RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Dark Horse Driver Has The Best Chance For An Upset Win At New Smyrna?

The Tour Type Modified division roster for next week’s five features at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway is bursting with well over 40 cars. So today’s Daily Poll question is, which dark horse driver has the best chance to grab an upset victory in one of the Type Modified features at the World Series? Vote below.


  1. Those are all no chance names.

  2. 🌈🦄2020 says

    I’d assume Doug’s pick is Amy?

  3. what are you smoking? I would say Kopcik is the biggest threat.

  4. I agree Steve. He knows how to set upa car, and he is a good driver in his own right.

  5. Unless Kopcik has inferior equipment, I would not label him a dark horse.

  6. Darealgoodfella,
    Wasn’t trying to knock on Kopcik in labeling him a dark horse. I think he’s immensely talented as both a driver and setup guy. Labeled him a dark horse in this setting only because he has pretty limited experience in Tour Type Modified starts.

  7. That’s cool. 😎 I’m okay. I kinda see him more as a diamond in the rough, just waiting for the right conditions and opportunities to break out.

  8. This is new to the 50 isn’t it? Kind of a dark horse.
    Kopcik’s in the 179, Jensen’s car. Capable with a 10th and 13th in a couple Stafford opens. The team is also pulling double duty with Jensen in the 79. It’s always possible but more in the blue moon category in my view.
    Rypkema might be a legitimate possibility. Had a second last year in the 100, was every bit as fast as the winner Hirschman. Well he and Amy Catalano obviously.

  9. I’m hoping it’s Tommy Catalano’s time. The whole family has supported New Symrna for a bit now. He has been close before. Gonna be tough though. Way more competition this year. 🤞

  10. All true. He still has no chance next week. We can revisit this topic next Friday after he doesn’t win.

  11. I know JD
    It was just wishful thinking for a family that supported modified racing in NS for a while. Hoping for a miracle to happen for him, as well as Preece in cup. Damn. Thought I threw those rose colored glasses out. Oh well…

  12. I don’t know where the rose colored glasses are but I know when you took them off with regard to Preece. Between March and July of last year.

  13. Have not lost faith in preece.
    I have lost faith in his situation at JTG
    I still am still pulling for him and hope he pulls out a Hail Mary. But I also realize it is what it is. Doug, nobody will be happier than me to be proven wrong on his situation, believe me. While hopeful, it is what it is at this point. And What I think it is, is he will be getting an even shorter end of the stick now that the car is only “funded” for 24 races, while the 47 has the full season with Kroger. If I’m an owner, i would speculate where I’m going to funnel most of my resources. To my full time sponsor/team. I think as a driver/team, 37, a lot more hanging over your head now. Hope more mistakes don’t come with that added pressure. But I’m not an owner, driver, I can only speculate, and hope I’m wrong, but what do I know? Not much.
    It’s just how it now appears to me is all. Wish it wasn’t. And yes, you are spot on. About July. While there were a couple of flashes, I could not see a steady progression. Particularly after he kills himself to claw up 5 or so spots in the middle of the pack, to mostly lose that ground on pit road, generally speaking. Killer for him. He can drive, no question. Just not at JTG. And I fear, that may now do him more harm than good at this point for him, given the latest developments. I know, at the end of the day, nobody is him, and he’s at the cup level. And yes I know, what I think doesn’t matter in the least. But it is how I see it is all. So if I put those glasses back on, sure, I suppose anything can happen. And yes, I hope it does.

  14. I don’t see why you twist yourself into a pretzel on Preece with the rose colored glasses deal when you haven’t shown any sign of wearing them with Preece since basically April and maybe even back in 2019.
    It’s simple. Last spring you said Preece wouldn’t be back with JTG. You made very logical arguments for it. You were negative on his prospects with JTG. I never conflated it with being negative on Preece.
    When he was re-signed one of the first things I thought of was Bobf laid an egg on that prediction. In light of this latest announcement I’m thinking you were right all the time. The team resigned Preece because they knew they were losing the charter, sponsorship was running out and could sign no other driver.
    Now you’re continuing to be analytical and reasonable in my view with a negative prognosis. Odds makers agree with you pegging Stenhouse at 20 to 1 to win the 500 and Preece at 100 to1.
    We’ll see if he can compete or if they have stripped the 37 of all their best equipment and personnel and funneled it to the 47. I’m looking forward to see Ryan do like he did last fall and exceed expectations. To qualify handily, beat a bunch of charter teams including Stenhouse on occasion and finish in the top 20.
    Both the odds makers and you are saying Preece is walking dead and will limp out the final races in a sub standard car even by JTG standards. If that’s that case then I’d have to say it was a mistake for Preece to come back only to effectively be driving the hearse to the cemetery. I say that mainly because I feel very strongly that he does have a future in some capacity in Cup or Xfinity and leading a funeral march does not help his prospects.

  15. Doug;
    Very thoughtful commentary on this and appreciated by me. You are correct, twisted up, and it really goes back to day one signing with JTG. But he was at cup level, which speaks volumes on its own merit.
    I thought if anyone could do it, he could realistically get top 15 in points in that organization.
    I was disappointed that he did not get picked up by a better organization this year, either at cup or Xfinity level.
    So I do now share that enthusiasm at least, that he can make something good happen here. I’d love it.

  16. Well, I’m glad to hear nice things about Stephen 179👍🏎🏎🏎 he is his own person on the track, building a race car and so much more! He has always delivered, not bad for someone his age! I’m also proud of his Mentors and true supporters! Best of luck to all,start your engines 👍🏎👍🏎🏎🏎👍

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