Step Up: Jon Puleo Enthusiastic For Jump To SK Modified Division At Stafford Speedway

Jon Puleo celebrates victory in an SK Light Modified feature last September at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

After two years competing in the SK Light Modified division at Stafford Speedway, Jon Puleo is ready get on the track with the drivers he idolized growing up. 

After grabbing five victories in the SK Light Modified in 2020, the 17-year old from Branford will take the step up to the SK Modified division in 2021 at Stafford. 

“I’m really excited,” Puleo said on the latest edition of the Unmuffled Podcast. “At the end of the season – we had a great year [in 2020], we had five wins and a lot of great runs – we sat down, me and my dad and my car owner Vinny Beedle and just tried to figure out what we wanted to do. If we wanted to go out another year in the SK Light [Modifieds] or move up to the SK [Modifieds] and the time just felt right to make the move.

“My car owner Vinny Beedle gave me the opportunity to even have a chance to move up and he gave me the support I needed to do it and it all came together and that’s where we are now. 

“… The thing is, the SK [Modifieds], I grew up watching a lot of those guys and kind of idolized them throughout my career so it’s weird being on the other side of the fence when you were a little kid and you watched them and you cheered for them at the fence and now you think ‘Wow, they’re going to be pulling those moves on me.’ … Now going to the SK [Modifieds] is definitely going to be tough. There’s definitely going to be moments when it’s up and down. … We’re just going to try to go there and finish as many races as possible and get as much seat time as we can.” 

Listen to Jon Puleo talk more about his jump to the SK Modifieds, his racing career and lots more on the latest edition of Unmuffled.


  1. Cool! Jon was fun to watch all year and he drove with a good head on his shoulders.

  2. Very good Driver… Problem is…… Big Fish small pond in Lites …. small fish Big Pond….In SK’s …its Super Tough to get up to speed with the Top Dogs….. Just look at the very long line of Big Winners in Lites that have yet to Win an SK Feature, some have managed to Win One but very few ,,,, Even Bryan Narducci who Won Tons of races at Stafford and Thompson hasn’t nailed down a Win or even many top 5’s. The competition in SK’s is Super Strong…. Some of the toughest in the Country when you figure in the way the Handi-capping system works in the North East…..I was Jon the very best of LUCK but the odds are stacked against Him …..

  3. Ray Williams, says

    I’ve been around the track a lot watching Jon grow, Ed always took a moment or 3 to talk with me, just a real hard working racing family! Sk’s are a different beast, but the team is smart and Jon has the poise of a veteran

  4. He was knocking on the door in 2019 and made it through in 2020.
    I’ll confess I don’t get the attraction with moving up so quickly. It’s not about the money. You lose more in the SK’s after all is said and done. It takes years to crack the upper tier if you can do it which most can’t. Case in point Williams, Kopcik and Christopher. And the cracking is usually fleeting as Rocco, Williams and Owen have figured out how to bring near perfection every week.
    DJ Burnham and Dan Wesson once winners in the SK Lights now happy just to have a good run when they appear for a race. How much fun can that be?
    Yet they pull the pin on the move up the minute they get a chance and to a driver never move back down where they can be competitive again.
    Even Wesley Prucker is in the SK team listing now.
    One thing is true if you’re going to move up you darned well better have a good dance partner. A lot of guys gave up and signed deals with KRR. It makes them instantly fast but even that doesn’t get them wins. Arute and Leary with Chassis Pro not working out so well. Or is simply being good on occasion which both these guys are turning in a good runs considered a success in the SK’s? Is that Narducci’s best case scenario or can he break the mold? Puleo has Kopcik in his corner, Kopcik has Mike Paquette in his. Avery’s stable includes Mike O’Sullivan and Stash Butova not to mention Chase Dowling. . You get the idea. A lot of top tier modified brain power in the SK division that won’t guarantee you wins but you have to have just to give you a shot at a podium finish.
    Good luck number 7. You’re definitely swimming against a very strong current.

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