RaceDayCT Daily Poll: The Most Engaging Showman Outside Of The Car In CT Short Track Racing?

It’s all about the show right? But sometimes the show in racing isn’t about what happens on the race track. Sometimes it’s just as much about the competitor that understands that being engaging with the crowd after the race is a big part of the whole show. So today’s Daily Poll question is, who is the most engaging showman outside of the car in Connecticut short track racing? Vote below.


  1. 🌈🦄2020 says

    How is it even debatable? His actual name is Shawn the Showman.

  2. None of the above.

  3. sour grapes of made up stories says

    must be a slow news day ..this is a story ? shut up and drive no wonder NASCAR cant get fans .. so stupid

  4. I think this thread concludes that we are indeed modest New Englanders. We don’t have a Chargin’ Charlie Jarzombek, Rapid Roman Richie Evans, Mr. Excitement Jimmy Spencer, etc.

    Just good regular folk gettin’ it done. ✅

  5. Come on man, the guy got the rules changed and built the Swaggin Wagon. Who does that?
    Rocco would be the next. Occasionally deviating from his aloof intensity to be purposely mischievous to see what reaction he’ll get. The rest aren’t showman. That’s what they are. Just unique, charismatic racing personalities. Except Rufrano. I don’t see him as anything but a serious up and comer.

  6. Shawn, everyone knows I’m just a kid trying to get good at this racing thing 😂

    Thanks for the inclusion I’ll get better at showmanship as time goes on

  7. If getting better at showmanship tops winning a race and climbing the fence I hope I see that.

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