RaceDayCT Daily Poll: How Late Did You Make It For The New Smyrna World Series Monday?

The Tour Type Modified division finally kicked off its slate of five features at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing Monday at New Smryna (Fla.) Speedway. It proved to be a long and late night for a number of reasons in Florida. So today’s Daily Poll question is, how late did you make it last night with the World Series? Vote below.


  1. I voted B but technically I fell asleep during the taxicab rain delay. I was struggling to stay awake for most of that race. Honestly I didnt even know they ran the mods last night until I saw this poll. I am hoping I can watch the mods on replay.

  2. All the way baby!!!!! And then I was so excited I couldn’t fall asleep.

    I was surprised to see the stands empty after the Tour Mod race, the place was empty for the 602 race.

    It’s been good racing… given the cobwebs, rustiness, and idiocy.

    I stayed up for the 602 Mods. I’m a Mod fan, can’t get enough. These cars put on a decent show.

    Shocking how a bunch of beer swilling Deplorables can be such Tour Mod snobs.

  3. Preece spun out McKennedy and Wrecked a bunch of cars,…..?? it was clean and green and the Cup Driver caused the wreck…. Unreal…. Ryan is one of my favorites but I have to admit he messed up BIG TIME on that deal …. Too aggressive TOO EARLY well I guess everyone makes mistakes ….

  4. I rely on the great play by play on RacedayCT, but was also watching street outlaws. Think I last checked at about 1am. Great job by Denise, looking forward to tonight.

  5. Maybe I’m spoiled by the local tracks but New Smyrna’s track crew didn’t seem to be in any hurry to get back to green flag racing. Do they only have two tow trucks? Ninety minutes to run a fifty lap race is pushing the limit. Hoping for a better race tonight.

  6. Greg Motta says

    We are spoiled up here in Northeast. They get the job done at New Smyrna, but are in no hurry at all to do it. Been there many times over the years and just no sense of urgency. Another tow truck or two would help. Can you imagine this happening at Stafford or Thompson?? They would be pelting the track workers with obscenities and whatever they could get their hands on.

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