RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Your Pick To Win Tonight’s Tour Type Mod Event At The New Smyrna World Series

The Tour Type Modified division kicks off five consecutive nights of features tonight at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway in New Smyrna, Fla. So today’s Daily Poll question is, who is your pick to win tonight Tour Type Modified feature at the New Smyrna World Series? Vote below.


  1. Watch the Super Bowl last night? Who predicted that? Especially after the first meeting. Things change like the Bucs team getting much better as the season progressed. Over the winter teams got new chassis’ and motors and refined set ups. Who predicted Nocella would be so fast last year? You can’t put everyone on the list. Rypkema could easily win and has proven he can. So what’s the deal with Tommy Catalano in the 17? Catalano’s maxed out at 5 with even John racing. Silks on the list because it’s Silk but the team is new with zero wins. Picken’s in because he’s in the 10 but when has he ever demonstrated he could win against the best competition even in an LFR. Blewett there based on the name but in a question mark of a car. Williams/Skowyra 50 Stafford dated tour mod wins translate into New Smyrna wins?
    It’s not too late. Cap the feature. This is the sprint. I suppose you can assume every driver will realize it’s the first night, be patient and use the first night to assess their car taking what they can get. Sure like that ever happened. We’ve been here before with far less cars. Drivers in the back racing just as hard as those in front as well they should since they paid for the right to race and getting into scrapes.
    In light of the team brawl and death in it’s aftermath does it really make sense to put so many cars on the track in a sprint? On the first night and increase the odds of some incident happening that produces hard feelings if a car or cars get turned into junk.

  2. I thought Doug Coby was running the World Series. Did he change his mind or is he only running part of the week? I expected to see him on this poll if he was running tonight.

  3. CSG,
    He’s running the last three nights. Austin Pickens in his car tonight and tomorrow.

  4. I predicted the Buccaneers would win.

    I was right again.

  5. To all my fellow Connecticut geezers age 65 to 75 you may now register on the state VAMS web site. The first step in getting into the system to get your first shot.

  6. Stuart A Fearn says

    I’m pretty sure these guys have run the World Series 9 nights in a row for quite a while now so they can put however many they want on the track to start. They will probably even put some thought into the decision and possibly consult some owners and drivers. There are also plenty of park and starters there so after lap 2 it’s a smaller field.
    Can’t wait till I own a track then I can play promoter and make all these decisions myself. I can guarantee you one thing right now, plenty of people will tell me how stupid every decision was and so forth. Till then I’m gonna let them do their job and I’m gonna do my job.

    Enjoy the racing tonight!

  7. I know I always appreciate it when an active competitor adds their voice to the conversation and gives we fans a good rhetorical smack to put us in our place. The focus being track promoter here but it really applies to literally anything race related. Know your place, realize you don’t know pretty much anything about the sport, buy tickets and keep your suggestions to yourself. Good advice to live by. Perhaps if you work on it you can convince all of sports talk, call in political talk radio, letters to the editor, all of social media and everyone in this forum to only express an opinion or make a suggestion or express a hope when they have a direct involvement with the topic at hand. But don’t stop there end electoral democracy and town halls cause lets face it, how much does your typical voter really know about what they’re voting for? Or is this more about posturing and arrogance and asserting ones superior position in the pecking order.
    If you listen to Unmuffled, read drivers social media posts and comments in the various articles here and in other outlets there is concern among the drivers about starting every car. Looking back to last year there were 37 registered cars. 16 raced in all 5 races, 6 raced on 4 nights, 4 raced on three nights, 5 in just two races and 6 in only one race. No feature started more the 31 cars that I could find. 11 cars competed in only two feature events representing about a third of the registrations and one would guess that most of them were unable to continue for various reasons mechanical or from damage.
    In the 50 lapper 31 cars started, and 13 didn’t complete the 50 laps. In the 35 lapper 31 cars started and 11 didn’t complete all 35 laps.
    I’m sure the promoters do know what to expect with feature races of about 30 and under since that’s what almost all the races were last year and this year so far. The tour modifieds being the only division with a bloated entry list and the only one that has a chance at least in the first couple nights to start well north of 35 cars. A number the promoters do not have a whole lot of experience with in the World Series and especially the tour modifieds with those big fat tires hanging out and bristling with rub rails.
    If teams can selectively sit out events at the right time and keep the starting grid within reason then all should be well. If they don’t and a race or two starts north of 37 cars then the succeeding races will have less entries by attrition. Attrition defined in racing as wasting a crap load of money.
    I’m not sure the promoters do know what to expect if the field ends up including so many cars. Sounds more like they are taking a gamble to me. We’ll see in a few hours if they know what they are doing and if the faith one certain local competitor has in their decision was justified.

  8. Stuart A Fearn says

    I appreciate your comments, knowledge, research, and frequent contributions to the discussion here. If my opinion is a slap in the face then so be it. Have you ever considered perhaps your comments questioning the promoters choice on how many to start at his own race is offensive to him?
    We as fans have our agenda and the promoter has his. The racers their own motives too. If I was a top guy, like Coby, I would lobby for a 12 car field set by time only. Way better chance of winning with less chance of wrecking.
    Everyone has an opinion and that’s fine but understand the many motives from the players involved is all I’m saying.

  9. Me………Doug………offensive to a promoter in New Smyrna.
    Come on man! He’s working his butt off on the show not caring what some old fart in New England is saying. Sounds like you’re using this angle as a proxy for your disgust over some of the critiques you and your team get now and then. Go ahead I know you want to say it. Captain keyboard right?
    Didn’t kick any ones dog, didn’t say their wife was ugly, no insults, no disrespect. Just a simple suggestion to rethink it. Simple sports talk.
    Did you really mean that? Coby was disingenuous and self serving in answering the question regarding the starting field. That could be offensive don’t you think? And you know the guy. Just joshing I know what you meant. Think you’re wrong but got the point you were making.
    Enough it’s almost show time. Hopefully I’ll be wrong and wrecked equipment will be minimal.

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