Marco Andretti Added To Driver Lineup For SRX Series Inaugural Season

Marco Andretti (Photo: Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

The list of names already announced as participants for the inaugural season of the SRX Series has been eye opening.

From NASCAR champions to Indy 500 winners to Formula One veterans and road racing experts, it seems the new series is touching all the bases with its lineup.

Wednesday they added a name that represents a family arguably considered motorsports royalty.

SRX Series officials announced the addition of Marco Andretti to the lineup for the 2021 season. Andretti is the grandsons of Mario Andretti and son of Michael Andretti.

Marco Andretti joins a list that already includes Tony Stewart, Tony Kanaan, Helio Castroneves, Bill Elliott, Bobby Labonte, Paul Tracy, Mark Webber, Willy T. Ribbs and Emile Francis Jr.

The SRX Series is the brainchild of Stewart, a former NASCAR Cup Series champion, and legendary NASCAR crew chief Ray Evernham.

The series host its first event on June 12 at Stafford Speedway.

The remainder of the 2021 schedule includes events at Knoxville (Iowa) Raceway (June 19), Eldora Speedway in New Weston, Ohio (June 26), Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis (July 3), Slinger (Wisconsin) Speedway (July 10) and the Nashville (Tennessee) Fairgrounds Speedway (July 17). 

Each event is expected to feature 12 drivers, with some local drivers expected to be added to the field for events. Each event will be broadcast live by CBS Sports. 


  1. Love it! Could see him at Stafford 2 weeks after an Indy 500 win. Good get for CBS and SRX. I’m sure folks around here would still rather have some dare stock driver though.

  2. Very cool mix of drivers here, I’d like to attend the Stafford race. Btw, related to the other post, the Willy documentary is awesome. He’s the man, happy to see him participating and in the mix here.

  3. Bill Realist says

    Willy t ribbs and 80 yo bill Elliott are going to be able to compete with tony Stewart, Paul Tracy and mark webber? Now Andretti who has been taking up space in indy for a decade?? I sincerely hope that this is not the “reality “ show I suspect it will be

  4. And we’re off the the races with the hard core race cynics throwing the first punches. And mostly missing.
    It hasn’t been the “dare stock” for a while but mockery noted and logged.
    Marco Andretti has been in Indy cars for 15 years with 2 wins, 20 top 3’s and 6 poles. Not exactly a field filler.
    The typical race fan out there may not want it to be a reality show but that’s mostly what it is. It’s true it’s live and not edited like Survivor for dramatic affect but make no mistake. It was designed like a reality show to fit a specific window in prime time, be dramatic and attract more then just race fans.
    Everyone associated with the show especially the drivers knows they are putting on a show and if they stink it up with a follow the leader deal with the highest ideals of good racing sportsmanship the audience will evaporate and commercial value plummet. Maybe that possibility is why dirt is up in the second event.
    The last thing I want to see is good clean racing. Something along the lines of Friday Night Smackdown would be nice. Huge egos and reputations at stake with bad feelings and grudges rippling through the paddock live would be just the ticket.
    Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th will be special. All the production equipment trailers, support equipment for the cars and stars and whatever is necessary for a big time show will be there on Friday night. It’s the Twisted Tea Open race and SRX preparation will likely be interwoven with the Friday night show. The big regular race the night before being no coincidence. Local and national news and sports media may be present in large numbers for this latest new thing and Stafford is likely counting on a big Friday night streaming audience. They may bring out the cars for hot laps since they will be practicing there on Friday. If I’m imagining what’s possible I’m hoping an SRX driver or two participates in a Friday night race in some fashion tour type mod or support division.
    This old fart plans on a full child like regression as the naive young race fan taking in something new and exciting. Saturday afternoon seeing exactly how much equipment and how many people are necessary to do this kind of show. As well as peering through the fence to get glimpses of the cars and stars that will be performing and how they are interacting while practicing.
    Too much?? I don’t think so. For this one event we’re not in Kansas anymore we’ll be in Oz.

  5. Doug, I’m glad you noted my mockery. I wasn’t sure you would pick up on it. I know they run Street Stocks now for the record.

    As I suspected, people complaining about one of the most famous drivers alive participating. Only on

  6. I had my doubts JD and still do. Support divisions are not your strength. I’ve always imagined you behind the stands in the beer line staring up at the butts during the Streets so you could say the stands were packed and you didn’t see anyone with masks.

  7. I believe he will be the second Andretti to run Stafford , Aldo drove a midget there I’m pretty sure

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