Cautioned Mayhem: Marcello Rufrano Gets Pummeled In Bizarre Wreck At New Smyrna Wednesday

Marcello Rufrano’s car is towed off the track Wednesday during the Tour Type Modified feature at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway

Marcello Rufrano’s Tuesday night run in the 35-lap feature at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Racing ended in pretty rough fashion when he got caught up in a seemingly unavoidable hard wreck with Doug Coby late in the event. 

After Wednesday night Rufrano was probably taking solace in the fact that at least that Tuesday wreck happened actually during green flag action. 

Rufrano’s team thrashed overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday to get his car back in working order.

On Wednesday Rufrano’s night in the John Blewett III Memorial 76 ended on lap 54 after he got pummeled under caution in a supremely unusual incident. 

Caution flew for the spinning car of Tom Martino Jr. in turns three and four. 

Rufrano, running 20th at the time, came through turn three under caution as Martino fired up his stopped car and looped it up and around toward the outside wall. As Rufrano was just about to drive past pit road Martino shot down the track and drove into Rufrano. 

“You can’t just make this stuff up,” said Rufrano, a regular in the SK Modified division at Stafford Speedway. “I was just coming down the race track to go below the lapped car and he just turned [left]. I mean you can’t make this stuff up. It’s like no one communicates nowadays. It’s just ridiculous. Everything on the right front is junk. On the pace laps. It wasn’t even like we were going green. I don’t know. It’s ridiculous. I’ve never had a week like this in my life. It’s not making this fun. We’ll see how much more spare parts we’ve got and we’ll keep firing them on and see where we can go from here. But this is absolutely ridiculous.” 

Martino seemed to place blame on Rufrano for the incident, saying he got clobbered by him. 

“I lost it in the middle of [turns] three and four,” Martino said. “I stopped. I was sitting there for a while. I didn’t really come up the track. I just looped it around and went to pit lane and I just got clobbered in the door. I guess one of those racing deals.” 


  1. Should have kept going and waited until the next exit.

  2. HORROR SHOW : Part 2 . Garbage show.. Martino got his nascar license from a gumball machine. Ryan Preece had a nice ride from back of the pack… bumper bashing between Preece & McKennedy had a nice back and forth settlement of recent disagreement…Silk needs either a new spotter or shorter right side head rest …. put two guys into outside wall in same race .. They call this ENTERTAINMENT ? NOT ..
    Nocella has no luck at all….. DIRT TRACK IN FIRST TURN ????? REALLY ????? Preece LUCK FINALLY TURNED . In the 500 . BIG WIN for Ryan. Practice ? who needs practice… ??? DEMO DERBY PART 3 COMING SOON ….. THE business you wanna be in is RACE CAR PARTS ..!!!!! Can you imagine all the money spent on parts in all these crash fests.. in all these divisions. Wow …

  3. Martino in his interview honestly believed that he had done nothing wrong. Lol Holy cow buddy I’m not sure were he got his racing education but little kids learning to drive a quarter midget know better than to do that🤬🤬 I felt so bad for Blewitt getting barely caught up in that wreck that Silk caused. The interview Blewitt gave was spot on and extremely classy in my book.

  4. Some good runs from Buddy Charette considering his first time in a Tour Modified and at New Smyrna. He has kept the car clean so far this week while gaining some good experience against some pretty stout competition.

  5. Hey, Martino is from Joizee, dey drive like dat from dayuh. Yaknow, cut across az many lanes uh traffic at once to get whaih evuh you godda be. Ya heaya whut I’m sayin’?

    Hey, yoo frum Joizee????? Whut eggzit???

  6. So look, when Rufrano gets back to Stafford… we need to give him a HUGE STANDING OVATION for all he went through. Even a Will Ferrell movie couldn’t be this ridiculous.

    Look, Coby said it rather succinctly… they are a bunch of animals trying to win. Some are much better at calculating risk, they all have varying degrees of skill and different cars. It all adds up to the quality of the pudding between the ears. Some have it, some don’t. And unfortunately, some are victims of those with little or bad pudding between the ears. At times, the racing needs a level of skill that most pudding can’t produce.

  7. “Hey, Martino is from Joizee, dey drive like dat from dayuh.”

    When the EZ Pass lanes are all the way on the other side…

    Poor Marchello. That was ridiculous.

  8. Is it really that black and white? Looking at the video Martino is headed down track and Rufrano isn’t in the fame yet.

  9. Why do these guys go there knowing their chances of winning are marginal and the likely hood of junked cars high? I read them crying about how expensive these cars are all the time. So why go and save your car and extra parts for local racing? What’s happening there is nothing new. Why not bring a second car knowing at least one will be junked before the week is out??

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