All Badass: Willy T. Ribbs Promises SRX Series To Be A Fist Fight In A Phone Booth At Stafford Speedway

In 2021 the newly created SRX Series will put some of the most recognizable names from multiple disciplines of motorsports on the track for six events in equally prepared cars. 

The brainchild of legendary NASCAR crew chief Ray Evernham and legendary driver Tony Stewart will have its first of six events in 2021 at Stafford Motor Speedway on June 12. 

Former Sports Car racing standout Willy T. Ribbs is one of the drivers who has committed to participating with the series. Ribbs, who was the focus of the Netflix documentary Uppity in early 2020, said he believe the SRX Series will bring fans competition unlike anything they’ve seen before. 

“It’s a breath of fresh air for the sport of auto racing,” Ribbs told RaceDayCT during the most recent episode of the Unmuffled podcast. “There was a great movie that I loved, one of my favorite movies called the Magnificent Seven with Yul Brenner. The IROC Series, this is going to be sort of a spinoff of IROC, so it’s going to be like the return of the Magnificent Seven, only there’s going to be 12 of us. The format is going to blow the fans’ minds. It’s going to be like a fist-fight in a phone booth. That’s what it’s going to be like. The players that are in it, the drivers, all badass.” 

Ribbs said the only think he needs about the half-mile Stafford Motor Speedway is that it’s in Connecticut. Though Ribbs laughed off the idea of utilizing simulators to acclimate himself with SRX Series venues he’s unfamiliar with. 

“If I did that Bobby Unser and AJ Foyt wouldn’t talk to me anymore,” Ribbs said. “I’m not doing simulations for sex, let alone driving a race car. And you can quote me on that.”

For plenty more from Ribbs on topics from the SRX Series, to his career in motorsports, to his view on racing acceptance in motorsports in today’s racing world, listen to Episode 84 of Unmuffled


  1. I know I wanted the question asked but how to do it. Will he ask. Can’t imagine how you’d do it without risking defensive barriers being thrown up soon after. No not the race thing Ribbs has embraced that challenge. How do you ask a really old guy about his age competing with guys much younger?
    Easy as pie apparently and Ribbs unflappable with a sincere if a bit over rationalized response.
    I don’t know about badass so much as possible future star of the show. Ribbs is a quote machine and he may steal the show if they give him half a chance. If a fellow old fart can actually do well in the races that would be sublime.

  2. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Yeah I guess. Manufactured drama is the thing that comes to mind.

  3. Manufactured drama? That’s fair I suppose depending on how you look at it.
    Most entertainment is manufactured drama. I hope they manufacture, craft, spin, promote and do whatever else they have to do to make it a success. If they have to tell them to fake pass early before they get serious. If it ends up a bunch of really powerful cars playing follow the leader the boo birds are going to be howling as the rating plummet.

  4. Dwight B. Watts says

    Anything involving racing and Willy T. is going to be entertaining as hell! My son and I met Willy in 1984 in Detroit for the Motor City Trans Am 200. He walked over to us and asked my son (5 Years old) if he would like to sit in his race car… which he did. Willy talked to us, autographed our program and promised to be on the podium. That 5 year old is now a Physician in Florida still has that autograph and is still a fan of Mr. Ribbs. My son never forgot that day. We wish this new series the best.

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