New Smyrna Notebook: Checking In On The Topic Of Modified Motors At The World Series

Lots of chatter about motors for the Tour Type Modified division at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna (Fla.) Speedway. 

After finishing third in Tuesday’s 35-lap feature, Matt Hirschman brought up the topic of motor issues.

RaceDayCT’s Denise DuPont checked in with a few drivers Wednesday and asked them if they thought rules changes for motors needed to be made at New Smyrna. 

Ron Silk 

“There are several, as a matter of fact there are 22 packages. There are 40-something cars down here. I have never seen it like this. If they do not do something about the rules they are probably going to have a lot less. Hopefully they will do something because there is a big discrepancy in the motors. 

“We have switched cars from last night to one with a built motor. They seem to have an advantage this week. You can tell by racing them. We are surely going to have to save some stuff. There is no tire changing and no swapping of tires. These are pretty soft tires.”

Craig Lutz

“You cannot make everyone happy. Some drivers have several engines at home and what they have here is on them.”

Patrick Emerling

“Everyone knows the rules when they come down here. So everyone is in the same boat when they come down here.”

Jimmy Blewett

“I feel that the Spec Motors have a lot more power than these motors here. I ran the Spec Motor last year and it had a ton of power. You cannot go out and set fast time and then say you need more after that. I feel that the spec motor has an advantage at the end of the straight away, but no motor has an advantage coming out of the turns. The cars are balanced out well. The staff has done a great job adding or removing weight to distribute the power throughout the field. I do not see any problem with the rules down here. We have a great car count and we want to keep that car count. We just have to get out and race.”


  1. Does anyone have a breakdown of motor combos. Who is running what? Is one motor type dominating the action this week?

  2. CSG,
    Hard to really map that out at this point. A lot of guys started with a particular motor setup and have changed to a different setup.

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