He struck gold with a deep pocketed owner and a high level sponsor with long term commitments. Was he the single most qualified person to get one of the best rides in NWMT racing you could debate. But he did get it and had the skills necessary both from a team building
    as well as driving standpoint to ride it to the end. It wasn’t just driving skill that got him all those championships.
    Then there is Ryan Preece. How he got where he is you could write a short story on. Suffice it to say it was a singular commitment to racing from driving to mastering the technical aspects. A wonderfully genuine, marketable personality that attracts very loyal and sticky sponsors. Not only a tireless worker but when the opportunity presented itself he took a risk with a huge downside and ended up showing what he could do for the top levels of racing to see. In short he’s 100% racing, 100% of the time to a fault and in his case it worked out at least so far.
    Meanwhile Doug Coby’s priority has been accumulating wealth as an entrepreneur in real estate and while he’s not disclosing his tax returns one might assume he’s been hugely successful from flipping houses to his agency. As for regional racing the guys a big deal and what’s wrong with that? He’s smart, a stud, good driver and now has his own up and coming team. Has he been singularly focused on rising to the next level it would not appear so. He’s been waiting for calls while Preece is making calls and developing a network at the higher levels. Starting with New Smyrna going back years mining for relationships, and still there while it’s been tougher for Coby to fit into his schedule.
    It’s tedious reading people talking about what drivers have the driving skills to be at the highest levels like driving is the only requirement. It hasn’t been about just driving pretty much ever as far as I can see. In the golden years of NASCAR it was more about geography, positioning and personality then pure driving skill. Now it’s about money and marketability.
    Besides himself Coby is saying a guy like Rocco should have a path to the Cup since as a driver he’s proven he has the skills. It’s not enough. He’s too rough around the edges as was Ted Christopher and maybe even Stefanik. Coby is too rough around the edges as well. He has a tendency to shoot before he aims, is often vulgar, is proud of being politically incorrect and a bit too generous with childish memes. If you’re saying that sim drivers attracting sponsors makes you “puke” you can take it down but the memory for the sim community does not go away. In short he’s a great driver, colorful, perfect for local short track racing but far from ready for prime time.
    If we’re talking about the perfect “balboa” that would be Ryan Preece hands down beating the odds and continuing to fight to beat them. Ready to drop out of sight nationally at any moment.
    If Preece is not in play then a politically appropriate and buttoned up choice would be Ronny Williams who will bore you to death in an interview but is never at risk of being inappropriate.
    Previously a Coby supporter for the SRX race I’m switching my hopes to Rocco if he can put a lid on his foul mouth for the evening. Perhaps get his family and magnetic wife into the show as well for a personal interest story. Pick Rocco in spite of his Twitter entries that have been less then kind to the picking process.
    This is about the show on and off the track. The racing real estate agent is not a good story although he’d be a great choice for a show on HGTV. . Everything about Rocco is a great story. Do a bit from his shop just like in Sid’s series where he says something mischievous about the big names and what he’ll do to them with that smile and gleam in his eye. The guy is the epitome of a charismatic and hugely successful local “balboa”.

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