RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Is Your Favorite Division At The New Smyrna World Series?

The World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing kicked off Friday night at New Smyrna Speedway in New Smryna, Fla. The event features nine consecutive nights of racing and a whole plethora of different divisions competing over that span. So today’s Daily Poll question is, what is your favorite division at the New Smyrna World Series? Vote below.


  1. Sharpie Fan says

    Gee that was a no-brainer!

  2. All of the racing has been outstanding so far. As a Modified fan, I lean towards mods, and the variants. But so far, all racing has been quite good. 😌

  3. I voted tour mods like 91% did. Lol I love the SLM’s though and think the 602 mods could end up being special to watch on a track like that.

    The bomber race Friday night was insane, full send every corner. They might be junk cars but they put on an amazing race.

  4. So a site that covers CT racing where pavement modifieds reign as the premier division in the area votes modifieds as their favorite division. No one saw that coming. I better poll would be what is your least favorite division at the World Series. At least there would be some mystery to the results of that one. I would go Arca East.

  5. My thought exactly. However if you are curious to see if there is a growing fan base of other then modifieds it would have been interesting to see it show up in this poll. It didn’t happen but it is information on the RaceDayCt fan base nonetheless.

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