Pack The Track: Big Entry List Has Some Concerned For Tour Modified Mayhem At New Smyrna

Forty-five names currently populate the overflowing entry list for the Tour Type Modified division at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna (Fla.) Speedway. 

And the question many of the names on that list have is just how many will they be sharing the track with each night when the green flag falls for the Tour Type Modified division feature?

The Tour Type Modifieds will run five consecutive nights at the World Series next week. The division kicks off it’s slate of events with a 50-lap feature Monday at New Smyrna. The division runs a 35-lap feature Tuesday followed up Wednesday by the John Blewett III Memorial 76 lap event. Another 35-lap feature on Thursday Feb. 11 sets up for the final event on Friday Feb. 12, the 100-lap Richie Evans Memorial event.

New Smyrna Speedway announced Ryan Stevens hosts the Facebook Live show Hot Laps regularly covering what’s happening on the track. During an episode of the show Monday Stevens was asked about how many Modifieds would start during events at the World Series. Stevens said it will depend on the decision of the Championship Racing Association, which oversees tech and race procedures for the World Series. 

“I don’t see there being an issue with having to send cars home,” Stevens said. “The first night we’re probably going to start a ton of them. It will depend on CRA and what they decide with meetings and stuff. I’ve never seen, looking back, I’ve never seen where they’ve had to send people home. I’m not foreseeing that being an issue. 

“I am imagining opening day you’re probably going to get some teams that, looking at opening day, maybe they’re not going to run the full week so they don’t start that day. I think we’re going to be right around 35-36 cars for [Monday] that start the race. So I don’t foresee anyone going home. 

“You may see some teams that say ‘Hey I’m going to save myself for later in the week because they’re going go out there and act crazy.’ My biggest fear with the big car counts that everybody loses their mind on nights one or two and you may see things spin out toward the end. Last year we had thirty plus Tour Mods to start and we ended up with 20 at the end of the week. You know there’s going to attrition and there’s going to be comers and goers.” 

Six-time NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion Doug Coby said during the most recent edition of the Unmuffled podcast that he’s not a fan of starting everyone that attempts to qualify. 

“I heard the track is going to start everybody, which I think would be a terrible decision,” Coby said. “But I understand that they have to do what they have to do to keep the car count healthy and keep people happy. I think the racing could suffer because it might just be a lot of wrecks and a lot of cautions. You’ve got a ton of experience, but you also have a lot of inexperience. There are probably 10-15 guys who I don’t know have a ton of experience racing with the [top teams] or the guys that are going to be running mid-pack. That will be a little bit interesting.” 

Whelen Modified Tour veteran Dave Sapienza joked about skipping the first two nights to let the field clear out. 

“It sounds like it’s going to get rather interesting,” Sapienza said during the most recent Unmuffled podcast. “Hopefully not too destructive. That’s a lot. Even though it looks big the place is small and fast. … It could cause a lot of chaos, but it could cause some good racing. Only time will tell. 

“I was joking around with one of my buddies the other day, I said ‘Maybe we shouldn’t start racing till Wednesday when there’s only like 25 cars left.’ You know Monday night everybody is going to be balls to the wall. Everybody wants to have some fun and believe me, everybody wants to win. … It’s going to be a lot of temptation to move forward and try to make a name for some of themselves. I just look forward to going there and doing my thing.” 

To hear more from Coby, Sapienza and Jimmy Blewett about New Smyrna and plenty of other topics, check out Episode 85 of Unmuffled


  1. Well, 45 cars posted as of this writing.

    Do you realize “just right” hardly ever happens? There is almost always too much or too little? You macho men make yourselves look like Goldilocks every chance you can.

    Coby, who still can’t drive in traffic, commenting on what it will be like with lots of cars, experienced drivers, inexperienced drivers, and drivers with lots of experience that still can’t drive in traffic.


  2. wmass01013 says

    a 6 time series champion CANT DRIVE IN TRAFFIC?
    HMMMMMMMMMMM I GUESS wins at Monadnock, Seekonk and about a dozen top 10s at Riverhead are just LUCK to you?????????????

  3. 45 cars is a good problem to have.

  4. Top Row Observer says

    45 cars registered doesn’t translate to 45 cars starting. Many teams bring 2-3 cars (backups, etc) and register them and use them to start and park and collect beer money. I’ve been to these shows, the racing can be great at times, but i seen plenty of wreckfests even amongst the “top guns”.

  5. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Top row is right. People need to calm down.

  6. Liz Cherokee says

    Beer money? Who is going to have beer? 🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺

  7. sour grape snowbird says

    there will be attrition !! expect exciting racing and that’s good for everybody !! hope everyone stays safe enjoy the warm florida weather. expecting big things from marcello rufano…!!! yes you heard it here first !!!
    he`s ready for prime time with jeff rocco turning wrenches.. PS da real what happened ???you Phil and Coby break up??? technical tidbits about springs, shocks and carbs LOL. your boy Biden doing a great job wrecking the country you must be thrilled

  8. I am sure a few cars wont finish out the week and a couple will come home in a basket.

  9. 41 cars tonight. B main added. Top Row was WRONG!

  10. JD,
    No B-Main now. Starting 40 cars in the feature. You should check our live updates page.

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